Hidden Gemstones in Southern California

Many tourists flock to the famous Southern California destinations such as San Diego, Disneyland, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. All these wonderful places to visit, but if you are looking for somewhere else, which is a bit off the radar, read the following incredible lines:
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Chanel Islands

My husband and I have lived in California most of my life, but somehow missed these spectacular islands, which are among the National Park Service. Seeing on the Internet some amazing photos, we had a short boat ride to the island of Anacapa Island from Oxnard to the jubilee weekend trips.
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If you decide to go, be prepared and bring supplies. This trip is designed for adventurous people in good physical shape. You have to climb the 157 stairs to the top of this robust little island where there is no food, services, water or toilets pramyvalnyh. Now I hate the estate, but I tell you – a view of the rocky coastline, the massive cliffs and jagged top is worth it. You can easily go around the island in a few hours, and Inspiration Point – a great reward for your efforts.
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We visited in June, when the explosions of bright wildflowers covered a small island, and thousands of children’s fairy Chaikov have been found around every corner. Just beware of their protective mothers, who will be waving to your mind when you are too close.
We went back a couple of years and visited the big island of Santa Cruz for an exciting excursion by canoe on historical sea caves. On the boat there, we saw a whale and two large school of dolphins. Water can be turbulent at certain points, but the caves were amazing. It was a once in a lifetime experience.
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Some people find these islands desert, but if you have an adventurous spirit and a love of nature, Chanel Islands are considered the Galapagos of North America.

Huntington Botanical Gardens
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This is another amazing place, which we were not able to visit for decades. Located in Pasadena, a beautiful estate which is home to more than a dozen spectacular gardens, is situated on 120 acres. It’s hard to say what the most dazzling garden, but the Japanese Garden, Rose Garden and the California Garden – some of my favorites.
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We were not even able to check out the art galleries. In Gantsingtonskay Art Gallery kept British paintings, sculptures and decorative arts of British art of the 18th and 19th century, and the famous Blue Boy. To my shame, as a writer, we visited the very Huntington Library, one of the largest and most comprehensive US research library.
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Next time.

Wine trail of Ventura County

Napa can draw attention to themselves as the wine country in California, but my husband and I loved his way of coastal coaster near the seaside town Ventura. We visited two of the nearly 20 wineries and tasting rooms.
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You can book one of the many wine tours. However, we decided to get a map and explore on your own. Starting with the venturi at the intersection of Highway 1 and Highway 101, we drove on highway 33 to Ozhaya.
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This number alone, but the magic road waiting for surprises – from “the smallest US postal department” to the last place where anyone seen James Dean alive. Our favorite find – Winery Old Creek, who felt that he was returning to a simpler time and place when the friendly people and the dogs greeted us. We enjoyed our purchased bottles of wine and a picnic on the tables, which enjoy views of the US.
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By the way, and the Ojai and Ventura worthy stops with charming hotels, luxury resorts, bed and breakfasts, as well as a wide range of active outdoor activities. During the summer, the annual Village Ventura – is the center of active events with festivals and live music on weekends.
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Laguna beach

This charming beach town located halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego. With more than 20 different picturesque bays, the beach area offers everything from surf boards to backyards, scuba diving, kayaking and whale watching excursions.
Just be careful, sometimes the surf can be rough. As a teenager, I decided to surf, despite the turbulent water and vytsorsya with massive waves (think Beach Boys & # 39; the song: Heheheheheheee wipe oooout!). In fact, I’m to blame for all the Beach Boys fault, as they went, and this ramantyzavali sur & # 39; major chicken with songs that I grew up like Surfer Girl. Since their fault.
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However, the scenery can not be beat. Add ultra chic restaurants and shops and unique art gallery, and you get the picture. There is even a Baby Boomer Club from Saturday night dances. Every summer they spend “Lagoon Woodstock”, which held the party “boom-boom” in 1969.

