California LiveScan, a real background?

California LiveScan – is a public system, which manages the California Department of Justice for criminal investigation and verification is available only to workers whose work includes working with children, the elderly and the disabled. These include law enforcement agencies, public and private schools, nonprofit organizations and home support agencies. There is no other state […]

California – the last dry town

The coastal city was proud of its ban on the use of alcohol. The town was originally founded as a religious retreat for trainers who want to get closer to God, living and worshiping in a beautiful forest that He created. The Episcopal Church Howard Street in San Francisco, June 1, 1875 a group of […]

Guide for new laws on employment in California in 2018

Deny box: no investigation of criminal history before making a conditional offer (Government Code ยง 12952). All employers with five (5) or more employees are prohibited include job application question that seeks disclosure of the applicant's criminal history. An employer may not "ask" or "treat" of the applicant's criminal record until it is made a […]

Go to Tidepooling in California

Wave hit a boulder encrusted with numerous white shells of the volcano, and these shells are connected to the legs and sweep food particles from sea water. On the shore crab in a small pool pinch off some of these vulkanavyh barracks and into the mouth. The pool glass surface ripple like a wave, it […]

Calendar in the state of California

Errors related to the calendar, with the & # 39 are the main cause of lawsuits for breach of their duties, particularly in California, where the timing comes from several sources, including the Code of Civil Procedure, California court rules and local rules. Typically, a single calculation period requires the use of several codes and […]