Pass Oaks – Paso Robles – California

Paso Robles is located in the County of San Luis Obispo in central California. This unique region is famous winery 200 and more than 40 000 hectares of planted vineyards, than much more than fermented grapes, killed the bottle.

Full name of Paso Robles' El Paso de Robles "in English means" Pass of Oaks "… this is the essence of this article … which goes to the wonders that surround this enchanted enclave.

a little background

Paso as the locals call it, is a relatively small, rural / urban town with a population of about 30 000 people and is known for its vineyards, almond orchards and olive oil production covered by the hot springs, which was Paso & # 39; S original tourist attraction.

Paso Robles has a lively downtown, consisting of exceptional dining options and eclectic shopping options with taste and fantasy for all. "The Association's main streets" – a very good source of information (PasoRoblesDowntown.Org), whose motto to the & # 39 is "Where everything together" … and this is true.

Therapeutic hot springs Paso

As in most of the travel experience, travel and unexpected leave an indelible mark in your memory. If Paso is ever pungent smell of sulfur, which adds a little extra.

Rich thermal water known for its healing and anti-aging benefits, and so were the main attraction in the early days of the city's history.

Initially the settlers of this region were salininskim Indian tribe. In the early 1700s they introduced newly arrived Franciscan priests from the beneficial effects of water. After that, the Franciscans introduced locals farming, animal husbandry and … wait … the manufacture of winemaking and vineyard cultivation.

Hot sulfur springs still pass through Paso Robles and is open to visitors in three places: The spa hot springs River Oaks Hot Springs, Franklin, as well as available for guests in the Pan-Robles Inn.

A special treat – Amphitheater in Paso Robles

Vineyard and winery Vina Robles doing wine business since 1996 and in 2007 began conducting an annual series of summer concerts. The combination of live music under the stars, and the wine was so successful that they decided to create Amphitheater Vina Robles in 2013.

Amphitheater & # 39 is one of the largest open spaces for arts and entertainment in the county of San Luis Obispo and offers a concert season, which runs from April to November, and the action at the highest level all over the world and in all genres. Legendary Tony Benett, speaking in a warm starry summer night … 100 feet … was a magical experience.

In the house there is a "bad" place, and it's all reasonably priced to fit the budget of everyone … shared entrance on the lawn for sitting in the VIP-boxes … all within 150 feet from the stage.

tin tin

When visiting Paso mandatory stop is located on the eastern part of Highway 101. The group of entrepreneurs created a collection of industrial warehouses, known as "Tin City".

Their goal with & # 39 is to showcase their unique works, such as the production of small wineries, breweries, distilleries, cider and amazing pasta factory and a new restaurant. You can watch them make the pasta, if you like to eat their excellent food.

Parking is rich, and you can easily walk around the entire group of buildings located within a radius of two or three blocks. Of course, a stop along the way may include open beer garden, serenadavany local group, taking part in a unique tasting.

Excellent logistics off point

Located in the USA and 101 in the middle between Los Angeles and San Francisco, the area with the & # 39 is a great place for a road trip.

Paso – a strategic point of disconnection with easy access to landscapes that have made this part of California is known, including the unique towns and villages, such as Morro Bay, Cambria, Harmony, cayucos and San Simeon … beautiful house Hearst Castle.

Road trip in history – Hearst Castle

The Department of Parks and Recreation in California manages more than 280 units with park and it's palatial property is considered one of the crown values ​​in the system.

In 1919, newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst, together with the architect Julia Morgan initiated plans to build a house on top of a hill on his ranch in San Simeon. With access to the huge amounts of money, "home" was a revival of the Mediterranean, which he called «La Cuesta Encantada" (Enchanted Mountain).

History, too exciting, but the project still was not completed until 1947. Unfortunately, Hearst's health has become a problem, and he had to leave his home … All 165 rooms at the 123-acre property master waterfront with gardens, terraces and swimming pools … but the house became full lock all the same.

The picture in this case is worth a thousand words and more … For more insightful information and hopefully a trip to the enchanted mountain … go to

Journey to the point, the script P & # 39; edras Blancas

Travel five miles north of Hearst Castle, along one of the most beautiful landscapes of California, it leads you to a very unique point of view and experience of scenic … rebellion Elephant P & # 39; edras Blancas.

Ice store covers 6 miles of coastline with ample parking and easy access, as well as lecturers to provide information.

The zone is open for viewing every day of the year, is available for wheelchairs and free. It does not require a reservation.


Paso famous for its wine and cuisine exceptional cases, but in fact after a few tastings your taste buds disappear. To get the most benefit from attending, should explore a variety of options short trips and taste some of California, which glorified the Central Coast.

After all, what's the hurry … be inspired …

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