Sharing a house in California, what could go wrong?

Almost all the houses, as well as other assets that belong to the husband and wife in California, are in joint tenancy. Co-housing – a form of ownership where each property rights, owns 100% of the & # 39 property. Generally speaking, when people die, "the last man standing" – a person who will become the owner of the asset. Since nothing formal is not necessary to do, for many people, it looks like a great way to avoid probate California, as well as the need for estate planning in California. Pretty smart right? Well, not quite …

While it is true that the joint recruitment can avoid probate and can alleviate the need for estate planning, everyone should understand the risks associated with the conduct of joint assets, especially in California. Some of the risks are obvious, while others are shockingly thin. Below, I have grouped into three main risk categories, ranging from some of the more well-known problems, and then discuss some of the less obvious fiasco, which establish joint lease in California:

Problem number 1 – Who will be the ultimate owner of the assets of the joint recruitment?

In most cases, the "final" owner of the property to the joint recruitment & # 39 is a husband / wife (if the property right belongs exclusively to the husband and wife). But after both spouses have passed away, there is a question: who will inherit? If the estate plan will not be implemented before the death of the husband and wife, who survived, joint lease assets are transferred through a "right of inheritance" (ie, as a California believes you would like to see it passed). If you have something & # 39; I 'Wally Cleaver, "by itself it can not be the problem of heritage as an asset it will be broken and will eventually be distributed to children of the spouses. Of course, likely to be a lengthy and expensive trial to make it happen, but at least the assets ended up in the "right" hands.

So, in the best case, the assets can take as parents want, but it will cost a significant amount of money and take (usually) one or two years in California. But what happens when a little tweak the facts and / or family dynamics is not perfect?

Answer: Any wild things. And how often these problems do arise? Answer: A lot.

For example, if the child determines the parents in California, and the father took her home in a joint home with her son and daughter, the asset will be at 100% in the hands of another surviving child, cutting grandchildren previous first child. Most parents pressed to believe that unintentionally vyrezats legitimate heirs.

Another random result occurs when a husband or a child holds the property jointly lease, and then a child is like a court (due to a car accident, bankruptcy, etc.), and the lender completes the property application that mom or dad think that they belong exclusively. In other words, custody of assets in joint tenancy gives potential lenders your recipients the right to confiscate your assets! Obviously, this is a terrible result, when this happens.

In fact, what happens more often than the "unintentional" translation mentioned above – is the deliberate transfer. They occur most often when the children have a previous relationship or the surviving husband / wife just to get married at some point. In such situations, it often happens that the "victim" of the original joint recruitment reserves the (joint) Assets new husband (It is interesting to note that this may occur intentionally or unintentionally, when new spouses create another joint hiring). Another common result occurs when one who has gone through the joint property hiring, leaving those assets to their children from a previous relationship, and not their biological children.

estate planning lawyers are well aware of problems above, because such results often occur in California. What about some of the less obvious problems …

Problem number 2 – Tax Problems!

Interaction between death tax and the income tax system is difficult when it comes to how to conduct your own property. This is especially true of California, as well as a number of other state property. You see, when in California wife own property in a joint housing and one of them disappears, there is only strengthening the tax for the dead half of the property in accordance with IRC section 1014. That is still a lot of potential tax that is paid to the spouses of these assets. (By contrast, when the same assets are held in a living fund in California, 100% padatkaabkladaetstsa 100% of all capital assets; that is, a tax that has survived of the spouses will go on sale will not They..) Sometimes couples had retained property in joint tenancy, "stored" department IRC 121 for quick sale a primary residence – is a possible exemption, when people live two of the last five years in his home. In these situations vyzhyvtsa can get the tax base in the amount of 250 thousand dollars. However, this safety net applies only to the principal place of residence and not on other assets (ie, a second home, stocks, etc.). But often, even with the possibility of using both sections 121 and 1014 IRC, still not enough to save the surviving spouse from destruction taxes.

