High Alpine County, CA


The highest county in California gives visitors a panoramic view of the rocky mountains, beautiful valleys and tranquil lakes, as well as many trails, which attract adventure to them.

District, covering the southern mountains of the Sierra Nevada in California, may have the highest peaks, but no county in the state has a higher average elevation than the aptly named Alpine County. Despite the fact that four of its mountain passes crossed the highway (two of which are closed in winter), Alpine still consists mainly of forests, meadows and rocky peaks. In fact, it was very similar to when Kit Carson crossed a mountain pass, which is now named after him on the way to California.

If you take a California highway 88 and 4, you can drive through the loop Alpine County, which begins and ends in Stockton. Near the District line will walk you to the popular ski area Kirkwood and reach the 8500-futovaga passage Carson. This pass is filled with history. Kit Carson was accompanied by Captain John C. Fremonta and his expedition through the passage directed in Sacramento, when the party has completed the first winter transition Serasa in February 1844. Today, at the transition is a monument Fremontu and Carson, as well as a replica. wood section, where Kit Carson carved his name and the date.

Another monument here commemorates Norwegian John Thompson, who was born in Norway, and to be the patron of postal workers. Thompson was hardy mail carrier who skied (in those days called snegohodkami skis) over Serasam, including Carson Pass, to get the mail. He never has failed – even during blizzards and although sometimes the load was 100 pounds. He delivered the mail from 1856 to one thousand eight hundred seventy-six years, twenty years of life, for which he promised wages never paid.

Carson Pass is used in the winter, and with good reason, tourists and skiers. There are two heavy colorful trails – Pacific crest and Tahoe Osemitski trail. When they are sent to the south, both of these paths are zigzagged through the outcrop of granite and mountain hemlock half a mile before you reach the lake frog. Keep an eye on the broad, cheerful flower heads mule ears (a member of the sunflower family) around the lake early in the season. The trail continues with a mixture of meadows and coniferous Hron, where gray, black and white klakaviny klarkayuts from tree to tree. Of trails around Elephant back, Tahoe Yosemitski path goes straight to the lake Vinemuma and goes into the wilderness Mokelyumn 150,000 acres. Desert trail steeply deepens to Summit Canyon, passing little value under the lake of the Fourth of July. To hike this trail, you will need permission of the forest service.

Pacific ocean ridge to the left, skirting the base of brown volcanic deposits and the elephant back to the eastern slope of the ridge. Most of the crest Serana in Alpine County – a granite covering more recent volcanic deposits. Glaciers covered much of the landscape in the geological past, so the lake is usually installed in the granite basins. Many peaks with & # 39 are volcanic.

Transition from Highway 88 descends steeply on the eastern slope overlooking the Red Lake. The second reversal case, the Blue Lakes Road, leading to the camp of Hope Valley and up to the Blue Lakes. The sidewalk is fast becoming the mud, and the road becomes narrow and sometimes twisted. How good bus managed to get back here, in the camp area and in scattered areas of undeveloped, despite the condition of the road. The lakes are located in the rocky pine trees, ASEN and granite at the height of the volcanic deposits peaks.

If you go along the narrow river the Canyon West Carson, turn right to Marklvilya in the historic town of Vudfords. On the way to the highway 89 and 4, turn left at the airport road and drive one mile to the lake ecological zone study Kurtz. Three short, the guiding paths, to moderately dense coniferous woods; open meadows; and lake shore provide education on the geology and ecology of the area, as well as a pleasant introduction to the natural history of Alpine County. Among other things, visitors are introduced to the tourists boil fragrant pine Jeffrey pines pinyon adnalistavoy that local Indians Washo Language still looking for their big delicious pine nuts.

From Marklivilya travelers can travel three miles to State Park Grover Hot Springs. This park offers not only shaded camp and footpaths, but also a swimming pool, where tourists and tired travelers can enjoy the 102 – 106 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius), the rich mineral waters, alternating with pulling. in negravany pool. Despite the fact that working hours depend on the season, the pool area is open all year round. Hot pool is especially inviting after a day of winter skiing.

Less than a quarter before returning to the highway on the way back to the Marklvilya, you can turn left on Museum Street and walk up the hill to the historic complex, which overlooks the city. Managed by the Historical Society of Alpine County, the complex consists of a city school "Vebster", which was used from 1883 to 1929 .; old prison with a 100-year-old iron pillar of Silver mining town; and a museum full of artifacts. Among the museum exhibits – pair of skis and a certificate of citizenship, which belongs to the snow-Thompson, as well as the expansion of the old newspaper article about it.

