Someday is California?

When many people think of California, they think of the beach, blonde hair girls, pinup, Golden Gate Bridge and the Hollywood sign. Others may also be recalled that it is able to start one of the biggest movements to stringent environmental laws and pollution of the environment standards. He was also one of the first to recognize the use of medical marijuana and decriminalizing it.

What most people do not know – is that California is not a threat to natural disasters and economic collapse. The unemployment rate reaches 12%, and local governments borrowed so deeply that even after the reduction of health and education, the dismissal of thousands of workers, they pay their employees in cash instead of ICS. Governor Schwarzenegger's approval rating sank even lower than thought last president.

Thousands of poor, homeless and insurance of people gather daily outside the Forum, hoping to become one of the 1,500 people who will be able to receive free medical care in mobile medical centers. Thousands of people are standing in a huge line at the bank with food and soup kitchens. In the period from 2004 to 2008, more than half a million people went to the prospectus to other states. No wonder there are so many commercials that try to get tourists to come there.

Many believe that today it is not only disruptive but also for future generations. What to do with all this, the debate is conducted for many years. One way, which is seen not only in order to make a profit in California, but across the country – full legalization of marijuana. This means that marijuana will be packaged like cigarettes, regulated and limited, as cigarettes and alcohol, and taxed as they are. There are not only many shops of marijuana, which sell to patients, but they have to pay taxes on their income from the use of cannabis.

This will not only bring immediate revenue for the whole of California, but would become a model for other states across the country are facing a similar crisis. It will also help California and the nation in other ways, for example, in the prison system. With so many people in prison for crimes related to the storage, sale, cultivation of cannabis and many others, these people can be relieved. This will not only ease congestion, but also those people whose only crime was smoking weed, can return to the active members of society.

You can find more information about the state of the economy in California on the Internet and in other media sources. There is a particular statistical information not only about the state of the economy, but also what kinds of benefits of legalization will be. You can also learn about other alternatives that their government is considering. Due to the popularity of California and its reputation in the country there are many other people who are looking carefully to what they do and how it turns out. There are even some states that are looking at California things that they should be avoided, so that they were not given IOU staff.

Unemployment and the traffic police reform in California

Deputy SAI strengthens the unemployment rate.

Single mom who ran the cars built in the last century, paying a ticket in the amount of $ 100 393,00, plus the US dollar. Now the system begins to inhale, as a defect of the unfortunate mother.

She could lose her job if a & # 39; to appear in court to contest the ticket. It must pay the ticket in full & # 39; the amount before the court date will be set. Instead, she chooses the installment plan, but if she missed a payment, its license is suspended. She misses fee. Her license suspended. Now, child care and employment are major obstacles. She loses her job. Meanwhile, another citizen, a wealthy pensioner who always wanted to be a lawyer, to pay a fine, and requires a day to prepare his defense. He appears in court, b & # 39; e ticket (officer was not from a & # 39) and he was a fine return.

This system – a machine to generate income, operating the truth as taxation of the poor and the liberation of the rich. Worse still, it acts as a severe punishment for persons such as young single mother who lost her job.

GAI reform push all three government offices to coordinate efforts to help the unemployed.

Fortunately, the Chief Justice of our Supreme Court Thani Kantyl Sak focused on the reform of the unequal access to justice. Additionally, Governor Brown in collaboration with the California legislature passed a law that comes into force on 1 October 2015 that allows people to ask for the release of the debt by 50% reduction in debt and the waiver of all civil assessments. The poor can obtain a decrease of 80%. Going forward, the system was radically reformed:

  1. Anyone (it is expected that the JUI, which makes payments on fines for traffic), can get their licenses immediately – without the need for a & # 39; to appear before a judge;
  2. Fines and penalties no longer need to pay in advance as a condition of validation checking violations – this means that a judge can make adjustments to the penalty and the period of payment;

See. Senate Bill 405 copy.

Until now, the traffic police illegal punishment inflicted to the poor, adding to the terrible situation of unemployment.

According to the bill on the reform of the fine organizer of the road, in Bob Herzberg (San Fernando Valley) four million Californians deprived of their licenses for failure to pay fines for traffic or from the & # 39; appearance in court. Of these, 42 percent have lost their jobs, and 88 percent have lost income.

There are real and finished the reasons for suspension of driver's license, including the evidence of numerous violations and driving under the influence. The certificate of the driver – it's a privilege, not a right. See. The reasons for the suspension of the DMV. But to use it as a sledgehammer to the poor, to fare billions in taxes, unreasonable.