To illustrate the problem of higher education, I will discuss the example of a real person's life, which was in the intersection of joint recruitment in California, the absence of an activated base and high taxes on capital gains. In this case, in addition to other assets, he and his wife had two houses in joint tenancy. She died in January 2014, and he sold one house at the end of 2014. In the second house, it was sold in 2015, as he could no longer live there. Prior to filing a tax return in 2014 he decided to create a California living trust. In the process, it has been explained the difference between the tax base, property of the California community, joint ownership of the rent and the current tax benefits. Since it is clear that he has to learn a huge amount of tax – a tax that was completely unnecessary to run – he, to put it mildly, he was not satisfied. The reason that he's borrowed an additional tax, is that he and his wife purchased a relatively small, both real estate and held them out in California. After passing half of the property has been activated, and half – no. At first sale, even if half of each house received more active basis, the sale of his half of the house created a huge tax burden for him. He was able to use the exception to section 121 IRC, to help offset some of the changes, and it certainly helped. Even pavdyhodnym increase, as well as with the exception of IRC section 1210000 for $ 250,000, he was still obliged to quite a bit. Worse yet, he could not live in another house, and when he continued, he was offered for sale, he will be faced with even more rapid tax benefits. Thus, instead of having to pay tens of thousands of dollars more and more taxes, he was forced to hold a second home (and pay the property taxes, insurance, maintenance and so on) for at least another two years to hopefully grab another section 121 IRC exceptions. And he was lucky! If he will not soon consulted with a tax expert, he would have lost the second exception. Please note that all of this can be a bit confusing, but the fact is that if he and his wife did not have housing in California, but instead, keeping them in California living trust, he would have borrowed a zero tax. But, trying to save a few dollars on estate planning, these joint arandatsyi in California cost him dearly.

Surprisingly, the problem would be much worse if the father (instead spouse) tried to use the joint lease instead of trust in California, since almost 100% of the time the protection afforded in Section 121 IRC, would not be available. However, the problems caused by joint lease in California in these first two categories of problems pale in comparison with the dilemmas that arise in the following situations …

Problem number 3 – Fine, but chenie elder law issues that cause joint lease in California.

This category of problems is particularly harmful both because few people understand the link between joint rent in California, and California law, the elders, and also because of the degree of harm caused by a lack of knowledge. You see, most people most people were focused on the question, what happens to their stuff when they die, while completely ignoring the question, what are the things, if they live?

What is the difference? Embarrassed? Why is this you ask? Answer: This is important, because in California seniors can receive a pension on health care Medi-Cal or veterans (under the right circumstances) to pay for the long-term skilled care. And getting those public benefits can only lead to bankruptcy. But for those who are not planning to schedule property and holds a joint lease, state benefits may be available.

To understand why the above is true, it is important to understand the law headman California. Elder law on California, however, is extremely complex. But again, the real-life example can help more clearly clarify the problems of senior law / joint recruitment. In this case the wife and her husband spent their main house in the joint housing in California. They also carried out substantially all of its accounts in joint tenancy. And besides, they have recently started to build a nursing home, they kept (you guessed it) in the joint lease. Joint arandatsyi seemed to them a good transfer plan, while her husband was suddenly out of nowhere and did not get a severe brain injury. After several months in the hospital (which Medicare covered), the hospital turned him out, and receive adequate medical care. The cost of skilled care was and is $ 880 per day. Despite the fact that the first days were recorded the Medicare, some simple mathematical documents showed that in less than four years and a husband and wife go bankrupt. What's worse is that none of them had any estate planning. This means that she had no authority to do anything with his half of the assets. Moreover, since the houses are located in the joint lease, she can not do anything significant from the half of the possessions! All because she simply does not have the authority to act for him, that, as a result of joint ownership, meaning that it also does not have authority over his own half. (In theory, it could try to sell his half, but who will buy homes ½?) Thus, while the house remained in the joint ownership, it has no control over the economic value of houses. Thus, it is not able to take out loans in residential premises, if the loan is required for their maintenance, and support of (or in this case in the first place is completely constructed house for pensioners). And she was not able to sell a single house to raise funds for aid, which so needs her husband (not to mention the future of care that it may be necessary).

If they had trust assets, or, at least, the powers of attorney were older legislation, it could right now to plan for the protection of their assets and the husband to use Medi-Cal (Medicaid in California version). . But they did not do and can not do it after her husband's brain trauma. Thus, the joint lease in California just left her alone. If we talk another way, it can not do anything other than to half-built house rots, while the husband is stuck in an expensive care.

But there must be a decision that you're interested in? Well, sometimes people will ask the court for "3100 petition" to ask the judge to allow her to "give" his half of the assets, so that they can avoid bankruptcy. But there is no guarantee that the judge will make in her favor. In fact, in Los Angeles, where it is, there is every chance that the judge would not allow her to do so. Judge in Los Angeles, just not as sympathetic to these situations.

