Bridging the Gap – from Texas to California

I've seen so many people who have fallen under the knife for a chance at a better life, I came to the conclusion that it's just not worth it. I m 54, so I can see the impact of time on the face and body, but they do not stop my ability to create, write, or love. All three gave me a priceless value and meaning.

Almost every time I nursed her friend through the experience, she had a dark side. Pain, swelling, bruising, medicines and & # 39; leisure time & # 39; Life and life was a lot to do. But almost every time during the treatment process, the recipient regretted that surgically altered her body to feel good or acceptable to his world.

Liposuction has caused depression in every person I knew who lived through it. I always thought that the body is mourning the loss of a part of himself, even fat. Weight and impossible figures have become a plague in our society, which lasts to this day.

Here in Nacogdoches (the oldest town in Texas), I like to see women in the city, when I go for the food that is natural aging. It does not offend. This is life on the terms, literally. This mitigation functions. Plastic surgery completely changes the characteristics.

Several times I felt that surgical change someone was such a blessing. Ears that stick out, look clown and practically impossible. I have known two people who have done this, and the results were excellent. They looked normal, not improved.

In '54 I see wherever I went Botox face. I also saw why women collagen in the lips and & # 39; eye. & # 39; But I'm not offended by the aging of my face. My age does not bother me. And my world is booming and every day more and more open. I'm in love with their lives, so strengthening my physical appearance won my experience.

The obsession with self-image is similar to the disease. This distorts the human view of the world in a very small version, focusing on something tiny, like a lip or protrusion here or there. Thousands of dollars are spent, taking the line or filling small areas. Most of the women I know are public procedures for reduction of age were happier and more peaceful. Most sought to move its attention to other areas to change.

Weight – this whole discussion, but California is a high-level threat. Employment opportunities, social obligations, and public / private recognition are limited with increasing body weight. It's not very nice, but I noticed that he has played many times in my 25 years on the West Coast.

Women in Texas may be room for improvement. People California could more than to give the attention to external bodies. The combination of both worlds can be excellent. He is proud of a personal view, but not obsessed. View to the city unsuitable, stained and torn clothes, in slippers with closed top and ornate hair is tired sight here in the Deep East Texas. Vosmigenaryya large, causing breast and faces tight with elevated remarkably high hair equally inspiring.

It's all about balance. Always has been. Always will be.