Park Heusler – a good place to start, located north of the main beach, with easy city for half a mile along the paved walkway with breathtaking views of the coastline and the soothing sound of waves traplyayuchyh. You can take one of the trails to the beach and pool for the tides. Benches, tables and barbecues piknitskiya have a lot where you can get a great view. We X & # 39; jubilee held a picnic on one of the grass, and it was great!

Park Treasure Island – one more beautiful place, located at the site of a five-star beach Montage Laguna, where there are really rich. Exquisitely well-appointed, several sightseeing benches direct light to walk a winding trail. Stairs and ramps will lead you to the beach where you can walk through a beautiful stone archway at low tide to find a place in the sand for sunbathing and a large tide. In addition, there are many areas with grass for a picnic. I offer to bring some wine and cheese to catch a romantic sunset.

Big Bear Lake

I live in the desert, so near Big Bear – a great mountain escape with its wonderful lakes and unspoiled forests. Boating, fishing and hiking – this is only some of the activities in this small, deserted village.

Last summer, my husband and I rode on the lake, picnics, clutching alpine hill, rode on the map with a speed up to 30 km / h, as well as riding on a beautiful heavenly seat. After watching the people who descend from under the & # 39; lift mountain bike along the paths, we put it in our list for next time.

For the avant-garde in the shower is also available paraseyny and lightning.

El Matador Beach

Looking for a spectacular coastline with white sand, towering cliffs, hitting waves and craggy rock formations in a hidden place?

Look no further than El Matador, located just north of Malibu in the winding Pacific coast. It is easy to miss the small brown sign pointing to a small parking lot at the trail head, so watch carefully for a wide beach and road kanonskimi roads. Once you find it, get ready to go to the 150-foot bluff with a few steep stairs.

Not for young children and those who have physical difficulties, but if you can do it step by step, you will be treated to spectacular views. Locals know this beach, and you can see some photo shoot taking place – we did!

In this small but nice beach area a little clown thing to do, because Bring lunch for a picnic or a wine and find a hidden corner to enjoy an incredibly romantic atmosphere.

beach Redanda

Until now, you have probably noticed that my husband and beach bums. We found this beach by accident, looking for a nearby place to stay the night before you fly from Laax on the following morning.

Redondo pier with & # 39 is a landmark with panoramic views of the ocean and water sports, which include a harbor cruise, seasonal whale watching, kayaking, and fishing boats on the pedals. The truth of course, we did not try any of this, but we liked the views of Tony on the pier, where we enjoyed Happy Hour!

The pier is also a 16-futnaya great white shark, which is affectionately called Zhorzhta, on display in a large tank in the Shark Attack on the pier. If you have grandchildren or young at heart, you can enjoy pavpadvodnym yellow submarine (hell, now I got the song “Beatles”, which was included in my head) for an underwater view of the local marine life.

Of course, if you are staying in Los Angeles with his or fly certain break in the airport hotel.

Catalina island

This island is more famous than some of my previous recommendations, but the sentimental favorite. My husband and I spent there honeymoon 40 years ago and came back several times. It is a small, quaint island, without restaurants and fast food restaurants. Neutral tube consists of two carts for golf and bicycle built for two.

During the honeymoon, we happily rode bicycles around Avalon, riding on horseback, visiting the famous casino and sunbathed on a small beach. We also took a bus to two harbors, the only other village on the island of Catalina. Scuba diving, boat, fishing, skiing, glass bottom boat, kayak, on Segway tours, golf and hiking – this is the other popular activities.

Decades later we set sail on a boat to the island from Long Beach – which turned out to be a wild ride. My husband and adult children are back on our water immersion to become certified for scuba diving among the famous laminaryynyh forests, surrounded by bright orange Garibaldi fish. The next time we visit, I want to try a new line of postage, which is 600 feet above sea level with one stroke length of 1,100 feet at speeds up to 30 km / h Wheee!

