Start your autumn garden of California in September

September it is time to plant vegetables and flowers in a cool outside & # 39; e and service in the autumn in the yard.
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Plants cold vegetables: Put vegetables such as broccoli, peas, cabbage, beets, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, lettuce, spinach, radishes, carrots and celery. These plants will produce in late winter or early spring. Put the onion and garlic, too.
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Add light bulb: Some bulbs may go into the ground, and others before planting need at least six weeks to keep the cold (in a paper bag in the refrigerator). Ask your local nursery, you can buy and plant in your area. The bulbs will start to grow and thrive in the spring. If you do not want to go to problems with cooling the bulbs, plant varieties are: amaryllis, calla, Dutch iris, freesia and Watson. They can be left in the ground throughout the year.
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The flowers of plants that bloom in the fall and winter: While the weather & # 39; e is warm, put the flowers that bloom in the fall for most of the winter. These include chrysanthemums, sweet peas, ornamental cabbage, eggs, partsyona, primrose and asters. Add mulch to the garden to keep moisture.
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Be the fire mode: Since fire season all year round, the wind and low humidity can easily lovers of pure fire in areas with fire. Do not forget to clear weeds and clean up around the house and keep the improvement of decent buildings.

Settled the lawn: It is time to eliminate bare spots on your lawn. First, loosen the soil, add a significant layer of grass seed cool season, and then applied to the compost fertilizer. Water thoroughly every day, until the seeds will not be 1-inch blades of grass.

Clip Rose: Remove dead flowers and rose hips. Lightly trim. Fresh flowers should continue to bloom until October.

Divide perennials: Perennial plants, such as the six chamomile, sage, lavender and yarrow, to share every couple of years. If you do not, they may turn brown and die in their middle. They will also give smaller flowers. Share to cool outside the & # 39; e. Dig deep to pull the root lump separate individual “crown” or stems and transplant the soil, comprising planting flower mixture.

Continue to water: September and October may be hot, dry and wind months. Water gardens, bushes and lawns as necessary. Water in the early hours (between 6:00 and 9:00). This is the most effective time for watering. Water the plants in the evening rather than the morning, susceptible to fungus.

Remove designed vegetables and flowers : Summer annuals are approaching their performance. Remove the plants from their garden. At this point, they just attract bugs and mice.
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Social media giant Telegram continues to market its blockchain. The firm recently released code for running a blockchain node, called Telegram Open Network (TON). Developers could start releasing full nodes, valid nodes and blockchain explorers for the product, according to a report from CoinDesk.


Hidden Gemstones in Southern California

Many tourists flock to the famous Southern California destinations such as San Diego, Disneyland, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. All these wonderful places to visit, but if you are looking for somewhere else, which is a bit off the radar, read the following incredible lines:
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Chanel Islands

My husband and I have lived in California most of my life, but somehow missed these spectacular islands, which are among the National Park Service. Seeing on the Internet some amazing photos, we had a short boat ride to the island of Anacapa Island from Oxnard to the jubilee weekend trips.
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If you decide to go, be prepared and bring supplies. This trip is designed for adventurous people in good physical shape. You have to climb the 157 stairs to the top of this robust little island where there is no food, services, water or toilets pramyvalnyh. Now I hate the estate, but I tell you – a view of the rocky coastline, the massive cliffs and jagged top is worth it. You can easily go around the island in a few hours, and Inspiration Point – a great reward for your efforts.
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We visited in June, when the explosions of bright wildflowers covered a small island, and thousands of children’s fairy Chaikov have been found around every corner. Just beware of their protective mothers, who will be waving to your mind when you are too close.
We went back a couple of years and visited the big island of Santa Cruz for an exciting excursion by canoe on historical sea caves. On the boat there, we saw a whale and two large school of dolphins. Water can be turbulent at certain points, but the caves were amazing. It was a once in a lifetime experience.
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Some people find these islands desert, but if you have an adventurous spirit and a love of nature, Chanel Islands are considered the Galapagos of North America.

Huntington Botanical Gardens
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This is another amazing place, which we were not able to visit for decades. Located in Pasadena, a beautiful estate which is home to more than a dozen spectacular gardens, is situated on 120 acres. It’s hard to say what the most dazzling garden, but the Japanese Garden, Rose Garden and the California Garden – some of my favorites.
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We were not even able to check out the art galleries. In Gantsingtonskay Art Gallery kept British paintings, sculptures and decorative arts of British art of the 18th and 19th century, and the famous Blue Boy. To my shame, as a writer, we visited the very Huntington Library, one of the largest and most comprehensive US research library.
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Next time.

