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Bitcoiner interrupts Shia Laboef's He Will Not Divide Us stream with chant that Bitcoin Will Unite Us
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DuffinThe Muffin (3 months ago)
This was my favorite part of the entire stream
moofymoo (7 months ago)
any love for Dogecoin?
Gene (8 months ago)
Wtf this all about
Isaac Gillam-Lindo (8 months ago)
Ralph Wiggum (9 months ago)
My cats breath smells like cat food
King Kenny (10 months ago)
jews will not replace us
Chapter 7 (10 months ago)
damn no wonder why bitcoin almost died out lol..cuz of idiots like this lol
megrez 1927 (10 months ago)
wtf was that...\
Tra Dom (10 months ago)
What is this lol
Silent Lamb (11 months ago)
Should of close lined that fool lol easy whaleP that was great
brian Sanders (11 months ago)
bitcoin will cringe us
iinRez (11 months ago)
*So the people controlling this camera have their own secret police to prevent opinions they do not like? The Nazi's did that didn't they? Weren't they called Gestapo?*
Larry p (1 year ago)
I would have broke that guys arm if he touched me
Johnny Smathers (1 year ago)
SIMON BOLIVAR (1 year ago)
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Joozma (1 year ago)
Nathaniel Jaffe (1 year ago)
Billy Taglis (1 year ago)
we all have gingivitis..... we all have gingivitis..... we all have gingivitis
The Cocktail Critic (1 year ago)
And I can't figure out why someone would call liberals a cult. Hmmm
Yuki _ (1 year ago)
if i lived in new york id just walk up wearing my hat and say "y'all are fuckin dumb and i can prove it logically too"
Yuki _ (1 year ago)
"no free speech" welcome to the millennial america
ThisIsntTicef (1 year ago)
is this like an unemployment gathering?
Clayton Christian (4 months ago)
ThisIsntTicef lol ya
Hypocritic (1 year ago)
This is fucking amazing, this livestream is just a giant fucking internet shitposting competition, it's so funny to see all of these internet memes come to life, I just have to give a hand to everyone that brought harmless internet memes (like the autistic screeching crab walk man) to life.
Tyson Leaf (1 year ago)
That "he will not divide us" shit at the end sounded like a frantic prayer. They're insane.
John Smith (1 year ago)
that nigga actually assaulted him wtf, over btc? dayum u could tell guy who was dragging him off was definitely a monero supporter
Jeremiah Pierce (1 year ago)
so what happened to Geoff?
Korndawg 330 (1 year ago)
who's here from Chris Ray Gun
Pepper Millers (1 year ago)
Korndawg 330 me.
Vaping Dad (1 year ago)
Can he just pull that guy away? Isn't that illegal
Freeloving MGTOW (1 year ago)
Damn, liberals are freaking violent people!
Skyclad BCS (1 year ago)
Heebs will not divide us. He will not Vagine Us. Heat will not divine us. Hicks with snot inside us. Yoofs wif niggaritis!
mi nguyen (1 year ago)
Marijuana AND bitcoin will unite us!!! WHITE POWAH!!! Wait......
DeepQantas (1 year ago)
Dear progressives. Can we get a list of people we are NOT punching? Thanks.
Spiritus (1 year ago)
Saying "He will not divide us" achieves absolutely nothing. Zippo. Nada. (except perhaps stroke the ego of a "celeb" somewhere). Using Bitcoin allows you to open the door of the cage you've been trapped in your whole life and have a peek at the world outside. If enough people do that, it allows us all to step outside of the cage and start to take back our true freedom, without needing to get angry, shout and scream, or throw any punches or engage in any violence whatsoever.
dustinseth1 (1 year ago)
Why is unity a virtue anyway? I don't know any of these people. Why should I "be one with them?" What a silly mantra.
BassGoesBoom1 (1 year ago)
This is bizarre.
JM T (1 year ago)
It is also a little bit disturbing.
Jess E (1 year ago)
Now cops are removing people from a public protest event? What a load of shit.
Jeremiah Pierce (1 year ago)
Marley Gogler ah true. didn't notice him, only the first guy pulling him around. Not sure why cops are allowed to pull you like that if you aren't actually harming anyone. It's a private stream. If it was a black person being pulled like that you better believe they would have complained about assault. I don't know why someone isn't simply ddossing this stream or website.
Jess E (1 year ago)
That's definitely a cop at 2:02.