So what are her options? She can not do anything, and if she died before him (the result of which no one has ever thought, but it happens sometimes), family assets will be 100% of its (the law on joint hiring), and it is likely that all of their belongings in ultimately pay for his care, leaving nothing for all the hard work. On the other hand, if he dies first, she would be able to do some planning after the fact, but it will face all the same issues of taxation, as well as, perhaps, delayed from its large medical bills.

Since the above results are pretty awful if her request 3100 is not approved, it will be forced to apply for a regular court conservatory for her husband. This should allow it to get out of the carping and operate (a little). But the problem is that the mere opening of a conservatory does not allow her to keep the family assets effectively. In other words, in this situation, she seeks spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, both in terms of lost Medi-Cal, and legal costs of conservation.

In any case, if you cut it, its joint assets for rental housing will cost her dearly. The only question is, how much will be harmed? This is the reason the law older and joint recruitment in California are especially dangerous. At least in the first two categories mentioned above only hope thwarted heirs. But these old legal situations in California joint lease of premises owners can literally leave ripped off!

Moral of the story: if people do regular planning of real estate law and the elders, instead of trying to avoid scheduling using joint lease in California, they can achieve all their goals, without losing some of its assets to taxes and long-term care costs.

Thinking of moving to Silicon Beach in California?

What do Hulu, True Car and Snap Chat?

These companies have rushed to Southern California and make up what is now known as Silicon Beach! It's not exactly a particular beach or even place; this movement start-up companies that could live in Silicon Valley, but prefer the style of the Southern California life. A rise in prices for homes in Northern California has forced many businesses to find other great destinations on the West Coast.

More than 500 startup companies have opened offices in the Los Angeles area, including well-known companies such as Google, Yahoo, You Tube, BuzzFeed and MySpace. Their presence has expanded from El Segundo to Beverly Hills and Hollywood, and size, plus the diversity of Los Angeles gives a much better laboratory for start-ups to test new products than Silicon Valley in Northern California. With a population of over 18 million in Los Angeles have a representative sample of the United States, or perhaps even the world.

These companies attract the best and brightest in their employment ranks, and most of them are also attracted to the beaches, excellent weather is & # 39; s and the presence of the entertainment industry.

As soon as more and more young professionals moving to Los Angeles, the appearance of the city changed with the growing number of upscale restaurants, farmers markets and luxury retail boutiques. In Los Angeles, there is a neighborhood for every taste; Young professionals are attracted to the cheerful, elegant navakolnastsi in Venice, while the seven & # 39; and children and concern schools strive to March or Vista Culver City. Playa Vista – is planned communities with their schools, a library, a fitness club, a farmers market and restaurants. It attracts many New Yorkers because of the ability of residents to walk everywhere.

If you are moving to Los Angeles, a great variety of architectural styles of homes will attract you. Spanish popular, displaying beautiful tiles and mosaics. Home craftsmen were one of the earliest built in Los Angeles, and many buyers rework them under its original luster. Style ranch, mid-century colonial – all that waits for purchase. Angelinos prefer outdoor, indoor and outdoor views using all the sunny days that are perfect for entertaining. For many outdoor barbecue is just as valuable for entertainment, as well as their private kitchen and dining room.

If you like to chat with the best and the brightest in an elegant, fun atmosphere, think about moving to Silicon Beach.

How hard money lenders in California can help you

Economic forecasts for the real estate of California, 2016

In early October, the California Association of Realtors (CAR) predicted that in 2016 the housing market in California will continue to improve thanks to a careful job growth. But they added that the government is facing difficulties. Prices jump, and the house that sold for $ 10 000 in 1970, it is projected that in 2016 will be sold for 491 300 dollars – which means that fewer people will be able to purchase the property they want.

At the same time, in some regions, particularly in San Francisco, predicted suras & # 39; a serious shortage of housing, which will lead to fierce competition in the market and reducing housing affordability. You may be able to buy property in some areas, but if you want to invest in San Francisco, the CAR tells you to lower your expectations.

Since 2016 also have to worry about the slowing global economy, the instability of the financial market and rising interest rates. Nightmare investor!