Wine trail of Ventura County

Napa can draw attention to themselves as the wine country in California, but my husband and I loved his way of coastal coaster near the seaside town Ventura. We visited two of the nearly 20 wineries and tasting rooms.
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You can book one of the many wine tours. However, we decided to get a map and explore on your own. Starting with the venturi at the intersection of Highway 1 and Highway 101, we drove on highway 33 to Ozhaya.
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This number alone, but the magic road waiting for surprises – from “the smallest US postal department” to the last place where anyone seen James Dean alive. Our favorite find – Winery Old Creek, who felt that he was returning to a simpler time and place when the friendly people and the dogs greeted us. We enjoyed our purchased bottles of wine and a picnic on the tables, which enjoy views of the US.
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By the way, and the Ojai and Ventura worthy stops with charming hotels, luxury resorts, bed and breakfasts, as well as a wide range of active outdoor activities. During the summer, the annual Village Ventura – is the center of active events with festivals and live music on weekends.
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Laguna beach

This charming beach town located halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego. With more than 20 different picturesque bays, the beach area offers everything from surf boards to backyards, scuba diving, kayaking and whale watching excursions.
Just be careful, sometimes the surf can be rough. As a teenager, I decided to surf, despite the turbulent water and vytsorsya with massive waves (think Beach Boys & # 39; the song: Heheheheheheee wipe oooout!). In fact, I’m to blame for all the Beach Boys fault, as they went, and this ramantyzavali sur & # 39; major chicken with songs that I grew up like Surfer Girl. Since their fault.
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However, the scenery can not be beat. Add ultra chic restaurants and shops and unique art gallery, and you get the picture. There is even a Baby Boomer Club from Saturday night dances. Every summer they spend “Lagoon Woodstock”, which held the party “boom-boom” in 1969.

Park Heusler – a good place to start, located north of the main beach, with easy city for half a mile along the paved walkway with breathtaking views of the coastline and the soothing sound of waves traplyayuchyh. You can take one of the trails to the beach and pool for the tides. Benches, tables and barbecues piknitskiya have a lot where you can get a great view. We X & # 39; jubilee held a picnic on one of the grass, and it was great!

Park Treasure Island – one more beautiful place, located at the site of a five-star beach Montage Laguna, where there are really rich. Exquisitely well-appointed, several sightseeing benches direct light to walk a winding trail. Stairs and ramps will lead you to the beach where you can walk through a beautiful stone archway at low tide to find a place in the sand for sunbathing and a large tide. In addition, there are many areas with grass for a picnic. I offer to bring some wine and cheese to catch a romantic sunset.

Big Bear Lake

I live in the desert, so near Big Bear – a great mountain escape with its wonderful lakes and unspoiled forests. Boating, fishing and hiking – this is only some of the activities in this small, deserted village.

Last summer, my husband and I rode on the lake, picnics, clutching alpine hill, rode on the map with a speed up to 30 km / h, as well as riding on a beautiful heavenly seat. After watching the people who descend from under the & # 39; lift mountain bike along the paths, we put it in our list for next time.

For the avant-garde in the shower is also available paraseyny and lightning.

El Matador Beach

Looking for a spectacular coastline with white sand, towering cliffs, hitting waves and craggy rock formations in a hidden place?

Look no further than El Matador, located just north of Malibu in the winding Pacific coast. It is easy to miss the small brown sign pointing to a small parking lot at the trail head, so watch carefully for a wide beach and road kanonskimi roads. Once you find it, get ready to go to the 150-foot bluff with a few steep stairs.

Not for young children and those who have physical difficulties, but if you can do it step by step, you will be treated to spectacular views. Locals know this beach, and you can see some photo shoot taking place – we did!

In this small but nice beach area a little clown thing to do, because Bring lunch for a picnic or a wine and find a hidden corner to enjoy an incredibly romantic atmosphere.

beach Redanda

Until now, you have probably noticed that my husband and beach bums. We found this beach by accident, looking for a nearby place to stay the night before you fly from Laax on the following morning.

Redondo pier with & # 39 is a landmark with panoramic views of the ocean and water sports, which include a harbor cruise, seasonal whale watching, kayaking, and fishing boats on the pedals. The truth of course, we did not try any of this, but we liked the views of Tony on the pier, where we enjoyed Happy Hour!

The pier is also a 16-futnaya great white shark, which is affectionately called Zhorzhta, on display in a large tank in the Shark Attack on the pier. If you have grandchildren or young at heart, you can enjoy pavpadvodnym yellow submarine (hell, now I got the song “Beatles”, which was included in my head) for an underwater view of the local marine life.

Of course, if you are staying in Los Angeles with his or fly certain break in the airport hotel.

Catalina island

This island is more famous than some of my previous recommendations, but the sentimental favorite. My husband and I spent there honeymoon 40 years ago and came back several times. It is a small, quaint island, without restaurants and fast food restaurants. Neutral tube consists of two carts for golf and bicycle built for two.

During the honeymoon, we happily rode bicycles around Avalon, riding on horseback, visiting the famous casino and sunbathed on a small beach. We also took a bus to two harbors, the only other village on the island of Catalina. Scuba diving, boat, fishing, skiing, glass bottom boat, kayak, on Segway tours, golf and hiking – this is the other popular activities.

