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Mammoth Mountain – a chunky mound volcano, which stands apart from the peaks Serana around him. About 300 miles north of Los Angeles, California, along Highway 395 United States, the peak at 1153 feet – is the central playground round. Among this Alpine region in the national forest Jonah numerous lakes and streams and geological wonders await visitors and offer countless opportunities for recreation. In the summer hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, rock climbing, boulders, boating and fishing top the list of active sessions. In spring and autumn seasonal beauty offers a special attraction for tourists, photographers and artists. Winter snow coat prepares the landscape, causing sports fans of the famous ski resort of Mammoth in the world and in the next ski slopes skiing and snowmobiling. Many public and private campgrounds in the area offers year-round camping conduct that makes it a favorite destination for many reverse.

Depending on the interests of the visitor to a scheduled tour of the country Mammoth Mono can be accessed from different places and in any season. As an example of a trip to the area begins to visit the National Center for visitors to Mammoth Ino, first right, if you come to the city by highway 203. The State has books, maps in the center, leaflets, displays and helpful rangers. assist visitors in planning routes and the design permits desert night guided tours. The Center also sponsors hikes and evening programs under the leadership of the Rangers.

If you lageravats near D & # 39; yabalskay postpille, you have to catch a shuttle bus between 7:30 and 19:00. every day to get there. Built to reduce congestion in the very popular area, the bus costs $ 8 per adult and $ 4 for children aged 3-15, free for children under the age of 2 years, the service there and back. The bus ride between stops in the canyon free. If you are going to camp in the Canyon Middle Fork San Joaquin River, you should know that the road from the Minaret Summit to-Luga with lights & # 39 curve is steep and a little more than one lane. After a day of work in October shuttle for free.

The path in the meadows of Lights is packed full of tourists machines and meadow flowers even more. Horseback riding in the desert begins here in the pack station. Both tourists and athletes visiting places like Shadow Lake, which is a guide for Mammoth Lakes Syamra called "one of the gems of the Sierra, especially because of its establishment under the tops of the Ritter Range". This is a moderate hike of 3 miles.

The "Devil & # 39; s Postpile" you will see a stream Postpile waist (something like a giant, paligonalnyh Lincoln logs, drawn up in the corner), made when basaltic lava filled this place to a depth of 400 feet. As soon as the basalt cooled, it cracked, forming a cell column – in fact, one of the best examples in the world slupavatyh basalts.

But volcanism was only one part of the story here, near Mammoth Mono. Glaciers were another. After a hike to the top of the Postpile you will see tiled floor pillar tops. Glacier in 4000 feet thick left not only grinding, but also parallel scratches, called stress. Glacier also tore off the layer of basalt feet to 100 feet, although the columns are still 280 feet and go straight down.

With Postpile you can get to the end of Highway 203 at Reds Meadow. Meadow Resort has a general store, a cafe, cabins and station rooms, which offer rides on horses or wagons. Before you get to the resort, you can conduct a campaign in the camp of the forest service and enjoy a free sauna with hot springs.

Another area is the path to the Rainbow Falls. Trekking is only 1-1 / 4 miles, and again enters the National Monument. San Joaquin River is widely reduced by 101 futse performance over lava and partially atamizuetstsa mist spectral color that is best observed in the afternoon. Rainbow in the mist falls every day, while the sun shines.

This canyon is covered with snow in winter, but Mammoth Mountain is open all year. This inactive volcano with a & # 39 is home to one of the greatest mountain ski areas of the country. Ski terrain – it is a healthy blend of 30% beginner, 40% intermediate and 30% advanced. Thirty-two under the & # 39; lift and 150 trails covering 3,100 vertical feet, serve skiers of all abilities. For suicide border from the summit can go run of experts (ie, rocks and cliffs), which Gondola up to 20 minutes. This gondola is also open for summer visitors who want to go over the top to enjoy the scenery is probably the best, easiest to get to the best place.

Returning to the village, turn right on the lake road Mary to get to Mammoth Lakes. The distinctive granite spire called "Crystal Crag" dominates in this basin, which is looked after by a glacier. Lakes are sprinkled Skupchanne camps. Mammoth Mountain RV Park – one of the most popular and is open all year round. In addition to camping, visitors can enjoy fishing, boating, horseback riding and hiking.

From Horseshoe Lake, the most distant, to which you can drive, you can go to Lake McLeod for half a mile, and then on Mamontov transition to Reds Meadow. For a memorable meal, a picnic on the Twin Falls Outlook forms, which leaves Lake Mamie being transferred to the volcanic boulders in the 300 meters to the twin lakes below.

Back to Highway 395 and the United States turned to the right (south), you can visit a mammoth. Kanvirt Lake, a 10-minute drive from the village of Mammoth Azors, offers camping, fishing, horseback riding and hiking, including the level lasts one mile mile around the northern beaches and trails in the desert of John Muir. Mount Morrison hung over the south-east of Canyon-convict, and the on-site asensy exhibited in the fall.