Unemployment can be eliminated by reforming the long-term practice of the suspension of a driver's license.

Still it is necessary to take into account: the practice of suspension of the license for failure to pay a fine for a traffic violation. Non-payment is usually a & # 39 is a matter of inability to pay. The system does not work and in fact harm Californians and California's economy. Best practice would be to keep the workers in low-income beyond Social Security and use the tax system to collect the tax instead of the traffic police.

California car insurance commercial

If you are driving a commercial vehicle (big rig, delivery truck, bus, etc.) in California, you should remember that there are some legal requirements for car insurance, you need to perform. Since freight vehicles can often carry hazardous materials or valuable goods (for example, our children), they have a much higher insurance requirements than traditional car cover.

Not all insurance companies offer commercial vehicle insurance. Some companies specializing in automotive coatings, have a separate unit for Insurance of heavy vehicles. Many times you may want to consult with your agent, who can tell you about coating or refer you to another insurer, who can deal with your business needs.

Some requirements for the coverage of these larger vehicles can include specialized driver training requirements, determined by the state of California. Often drivers must have a special license or certificate to operate such vehicles. Conventional regular checks for such vehicles required to help maintain safety on the road. It is not uncommon when the state set random inspection points to make on-site checks of trucks and other vehicles.

If you have any questions about the availability of coverage or the minimum requirements, you need to contact the state department of motor vehicles, which will explain the detailed requirements for the coating, depending on the type of vehicle and for what purpose will be used.

California review of child support modification

In California, child support modification – this is what can happen if the court deems it necessary. No matter how much support initially ordered, this can be changed. Later it can be to raise or lower depending on several different factors related to the child's needs. Parents also do not tell you where it may happen or may not be modified support, although a request can be submitted. The Court has the final word on this issue and will make changes, if he sees that the circumstances of (parents not to patronize, parents or guardians of the child) have changed.

The amount of maintenance is determined in accordance with the calculation, known in California guide children support. This equation, which determines on the & # 39; the amount of child support by multiplying the percentage of time that the highest salary is responsible for the child financially by sharing the available income of the parents, and takes it to the cash income. There are additional amounts such as transport costs to visit, and other expenses that are considered "child", because it allows more visits, for example, in the child's best interests.

Once installed on the & # 39; the amount of support you need to change the circumstances to change child support in California. And they are determined in each case, because there are not many specific recommendations about how great change in circumstances must be guaranteed for the consideration of the case.

California court may also rely on child support to the parents' income potential rather than actual income. This sometimes causes changes in cases where, as believed, the parents do not watch over, trying to avoid paying child support or as earning below their capabilities. If the performance and the potential to work at a certain income is, the court may establish child support for that amount, regardless of whether the father really gets this income.

It is very obvious cases where it may be due to modification of child support, if a father who does not care to spend more time with the child either becomes physically responsible for it. This can lead to a decrease in the amount of support, as the father of increased costs associated with more child care, and father who takes care of, it has lower costs because the other parent of the child more.

The possibility of paying parents not to patronize, may change or the financial position of the custodial parent may change. Neither of these situations does not provide automatic modification of child support, but they serve as a basis for the revision of the amount to learn, requires modification. If the parents, who do not receive the care, income increases, it is likely that the support can be increased, as the court considers that the child is entitled to a share of the standard of living of each parent. If this is increased to the borrower – a father who pays support – is expected to increase, and for the child.

If the situation the borrower is changing for the worse, he may petition the court to reduce the level of support on the basis of gravity. This can happen for various reasons, such as illness, inability to work or to support other children. Debt, however, is not a & # 39 is a factor in this equation, because child support are considered to be a priority above any type of debt. And the third party (the new husband, both parents) also will not affect the support, but the most extreme circumstances.

Determination of changes in circumstances

While the parents are divorced, can not be completely open to talking about the material situation of each other, each parent has the right to be aware of the financial position of the other, to be able to deal with requests for changes in child support. Once a year, each parent can request the tax returns of the second of the previous year and a declaration of income and expenditure. After this will be requested, if it is not made within 35 days or when the information is incomplete, the father who makes a request, can receive the income statement from the employer of the other parent.

Disclaimer – Materials in this article has been prepared for information purposes only. Zmyashchaemaya information is general in nature and may not apply to certain factual or legal circumstances. In any case, the materials do not constitute legal advice and opinions and should not be applied to them. Transmission of the information is not intended to create, and receipt does not fold attorney-client relationship. Internet subscribers and readers of the Internet should not act no information on this site without the need for professional advice. This is the message from the & # 39 is "advertising", certain rules of professional conduct and the California Code of business and professions.