Decades later we set sail on a boat to the island from Long Beach – which turned out to be a wild ride. My husband and adult children are back on our water immersion to become certified for scuba diving among the famous laminaryynyh forests, surrounded by bright orange Garibaldi fish. The next time we visit, I want to try a new line of postage, which is 600 feet above sea level with one stroke length of 1,100 feet at speeds up to 30 km / h Wheee!

As you can tell, in Southern California has so many great places to visit, it is impossible to list them all. But I hope I have given you a few ideas to get started!

California Wildfires – Enough to Jeopardize Your Health?

The recent wildfires in Southern California have caused nearly 500,000 people to flee their homes-the largest evacuation in the state’s history. Though wildfires are a natural means of rejuvenating the landscape, the havoc that they wreck on populated areas can be tremendous. This is partially because there is more to worry about than just the consuming flames-the most deadly aspect of a fire is the clouds of thick smoke it creates. Flames are dangerous to property, it is the smoke created by wildfires can travel for miles on the wind.

The winds that cause the California fires to blaze out of control have eased over the past couple of days, but for individuals in that area of the country (and especially those with respiratory concerns) the trouble may be just beginning.

For most people, small amounts of smoke do not cause health concerns other than headaches due to the lingering odor. Individuals with weakened lung or heart conditions are the first to experience severe symptoms due to smoke. Use common sense when dealing with wildfire smoke-you can put off mowing the lawn for another day is it means that doing so will cost you your health.

Who is affected the most by smoke?

  • People with heart or lung diseases, such as congestive heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema or asthma.
  • Children
  • Elderly Persons
  • Everyone– no matter how healthy you are, smoke can be detrimental to your health. Carbon monoxide and ozone produced by the fires can be deadly.

Things to keep in mind

  • When the EPA’s Air Quality Index indicates that the air outdoors is unhealthy, it is a good idea to keep your house as smoke-free as possible:
    1. Close all windows and keep doors shut whenever possible.
    2. Shut the fresh air vents on air conditioning and heaters to avoid drawing in smoke-filled air from outdoors.
    3. Replace ordinary furnace or air conditioning filters with HEPA filters to ensure that even the finest particles are being removed from your indoor air. Consider Dynamic Air Quality Solutions 1” Panel Filter or the equally effective for those without a forced air central heating or cooling system. The Dynamic Air Cleaner CT500 is an in room air cleaner which is very effective at handling smoke.
    4. Run a HEPA filter air purifier with capabilities of removing fumes and odors as well as particles. An excellent purifier for handling all of the dangers associated with smoke is the IQAir Health Pro Plus.
  • If you have asthma, make sure that you take your prescribed medications as often as advised. If you are monitoring your lungs using a peak flow meter, be sure to do so regularly and record the results on paper. If you notice any changes, call your doctor.


  • Smoke particles are extraordinarily small in size, so they can only be removed from the air by true HEPA quality filters. The EPA strongly cautions against using an ozone producing air purifier when keeping your air clean while nearby wildfires are raging. The ozone can accumulate when you home is closed up until it reaches unhealthy levels.
  • Do not rely on face masks to protect you from smoke. There are almost no masks that can keep smoke out of your lungs-and even those that do work on the particles can not protect you from the carbon monoxide.

Beneficiary Statement Request for California Pursuant to Civil Code Section 2943

Sending a beneficiary statement request to a lender in California under Civil Code section 2943 is the topic of this article. Civil Code section 2943 states in pertinent part that the request may be sent any time before, or within two months after, the recording of a notice of default under a mortgage or deed of trust. The request MUST be sent before any notice of sale has been recorded. The request should be sent as soon as possible once a homeowner is in default so that the homeowner may review the documents carefully. Waiting too long to mail the request can be a costly mistake.

The request should be sent to the address listed on the latest billing statement. Sending the request by Certified Mail, Return Receipt requested with another copy to the Trustee is a good idea although not specifically required by law.

Any homeowner in California who is presently in default, or close to default on the loan securing their home should seriously consider requesting a beneficiary statement request to their lender to request that all of the information and documents described in Civil Code section 2943 be furnished to them. Lenders often keep sloppy records and the homeowner may find discrepancies or errors in the documents or information received from the lender. This can greatly assist in discovering possible defenses such as incorrectly credited payments, unauthorized charges, etc.

The law also requires that the lender must provide certain specified information within 21 calendar days in the beneficiary statement including the amount of the unpaid balance and interest rate. A true, correct, and complete copy of the note with any modifications must also be provided.

A copy of the deed of trust or mortgage may also be requested at the same time as the beneficiary statement which allows that document to be reviewed.

A lender may be liable to the person requesting the statement for all damages which they may sustain by reason of the refusal if they willfully fail to prepare and deliver the beneficiary statement; they are liable for the sum of $300.00 even if no actual damages are sustained.

To view all of the text in California Civil Code section 2943, or any other California code sections go to: http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes.xhtml

The author sincerely hopes that you have enjoyed this article and found it informative. If you did enjoy this article please tell others about it.


Stan Burman

California Birth Records – How Can You Order Birth Certificates in California?