To this add the fact that, if you have excellent credit, you probably will not get a bank loan. In recent years, banks have accumulated bad loans due to poor lending practices. Now they have established very strict criteria. Property investors have limited funding opportunities. And then the picture consists of hard money (or bridges) planting companies.

What makes lending hard money and why it may be better for you than banks

Lenders hard money focus on your assets, rather than on credit. They are faster than the banks – usually the process can reach 7-14 days – and they avoid all the inconveniences that the banks deliver. You will not find any assessments and other expenses. All that you get – this is a standard charge for the origin of the company could test you. There is also no shenagingav committee on loans or in the process andartyngu. In short, everything you need to ensure that this is a test of your honesty. You sign a promissory note, fill in a few forms, and your assets will be used for loan collateral. Given the bustling market bridge lenders in California You will find a few days a few lenders who will confirm you.

By the way, an opportunity to get a quick loan increases your advantage when it comes to buying. You often find yourself in trading on the competitive market. Other investors may have to go for a slow conventional financing, but you – with ready money – most likely to get the attention of the seller and cancel the offer, in addition to the other buyers.

What are the drawbacks of hard money lending?

You will have to pay higher interest rates than conventional loans – sometimes twice – and higher fees. This is due to the fact that mastovyya lenders assume more risk with their loans compared with a conventional bank loan. They also work more to ease credit. To make a profit, they have to raise interest rates from 10-15% depending on the lender and the expected credit risk. Points may vary between 2-4% of the total loan. And interest rates, and the points vary depending on the ratio of the loan and the cost. Thus, shop.

If you have to go for hard money?

If you have a bad credit history (or similar problems), but you want to land the building quickly and rehabilitate it before the market reverses, the bridge loan may be your best bet. developers and homemade flippers They tend to go for such loans because they can often take up to 100% of the loan!

You can also play with the combination. Some borrowers use hard money to buy property, to rehabilitate the property and increase its value. Then they get a standard loan (based on the new, improved value of the property) to pay off your original.

On the other hand, I would not recommend to consider mostavyya loans for long-term investments. In other words, if you only have a rare chance to purchase a property quickly flip it for a quick profit, and you can not get conventional mortgages – the best way to keep the loan.

How do you know which company to choose a credit hard money?

There are various ways in which you can find a reputable lender of hard money. You can with Google (in your area) + "borrowed money". Alternatively, you can attend a meeting of the club of real estate investors, where you are likely to encounter one or more of such creditors, looking for potential borrowers, such as you . You can also use your network for recommendations.

So why are so many in California kredytarav with hard cash?

California – one of the few states that a & # 39 is a "non-judicial right of redemption" – this means that if the borrower defaults the borrower can gain control of the base property fast enough to get paid (until the house of the & # 39; is the owner busy). At the same time – California, a large and rich – has a huge number of properties and developers. This makes it unusual for creditors Mostowski

As for borrowers, it is also beneficial for you, as it gives the opportunity to make purchases at the lowest prices. Interest rates and points that are charged by debt creditors will Var & # 39; iravatstsa depending on the lender to lender, as well as legal services & # 39; iruyutstsa depending on the region in the region. For this reason, credit loans in California tend to have lower rates than in other parts of the United States States, because in California there are many lending firms bridge. Increased competition leads to lower prices. This increased competition also allows you to bid for an early date and better find their match. Thus, shop until you find a lender you want.

Higher interest rates on lending mostavym may seem scary at first, but the benefits of obtaining financing, when all banks were told "no", significantly exceed the additional costs.

So what about the bridge loan in the future? Sounds appealing?

Where in 2016 are the living conditions in Southern California

What is the future of the city can hope to residents of Southern California for the next year? Here's what to optimize depending on market trends and planning projects. There will be increased prices and the increase in congestion that accompanies the deterioration of the quality of life. Author of the blog "Dr. Bousing Bubble", as a clearly expressed, it is possible to note: You can also hope to become "sardines"; in the future, ruthless and cramming minded price.

Then blame two factors: continuous demand for housing and a willingness to continue the very rich pay money for construction costs, which would require at least three well-off life. One family house today is a nice story in the sky. The plot in San Francisco – actually cabins – will cost as much as a mansion outside the X & # 39; Euston, or even a good home in Irvine or Villa Park. Selecting family homes in Irvine, Manhattan Beach and Santa Monica almost as bad. Of course, there are bad in California cities and rural lands, where prices are static and you have more space to breathe. But you want to live there …

Even in these poor areas of the state came to the housing affordability problem by subsidizing the construction of affordable housing at the expense of bond funds, tax credits and other resources. However, these programs accounted for only a small proportion of all new housing being built every year, and they also can not meet the housing needs of the majority of workers and lower middle-class Southern California.

