The cost of an insignificant degree at California State University just expensive

During the years of Obama's inflation has been quite different, but you do not know what to look at the increase in the college / university at the national level, especially in California. Students in high school say that the college is obliged to have a fruitful life and to live in the elusive middle class, and they are ordered to go into debt to get that degree (more akin to economic enslavement) without the guarantee. Most of the teachers and college administrators are 2%, 1%, but significantly ahead of what their students need to wait to get there. Let's talk, because the academic bubble is still built up and is about to emerge – all gone out of hand.

Los Angeles (Eyewitness News 7) March 22, 2017 with the & # 39; was rather alarming segment partner ABC News ( "Eyewitness News 7"): March 22, 2017 CSU trustees vote for higher education by 5%.

Firstly, I would like to point out that education in the university University of California improved, thereby worsening it. Students who have suffered disciplinary valued less than the market, as employers realize that their education is not so good, and that these degrees do not portend that the students will be productive employees and did not even have a clue that they are doing.

Most teachers, especially Professor Emeritus, do not spread much in the classroom as they spend a lot of time on a volunteer and now lectures. The increase in expenses associated with the University of hereditary costs (pensions) and an increase in medical Cadillac Style health programs for faculty and staff. Although their pension fund is not as bad as the University of California, who does not get under-funding, it is not pub & # 39; e any records – recently the Trump Bump stock market saved my ass, if you & # 39; I d like to know the real skinny on this.

It's time to face the facts – the CSU system (California State University) is violated, academic science is divided close to the damned university, which give a degree in gender studies, stability, ethnic equality, LBGT studies – those kids are not worth going to work to ever pay off these student loans – the scientific community working on drugs by any rational standard, which can be observed – insignificant – absolutely void survivors from federal research grants and padatkaplatselshch ykav and extortion, subsidies and socialist agenda. Some of our analysis centers on the Internet, say right, for example; "To hell with it all, now it's just BS", and I believe that those members of the analytical center are absolutely groundless.

Why 5% increase in tuition fees when enrolling at all times? Why the increase in tuition fees without increasing benefits? Diploma is not more expensive than last year, and now they cost less. California State University system goes out of control, as well as the University of California, and academia across the country with a debt of student loans in the range of $ 1.4 trillion, 45% of these loans have never paid a single payment or up to 90 days overdue. Academic Industrial Complex – a giant bubble that will burst, and that makes the CSU system? Raise tuition? Ah, well, just a lot of help … NO!