Birth certificates are very important for identification purposes. Anyone born in the US is issued one at birth. They are useful for getting a job, getting a driver's license and several other things requiring identification. However, they can sometimes become lost or damaged. If you need to obtain a copy of a California birth certificate, there are a few things you should know first.

All states, including California allow access to birth certificates, as well as other vital records, including, marriage, divorce and death records. However, the exact process for obtaining a certified copy of a birth certificate varies from state to state.

If you are trying to obtain a copy of a birth certificate in the state of California, you should keep in mind that birth certificate and other similar records, prior to July of 1905, are kept in the county where that event took place. All records since that time are kept in the office of the State Registrar, instead. So, it is important to know what year and what county you are looking for. That way, you will know whether you need to contact the county clerk to obtain the copy, or the State Registrar's office.

If you are looking for a certified copy of your own birth certificate or that of an immediate family member, chances are that you will want records from after 1905. If that's the case, you should contact the Vital Records Office in Sacramento, California. You can do so in writing, but, before you do, you may want to call them to check on things, such as fees involved and time it will take to obtain your copy. They can be reached at (916) 445-2684. You will want to have a notebook and pen handy, because you are likely to get a recorded message with such information. Once you are aware of the fees required to obtain a certified copy, you can make a check payable to the Vital Records Office.

Although that method is cheapest, it does take quite a while. It can take several weeks to obtain your certified birth certificate that way. Also, keep in mind that, as of 2003, you are required to sign a sworn statement, in order to obtain a copy. You must have the statement notarized and then mail it in, or it will be returned to you and you will not receive your copy.

If you are more interested in convenience or speed, you may prefer to order your certified birth certificate copy online instead. It is quick and easy. Simply log on to dhs.ca.gov/hisp/chs/ovr/ordercert.htm and follow the simple instructions there. By that method, you can have your certified copy in as little as a few days, depending on where you live.

If you follow all of the regulations that the State of California requires, obtaining a copy of your California birth record should be fairly simple. Once you have it, store it in a safe place, so have to worry about ordering one again.

History of the California King Bed

The California King Bed is a relatively modern addition to homes across the globe. Beds have been created and recreated ever since humans first needed a place to rest their heads. By the 1960s though, humans were no longer creating beds of leaves and twigs to place on the forest floor. They weren't stuffing mattresses with hay, either. Humans began to crave luxury, and by this time, the fortunate could afford it too. So how did we get here? How did beds go from dirt to huge, soft sleeping places?

The Bed's Humble Roots

The very first beds were little more than leaves, animal skins, and whatever else our primitive ancestors could find. Eventually, however, as human beings became less nomadic, beds developed into structures that kept people off the ground. The first "lavish" beds were the beds of Egyptian Royals. Long stone staircases lead to these beds, which were often shrouded by sheer curtains. These ancient beds even had pillows and possibly the first headboards. The Egyptians made the bed a place of luxury as did the Greeks. In Homer's famous epic, The Odyssey, Odysseus, a king, builds his wife a beautiful, jewel encrusted bed. Even in these ancient times, royalty slept in lush and ostentatious beds.

The Kings and Queens of California

Just like the towering beds of the ancient Egyptians, the California King Bed was designed for the elite. These "elites," were far different from the pharaohs, though. In the 1950s, the king sized bedstead was sold as the largest bed on the market. In the 1960s, this newly adapted California addition was born. Los Angeles furniture companies crafted these gigantic beds specifically for celebrities. These huge bunks, a full 4 inches longer than the king, were perfect for taking up space in the enormous mansions of famous celebrities. They acted as a status symbol of luxury.

Everybody's a King

Today you don't have to be rich and famous to have a bedstead fit for a king. In fact, since the 70s, these large beds have become a popular piece of furniture in homes across the globe. European variations, the Eastern king bedstead and the western king bed, even became popular during the 70s and 80s as private mattress companies transformed the mattress for international sale. If you need a little extra room for your feet, or if you simply want a bed fit for a king, the California king bed could be just what you need.

Code of Civil Procedure Section 170.6 Peremptory Challenge in California

A Code of Civil Procedure section 170.6 peremptory challenge in California is the topic of this article. A peremptory challenge in California is authorized and governed by the provisions of Code of Civil Procedure section 170.6 and may be used to disqualify any judge, court commissioner, or court referee whom an attorney or party has reason to believe is prejudiced against them or their interests. Filing a peremptory challenge against a judicial officer is known in the legal profession as dinging or papering a judge.

Any peremptory challenge must be filed and served within the time limits specified in section 170.6 and only one peremptory challenge may be filed by any attorney or party pursuant to section 170.6. Anyone considering filing a peremptory challenge should carefully review the code as there are various time limits that may apply.

Failing to timely file peremptory challenge can result in an attorney or party having to have their trial or hearing heard by a judicial officer whom they feel is prejudiced against them or their interests. It is common knowledge in the legal profession in California and elsewhere that there are certain judicial officers in local courts who have a bad reputation among the local attorneys and litigants.

