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Bitcoin Gold Price Surge - Time To Buy Before 2018?

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is it time to buy Bitcoin Gold before 2018? Currently here it is November 20th 1017 and Bitcoin is surging from $150 to over $300.
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borg386 (3 months ago)
Good video thank you it's about $52 right now my question is about the bitcoin Diamond. why is it $23 on binance but only $3 everywhere else? thanks for the answers!
Liteminati 420 (5 months ago)
Bitcoin Gold is far superior compared to Bitcoin Cash....and thats the bottom line.
Good guy (5 months ago)
Peter Meissnitzer (6 months ago)
NEVER forget history the government has seized GOLD and SILVER before , don't think it cannot happen again , the only save haven is BITCOIN . Why you ask BECAUSE not even the government can touch it , it's neutral NO company behind it NO CEO's to manipulate it and it's world wide no country owns it , think about that. For 2018 and beyond I only see GREAT things for BITCION , the original and the best , do not be fooled by crypto imitators with CEO's behind them , also do not be left behind even micro bits will serve you well in the future . BITCOIN has it's ups and downs ( profit taking ) but in the long run the chart looks like a GIANT mountain up up we go .
MF-Sec Team (6 months ago)
How & Why U need to claim your bitcoin Gold Now Watch this video and claim your bitcoin gold From Blockchain or any other wallet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fw-gETzn0Ac
Anh Tuan Le (6 months ago)
Has anyone sent btg from bittrex to ledger nano s? can’t find info related to this anywhere online!
Chris Oneil S (7 months ago)
This whole Bitcoin Madness is one big mess and bubble waiting to pop. If you're dumb enough to invest in cryptocurrency pumped up by Lawless countries
Clix Money (7 months ago)
very good, do you know steemit ? I am there for a long time and they pay in crypto and steem is going up like crazy, look how much people are earning there : https://steemit.com/trending
Phillip Kenny (7 months ago)
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navneet chhetri (7 months ago)
If someone want to sell bitcoin gold , I want to buy at 200$
navneet chhetri (6 months ago)
Nawal Ansari it was 196 $ down when I had commented this
Nawal Ansari (6 months ago)
navneet chhetri it’s trading for 300 on the exchanges. Why would someone sell it at a discount?
Jimmy OK (7 months ago)
I would just buy real gold coins, what's next Bitcoin platinum, silver, copper etc 😂
Karimv2 (7 months ago)
Jimmy OK there is already bitcoin diamond, there will be super bitcoin and bitcoin god will be a fork too, i hope btg is a good choice
peter woort woort (7 months ago)
remember, claim btg gold with electrum gold wallet, https://electrumgold.org/ then HOLD Just HOLD, people are selling now, but in 2018 btg will explode. There's a small team working on btg, but it's very dedicated, good things will come for btg in 2018
Fork Masters (7 months ago)
Hello Folks! Here a free tutorial on how to get free BTG Bitcoin Gold coins derived from your current Bitcoin wallet, no need to buy anything, refer friends or watch ads, just grab your free coins! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7n9saBM7jfg
Instant Hash (7 months ago)
With Instanthash you have the opportunity to get and earn Altcoin every day from our strategic mining efforts Visit : https://t.co/oZESw8FO0o
Ash Vecchio (7 months ago)
Good deal! I tried to tell you all about BTG on the 13th. We had a great but at 123. Have no audience so it never got seen. https://youtu.be/cC9FQwwHync
Fork Masters (7 months ago)
Hey guys, here I'd like to share a step by step procedure to know your BTG balance and how to claim for it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7n9saBM7jfg
Willy F (7 months ago)
Do not sell BTG! Don't make the same mistake as bch, it will go up too. I claimed my btg today with electrumgold.org and stored it on a paper wallet. Gonna hold btg too
Ash Vecchio (7 months ago)
I was telling people that this was going to be in the top 10 when it crashed and was 1001 on https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitcoin-gold/
Instant Hash (7 months ago)
I mine Dash, Ethereum, Zcash, Litecoin, Monero, BitcoinCash here : instanthash.site
Naddy Nodge (7 months ago)
BTG really does have potential, if it's managed well.
Apillbox (7 months ago)
There was absolutely zero fundamentals given here.