As you can tell, in Southern California has so many great places to visit, it is impossible to list them all. But I hope I have given you a few ideas to get started!

California law for motorcycles

Buying a motorcycle can be a very exciting feeling. But your new ride can quickly go from a beautiful dream to turn into a nightmare if you come immediately to repeated mechanical problems, safety problems and repairs. After repeated attempts to get it repaired, you finally refuse and concluded that bought defective vehicles. Usually it is called a "lemon." The next question that arises then, – "Or I will return your money?". Do not worry, in every state, including California, have special about the lemon laws. If you live in a sunny state, and you are sadly come to the conclusion that they had bought a lemon motorcycle, read the following paragraphs.

First of all, you should know that a lot of lawyers "lemon" in California, and they are more than willing to help you solve the case.

Legislation in California lemon apply to motorcycles. However, the law covers motorcycles, trailers and boats is a little different from the law that relates to cars. According to California law on lemons, motorcycles are distributed under the Civil Code 1793.2 (d) (1), which covers "consumer goods". of the lemon law applies to consumer goods written guarantee.

In order to qualify as a lemon, a motorcycle must pass a reasonable number of repair attempts. If problems arise, we have a lemon. Write down all attempts to repair and collect all the bills for the repairs. Then, to provide all documents to the manufacturer or dealer and ask for a ransom.

In addition, defects which apply to consumer goods should not be "substantially impair the use, value or safety." Legislation designed to meet the rider's safety. Even defects that may seem insignificant, qualify to purchase a motorcycle. Legislation on lemon law related to motorcycles, stronger and easier to handle than the automobile claims, due to the nature of the product and strong security.

As we said earlier, it is important to keep track of all documents, notes, and bills. It is also important not to waste time. You can report a lemon only for a certain period after being bought a motorcycle and just before your odometer will take a certain amount of miles.

It is recommended to find a lawyer with lemon lawyer when faced with such problems. The California lemon law requires the manufacturer to pay for lawyers. Motorcyle law – it is a very specialized law requires experience and expertise of a specialized lawyer.

How do loans for ownership in California and across the country

How do the credits for the ownership of the car in California and across the country

Car Loans. You may have heard of them before, but there is also a large percentage of people who do not have. Credit for the ownership of the car can often be a fantastic way to get money quickly in case of emergency.

However, this is what you need to understand correctly, before trying to look into the credit world is to the right of ownership of the car. We need to understand how they work and how to use your car, so let's take a look at them here and now.

What is a car loan?

Officially, the loan on the ownership of the car – a loan hedged, because you offer a contract for your car as collateral. If you are trying to get re-term loans, the car operates as an asset, which you have to trade.

You give them temporary legal rights to your vehicle and often confirm that you pass them to the car, if you can not repay the loan. It's a little extra security to credit card companies.

Thus, how do they work?

Of course, we look at how to work in California. If you begin to look for the right property loans in California, it is a good idea to make sure that you understand what is happening.

First you try to get a loan in the company. This is urgent, and will really help you get out of the tight spot. So what are you doing? You offer us your car under the terms of the loan. They act as a reserve – if you do not pay the loan, they keep your car.

To do this, you transfer ownership of a vehicle or a human rights document them. While they are there, they can be installed on certain conditions the car – you can control it, or you can use it only at certain times. Then they will be able to keep your car until you repay the loan in full & # 39; volume.

It is – if they give you a vehicle completely, because the matter between you and them is completed. It is important to understand that during the term of the loan the company imposes a lien on your vehicle. This legal term, which gives them the right to keep it in case of breach of contract.

In general, loans to the ownership of the car – a great way to get rid of cooking when you're back in California. They are really helpful to people who are bound to have other assets with which to bargain.

However, it is important to understand that non-compliance with terms of the contract the company pick up your car. You should always make every effort to repay the loan.