Attorneys or parties involved in litigation in California should attempt to determine which judicial officers have a bad reputation in the legal community and are challenged on a regular basis.

The use of such websites as http://www.gavelbangers.com and similar websites can prove very useful particularly if the comments on a judicial officer are predominantly negative. A search on Google using the phrase ratings of judges or similar words will turn up more websites.

It should be noted that a California Court of Appeal has stated that the time to file a Section 170.6 challenge does not commence when defendant makes a special appearance to contest the court’s jurisdiction such as a motion to quash service of a summons but instead begins only when a defendant makes their first general appearance in the action. A defendant has the option to peremptorily challenge the judge scheduled to hear the motion to quash but a defendant is not required to do so.

To view the entire text of any code section cited in this article or any other California code section use the link shown below.


Some of the larger counties in California have a local form which can be used for the peremptory challenge although smaller counties may not.

Virginia: Wine Country to Rival California

Although California is most popularly known for its good wine, Virginia also has a fantastic wine country. Virginia is filled with vineyards populating the scenic countryside. A state of mountains and valleys, Virginia has the perfect climate for grape and wine production.

Virginian vineyards have won numerous awards worldwide for their delicious wines, including a “Best of Show” award in one California competition.

Wine production in Virginia began in 1609 when the Jamestown settlers produced their first vat of wine from native grapes. Two years later, wine specialists arrived from Britain to help the new colonists establish thriving wineries.

With them, the specialists brought years of frustration. Because they brought vines from Europe, they met with successive failures. However, around 1769, a French winemaker, Estave, came to a revolutionary conclusion: the problem with the vineyards wasn’t the country, but the grapes.

European grapes could not survive in the Virginian climate. Thus, a few years later, he began producing native grapes, forming the basis for the wineries that exist today.

Since Estave’s time, the number of wineries in Virginia has increased greatly. There are now over 60 wineries throughout Virginia, the most famous area being the Shenandoah Valley.

However, there are actually six different grape-growing regions: Monticello (Central Virginia), Northern Neck – George Washington’s Birth Place (Eastern Virginia), Rocky Knob (Southwest Virginia), Eastern Shore (Northern Virginia), North Fork of Roanoke (Western Virginia) ), and Shenandoah Valley (Western Virginia).

Many wineries are actually small family-run vineyards that cater to the public. Often vineyards have an on-site bed and breakfast as well as tours and tastings. Virginia is a beautiful state to visit for a leisurely wine-tasting tour.

Most of the major wine varieties are produced somewhere in Virginia, including Chardonnay, Pinot Griggio, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. The diversity of the wines and the wineries adds to an already interesting and exciting tour.

The beautiful countryside that accompanies the vineyards is worth a visit during any trip, whether you are visiting Virginia specifically for wine tasting or for another holiday.

Despite the general assumption that the best wine produced in North America is from California, do not be fooled. Virginia has its own vibrant culture, beautiful colors, and fabulous wine in abundance. So, when you’re planning your next vacation or weekend getaway consider visiting Virginia and its wineries!

Unclaimed Money In California Totals $ 5 Billion

The state of California's unclaimed funds program takes in roughly $ 300 million annually. What's it to you? Well, if you or someone you know is or was a former resident of the Golden State (or had any kind of business dealings, whether you knew it or not), some of that big pile of California missing money could very well be yours!

Under the state of California unclaimed property (or escheat) law, abandoned assets such as forgotten bank and checking accounts, cash and stock dividends, mineral deposits, uncashed checks and money orders, state of California unclaimed tax refunds, salary checks, gift certificates, and other financial assets are handed over to the Treasury Department if their owners don't come for them within a given period. This 'dormancy period' varies from state to state, but in California it is 3 years. These lost assets then go to the California unclaimed property division where they stay in the state's general fund until returned to their rightful owners. This is where state officials in-charge of the California unclaimed cash were criticized recently. Seems that they were eager to locate and collect the lost funds from the various establishments holding them but showed less interest in contacting the owners in the California unclaimed money list.

One of the main reasons for the inability of government to return forgotten cash to its owners is that they can't be located. Problem is, who would think people like ZsaZsa Gabor, Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham, Gerri Halliwell, Bradd Pitt, Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Lopez, Adam Sandler and Marlon Brando would be difficult to find? Their names and the names of several other celebrities' are some of the names in the California missing money list and yet they haven't heard from the officials in the California Unclaimed Funds Division. They are all owed checks for unclaimed money by California amounting from hundreds to the thousands in Ms. Jolie's case. This just showed California state officials' interest in keeping this cash in the general fund for them to balance the budget deficits for as long as they can. In fact, there was a recent ruling by a federal judge on CA abandoned money, saying that the state wasn't doing enough to return it to its rightful owners and for a while halted the state's s ability to seize it until a proper method of reuniting it with the rightful owners was adopted.