Many localities show that California businesses need to be more aware of the laws on abuse of food

Recently, the city of Los Angeles finalized $ 26 million legal settlement of allegations that they prohibit daytime meals, and set other restrictions on drivers with urban garbage machines and # 39; meal break periods. And this week, FedEx has settled a claim for a classic suit US $ 2.1 million in response to the statement that these laws have been violated.

If in a city with such a large size, like Los Angeles, and in the company of big, like FedEx, there are problems with compliance with the law, it is important to carefully consider how treatment breaks for meals and rest in your workplace. There are several different aspects of California's commercial legislation, on which employers and employees should be aware of, including: what constitutes the right to a meal break, admovku, exceptions to the general rules and filing complaints about wages.

In general, the California employers must provide employees working more than five hours in a shift from the period of supply.

In California, the requirements are that the employee was released from all obligations, the employer refused to monitor the activities of employees, a break should last 30 minutes at a time, and the employee does not prevent taking a break. What is important is the timing: a conventional 8-hour shift during the power should be given to the sixth hour of work.

Note: The common problem occurs when a meal period is interrupted by phone calls to other employees, managers or supervisors to request their help. This violates the State of California labor law, as the employee does not receive 30 consecutive minutes.

Refusal of a break for a meal is allowed only in limited cases. Employers and employees can mutually agree to waive the meal, interrupting him to replace the employee six hours and less. Although not required, it is recommended to write documents on the refusal in writing whenever the terminated during cooking.

Remember, if an employee works 6 or more, they need to provide a break in the power supply, even if he signed a waiver.

With very limited circumstances in California employer and employee may agree on the duty breaks for meals. The employer and the employee must have a signed agreement, the staff member may withdraw at any time, the worker should be able to eat while on duty, and & # 39; nature of work & # 39; shall prevent the release of the employee from all duties. Whether it & # 39; nature of work & # 39; prevents the release of employees from all duties determined by looking at the type of work, the presence of other employees to provide coverage and what will the product or service is destroyed or damaged 30-minute break.

Important: consult a lawyer of work before making a decision on holding duty breaks for meals. The courts and the working committee scrutinize these arrangements.

If in California the employee feels that they violate the right to a lunch break, they may apply to the bureau dyarzhkamkamisarav amendment to labor in addition to the United States Department of Labor. They may bring a civil action on behalf of himself and others who are in a similar position.

Note: Careful consideration should be used when deciding to initiate proceedings in the Superior Court of California, or filing an administrative complaint. In all approaches have advantages and disadvantages.

Record 377 schools in California, award-winning "The Prize"

California has created a recognition program for schools in California in 1985. His goal – the announcement of priorities and strengthening the department of education, which improve the achievement of students in the school and promote students based on measuring purposes. The program identifies and honors public schools that exhibit exemplary and inspiring achievement. Although participation in the program is voluntary, California School Award competition is very desirable.

To consider the award, potential nominees must meet the different requirements. These include dedicated federal and state accountability measures that are based on the measurement programs "The child does not remain," "adequate progress in the year" and "academic performance index". Approximately five percent of operating schools chosen each year for the awards, which are usually at least 40 counties.

The program awards alternate annually between elementary and secondary nominees. Schools that meet the requirements, fill out an application and submit its team of local teachers from different states who evaluate and assess the merits of each application. Schools with the highest number of applications are selected as nominees for the whole country. Then appointees attend an exit brigade command county county leaders and members of the California Department of Education, which validate data applications.

Those candidates in California, who were elected for the award of the School Award will be awarded at a ceremony, where the head of state gives boards and flag each school. The program and annual ceremonies are funded through the generosity of the famous Californian corporations and national educational organizations, who believe that education excellence should be rewarded and encouraged publicly.

In 2006, a record 377 public elementary nominees for the award were awarded in the California school that surpassed 302 elementary nominees identified in 2004 – the last elementary cycle of remuneration. They represent the largest number of elementary awarded for a 21-year history of the program.

California Awards 2006 were chosen from 190 school districts in 40 counties. They were selected from the very large number of elementary schools to date, setting another record for the program. With more than 5,000 elementary schools in California in 2043 received the right to apply for the award in 2006. California schools argue that the success of students can be educated and consistently improve.

College Northern California

California has the largest education system in the country. The variety of experience in the campus – is that most students like to attend college here. The state has more than 400 colleges and universities that offer an increasing number of courses and fields of study. California is divided into North and South, both of which offer a competitive college education. College Northern California specializing in technology, education and art.

