Top California

California, located on the west coast, with the & # 39 is one of the largest states in America. It is often called the Golden State because of the sun out & # 39; I and the discovery of gold at the phases of development of the state. California – a highly industrialized country and […]

How to beat a DUI in California

If you are arrested for driving under the influence of the state of California, you need to know a lot of information, if you're going to win their business. One of the first things you need to know is that you should hire a lawyer who specializes in defending Dui, so you have the advantage […]

JUI in California

There is not as open and closed case of the California DUI … just do not. Before the charge can & # 39; will reveal to you the charge of the management of BAC car. 20%, causing the accident, and to be in a state of alcoholic Up & # 39; yanennya that you barely […]

Combating the California Gold Rush

While tales of fabulous wealth – is a legend, but the pioneer miners of California faced huge obstacles, and most of them barely had enough to eat, not to mention the razbagatsenne. Weather & # 39; e at a certain time, it was a pleasant and favorable to mining and exploration, but at other times […]

California hotel for sale and where to buy them

Solar California is known for its beautiful beaches, exciting cities and rich clients. If you want to go where the money is, you go to California. One of the largest companies that make money – it's the hotel business. If you are interested in selling hotels in California, you are already beginning to a great […]

California wine region

Although there are vineyards in almost every US state, California is vastly superior to all others, and its production can even be classified on a global scale. In fact, California took 4 for the production of wine in the world with a total of & # 39; production capacity of 2 billion liters a year, […]

Land trusts in California

In California, the common law trust is in protest Code §§15000-19403. In California, there is no specific statute of the land trust, unlike the law on confidence in the land of Illinois (765 ILCS 405/410/415/420), the law of Massachusetts business trust (MBT) (MGLc182, §2) and the law on trust Virginia (Va. code, chapter 55-17.1). Thus, […]

California law on marketing execution

Many of you may have heard about the new law in California California law on the implementation of marketing measures (CMCL), which focuses on the marketing practices of pharmaceutical companies and the controversy that it caused in the addiction. Despite the fact that the law came into force almost a year ago, many meetings planners […]