Jeremiah Pierce (1 year ago)
No officer. Just some SJW that probably stands there all day wanting to grab people when they say anything other than the stupid phrase the sheep speak.
james rustler (1 year ago)
kleinbottled79 (1 year ago)
Blocksize will not divide us!
Global Saturation (1 year ago)
The looney left and their cultist behaviour SAD!
Paula Green (1 year ago)
Don't you have laws about this sort of thing in America? Where is your shoot to kill policy?
Jacob Dagger (1 year ago)
Bunch of poor people chanting at a rich mans art project sounds looney, but not quite left to me.
Alien Machine (1 year ago)
This is holohoax memorial by Jews when Trump killed Israeli Jews of 5000 Gorillion and Bitcoin united everyone. Oy Vey! Cryptos are Nazis. Oy gevalt!
ako AMVs (1 year ago)
top kek
30 Seven (1 year ago)
"Hey, let's set up a camera in public and then control who can be seen on it." lol.
Chroma (1 year ago)
30 Seven I'm suprised no one stole it.
Yuki _ (1 year ago)
30 Seven ikr i was like bitch you have no right to remove him this is public property
Locationary (1 year ago)
lol who was that from whalepool
Mac Dre (1 year ago)
He Will Cum Inside Us
Jay Nail (1 year ago)
Whos the fuck trying to move him?
John Smith (1 year ago)
that's one of the top monero bagholers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ALGERIA48 Bechikh (1 year ago)
“The Fascists of the future will be the anti-fascists.” Winston Churchill
Poon Jazzler (1 year ago)
Actually I looked into this and they can't find any evidence to suggest this quote was attributed to him. However, their was a famous Italian painter who said, in Italy we have fascists and anti-fascists.
ALGERIA48 Bechikh (1 year ago)
It's not
TheQualityrkc (1 year ago)
Problem is thats a fake quote hahaha nice try though buddy
JB123 (1 year ago)
That chant, "He will not divide us", those people must sleep in X-Ray machines for their brains to be that scrambled.
Chan (1 year ago)
"we will uh, we wull..we will uniteee..uhh"
Stripey Arse (1 year ago)
"Shit, what's my line again?"
Travis Rabble (1 year ago)
haha she's drunk as fuck the ho
John Smith (1 year ago)
ahahaha i fucking died
Jeremiah Pierce (1 year ago)
me 1 lmao idk why people aren't talking about that person more. Idk WTF was wrong there. The struggled to say the words or something.
Daniel Cepeda Music (1 year ago)
That was fucking hilarious!!! I couldn't stop laughing when I watched it XD
InTheMix (1 year ago)
Jarrett Fayer (1 year ago)
He touched you have him arrested
insert dank meme (1 year ago)
PoppinEngland111 but according to the nap he could have use his rocket laucher to defend himself
LilEngland (1 year ago)
That's a direct NAP violation
Mathew Beattie (1 year ago)
Guy at the end is talking about Roger.
mattrmunson (1 year ago)
lol rofl lol
Dcn (1 year ago)
1:42 chick on the right is getting divided by a wedgie.
iera (10 months ago)
live injection (1 year ago)
That moose knuckle's giving her some problems.
duckfield (1 year ago)
Holly shit look at this brainwashed Americans Jesus christ!
Crackbagged (1 year ago)
Ihateregistrations1 (1 year ago)
Who is this sheep at the end saying "He will not divide us" over and over, yet the bitcoin guy gets thrown to the side. Hypocritical shit. Fucking stupid liberals, cheering when he gets taken away. Libtards...bitcoin will help you. This is the epitome of blind fucking sheep.. Why can't that guy say "Bitcoin will unite us?" I don't get the oppression of free speech.
Tubularm8 (1 year ago)
They have been chanting that line like mindless zombies for 4 days in a row, it's ridiculous.
Maybe he was saying "he will not divide us", as in Trump, and not the man that was showing bitcoin, but maybe I am wrong. Just the way he's saying it over and over makes him look like stupid geligious fanatic (they are the ones showing this type of behaviour). I am personally all for bitcoin.. I am sick of fractional lending scam and centralised banking system scam, that is not even publicly owned but privately owned, I am sick of complete control of the government that they are imposing on us all the time. Fuck them... bitcoin is not controlled by them, which is why they don't want it.
spottedmarley (1 year ago)
art? looks like a bunch of bearded idiots to me
Memristo (1 year ago)
This "art installation" is just another scam
Gabriel Vincent Moon (1 year ago)

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