History of the California King Bed

The California King Bed is a relatively modern addition to homes across the globe. Beds have been created and recreated ever since humans first needed a place to rest their heads. By the 1960s though, humans were no longer creating beds of leaves and twigs to place on the forest floor. They weren't stuffing mattresses […]

Virginia: Wine Country to Rival California

Although California is most popularly known for its good wine, Virginia also has a fantastic wine country. Virginia is filled with vineyards populating the scenic countryside. A state of mountains and valleys, Virginia has the perfect climate for grape and wine production. Virginian vineyards have won numerous awards worldwide for their delicious wines, including a […]

Visitation rights of grandparents in accordance with the law of California

Unfortunately, many parents and their adult children, children's spouses, significant others or domestic partners have a strained relationship. This fact of life is further enhanced when the grandchildren are involved, and parents are trying to deny grandparents in a relationship with her grandson or grandchildren. California sought to solve these common problems the adoption of […]

The law of search and seizure in California

"Search and seizure" The Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution states that we have the right to be free from unreasonable "search and seizure" law enforcement authorities. This applies to both federal and state authorities. Rule the Fourth Amendment against unreasonable search and seizure means that the police can not search you or your property, […]