College of Northern California provides a wide range of campus options ranging from private to public and UC variants state U or Community College. In 2005, the budget increased funding for higher education, and that made Northern California colleges to recognize that to produce additional students have more students. Among the attractions of college admission in Northern California – the proximity to California wine country, it is very popular for its picturesque vineyards and wine countries.

College Northern California are less popular compared with southern counterparts. Housing and accommodation outside the campus very well. Recent studies occupy Northern California among the most convenient parts of the state. It provides an atmosphere atmosphere, especially for students who are not from California.

To better choose which college in Northern California, you want to take, the future student can take a tour of the campus, provided for free by colleges and the preliminary meeting. California beaches are subject to students in the spring and summer. And they do get a lot of sun in the Gold Stein. Californians are generally selected in the state to obtain a college education.

Northern California – a center for tourists and travelers who fall in love with the place that they decided to stop after two or two visits. Employment and the possibility of car & # 39; ernaga growth in California is very good. As a student, you can work part-time in a college library and numerous other institutions offering part-time on campus.

Form of compulsory and optional Judicial Council of California

Mandatory and optional forms of the Judicial Council of California – the theme of this article. California Judicial Council forms are accepted as binding or be approved as optional, in accordance with the provisions of the California Government Code 68511. It is mandatory to be used forms. Optional forms can, but should not be used, although some local regulations of ships make use of some or all of the optional forms of the Judicial Council must in courts located in this district, so any lawyers or parties to litigation in California should carefully review their local authorities. the rules of the court.

An example of a mandatory form with & # 39 is in the form FL-100, which is a form of an application, which is used for the termination requirements, the legal section or invalidation of California. An example of an optional shape with a 39 & # FL-145 form, which with a 39 & # Interrogatories form which can be used for family law cases. The first few letters form numbers indicate the type of body for which it was designed. For example, FL is a form of family law.

Some types of court cases in California, such as family law and the will require the use of multiple forms of mandatory Judicial Council.

To determine a & # 39 is a particular form of the Judicial Council mandatory or optional, look in the lower left corner of the first page of this form. It will indicate whether the form is accepted as mandatory or was approved by the Judicial Council of California, as an extra.

Optional form to be taken by all the courts in accordance with Rule 1.35 of the court of California, if they apply to the case in which they are used.

The fact that some people who work in the legal profession, are not aware that the lower-right corner of the first page in many, if not most, form the Judicial Council of California cites sections of the Code applicable to this particular form. For example, FL-145 referred to previously form refers to the sections of the Civil Procedure 2030.10 to 2030,410 and 2033,710 section Civil process, they are applicable to this form. Anyone who is served with a form can carefully examine the lower right corner of the first page, and then browse all cited sections. In some cases, it may be useful.

To view all the forms of the Judicial Council of California, you can visit the official website of the California courts on the following link:

The author sincerely hopes that you enjoyed this article and found it informative. If you enjoyed this article, please tell others about it.


Stan Burman

Visit Monterey California

Monterey, California, the oldest city in California, was founded in 1770. It has about 30 000 inhabitants, the average high temperature of 65.3 degrees, the average low temperature of 47.8 degrees, rain is on average 67 days a year and is located on the Monterey Peninsula, which has more than 98 miles of coast.

The beautiful city of Monterey is about 115 miles south of San Francisco and 350 miles north of Los Angeles. It can be reached in air, car, train, bus and boat. Just to get to Monterrey – this in itself experience. Most of the trip you will have a gorgeous California coastline on one side and beautiful forests and mountains on the other. In my opinion, the best way to visit Monterey by car. Passage of Monterrey Peninsula with beautiful scenery and old Spanish architecture can be the experience of a lifetime.

Do you like lying on the beach, swimming in the ocean, surfing, sport fishing and surfing, golf, shopping, visiting art galleries, antiques, dining, sightseeing, whale watching, romantic walks along the beach or just relaxing in the luxury hotel you can do it in Monterey and you can do it without fighting heavy traffic, without overcrowding, and without breaking the bank.