To the south, Lake Crowley actively fished, which is not surprising, since fishing in the eastern Sierras fantastic. In the summer it seems that every lake and stream every day have at least one fisher after brown, rainbow, brook trout and golden. On the opening day of trout season in April, also found the proportion of wanting to anglers. You can get a copy of the rules of fishing and fishing licenses from any shop in the region.

Heading north on US Highway 395, next the road, mostly unpaved, leading to fish incubation with hot cry and geological site Hot Creek. Hot Springs is the ideal incubation provide warm water to incubate trout eggs. This is one of many incubators in the region that hold the potholes on the line all season. Hot Creek is open to visitors daily from 8:00 to 17:00. Nearby geological site, open only for everyday use, it has sidewalks that lead to holes steamed and boiling water. Float is not suitable, partly because of the inconsistent mixing hot water with cold water ruchaynay.

Continuing north to Mono Lake, you turn the Cherven on the lake. On the road to Cherven lakes you can climb to the observation deck near the Oh! Comb, so named because, when you see the lake. The lake itself is one of the best sunny beaches in the area. During the whole cycle of many public and private campgrounds have RVer. Trail break away from the road, inviting tourists or packers horses in the big country desert Ansela Adams (formerly the minaret) and the "back door" Osimita.

After passing through the Silver Lake, which was caught by a California river, you parallels the upper reaches of Rush Creek in Grant Lake. Grant – is the main reservoir for the water abstracted Mona pool in the Los Angeles basin. From this point the water is under the grate Mona instead of Mono Lake to Owen River. At the bottom of the dam Los Angeles kept below the Rush Creek – once the finest brown trout in the east of the Sierras – bone dry. That is, until three wet winters several years ago not carried trout above the dam. These fish are actually restored own population of wild spawning, although perhaps only temporarily. Creek would be dry in the summer, if not for the temporary ban, which brought the fishing units and Mono Lake Committee, who fought to protect Mono Lake. Zabarvanne demands from Los Angeles to maintain a minimum consumption of 19 cubic feet per second. Fishers considered as the wild regenerated stream stream trout.

Returning to the United States 395, head south, crossing the Rush Creek, and turn left onto State Highway 120 east to Manateravskih craters that rise 2,600 feet above the surrounding plains. These volcanic craters virtually newborns in geological terms. This is especially true Panum crater. You can take a short trip to the crater edge and go in the neighborhood. Panum Crater was formed only 640 years ago, when the explosive bursts of pumice piled to create a side mounted glass obsidian plug brush. In the west canyons Serana show a wide U-shaped glacial valley. Needless to Mono Lake lies in a bath basin from the eastern Sierra as a wall, with a tap on one end and a volcanic plateau & # 39; families forming bumpers, but the bath loses water only by evaporation. Today, it dries up due to removal of Los Angeles four of the five Serana streams that flow in the direction of Mono.

Return to Highway 120 and turn left. After about three miles, turn left onto a dirt road, and then slide your left farewell. This will take you to the interpretive trails in the southern Tufa grove. Tuff – one of the original Lake products, because of its unusual chemistry of the existence of Mono. Mona water three times saltier than the sea, and about 80 times alkaline, so it feels soapy. One type of these salts is 39 & # carbonates – chemically associated with baking soda – which react with calcium in spring water when it flows from the bottom of the lake. The result is a tuff. Fragile, victuals sandy tuff on the adjacent beach Navy formed in the same manner as the tower tuffs, except that the calcium carbonate formed in the sand. Hardened calcium carbonate in grains holding brittle formations.

Despite the appearance of the "Dead Sea", Mono resembles life. It supports a billion algae, shrimp and rasolnyh rasolnyh flies, which, in turn, support the nesting gulls and millions of migratory shorebirds. Migration fall particularly heavy. Black volcanic island Negit was the main colony of gulls gnyazdavay until 1979, when the lake level dropped enough to expose the land bridge. Then Coyote went island and smashed the gulls. Thanks to these wet winters, Negit again & # 39 is an island.

Resources mammoth-lie:

Center for Mammoth visitors Mammoth Ranger District, P.O. Box 148, Mammoth Lakes, California 93546 (619)934-2505

Lee Vining rangers station area Mono Lake Ranger, 1 Drive, Visitor Center, Lee Vining, CA 93541 (760)647-3000

Center Mono Lake visitors center disc 1 for the visitors, Lee Vining, CA 93541 (760)647-3044

Mono Lake Committee, P.O. Box 29, Lee Vining, California 93541 (760)647-6595

For information on riding trips write or call:

Agnew Meadows Pack Train, Train meadow Red & # 39; s Meadow, 1 Reds Circle, Mammoth Lakes, California 93546 (760)934-2345

Mammoth Lakes Pack Outfit, 3244 Lake Mary Road, Mammoth Lakes, California 93546 (760)934-2434

McGee Creek Pack Station, McGee Creek Road, Mammoth Lakes, California 93546 (760)935-4324

Convict Lake Resort 2000 Convict Lake Road, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546 (760)934-3800

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