Market forces – foreign investment, strong customer advantage for family houses & # 39; and and a limited number of well-performing school districts – this is the second factor that leads to this appeal and high prices. And then in California planned planning regime that rejects the sites that do not from the & # 39 are "green" (at least, not "green", and they jump on the more dense). construction at the expense of domestic housing in public indoor spaces.

In many regions of the cities with a high density, such as Los Angeles, building massive skyscrapers there – rather like towers – in a few select areas "transit orientation". Planners say they are trying to get rid of super density. In the wealthy will continue to play yard, a barbecue and swimming pools. Which brings us to another point:

The gap between rich and poor (or less destitute) has never been greater in Southern California

The poor live in the same locality. Lifestyles of the rich and housing prices maintain their distance. In the office of Legislative Analyst (LAO), which is a & # 39 is an advisory agency under the laws of California, it was said:

Accommodation in California for a long time is more expensive than most of the rest of the country. However, since about 1970, the difference between housing prices in California and prices in other countries began to expand. In the period from 1970 to 1980 in California, housing prices rose 30 percent above the US level to more than 80 percent. This trend continued. Today, the average home in California is worth 440,000 US dollars, which is two and a half times higher than the average price of the house (180 000 dollars). In addition, the average monthly rent in California is about 1240 dollars, which is 50 percent higher than in other countries (840 per month).

Property prices in the most popular areas of Southern California for the past two years, for example, in the districts of Orange and Los Angeles, grew at a rate of more than 10 times the meager increase in weekly payments. Now you can not buy a house in Orange County or West Los Angeles without the three-digit income, and in the central part of Los Angeles to forget about it. The surrounding areas are not much better.

The biggest losers – the seven & # 39; and the workers and the middle class (which, basically, minorities) who want to bring up the seven & # 39; and in beautiful areas with a load of grass and fields. Unfortunately, most of them are forced to give up such dreams. Besides the fact that South Los Angeles, which has become a high-density population, it is useful to them all his life to accumulate enough money to buy in the city "can of sardines."

Until now, the young owners of housing for middle-income, especially the seven & # 39; families living on the edge. In 2015, reports have shown that indicators of households in the region Riverside-San Bernardino more than 25 percent higher than in Los Angeles County, Orange. Minority in these areas is also much better. The level of home ownership in the country for a quarter higher among African-American and Asian households. Rate for Latinos is almost twice higher than in the Los Angeles-Orange.

But now, housing prices have soared – rising – and these areas are also becoming available. Three of the most crowded areas – taking into account the number of people – are located in Los Angeles County: South Los Angeles, Pick Union area near downtown LA and Huntington Park. Southern California tracks only Miami, Florida, for the largest percentage of people who spend 40 percent or more of their income on rent or a mortgage.

In short, Southern California has learned one of the highest spots of the nation's price. Now stay there costs two and a half times the national average, while rents in these areas is 50 percent higher than in the country as a whole. Property level home is now at the 48th place among the states.

Where do we go from here?

Some resourceful and novice people who want to fix or buy a home, found a way out by turning to alternative lenders in commercial or residential sector. Avoiding banks due to bad credit history or reliability, but still wanting to live in Los Angeles, these middle class people have turned to alternative sources of credit.

These commercial or residential private lenders (otherwise referred to as hard money investors or bridge) offer a preference evaluation of the property of the borrower, rather than its credit history, which means that if the borrower has a particularly promising house that he or she wants to connect. Borrower can continue to benefit for the borrower to sell. The process quickly and conveniently. Many people believe that it takes at least a week. There is a certain credit score, but it is much smaller than bank wire, and the whole process andartyngu carried out in a timely and user-friendly as possible. This is one of the advantages of proximity hard money or private lenders; personal system. The lender of the borrower meets requirements.

The high rate of interest and balloon discourage many potential borrowers, but Southern California is overrun with money-lenders who allow spewing commodity prices.