The total dollar amount for these funds in California averages $ 5 billion annually- imagine how much interest that generates for the state! Sacramento Attorney Bill Palmer, who has represented numerous cases involving California unclaimed money, said the state's program was supposed to be a lost and found of sorts for Californians. Instead, it was turned into a profit generating 'business' in the past few years.

The ban on the seizure of property by California has since been lifted and the new California State Controller, John Chiang, is making extra efforts in the form of sweeping reforms- improving how his office is handling California unclaimed money . There is still a dire need though for residents of California and the other 49 states across the US to be informed about the presence of these monies and on how to do a thorough search for them.

Auto insurance laws in California and car insurance claims

California law on motor insurance, like most other states, have been taken to ensure that all roads and highways remain safe for users. Due to the fact that California is not a & # 39 is a state responsibility, drivers without proper coverage, which can lead to accidents, can carry a large amount of expenditure on compensation of damage and harm. Proper insurance protection can reduce such costs.

All road vehicles, except for trailers, off-road vehicles and vehicles registered in the state structure, are obliged to insure the insurance. auto insurance requirements in California provide that the minimum liability insurance required, and that drivers are required to carry proof of coverage during the operation of vehicles.

California car insurance laws provide for a minimum compensation in the amount of 15 000 US dollars for injuries or death of one person, US $ 30 000 at the death of or injury to more than one person and $ 5,000 for the maximum damage as a result of accidents. Drivers must provide coverage within 30 days after the first registration of the vehicle. If the driver changes or cancel the policies he or she has 45 days to get replacement insurance. Drivers who fail to meet these deadlines may expect penalties, including fines, suspension or termination of their registration and vehicle detention.

In California, about cars laws also stipulate that drivers show proof of insurance at the site of any accident, when they pull to a stop traffic police officer, and if they continue to register. According to California law, all insurance companies are required to inform the local public authorities about the policy of private vehicles. It gives information about the condition, properly covered by your car, and the shelf life of your coverage.

California automobile insurance requirements also stipulate that if drivers do not provide evidence of insurance with the hire of a police officer, they can get a ticket for the road transport of a fine of $ 1,000 or more, and their vehicles may be delayed. Drivers who receive traffic tickets, will need to go through the court system, to eliminate the violations and restore the right to drive.

In addition, if you will not be able to replace them with an insurance policy within 45 days after expiration or if your policyholder has notified electronically about their policy document within 30 days after its issuance, registration may be suspended. Initial first offense for improper insurance usually starts from $ 200.

The provisions of California law on automobile insurance stipulate that drivers must be able to prove financial responsibility, which means that they are able to cover any costs incurred as a result of an accident. This can be done with the existing auto insurance policy. You can also prove financial responsibility, by making a cash deposit in the amount of 35 000 dollars in using DMV; or put on a surety of 35,000 US dollars or certificate samastrahavanni.

California authorities power to California considers road safety very suras & # 39; oznay business. It is extremely important that all vehicles are properly covered to ensure the well-being of all road users in the state. Negligence in this matter may lead to numerous concerns. Just make sure that your vehicle complies with all the laws on insurance, you will be able to manage with confidence.

Visitation rights of grandparents in accordance with the law of California

Unfortunately, many parents and their adult children, children's spouses, significant others or domestic partners have a strained relationship. This fact of life is further enhanced when the grandchildren are involved, and parents are trying to deny grandparents in a relationship with her grandson or grandchildren.

California sought to solve these common problems the adoption of the Family Code, Sections 3102-3104. However, even under these statutes, there are limitations to the grandmother and grandfather rights to visit their grandchildren. Below we consider the current state of the rights of grandparents in accordance with the law of California.

A. RIGHT GRANDPARENTAV whose decisions RADACHAM FATHER MAYCHAYNAY action for the child:

1. Family Code, Section 3102 states that: "If one of the parents of a minor child has died, parents reasonable visits with the child during the child's minority can be given to a deceased father in the derivation of that visitation would be in the interests of a minor child …"

2. CAVEAT: Even if after the death of the father of a minor child and the court, which entitles you to visit the grandparents, when the surviving father re-marries, and the new husband / wife adopts a minor child, the right of grandparents to continue visiting with grandchildren or grandchildren They can and will be terminated when both parents and adoptive parents do not want grandparents continued to visit.


1. Family Code section 3104 provides that an application to establish visitation rights of grandparents can not be filed if the natural or adoptive parents are married, but one or more of the following circumstances:

a) The parents are now living separate and apart on a permanent or indefinite basis; OR

b) One of the parents was no more than one month, without any of the other spouse, where it is located.

c) One of the parents joins the petition with his grandparents; OR

d) a minor child does not reside in any of the parents; OR

e) The child has been adopted by his stepfather.

2. If any of the five (5) there are exceptions, the grandparents may apply to establish visitation rights of grandparents.

3. The application and grandparents must be submitted to each of the parents of a minor child, any step-father and the grandson of any person who physically protects grandchildren by personal service.