This helps to prevent the unfortunate circumstances in which you lose the car, and ensures that you do not need to worry about this particular impact.

However, it should be noted that the loan for cars with & # 39 is a good idea and can be of great benefit in many situations.

California JUI arrest under the legal restriction

Laws CA DUI – BAC Under.08 can still lead to arrest DUI

Did you know that according to the law of the University of California, the driver is 21 years of age or older at the level of 0.80% BAC could still threaten the collection DUI? Most drivers know that the control on the basis of BAC 0,08% or more will result in the payment of DUI – this is known as a DUI. On their own dual interface simple. They expect to test the level of alcohol in the driver. If the result of a chemical test will return to 0.08% or higher, is an automatic DUI. However, in accordance with the law on kalidoryi JUI, drivers 21 years and older can also be pre & # 39; manifest accusation JUI with BAC within the legal limit, when their control is broken due to the use of drugs or alcohol.

California Automobile Code 23152 (a)

According to the California Automobile Code 23152 (a), "illegal to operate a vehicle the person is under the influence of an alcoholic beverage". Legally, you are "under the influence" if your "physical or mental abilities deteriorate to such an extent that you no longer have the opportunity to drive with caution characteristic of a sober person, ordinary prudence under the same or similar circumstances." This type of DUI more sub & # 39 objective. For charges of DUI with a BAC below .08, simply requires the officer probable cause or a reasonable suspicion that you are impaired behind the wheel. For example, a police officer may develop probable cause based on the observation of suspicious behavior at the wheel. Suspicious driving behavior include control excessively fast or slow motion, weaving between lanes, failure to use turn signals, failure to stop at a punctuation mark, etc. and thus to establish probable cause. Examples are the red or bloody eyes, slurred speech, dilated pupils, an open container, blurred speech, smell of alcohol, improper behavior, etc.

California law on consent

If the officer sees signs that may indicate a violation, he or she is asked to perform a series of tests on field sobriety that serve to test your mental and motor abilities, to discover whether you have a violation. California legislation that agreement requires all who have a real driver's license, be tested for alcohol and drugs, when an officer suspects that you have committed the JUI. After a few tests sobriety field officer will likely ask you to send breathing apparatus. If you find yourself in a legal framework, but perform poorly on sobriety tests on the ground, the officer can still arrest you for the JUI. Even if you choose not to strike, the officer can still arrest you, if it considers that you are impaired. According to the law of the alleged agreement of California, from the impact failure can lead to an immediate suspension of the driving license. Fortunately, the California Code 23152 (a) there are several kapiterav DUI defense. A qualified and experienced law attorney in California can help you fight the charges of DUI and may reduce the charges or even abandon it.

Driving under the influence of drugs in California

California laws prohibit JUI drive a car in a state of alcoholic Up & # 39; yanennya any substance. If the officer will be witnessed disturbances caused by drugs (legal or illegal), you can still be arrested for DUI / DWI. Law enforcement officials believe that the legalization of recreational marijuana will lead to an increase in arrests in California JUI. The lack of accurate scientific method of accurately measuring the amount of THC, which affects a person at a certain time, gives law enforcement officials the right to emergency dyskretyvnuyu arrest based on suspicion of an alcohol & # 39; yanenne.

Motorcycles or covered by the law on the California lemon?

Buying a bike from the previous owner, or from a seller, you want to work correctly. Needed to repair the vehicle and must continue to make you a little suspicious. Malfunction after a number of attempts to repair – this is a clear sign that you are dealing with what is commonly called a "lemon." We know that in California there is a specific consumer laws concerning motor vehicles with a lemon, but whether the law also applies lemon motorcycles?

For example, motorcycles are subject to California on a lemon law. If you have repeated warranty repairs or excessive time in the repair shop, you should seek the counsel of a lemon lawyer for further assistance. California law covering motorcycles, trailers and boats is a little different from the law that covers cars. According to California law on lemons, motorcycles are distributed under the Civil Code 1793.2 (d) (1), which covers "consumer goods".