Discover Old Fisherman with great restaurants, seafood, unique shops, whale watching, fishing and cruises, theaters, as well as the sights and sounds of the past Monterrey. Visit the aquarium in Monterey Bay with more than 200 award-winning galleries and exhibits, about 550 different species of marine life. Play golf at Pebble Beach Golf Links, which occupies the number 1 public course in America
2005. Take one of the many whales that watching cruise boats and look at the gray and murderers dalohinav, turtles, pigs, sea lions and more. Embark on a sport fishing to albacore, cod, flounder, halibut, salmon, sea bass and sole. Visit one of the hundreds of art galleries on the Peninsula. Staying in hotels such as the Hotel Hyatt Regency Monterey, on the spot for walks on the 18 sites lunachnyh Del Monte Golf Golf & heated outdoor pool or hotel Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa, which combines elegant European architecture, wide coast. views and sophisticated style to create the perfect point from which the gentle sounds of the surf, you can enjoy the fresh sea air and the aroma of sea otters sighted. If all that you are missing, go to the coast and less than two pleasant hours you will be able to visit San Francisco, eat in Chinatown, or enjoy the nightlife.

For more information about the city of Monterey, California see:, directory of links to city of Monterey, California guides and directories that list the hotels, restaurants, attorneys, real estate brokers, information, resources, services, you need to do, places to visit and much more.

California has spent $ 5 billion on the unclaimed money to citizens

The State of California has collected $ 4.8 billion in the unclaimed money to citizens. Without limitation as to the demand for money and the minimum coverage of the state to account holders, about 900 million dollars in unclaimed money being added each year. Currently the state spends unclaimed money, making them in the state General Fund. Citizens should be informed about the debt they take the money and what it actually is.

In April 2006, the State Controller Steve Wesley said: "The governor and the legislature are using unclaimed assets to cope with the troubles of the state budget, which they created as a result of the blockade and orphan control. This must stop." Currently the state pays about $ 250 million annually for the identified requirements for the property, and the rest is placed in the general fund and spent as if it is money the state.

In an effort to improve the state unclaimed money system, Wesley sponsored bill SB one thousand seven hundred fifty-two that would remove suras & # 39; severe restrictions on the ability of the government to find the owners of the accounts. The bill also separated the unclaimed money to your account, not in the general fund, and the interest earned by the account holder. Wesley added, "I sponsored this bill to change the system and select the unclaimed property is from California politicians and to return it to the people account Forgotten test should not be used to plug holes in the state budget.".

Since the establishment of the draft law in April 2006, the bill SB 1752, the bill is in committee. If the Legislature to postpone the end of the month, without taking on the draft measures, he will die.

Wesley's efforts over the past 3 years the state has increased the unclaimed money. In 2004 it was returned to 177.4 million. Dollars, in 2005, 238.5 million. Dollars, and in 2006 292 million. Dollars. Despite the increase in the annual yield of the found property, unclaimed cash balance is still growing $ 500 million annually after payment requirements! In this case, the speed of the overall funds lost in the next 10 years will amount to $ 10 billion. Minimal effort of the state is not enough to reach almost 8 million owners of unclaimed money accounts.

Create a site, advertising account holders not only in California but across the country. This is a private listing found found increased demands on property.

Nationwide funds lost more than 25 billion dollars.

Most of the people at a certain time delayed contribution to the gas, electric bill. People move and forget about the deposit, but their money, and the electric company does not know where to send it. This money is in breech dyarzhfina in which the property is located, it is not required. This is one of the hundreds of places where money can disappear. Found property can consist of a savings or checking accounts, stocks, shares, dividends, IRS refunds, wages, child support payments, the list goes on.

One inefficiency there is in the state database of the missing money – a man who searches the database to find only money, as reported in this state. In addition, states are limited to what they can do to attract account holders and do not have the budget to advertise the public and inform them of the constantly growing money lost.

Even if a person living in one state, it may be money in the databases of other countries. Insurance Company in New York, which has borrowed money to someone on the policy could put unclaimed money database at the New York State data, irrespective of the place of residence of the recipient. In addition, the unclaimed property can be added to the list of possible variations of names (William Smith may be called W. Smith or Bill Smith). The government did not create a single database to search for unclaimed money.

To fill the inefficiency of the state all in one database has been created. In qualitative research, the database will search all state and federal databases, all possible variations of the name, as well as provide instructions and forms for filing, if the money will be found. These sites also carry a large amount of advertising to the public, telling them about the great likelihood that they or any of their immediate families borrowed money.

Cause when the national sum of unclaimed money is growing every year, this is what people are looking for, whether they have any obligation. It may be money, you have forgotten, or the legacy of a man never knew. People will never know until you look. Simple search could mean a check in your mailbox. – the largest unclaimed money database, which includes all state and federal databases. was created to help owners in search of lightness and requirements of lost funds. The website provides more information about unclaimed money and free unclaimed money search on site