4. CAVEAT # 1: Even if the conditions that initially allow the Court to grant the application of the visits of grandparents, when parents grandson still married, should at any time thereafter cease to exist qualifying conditions, parent or grandchild's parents may move the Court to terminate visits grandparents, and the court SELL PRYMECHANNE (Family Code, 3104 (b)).

5. Support number 2: If the parents of two or adoptive parents agree that the grandparents can not attend a grandson / grandchildren, there is a "refutes the assumption" that a visit to the grandparents are not in the interest of the minor child (Family Code 3104 (e)).


1. Family Code section 3103 provides: ".. in the process described in section 3021 (eg, divorce, invalidation of marriage, legal separation), the court may give a reasonable visiting the grandparents of the minor child's party the proceedings, if the court determine that a visit to the interests of the child and grandparents. "

2. Notification of the application and grandparents of Rights to visit PADALOZHA be provided by certified mail, a request to return the application to each of the parents grandson any stepfather and any person who has physical custody of the child.

3. The court may grant reasonable grandparents visitation rights if the court with the following:

a) finds that there are tentative relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, who created such a connection that the visit is in the interests of the child;

b) balances the interests of the child when visiting grandparents against the rights of parents to exercise parental authority.

4. The support number 1: If the parents of a minor child WHERE agree that grandparents should not be granted visitation rights, created defeats the presumption that acts on the burden of proof that a visit to the grandparents are not in the interest of the minor child (family code 3103 (d)).

5. CAVEAT number 2: If one of the parents in case of divorce, legal separation or invalidation SOLE was granted legal and physical custody of the minor child / children, and when his father objected to visit the grandparents, it also creates a refutable presumption that It affects the burden of proof that a visit to grandparents does not correspond to the interests of the minor child (Family code 3104 (e)).

The law of search and seizure in California

"Search and seizure"

The Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution states that we have the right to be free from unreasonable "search and seizure" law enforcement authorities. This applies to both federal and state authorities.

Rule the Fourth Amendment against unreasonable search and seizure means that the police can not search you or your property, if you do not meet one of the following:

They got a warrant to search the real from the judge, otherwise the search fall under one of a number of exceptions to the warrant requirement, recognized by federal and California courts.

Exceptions to the warrant requirement:

Exceptions to the rule that the police require a warrant for search and seizure dependent on the type of property that are looking for.

Mobile phones

There are special rules for when police can conduct a search, "smart phones" and other electronic devices without the authorization of the warrant.

For example, exceptions that apply to police searches in the mobile phones are different from those that apply to police searches of vehicles.

But, in general, exceptions to the warrant requirement to searches and seizures are for:

The search / seizure, made with someone's voluntary consent;

The search / seizure that occur to a lawful arrest, the police is looking for any weapons that could be used against them, or criminal evidence, which might otherwise be destroyed;

inspection check, for example, at international borders;

Searches of vehicles, when there is "probable cause" in the opinion of the police that the vehicle contains evidence of the crime (this is known as "the vehicle an exception" on demand warrants);

The search apparently inkryminatsyynyh items that are in "normal vision" and the law enforcement bodies carry out otherwise lawful search warrant;

The search / seizure in emergency situations, which are necessary to prevent injury or suras & # 39; oznay damage to property or to search for a suspect who escapes;

"Stop and fury" of a suspect in a criminal case (that is, a search of his upper garment) until he / it temporarily contain (it is sometimes called "Terry stop") to look for a weapon that could be used against the officer; and

Searches in situations where there is no reasonable expectation of particular people.

What happens if I become a victim of an unlawful search and seizure?

If you are the victim of an illegal search and seizure by the police, then you and your California criminal lawyer protection can apply to the court to exclude this evidence in your case. This is what is known as the "exclusionary rule".

This usually occurs through the movement of the PC that provides the action of PC 1538.5 to suppress evidence, that & # 39 is an important kind of advanced movement in California.

To help you better understand where the police can legally conduct a search in the car or truck in California, our lawyers on the criminal protection of California will be treated to the following:

1. The laws of California, search and seizure and the "reasonable expectation of particular"

2. California warrant for search

3. Exemptions from the requirement of a warrant for search and seizure

3.1. Exceptions to search for home / residence

3.2. Exceptions when searching cars

3.3. Exceptions for mobile phones and computers Search

3.4. Exception "normal view"

4. "Exclusion rules" and illegal search / seizure

4.1. "The fruit of the poisonous tree"

1. The laws of California, search and seizure and the "reasonable expectation of particular"

Laws on search and arrest in California originate from:

The Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution and Article I of the California Constitution section.

These constitutional section provides that all citizens have the right to be free from "unreasonable searches and seizures."

search car

The Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution protects you from unreasonable searches and seizures.

But as a rule, you are only protected from unreasonable search and seizure of the property in which you have a "reasonable" expectation particular.

Here are a few examples of places / property in which you have a legitimate expectation of privacy that protects you against searches and seizures:

Your home,
Your mobile phone, computer and other electronic storage devices,
Tent or tarp,
Hotel room and
Personal property, which they bring to the public school students.