Consumer goods subject to the laws of lemon, if they are sold with a written guarantee and are purchased for personal or household use. Just like automobiles, consumer goods should be subject to a reasonable number of repairs before the announced "lemons". But, unlike cars, the manufacturer may buy the product or replace it to meet its obligations in the California law on the lemon. The good news from the & # 39 is that a defect found should not "substantially impair the use, value or safety", it means that you can get your money back, even for some minor defects.

Typical defects endanger the safety of motorcycle controls, making cases with lemon stronger than in the case of cars. It is important to collect as much repair documentation. They will support your claim and will allow you to settle the claim quickly. Also, keep track of events during operation of the bicycle. Documentation for the sale and guarantees provided at time of sale, may again make the suit more powerful and easier to get a refund.

Owners of defective lemon motorcycles may be asked to replace the motorcycle or full redemption. The latter will include:

• Full price for a motorcycle or a paid monthly installments and an initial payment
• Registration fees
• Sales Tax
• Accidental injury
• The cost of renting a car and towing compensation
• Prosecutors contributions

However, a small amount of money can be computed and calculated from the costs of redemption. The amount of money based on the run, which was carried out on a motorcycle to the first problem.

How to start a school of traffic in California

The first thing you want to do is go to the site of the California DMV, dmv.ca.gov, I will add the links for you, so you can easily find information as DMV website may be difficult to move around. (AB2499 – CA is the new law for traffic school, which was adopted on 01.09.2012). It covers all the rules and regulations, as well as the qualifications necessary for the operator and instructor of the owner.

After passing the information you want to print a checklist of the owners of the traffic school, he will be very useful when checking each item to be filled.

Opening of school traffic violators can be a long and tedious affair; There are many requirements that must be met before you approve the DMV.

I will list a few steps for the opening of your school:

1) The first thing that requires the DMV, – introduce school lessons traffic plan along with US $ 800.00 fee for an initial review of the online course, 800,00 dollars for home study or review of 475,00 dollars for a training course, to be submitted together with the form OL764. You have to wait up to 120 days to DMV to check for you, and waits for your approval or rejection of the course. If you prefer, you can purchase pre-approved lesson plan that is likely easier than write your own, consisting of 6 months of the year. In addition, you will receive a letter of approval from the DMV about a week and pay a fee of $ 25.00, to take advantage of pre-approved courses.

2) DMV must approve the name of your traffic school, before you can move forward with the rest of the application, you will need to fill in the OL 612 form, but before you spend the time to purchase a domain name for online school road, you can call DMV and check if there is a name that you want to use during a call (916) 229-3126. If your name is similar to another name that is used, your domain name will be rejected. If the name is available, you can submit the form to the DMV by e-mail for one night, and they will send you back a confirmation e-mail for the US. You then get an application, your school will be placed on the DMV website. Which for you free marketing.

Some additional requirements DMV: fingerprint by checking in direct mode, providing bonds, payment of the required fees, the provision of the insurance certificate, the purchase approved by the DMV lesson plan or writing your own, rent office space in which you can run your business with and draw lessons violators traffic if you want to teach a course in the classroom. FYI … DMV does not make any distinction between the school of traffic in a class or course online traffic school from the point of view of the application process, the DMV wants to have an office, even if you have only Internet course. They state that students must be able to start a business that they chose to go through a course of study.

Your application must also have: Enforcement of the US law on disability. Checking the use of the property. If you are registered or have decided to create a limited liability company or a limited liability company: you need a copy of the charter, corporate report or other document submitted to the Secretary of State, which defines officials, shareholders and executives. with an interest in the business is not required.

A copy of your license to the business

A copy of the fictional

A copy of the lease or rental for all offices and classrooms, or use the form OL 144, Rent offending traffic school or lease.