Saying that, if you're one of the millions of people who want to find a home in the "Sardinian city" and perhaps avoid Zubrovka – there is another option for you. Private commercial or residential lenders money otherwise known as hard money or overcoming investors.

How about this?

Life in the family Diamond Bar, CA

Located in an area where hills and trees abound in a country such as the neighborhood, the city of Diamond Bar – a great place to live. Bar city "Diamond" has been recognized for his love of nature and the maintenance of trees, as in 2001, received his first recognition – recognition Tree City USA and since then supports its mission.

The city has nine public elementary schools, three middle schools and two secondary schools, including several who were awarded the California blue ribbon for the highest performance. Diamond Bar school has a great reputation in the field of excellence from pre-school to secondary school, and this factor with the & # 39 is one of the main reasons many homebuyers and seven & # 39; ads tend to move to Diamond Bar. California Polytechnic State College-Pomona, Fullertanski State College and City College of Mount San Antonio – several colleges and institutions of post-secondary education that are available in the surrounding towns, a few miles. Diamond Bar is located where the highway intersected Orange (57) and Pomona (60), which allows easy access to the motorway to the county of San Gabriel, Orange and Los Angeles.

In addition, the city has more than ten recreational parks, including one of skeytbordnym park with various trails and recreational offerings, and there is a golf course in Los Angeles County – Diamond Bar Golf Course. There is also a newly built community center, which is accessible to the population in the rent, which is located on the top of the park Samitmitryzh and has breathtaking views of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Despite the fact that it is mostly residential community, Diamond Bar actively alters local snacks, and the hotel has access to shopping in the city. Although at present time shopping, fine food and entertainment are within a few miles around the city, no matter in which direction you are traveling.

Many cities in the sunny southern California – the perfect place to live; However, Diamond Bar offers the best of both worlds, a small town that lives with big city amenities that are not available nearby.

What are the rights of mother and father in California, if you are not married?

Nowadays, many couples have children, if they are not married. Problems may arise in relation to child custody, visiting and support for children, if these couples break relations.

In an ideal world, the mother and father are friendly to the situation and deal with the fact that the interests of the child or children. However, much safer and it is strongly recommended to obtain a court order for custody, visits and support to the mother and father knew all their rights and obligations, and to avoid any ambiguity in relation to the same.

In this article, the problem of children will be reviewed that are born from the marriage of both the mother and from the father to give you a general understanding of the law of California against children born out of wedlock.

mother's perspective

mother of the child born out of wedlock, has a unique advantage in that it is usually not necessary to prove that her child. If the hospital records indicate that the woman has given birth to the child and child's birth certificate, which is issued after the baby is born shows that a woman gave birth to a child than usual with her mother do not have problems, which indicate that it is the mother's father.

mother of the child born out of wedlock, automatically qualify for full custody of the child, the absence of a court order indicating more.

It can send the father visits when she chooses, or she may refuse to visit his father unanswered Court.

All minor children in California are eligible for child support in accordance with the law. (Theme support for children will be described in the following in a separate article). If the mother of a child born outside of marriage, wants to get child support for her father, she will need to apply and an application to establish paternity of the father, and indicate the reason for the order maintenance in the appropriate court. .

If the mother is on welfare or environment aid seven & # 39; pits with children dependent children, the district attorney in the county, which is home to the mother, usually helps in this process, the district to be compensated for the assistance provided by the mother of the district.

When the father takes paternity voluntarily, the court decides the right of each party to the custody, visiting and child support on the basis of the facts. When the father denies that he & # 39; is the father, he may request a DNA test to determine a & # 39 he is a father. After completing this process, the court shall determine the rights of each party.

If the mother is not sure who the real father of the child, she would have to file a petition to establish paternity for every potential father.

The Court, as a rule, allow the right to visit his father or custody of the child, unless it is stated that the parents do not have such interests.

perspective parents

father of the child born out of wedlock does not have rights to custody, visiting and maintenance of children, unless they get a court order about it.

If the father wants to have the right to custody, visitation or child support for a child born out of wedlock, he must file a petition to establish paternity and order on recognition of the right to custody, visiting and / or support.

The child's mother may or not agree that the father & # 39 is the real father of the child. Either party may request to do a DNA test to prove the child's father's father or not.

After the court determine paternity, the Court will examine a number of factors relating to the rights to custody, visiting and supporting.

The Court, as a rule, allow the right to visit his father or custody of the child, unless it is stated that the parents do not have such interests.

