Why do you have to put the primordial garden in California

With landscaping your yard has a lot of advantages, "ride for families." You will not only save water, and save money (many staff Californian plants have evolved to survive without a consistent water), but also helped to preserve many species of flora of California that are nearing extinction.

The challenges facing Californian plants and beyond

The whole planet is experiencing unprecedented rate of extinction of species, it is a fact. But if the plant or animal is extinct, it affects the entire ecosystem. It is not only that the plant or animal does not exist. Conservation of biological diversity is essential to maintaining our planet healthy enough to sustain human life, and we can all help where we are.

California – one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. It is home to 25 percent of all plant species in the continental US and employs nearly 6,000 native plant species. Two thousand of them are now found on the plane. This is amazing! Unfortunately, while in California are some of the most effective conservation laws, our plants are still at risk.

According to the California native plant society, there are more than 1,500 plants with risk. The only state with a struck plant species – Hawaii.

Native plants support wildlife and ecosystem

For thousands of years plants and animals have evolved together, this means that the plants of a given region meet the exact needs of shelter and food native wildlife. Reduction in non-native plant breaks this harmony. Without plants, on which they rely for food, shelter or reproduction of local animals and insects die out, and it would be dangerous for the environment, for which we expect to survive. In addition, native plants are important to the native ecosystem. They are specially designed for best performance with native soil and climate.

Running your native garden

Plants that we choose for your garden can help or sabotage efforts to maintain in our state. Planting nonnative plants only increases the probability of loss of native flora and fauna that make California the biodiversity area. Does this mean that you can not enjoy the plants wheel that comes from south-east Asia? No, but if you focus on native plants of California at least one area of ​​your yard or on one of your yard (front yard against the backyard), it makes a difference!

Before you create your own garden, there are several issues. If you want to make your home landscape has been successful, you have to take the time to analyze the conditions of your site (for example, the amount of sun, soil conditions, climatic conditions), and then determine which plants are best will do. Talk with a counselor in your own local plant nursery would be a great place to start.

Every household makes the difference

Every household, which is converted to the native garden, even if it is only this month and two next month, helping to maintain our California wildlife and the ecosystem that will automatically help save the environment for future generations strong, as well as save water and money.