How to start a school of traffic in California

The first thing you want to do is go to the site of the California DMV,, I will add the links for you, so you can easily find information as DMV website may be difficult to move around. (AB2499 – CA is the new law for traffic school, which was adopted on 01.09.2012). It covers all the rules and regulations, as well as the qualifications necessary for the operator and instructor of the owner.

After passing the information you want to print a checklist of the owners of the traffic school, he will be very useful when checking each item to be filled.

Opening of school traffic violators can be a long and tedious affair; There are many requirements that must be met before you approve the DMV.

I will list a few steps for the opening of your school:

1) The first thing that requires the DMV, – introduce school lessons traffic plan along with US $ 800.00 fee for an initial review of the online course, 800,00 dollars for home study or review of 475,00 dollars for a training course, to be submitted together with the form OL764. You have to wait up to 120 days to DMV to check for you, and waits for your approval or rejection of the course. If you prefer, you can purchase pre-approved lesson plan that is likely easier than write your own, consisting of 6 months of the year. In addition, you will receive a letter of approval from the DMV about a week and pay a fee of $ 25.00, to take advantage of pre-approved courses.

2) DMV must approve the name of your traffic school, before you can move forward with the rest of the application, you will need to fill in the OL 612 form, but before you spend the time to purchase a domain name for online school road, you can call DMV and check if there is a name that you want to use during a call (916) 229-3126. If your name is similar to another name that is used, your domain name will be rejected. If the name is available, you can submit the form to the DMV by e-mail for one night, and they will send you back a confirmation e-mail for the US. You then get an application, your school will be placed on the DMV website. Which for you free marketing.

Some additional requirements DMV: fingerprint by checking in direct mode, providing bonds, payment of the required fees, the provision of the insurance certificate, the purchase approved by the DMV lesson plan or writing your own, rent office space in which you can run your business with and draw lessons violators traffic if you want to teach a course in the classroom. FYI … DMV does not make any distinction between the school of traffic in a class or course online traffic school from the point of view of the application process, the DMV wants to have an office, even if you have only Internet course. They state that students must be able to start a business that they chose to go through a course of study.

Your application must also have: Enforcement of the US law on disability. Checking the use of the property. If you are registered or have decided to create a limited liability company or a limited liability company: you need a copy of the charter, corporate report or other document submitted to the Secretary of State, which defines officials, shareholders and executives. with an interest in the business is not required.

A copy of your license to the business

A copy of the fictional

A copy of the lease or rental for all offices and classrooms, or use the form OL 144, Rent offending traffic school or lease.

The California School of traffic consists of the owner or owners of the operator, which controls the work of the school and the instructor traffic school, who will conduct the training. The operator must go through an 8-hour course either online or in an inclusive process within the application process, if earlier it was never licensed operator DMV. If they were previously licensed operator DMV, then they only need to go through four hours or online bill rate. After class, they will receive a certificate that can be taken to the DMV with your application package. Once an operator runs its initial course, regardless of whether it is a 4 or 8 hours, they will be held a mandatory 4-hour class each year. Owner does not need to take the test DMV, but the operator and instructor is doing. The written exam will consist of traffic rules, safe management practices car, know the methods and techniques of training. The operator will also have an additional test questions by the statutes and rules of office procedures and record keeping.

This is only some of the requirements that I have listed above, read the information on the DMV website before you decide whether you want to open my own school. In my future articles, I will be more deeply consider the requirements of the operator and instructor, as well as about themselves on the Internet.

DMV links:

To view the forms and payments together with the requirements of the application for traffic school owner link below shows you all the information on one page.