Mission in California

From 1769 to 1823 Spain established missions along the California coast for the transition of indigenous people to Christianity and as reference points for the newly declared areas. Twenty-one Spanish mission can be located along the "royal road" in California, which with today & # 39 is Highway 101. The California mission – it is the oldest building in the state, with the early churches, cemeteries, the bell tower, garden courtyards, residential premises and much more. Once they served commercial power centers, grain, hides, wine and much more. Today they are tourist attractions, and some are still operating churches.

Most of the missions can be found on the Central Coast of California. Some of them are readily available in major tourist cities, such as Carmel, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara, and others, including Mission San Antonio, San Miguel and La Purysima are in more remote regions. Mission San Juan Bautista – one of the largest and was known as "Music's mission." He was also evident in the classic Hitchcock dizziness. Carmel Mission was known as the "Crown stand Missions" for the beautiful area and location at the mouth of the Carmel River. It is also the burial place of Father Junipero Serra, who founded most of the missions in California. An impressive Mission Santa Barbara was known as the "Queen of Missions" for its size and beauty. Mission Santa InĂ©s is located north of the Gaviota pass near Solvang, and was known as "mission trips".

In the region of San Francisco is located 5 representatives of California. Mission San Francisco Solana is located in the wine country of Sonoma and the last was built in the state. It has a shameful past padre, which was especially tough with the natives. Mission Dolores is located near the city of San Francisco and barely survived the earthquake Greater San Francisco in 1906. Other missions in the Gulf can be found in San Rafael, San Jose and Santa Clara.

In Southern California has 5 missions, which are located between the counties of Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego. San Diego is not only distinguished by the presence of the first mission in California, but also the biggest. Mission San Luis Rey is located in Akiyansayd and was known as the "King of Missions" for its large size. Mission San Juan Capistrano in Orange County is famous swallows who return each year around 19 March. Two mission living on the outskirts of Los Angeles, including the mission of San Gabriel, which was known as "The Pride of the Missions" for its once the final sale of crops, skins and wine.

All missions of California are convenient for visitors. Many of them are still operating churches and open to the public, most of whom have a museum and gift shops. Everything is very colorful with fountains, caves, gardens, called missions and temples complex. They have been tested to the extreme as a result of earthquakes and fires for decades, sometimes leaving their ruins, mostly ruins. Some kept their destructive kind, while others restore the original glory. Each mission in its design and unique stories. The cost of recording a minimum for such a great beauty and historical importance.