The California School of traffic consists of the owner or owners of the operator, which controls the work of the school and the instructor traffic school, who will conduct the training. The operator must go through an 8-hour course either online or in an inclusive process within the application process, if earlier it was never licensed operator DMV. If they were previously licensed operator DMV, then they only need to go through four hours or online bill rate. After class, they will receive a certificate that can be taken to the DMV with your application package. Once an operator runs its initial course, regardless of whether it is a 4 or 8 hours, they will be held a mandatory 4-hour class each year. Owner does not need to take the test DMV, but the operator and instructor is doing. The written exam will consist of traffic rules, safe management practices car, know the methods and techniques of training. The operator will also have an additional test questions by the statutes and rules of office procedures and record keeping.

This is only some of the requirements that I have listed above, read the information on the DMV website before you decide whether you want to open my own school. In my future articles, I will be more deeply consider the requirements of the operator and instructor, as well as about themselves on the Internet.

DMV links:

To view the forms and payments together with the requirements of the application for traffic school owner link below shows you all the information on one page.


Pass Oaks – Paso Robles – California

Paso Robles is located in the County of San Luis Obispo in central California. This unique region is famous winery 200 and more than 40 000 hectares of planted vineyards, than much more than fermented grapes, killed the bottle.

Full name of Paso Robles' El Paso de Robles "in English means" Pass of Oaks "… this is the essence of this article … which goes to the wonders that surround this enchanted enclave.

a little background

Paso as the locals call it, is a relatively small, rural / urban town with a population of about 30 000 people and is known for its vineyards, almond orchards and olive oil production covered by the hot springs, which was Paso & # 39; S original tourist attraction.

Paso Robles has a lively downtown, consisting of exceptional dining options and eclectic shopping options with taste and fantasy for all. "The Association's main streets" – a very good source of information (PasoRoblesDowntown.Org), whose motto to the & # 39 is "Where everything together" … and this is true.

Therapeutic hot springs Paso

As in most of the travel experience, travel and unexpected leave an indelible mark in your memory. If Paso is ever pungent smell of sulfur, which adds a little extra.

Rich thermal water known for its healing and anti-aging benefits, and so were the main attraction in the early days of the city's history.

Initially the settlers of this region were salininskim Indian tribe. In the early 1700s they introduced newly arrived Franciscan priests from the beneficial effects of water. After that, the Franciscans introduced locals farming, animal husbandry and … wait … the manufacture of winemaking and vineyard cultivation.

Hot sulfur springs still pass through Paso Robles and is open to visitors in three places: The spa hot springs River Oaks Hot Springs, Franklin, as well as available for guests in the Pan-Robles Inn.

A special treat – Amphitheater in Paso Robles

Vineyard and winery Vina Robles doing wine business since 1996 and in 2007 began conducting an annual series of summer concerts. The combination of live music under the stars, and the wine was so successful that they decided to create Amphitheater Vina Robles in 2013.

Amphitheater & # 39 is one of the largest open spaces for arts and entertainment in the county of San Luis Obispo and offers a concert season, which runs from April to November, and the action at the highest level all over the world and in all genres. Legendary Tony Benett, speaking in a warm starry summer night … 100 feet … was a magical experience.

In the house there is a "bad" place, and it's all reasonably priced to fit the budget of everyone … shared entrance on the lawn for sitting in the VIP-boxes … all within 150 feet from the stage.

tin tin

When visiting Paso mandatory stop is located on the eastern part of Highway 101. The group of entrepreneurs created a collection of industrial warehouses, known as "Tin City".

Their goal with & # 39 is to showcase their unique works, such as the production of small wineries, breweries, distilleries, cider and amazing pasta factory and a new restaurant. You can watch them make the pasta, if you like to eat their excellent food.

Parking is rich, and you can easily walk around the entire group of buildings located within a radius of two or three blocks. Of course, a stop along the way may include open beer garden, serenadavany local group, taking part in a unique tasting.

