California law on marketing execution

Many of you may have heard about the new law in California California law on the implementation of marketing measures (CMCL), which focuses on the marketing practices of pharmaceutical companies and the controversy that it caused in the addiction. Despite the fact that the law came into force almost a year ago, many meetings planners are still not sure that such a law actually is and how it affects them.


the bill was signed in September 2004, which introduces a new chapter to the California Health Code – it is now known as CMCL. CMCL goal is to "limit the marketing practices to prevent inappropriate marketing or promotional activities … the bill would have the effect of reducing the cost of prescription drugs and mitigate public concerns about conflicts of interest between doctors and sales representatives narkakampanii". Analysis bills SB 1765 (12 April 2004).


CMCL entrusts to narkakampanii develop comprehensive conservation program (CCP), in accordance with pharmaceutical and marketing recommendations of the Office of the Inspector General. CPC should include specific recommendations for the annual cost of gifts, promotional products and materials, and marketing activities, including any activities at medical conferences that focus on California physicians.

This includes not only the company is headquartered in California, but also any companies that do business in California.

What now?

Although still a lot of controversy on many aspects of the law, including the date of entry into force, how to implement the law and how to implement it, the majority of companies are wrong with the conservative side. Already reduced by the conference of distribution costs – no expensive presents or trips.

Companies are also protective of the national conference, where he attended the California doctors. Since the law is unclear, as it applies in this situation and how it relates to the exhibitors, but experts agree that you should not assume that the law does not apply if you really are not in California. If you speak at a national conference, to secure business & # 39 is to find out how many California doctors visits the National Conference, and to assume that everyone will get one of your gifts. This bill should be incorporated into your annual budget for medical costs in California.

If you are planning a conference, which will be visiting California doctors can help their exhibitors adhere to the new law, to submit project demographics prior to the conference, the real data soon after the conference and using the tracking data on the icons to the participant's name. Be sure that you are informed about the new law and transfer this knowledge to the participants of the exhibition.

Coming soon state

Do you still think that this law does not apply to you? A number of states, including Maine, Vermont, Nevada, New Mexico, Minnesota, West Virginia and Washington, are in the process of adopting similar legislation. So be careful – it can affect you very quickly!