The prospect of the mother and father as a whole

The court will always try to determine that & # 39 is the most interesting for the children, if we define who will have the right to custody and visitation rights of the child or children. This can be a lengthy and costly process, if the trial. It is recommended that the mother and father tried informally to develop a plan for custody and visitation of the child or children, and then get a court order showing the consent of the mother and father.

If you can not figure out informally, the court decides the question.

Support the child or children will be determined by the Court using the statutory formula based on the income of both parties, the percentage of time that each person has a child or children, and other factors.

Always recommended to keep a lawyer in such cases. Only a fool is yourself or the client themselves.

You can check out our website at family law for more information about family law.

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California wine grape

If you are a & # 39; a real and true wine lovers, you will enjoy all of the wine – tasting of wines and bottles to a glass of wine and the arts. Art lovers can get collectible items, for example, the art of grape vine California.

Basically the art of vineyard in California will include posters, postcards, paintings, frescoes, paintings and other graphic art image with rich Californian wine regions. Vineyards – an extremely common theme. Some Californian vineyards may draw more near corner of the vineyard, showing juicy fruit and healthy vineyards. On the other hand, some may draw a vineyard along the valley or hill, emphasizing the rich soil of California.

There is also the art of grape vine California, reflecting a season of harvest or planting in the wine country. Large vineyards of art perfect for showcasing in your living room, dining room and basement, as well as in the office or a separate room. They are also great for the exhibits, especially if you want to show off to visit friends. Smaller great for emphasis on bars and Lana; you can recover them for display.

California wine vineyards Art Online

If you are looking for works of art of the vineyard in California for additional collections, you can always navigate on the Internet. In just a few clicks and surfing, you can find beautiful vineyards in the sale of wine in most sites. Online art galleries are usually offered works of art of the California wine grape in different designs, colors, themes and sizes; Thus, you can choose the exact grape art that you want.

Forums, online communities and auction sites also offer the sale of art vineyards in California; you can find participants who are clearing stocks or just doing business, which sells grape Art. You can also ask for some members of the recommendations and advice about where you can buy wonderful works of art of grape vine California.

Cheap California Grape Art Art

Collecting art wine vineyards really exciting; just look at the demonstrated art can relieve stress and depression, the more that you are fond of. However, sometimes it may be taxing; You have to spend part of his fortune only to purchase beautiful works of art. Do not worry though you have at hand a little money, but you still want to have their own collection; there is always a cheap vineyards.

You can find sites that offer goods at a discount, but they are in good condition and quality. You can also wait for holidays or clearance sales on less expensive items. Most art galleries can also offer packages, such as the sale of the four items on the price of three, etc.

How to get an order for child support soon in California

Getting an accelerated procedure for the maintenance of children in California – is the theme of this article. California Family Code gives a very useful method of obtaining the operational order for child support, in some cases without a hearing. This means that there can be obtained an order for child support much faster than the traditional way of giving an order to show cause or notice of motion. Appropriate ordinances contained in section 5 California family code, particularly in sections 3620 by 3634.

The forms that are used with the & # 39 are the official forms FL-380 Judicial Council for FL-three hundred and eighty-second See. Below is a website where you can download the form and fill.

The procedure discussed in this article, allows the participant to provide, and then apply for an accelerated procedure for alimony, and then receive expedited order for child support, in some cases without a hearing, provided that the other party does not mind. And even if there is a hearing, they should be held no more than 30 days of the filing of an answer, although the financial crisis in California, some courts may not strictly adhere to the time limits.

Application forms should be provided to other parties personal service or otherwise, available in sections 415.10 and 415.40 inclusive of the Civil Procedure Code.

If the participant who has submitted an application and supporting documents did not provide a timely response and when the notice of the hearing is not given as provided in Section 3627 of the Family Code, a resolution on emergency support shall take effect as provided in Section 3624 of the Family Code. benefits that are provided to the defendant, as provided by section 473 of the Civil Procedure Code or any other help available at law or in cases of own funds in accordance with Section 3628 of the Family Code.

Any order after the hearing shall take effect no later than 30 days after the filing of the answer to the application for expedited order on the support, and can come into force from the date of submission of the application in accordance with the sectional Section 3632 of the Family Code.

Order entered by this method may be modified or terminated at any time on the same basis as any other order for the child, in accordance with Section 3633 of the Family Code.

