California Attorney Fees

If you can recover attorney's fee for the court's decision, or when you try to restore the court? Only if the decision or the court will confirm that you can. What if the lawyer's fees were not specifically granted in this decision, but the sentence was adviser mentioned in your decision? One of the many […]

California Conservatory

background definition. In California, a conservative assistance when a person can not independently engage in financial matters or take care of themselves, so the other person appointed by the court to address these issues. Since 1981, California's guardianship can be obtained only for those who have not reached 18 years of age. However, other states […]

The California drought: to fulfill its role

Currently, California is the fifth year of severe drought the water, which seems to never end. United States Geological Survey says that the drought – a period of drier than normal, with water problems. If the number of weeks, months or years of precipitation less than normal, the flow of streams and rivers is reduced, […]

Execution of penalties in California

In this paper, the implementation of the sanctions resolution, introduced in the California court will be briefly discussed. Sanctions may result from the identification of sanctions, sanctions petition against the fight against SLAPP, or any other monetary penalties that may be imposed by a court of California, regardless of whether considered a civil case or […]

Donations of cars in California

Donation California vehicle here in the "Gold-Stein" can help someone in need in your own community. Perhaps the whole family can help your generosity. And you can even get a tax on the way. But this is not necessarily the best advantage. There are special rules for donations of my car in California? Some special […]

California Fishing

California – the most populous state in the United States, but there is still plenty of room for fishing. California is divided into six different regions, and all have different rules of fishing. California has 1,100 miles of ocean coastline, 220,000 square miles of ocean waters, 4,172 lakes and reservoirs, 29,664 miles of streams and […]