How much does a living trust in California?

Various costs and options for confidence in the life

There are many options when in California living trust. After some extensive research to determine the value of the trust for life in California, I summarized the results in 2 categories:

* In the office consultation

* Internet-living funds

Consultations in the office

Consultation in the office – it's your usual office visit to a lawyer. You see a lot of them listed in the yellow pages. They will offer you a free consultation simultaneously in hopes of earning your business.

A typical fee is $ 2,500. Filed Services will complete estate plan, including a living trust.

Lawyers in California are required to sign an agreement on the board. This agreement on the motherboard will dictate the terms of payment, delivery of documents and other. Typically, you will need to pay $ 2,500 in advance. This $ 2,500 will be donated to the trust account of an attorney.

Typically, these contracts take 3-4 weeks.

After interviewing several law firms, I found that they usually include in your plan of real estate in California the following documents:

* California living trust

* The California health care directive in the field of health (Living Will)

* The power of attorney in California Finance

* Gulf of California

The Previous health care directive It is important if you are inefficient, because it allows you to assign a doctor who has the authority to make decisions based on your current wishes.

The A power of attorney for finances necessary if you have a disability and you need someone to take care of your finances (for example, to provide personal tax returns, etc.).

The flood free essentially transfers all your living trust, which is not formally transferred. Basically, you call the California housing trust sole beneficiary of your property.

However, these plans are in 2500 dollars do not include key elements:

* California notary fees

* California money transfers

California notary fees

Notary fees in California is a maximum of $ 10 per signature (it is the law). If you are alone, there are four signatures, or 40 dollars. Married couples will pay $ 80. If you use a notary mobile phone, their fare is excessive. Many banks offer free notary service.

California monetary actions to transfer

After complete confidence in California, you will need to transfer your home (and any of the & # 39; lease objects) to your living trust. In fact, you are preparing a grant for transmission to property dominion in the name of your trust.

If you do not follow these grantnyya translations living trust will be invalid.

It's much easier on your 401k and life insurance, because it is a simple matter to call your trust beneficiary. However, you can not name a beneficiary of real estate in California. The only way to name a beneficiary of real estate in California – use living trust.

After you Apply for a notary trust and prepare received grantnyya transfers (each package requires a separate grant of a document), you will need to write them down. Every act of Grant recorded in the county where the parcel. This act of Grant accompanied by a report on the district to change the ownership. This Statement of Changes in county property – a document required all 58 California counties and districts used an intermediary to find out whether this property should be:

* overrated

* Additional transfer tax applies

As a living trust – overhead from both of these taxes, you must be careful to fill the form correctly.

Now, when I discuss the consultation office, let's examine the online offer.

Internet living trusts

There were also many variants of online trust, as this option is gaining popularity. The price for the online life of trust ranges from $ 297 to $ 997, so this is an alley, where you can save a lot of money.

We found, as in the office version that did not include many of the document on the transfer of Grant. In fact, one provider must pay an additional $ 249 for issuing a diploma to transfer (if you own four of the & # 39 objects, you would pay $ 249 x 4 or 996 $).

We also found that in the other documents were additional hidden fees. For example, one vendor paid another $ 40 for an advance health care directives and power of attorney (x2, if you are married or domestic partners, because for every individual or $ 160 is required). Do not forget to pay attention to the fine print.

During the consultation in the office you are personally selected package of confidence, but put online version, so make sure that the delivery costs are included.


If you have complex needs in real estate, you probably better just to meet with a local supplier in their office. If you use a provider in the Internet service provider or in the office, be sure to take with them the list and ask them to provide all the documents.

If you have more than one on the & # 39; property, make sure that the money transfer is completed for all of the & # 39 properties. Also make sure that they each include the preliminary report on the change of ownership and on the recording instructions (some required for each document).

And finally, make sure that the notary fees are included, as they will cost you another $ 40 (single) and $ 80 (in marriage). You will also pay an additional $ 10 for each grant for the issuance of cash ($ 20 if you get married).