They have a search warrant or
One of the exceptions to the warrant requirement.

2. California warrant for search

Many searches / seizures in California with a & # 39 are constitutional because it is handled with the current search warrant.

A search warrant must be signed by a judge.

A search warrant must be allowed to state or federal judge. Warrant entitles the police to search and / or remove items that are either
It may be an indication that a crime has been committed in California, or
It may be an indication that a particular person has committed a crime.

To be true, a search warrant must be based on "probable cause" and specifically describes both
area you want to search for, and
property or thing are looking for.

Due to the fact that he can search warrant to be invalid or faulty, include:

police officer intentionally misleading the judge about the facts that justify the warrant (Form violations of police regulations, which occurs all too often);

The warrant was not specific enough in relation to the area you need to look for any type of evidence that must be sought; and / or

The judge who issued the warrant, was biased.

3. Exemptions from the requirement of a warrant for search and seizure

Some searches or seizures places / property in which you have a legitimate expectation of privacy act, even if they were made without a warrant, as long as they fall within one of a long list of well-recognized "exceptions" on demand warrants. .

The US Supreme Court has put forward a number of exceptions from the requirement of a warrant for search and seizure.

3.1. Exceptions to search for home / residence

The police can enter and conduct a search in your house, apartment, trailer, etc. without pre & # 39; appearance of order when used one of the following circumstances:

You (or anyone else who has authority over the premises) have agreed to search for your home;

There is imminent danger to life or a threat sur & # 39; oznay damage to property; or
The search was conducted in connection with a lawful arrest – and is done either to arrest security enforcement officers or to preserve evidence of the crime of arrest, which would otherwise be destroyed.

3.2. Search for car Exceptions

Under certain circumstances, the police may conduct a search in your car without a warrant.

The police are conducting searches on cars without a warrant, if satisfied that any of the following:

You (or anyone else with the authority to do so) agreed to search for your car;

The police have "probable cause" considers that the vehicle contains contraband or evidence of a crime;

The police lawfully arrested a passenger car – either the detainee is at a distance from the vehicle interior, or is reasonable to assume that the vehicle contains evidence of a crime for which arrested;

Police temporarily delays the passenger car through a stop Terry and reasonably believes that he / it can be dangerous and have access to weapons, which is stored in the car; or

The car has been lawfully detained by law enforcement agencies (as may happen if you make a car the code 14601 for the driving conditions on the permit), and they spend the "inventory search".

As soon as the police catch up with them, they conduct a search of the car and found marijuana hidden under the seat.

Marijuana can be used as evidence against Matilda and Nicole, but the police did not have a search warrant in the car. Their suspicious behavior led police to a high speed chase when they came – established probable cause to search his car.

3.3. Exceptions for mobile phones and computers Search

The search for a computer & # 39; yuterav / electronic devices without the guarantee shall be settled only in a few specific circumstances.

The police can conduct a search on your mobile phone or conduct a search of your computer or hard drive, a tablet computer or other electronic device – without the approval of the order in the following circumstances:

If you or anyone else with the authority by phone / computer / electronic device, consents to a search / seizure;

In an emergency, when the police can show the urgent need for a device looking to pursue outgoing suspect or assist someone who suras & # 39; ozna injured or threatened with imminent injury; or

When transporting the device across the international border (including at airports).

And finally, if, prior to June 25, 2014 California police conducted a search on your mobile phone without a warrant, as long as you are under the legal custody, the prosecutor's office, probably can use this evidence against you.

This is because before that date the law in California was such that under these circumstances free cell phone lookup

In June 2014 in California The search incident uninterrupted mobile services were held.

3.4. Exception "normal view"

Exception "normal looking" – is another important exception to the rules of the search warrant and seizure in California.

In principle, an exception to the usual form says that, when the police searches of the property legally (with a warrant or for a warrant exceptions), they can also look for any items that are in the "normal view", as long as they conduct search and obviously, is charged with.

4. "Exclusion rules" and illegal search / seizure

If you have been the victim of unlawful search and seizure, you have the right to have any evidence that the police had received as a result of the search or seizure "suppressed". This means that the evidence can not be used against you in court on a criminal jury.

You and your California criminal lawyer can protect the suppression of evidence obtained as a result of illegal police search.

This is what the law of California is known as the "exclusionary rule".

Your lawyer can challenge the criminal liability of any evidence of a false search / seizure by an application of the Penal Code 1538.5 to suppress evidence before trial.

If the application is granted – and the evidence from the & # 39 are crucial to the prosecution case against you – you may be able to reduce the charges against you or even reject it.

4.1. "The fruit of the poisonous tree"

"Exclusion rule" applies not only to the evidence found during an illegal search, but on the evidence that the police found an indirect result of the illegal peratrusu.58

This is what is known as the doctrine of the "fruit of the poisonous tree."

"Poisonous Tree" – an illegal search or seizure, and "fruit" – is any evidence that the police can not identify as an indirect result of an illegal search or seizure.