Excellent logistics off point

Located in the USA and 101 in the middle between Los Angeles and San Francisco, the area with the & # 39 is a great place for a road trip.

Paso – a strategic point of disconnection with easy access to landscapes that have made this part of California is known, including the unique towns and villages, such as Morro Bay, Cambria, Harmony, cayucos and San Simeon … beautiful house Hearst Castle.

Road trip in history – Hearst Castle

The Department of Parks and Recreation in California manages more than 280 units with park and it's palatial property is considered one of the crown values ​​in the system.

In 1919, newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst, together with the architect Julia Morgan initiated plans to build a house on top of a hill on his ranch in San Simeon. With access to the huge amounts of money, "home" was a revival of the Mediterranean, which he called «La Cuesta Encantada" (Enchanted Mountain).

History, too exciting, but the project still was not completed until 1947. Unfortunately, Hearst's health has become a problem, and he had to leave his home … All 165 rooms at the 123-acre property master waterfront with gardens, terraces and swimming pools … but the house became full lock all the same.

The picture in this case is worth a thousand words and more … For more insightful information and hopefully a trip to the enchanted mountain … go to hearstcastle.org

Journey to the point, the script P & # 39; edras Blancas

Travel five miles north of Hearst Castle, along one of the most beautiful landscapes of California, it leads you to a very unique point of view and experience of scenic … rebellion Elephant P & # 39; edras Blancas.

Ice store covers 6 miles of coastline with ample parking and easy access, as well as lecturers to provide information.

The zone is open for viewing every day of the year, is available for wheelchairs and free. It does not require a reservation.


Paso famous for its wine and cuisine exceptional cases, but in fact after a few tastings your taste buds disappear. To get the most benefit from attending, should explore a variety of options short trips and taste some of California, which glorified the Central Coast.

After all, what's the hurry … be inspired …

© 2019 Inspired by travel itineraries with Bob and Janice Kolar

Preventing sexual harassment in California

"Sleep with me if you want to keep your job."

Is it good for you? What if you were offered to authorities as such?

At the current time it is difficult to believe that sexual harassment in the workplace is still there. Unfortunately, it still happens. No matter whether you are a small or large organization, there is always the tendency to be attacked at work, without even noticing it. Some even use their powers in the office, to get what they want in exchange for the provision of work. But what is sexual harassment? How can you tell if it is sexual harassment?

According to Wikipedia, sexual harassment – is bullying or coercion of a sexual nature or unwelcome or inappropriate promise of rewards in exchange for sexual addiction. In California, the prevention of sexual harassment in the California cases, harassment is increasing annually. Based on the statistics of the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA), California rape crisis centers served 31,790 survivors of sexual violence in the state during the 2011-2012 fiscal year. In the 2011-2012 fiscal year, 134,332 people received education in the community about sexual violence in the 2011-2012 fiscal year. It is estimated that in California, 8.6 million victims of sexual violence other than rape. It is estimated that in California two million women who are victims of rape, 5.6 million women were victims of sexual violence other than rape. It is estimated that in California there are 3 million men, survivors of sexual violence other than rape. Studies show that somewhere between 40-70% of women and 10-20% of men subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace.

With the increasing incidence of sexual violence in California, especially on the part of supervisors, California sexual harassment training, as required by law, it is vitally important for the authorities. Also known as the law of the State of California AB 1825, which is included in the Law on fair employment and housing for the first time entered into force on 17 August 2007. The legislation provides for a national sexual harassment training for all personnel performing supervisory functions in the company of 50 employees or more. According to AB 1825, managers should be trained within six months after the employment and retraining every two years. The new training, which comes into force from January 1, 2018, provides that the training should include specific examples of harassment based on gender identity or expression, or sexual orientation, and that at least part of the training should provide coaches with knowledge and experience in these fields . To make it easy for all, training was provided on the basis of the Internet in the form of vebinarav and e-learning. These solutions for learning & # 39 are consistent, compatible and not taken by the employee valuable time. Internet training courses for claims in California are also easily adapted to meet the unique needs of your organization in accordance with the AB1825. Failure to comply will result in lawsuits in the amount of thousands of violations and fines.