Kevin Campbell (7 months ago)
BE CAREFUL WITH BITCOIN INVESTING! My blog covers two best mining opportunities. www.drkevincampbell.com
Not My Name (7 months ago)
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Alt Lyfe (7 months ago)
What are your thoughts on the the next month on bitcoin gold? It seems to consolidate sideways for a long time and then pumps and dumps. There's no trend really forming with this coin currently.
Adam Cook (7 months ago)
"champing at the bit" if you want to be true to the original idiom
crypto tony (7 months ago)
i say bitcoin gold pumps before the holidays over 500.00
chiwaawaaa (7 months ago)
I login to bittrex last night, and got a good surprised, i saw my BTG waiting for me 🚀
Particle Config. (7 months ago)
Thanks for the tip I thought'it'd never show up!
Andrew Scarlett (7 months ago)
wy didn't I get any free tokens?
Xpanential (7 months ago)
BTG Pump is unreal
Lewis Jones (7 months ago)
Mark D you'll be happy now. I bought a week ago in a whim; at a high price by mistake. Hopefully it will bump up this month.
Mark D (7 months ago)
I buy 5 btg for 740 dollar on bittrex now i am fucked🤕
ernest simon D (7 months ago)
fake news it's around its normal pump would have all time hight which was 500-600
Rishab Dhar (7 months ago)
I bought it at $150 :) on HitBTC :) Don"t wanna share how much.
Digiclear 333 (5 months ago)
Rishab Dhar better buy up again ha repeat process 😜
Rishab Dhar (5 months ago)
Digiclear 333 I sold it long back at $300
Digiclear 333 (5 months ago)
Rishab Dhar I bought at 98 haha pays to wait after this huge crash 😆
navneet chhetri (7 months ago)
Good bro
Afro Man (7 months ago)
Nicely done friend
crypto tony (7 months ago)
i brought 4500 worth of this at 409.00 i might be waiting awhile but it will moon sooner than later
David (5 months ago)
rip 2.2 k for now
Dejan Nedic (6 months ago)
crypto tony will go up sure 1k 2 k no worries this is sleep beast i have 300 of Btg
navneet chhetri (7 months ago)
Do u wanna Exchange bitcoin gold with ripple ? Btw 4500 ! you definitely a rich man
ernest simon D (7 months ago)
it's a good idea to buy my friend you paid a high price you will have to next year i bought 75$ and i am already in profit keep your BTG well though
ernest simon D (7 months ago)
I learnt from Bitcoin cash not selling anymore , people say dump smart guy buys and and it moons later be smart guy dont dismiss Bitcoin gold ever
Miguel Ramos (7 months ago)
Bitcoin Cash skyrocket when it hit Coinbase..
deon burns (7 months ago)
Why is there a huge price different between exchanges. I bought BTG in last night at $120 on the Gate I/O exchange today I tried to withdraw and it wont allow me to withdraw it today. My question what is the real price of BTG. Brittex has price at right now at $340, Binance $320 and Gate I/O $170, Could someone please explain this?
Benjamin Cook (7 months ago)
deon burns its a matter of who is willing to sell and buy
G (7 months ago)
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Jonathan Boyle (7 months ago)
Seems Bittrex users received BTG in their accounts today "South Africa"
Richard Hispano (7 months ago)
how was it free? did they match the same amount of coins from regular bitcoin or how was it free
kams beznes (7 months ago)
Jonathan Boyle i never got any
Gabe socalkings (7 months ago)
i wasn't expecting to receive free btg
chiwaawaaa (7 months ago)
Jonathan Boyle yeah, i just login last night and it was waiting for me.
sunny dhillon (7 months ago)
Are you able to do a video for beginners who want to buy all these on exchanges
Thomas Albertini (7 months ago)
I wouldn't advertise to get into BTG. I think that the current market pullback is due to Tether being hacked.
Liteminati 420 (5 months ago)
BTG to the MOON!
Việt Anh (7 months ago)
why u say Tether being hacked ? please tell me , buddy. never heard about that . Thanks
Kurapati kishore Kumar (7 months ago)
hi How to get bitcoin gold can i go to the website and buy or from where Bitrex is not allowing me to login let me know from where other places i can buy and trade

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