October: one of the best months in the garden in southern California

Cool out & # 39; s and a nice breeze usually & # 39 are the norm in October, making it one of the best months in the garden in southern California.

Plant and refresh lawns: October – the perfect time of year to replace the lawn bald spots or spot seed or sod. New lawns need plenty of water to settle down. Shorter days and milder temperatures october cause less stress for new plantings. Herbs that are doing well in Southern California include velvet, Bermuda and St. Augustine (the last two winter sleep). For existing lawns, now is a good time to kill, and to ventilate the lawn.

Start a new herb garden: The garden is nothing like the fresh herbs. Enjoy them in the autumn and winter planting today. Add the already germinated green onions, cilantro, dill, fennel, lavender, parsley and rosemary.

Fertilize citrus in the beginning of October: Nitrogen should be applied to citrus trees in late summer / early autumn. If you have not already done so, in October fertilize trees. It is not necessary to make fertilizer at the newly planted trees. The more adult and more wood, the greater the need to use fertilizers. Be sure to water the soil around the tree before and after feeding. Add the specified amount shown on the fertilizer container on the drip line of the tree and the soil mix.

Native plant shrubs: Folk shrubs planted now have time to make yourself fall and winter, the spring would lead to healthy growth. Shrubs that feel good – California wild lilac, berry lemonade, blue elderberry, black sage and Manzanita varieties.

plant: Be in the ground or in pots, start autumn garden, first removing the other summer vegetables. Add amendments to the soil rich in nutrients. Add six packs of vegetable plants and water as needed. Vegetable that can be planted in October, includes Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, cabbage, celery, onions, garlic, peas, radish and spinach.

Convenient landscape: If you are considering to make your landscape elements, clean water, now is the time. You can do it yourself or hire landscapers. types of plants, which do an excellent job with a small amount of water – is high grasses, succulents and almost any type of local plants and shrubs. Install drip irrigation in your new terrain system, since it is more efficient than watering prypylennyami.

Divide perennials: After several years perennials begins to form large clumps and usually looks barren in the middle. Keep your perennials in their abilities, carefully separated and razryhlyayuchy them at the roots and planting new small plants elsewhere in the garden. Make sure to replace the original soil around the plants.