Click below to view the official forms, listed by number form.

To view the full text of any section of the California Code listed in this article, as well as any other codes of California, please visit the website below.

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Learn Hindi Dancing steps from Bollywood dance studio in California

If you are a fan of Bollywood dance, you will surely enjoy dancing as Hrytsik Roshan or Shah Rukh Khan may Ayshvaryya Rai or Madhuri Dyksit.

Bolivudskiya dancing – dancing is the latest craze that hit the United States, and it is growing every day. There are many dance schools in the US academy, but incredibly popular among them. This is the first Bollywood dance school in the United States, located in the Little India in ARTES, California.

NDM Dance Studios – is Bollywood dance studio that offers private lessons in Hindi dancing Bhangra, Folk, wedding performances; Training of theatrical participation and training of the bride and groom. Studying balivudskim dance steps becomes easier with this classical dance academy renowned choreographer Nakul devas Mahazhan. Its diversity in dance expands from Indian classical to modern jazz kataka. Although there are many other well-known haragrafav who teach Hindi dance.

All programs and activities are well planned throughout the year. Monthly or quarterly fees are offered for a fee that is suitable for everyone. Beyond that, any new fees or last camp announced at 2 months in advance. There work and dedication reflects their professionalism, and hence their popularity. NDM dance school students also received awards April 4 Neema Dance Contest.

NDM Dance Productions – is a company prepared balivudskaga dancers, several of which – winners of prestigious prestigious dance competitions. Dance troupe performs NDM Bollywood and local features and exclusive weddings. NDM dance troupe in 2006 is made up of thirty-four most energetic dancers of Southern California. In addition to working with Chris Kattani, company was seen in NBC Passions and FOX & Good Day LA. You can find members of this dynamic dance troupe online by visiting

Recently dance troupe NDM Bollywood saw in the Hollywood studios and network television. Even if NDM dance troupe performs with the stars, their feet are well connected with the culture and are willing to raise awareness of the culture and maintain its prestigious reputation, raising standards balivudskim dance through their performances.

California wildfires affect air filter your vehicle

If you have ever smoked a cigarette, you know how bad filter. Even after a few puffs, the recently white tip becomes disgusting aranzhavata brown. Southern California fires burned hundreds of thousands of acres that is, filling the air with ash, smoke and dust.

During a fire, you can see particles floating in the air. As the fire went out, you could still see their presence in his car. I would like to leave the house in the morning to find the morning of a thin layer of debris that covered every morning. It was disgusting; and not just because my car was dirty, but also because we breathe this air.

This news has advised residents of San Diego, who have not been evacuated, close the windows, turn off air conditioning and stay indoors. Most people should be avoided as much as possible of poor air quality.

After a week or so, the presence of tiny ash particles started to disappear and people slowly started to spend more time outdoors. But air quality was still really bad. Despite the fact that dirty air was not visible, we still breathe. This is not only bad for your lungs, but this air can really affect the air filter your vehicle. People may struggle with poor health, but if the problems with the car start to cost money, they are not satisfied. Fortunately, several car companies are very well aware of and provide free services to customers in these difficult times.

For example, Goodwrench is currently conducting a campaign in the month of November, where they will replace all air filters for GM cars. Their website states:

"Due to recent fires ash and other particles in the air can affect the air filter in your car engine help, since November 1, 2007 -. November 30, 2007, GM Goodwrench offers the residents of the eight affected southern California regions of the engine replacement. air filter for free on your car or truck GM. *

The offer is only available at participating dealers and for residents of the following counties: Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Riverside and Imperial. "

Volkswagen was also very helpful. "We are in the Volkswagen send their thoughts and prayers to those affected by the recent devastating fires in Southern California territory", – said Steve Mears. "For customers who have suffered damage or loss of residence and / or business, the Volkswagen postpone their lease payments and extend the payment on the loan for up to 90 days. Customers are not charged additional fees and loans for the intended period."

In addition, they offer free air filters for any Volkswagen car in the San Diego area, all models 1998 and newer.

I know what you're probably thinking – free air filter – Big Whoop. But hey, better than nothing. What do you mean dirty air filter? Reduced gas mileage, performance degradation and can lead to early engine failure. Thus, you can not get a free car, but a new air filter can be of great benefit to your car. Act quickly, because there is only a proposal before the end of November!