Victims who do not fight for their rights, there NADA! The law on sexual harassment in California offers a strong defense. There are numerous consulting firms that offer free advice on harassment in the workplace.

Just speak and do not be afraid of sexual harassment is never nice!

Stay California court execution

The topic of this article – the termination of execution of the sentence in California. Section 918 of the Civil Procedure Code – this is the status of California that allows judicial authorities to stop the execution of the judgment, but only for a limited period of time. For the majority of court decisions in California, for example, monetary judgments, the Court of First Instance can not stop the execution of more than 10 days after the last date on which may be filed notice of appeal.

The request for termination of the California execution of the judgment requires that a party that moves, has filed a petition noticed or more often ex-parte application for what is known as the termination of the execution of the judgment.

Any parties in California, which passed judgment on the payment of money in California, vital immediate treatment is necessary to realize an immediate execution of any judgment as soon as possible after the adoption of a judicial decision. The reason for this with the & # 39 is the section 683 010 of the Civil Procedure Code, which, "with the exception of the cases provided for by statute or judicial decision, the entry into force of the judgment. This means that California law allows the creditor judgment to begin foreclosure procedures to perform judgment immediately after the decision had been introduced as a clerk of the court, in some cases it can be the same day!

In cases where the judgment creditor is particularly aggressive and the party believes that they can begin collection efforts immediately if a party may apply ex-parte to stop the execution.

The period of time in which may be terminated by a court decision execution, Var & # 39; iruetstsa whichever is considered whether the case of limited civil or civil case, without limitation, and whether an employee of the court or any other party to the action. Therefore, each case is unique, and there are several different deadlines for filing an appeal both limited civil case, and in an unlimited civil proceedings. Examples of various terms will be given below.

8822 California court decision determines the deadline for appeals posts in limited civil cases.

For most of limited civil cases in which the clerk of the court or any of the parties to send a message to the defendant on the adoption of a judicial decision, the period for filing an appeal is 30 days from the date of delivery of the adjudication notice. respondent.

For most of limited civil cases if the defendant was not served notice of the court decision, the period for filing an appeal is 90 days from the date of judgment court reporter.

8104 California court decision determines the deadline for appeals posts in limited civil cases.

For the majority of unlimited civil cases in which the clerk of the court or any of the parties to send a message to the defendant on the adoption of a judicial decision, the period for filing an appeal is 60 days from the date of delivery of the adjudication notice. respondent.

In most civil cases, without limitation, if the defendant was not served notice of the court decision, the period for filing an appeal is 190 days from the date of judgment court reporter.

Despite the fact that the Court of First Instance shall be entitled to terminate the execution of the judgment, regardless of whether the notice of appeal in the real world, there are some judges who can stop the execution of court officers only in the following situations:

The side that moves, issued a judgment given against them by default and they have filed or will file a petition for the release of this decision, which shows the real reasons for cancellation of the decision.

The party, which moves, has already filed a notice of appeal or submits an appeal and may show at least plausible grounds for appeal of the judgment, and the participant who moves can make persistent evidence that they will suffer irreparable damage if the execution of the Solutions will not be stayed.

The party, which moves must include a detailed declaration with concrete facts and evidence, which is shown in detail irreparable harm which they will suffer if it is not provided for the postponement of execution, as well as to include any relevant documents as exhibits.

Possible reasons may include that the decision was made by default, and the moving party has submitted or will submit an application for cancellation of a court decision that permission for execution of the judgment will cause the sale of the underlying asset, which is of considerable value, down to the current business, or may lead to the procedure bankruptcy or insolvency.

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