In the visitor's center of the forest service in the city, travelers can find out about the possibility of alloy afloat on the eastern part of the Carson River. the take-off point is located at a short distance from the south of the city. If you do not have your own raft, you can swim in a number of special alloys. Sorensen Resort in Hope Valley can make a reservation for you for rafting. Several companies offer rafts in the Carson River; The easiest way to connect to one – to look for river rafting East Vic Carson in your browser.

After Highway 89 will go in the direction of penetration of the monitor, you will pass the gates that keep the height of the height of Highway 4 is closed during the winter. The road continues past the gate along the river East Fork Carson, until it gets to the historic site Sentervil. Where you can turn left onto Wolf Creek Road. Driving 3-1 / 2 miles, you will reach a forked. I will lead the way to the left farewell and go to the north end of Wolf Creek, Luga. Then, after 2 miles, you will go to calcarine road that rises to the trail on the trail and the trail High River East Carson, also known as Low path.

Shortly after reaching this point, this is relatively deserted road gets his high character. In the words of my friend, "he was previously a deer path, until they narrowed it down." Thus, drivers of large coaches probably want to return to this point. Nevertheless, the road can accommodate a mini-motor homes and vehicles of Class A up to 25 feet, believing that their drivers to cope with the problem.

High Trail and the trail east of Carson River are in one of these California desert – 160,000 acres of wilderness Carson-Iceberg – and Canyon River East Carson, one of the longest and deepest canyon east Sierranski crest. Canyon carved by glaciers up to 19 miles.

If you continue on Highway 4 near Silver cry, the road becomes very narrow. Small cars that make under & # 39; volume to valley Silver Creek, cross bridge through Raymond Creek, and passengers will fall out of steam at a reymandskaga Creek downstream. Not far from the sharp turn ahead, on both sides of the road, is located two Toiyabe Forest Camp.

As the highway road from the camps by aspen forests goes through several primitive campsites. It is little more than a dirt road leading to the stone lights. In fact, most of this high country ensures primitive sites. Several favorite campgrounds located in the area of ​​Silver Creek. Next to a small river, which settled willow and willow, a traveler can get a wide view of the valley from the top of a bare hill. The sound of rushing water zakalyshae you at night. Cold creek expressions in the granite smooth contours.

After you pass the reservoir Kini, and probably a number of fishermen, you will again get to the trails of the Pacific ridge path in front of the 8.730-foot pass Ebbeta. If you take the first track, you'll go to the south, climbing the ridge and twisting the slope to the Nobel Lake, which you reach in about 4 miles. Nobel cry well staffed California state fish, the golden trout. If you choose the second track, you can climb to the view which takes in highway and dam Kinney, then continue north past Ebbets peak and some small ponds and lakes in the lake Upper Kin. This stretch of less than two miles.

Continuing west, you loop through the Pacific summit level of 850 feet and negotiating, even hairpin turns on the way to the main entertainment attractions along the stretch of highway Stanislaus National Forest. a mile from the town of Angel-camp. Here the popular speed boat riding, and the Department of Fish and Wildlife zapasivsya lake with rainbow trout. Around the lake the trail leads to the two volcanic ridges – point Osborne on the west side and a point of inspiration from the southeast. Four developed campgrounds offer sites for campers. These facilities and picnic areas are usually open only from 15 June to 15 October, as from this point to the east in the winter months Highway 4 plow.

Tahoe Yosemitski path passes close to the eastern end of the lake. To head south along this path, which took place 186 miles, you would start at the eastern end of the camping Silver Valley. Once you have gone about a mile up and down the low ridge, you will reach the meadows at Duck Lake on the border of the desert Carson-Iceberg. Stone Lake, a shallow, marshy pond provides a warm bath, then, if you're a 4-1 / 2-mile hike from the alpine lake. Mokelumne wilderness is about four miles north of the alpine lake.

Despite the fact that the pass is closed in winter Ebbett area, one of the most popular ski resorts in California – Ski area Mount Reba – moves into a large gear. Alpine County really untouched, year-round recreation area. Even in most cases, the plan of rail transportation in the county poetry about this place saying: "Life here is dedicated to nature." For those interested, he also devoted himself to history.

Official site Alpinskaga County: http://www.alpinecounty.com

Website Toiyabe National Forest: https://www.fs.usda.gov/htnf/, then go to the area of ​​the Carson Ranger, which covers the area east and south of Lake Tahoe.