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Coinbase to Support ERC-20! Quick Update on BTC, ICX, BNB & TRX

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Coinbase announces that they will be adding ERC-20 tokens to their product. What does this mean and which projects will be impacted? Also, a quick update on Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Icon and Tron. LEARN HOW TO READ THE CRYPTO CHARTS! Check out my 4-Hour Technical Analysis video course. More info at: https://nodeinvestor.com/training/ Follow me on Twitter @nodeinvestor Quick look at the charts for BTC ICX BNB ZRX BAT TRX
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Lee Sawari (1 month ago)
I'm a beginner, so excuse my stupid questions. I use the Charts for PC on CoinBase https://www.coinbase.bet/charts/, but it would still like some mobile app. Can you please recommend any app? Thank you.
Reddcoin Group (2 months ago)
no one is announcing anything.
Steve M (2 months ago)
Good content , thanks
bonedpoop69 (2 months ago)
Hey Node, what are your setting for your bull index?
bonedpoop69 (2 months ago)
Node Investor appreciate it. I've been following for a bit now and bought your course on TA. It's really tough. Sometimes I think I have the right idea and come out completely wrong. Still a rookie
Node Investor (2 months ago)
It's a combination over several (seven) different factors. I'm working on making it available to others but the source code will remain private.
Brugllione (2 months ago)
Get rekt Ripple and Tron. Stupid hype coins.
Nadish Obeyesekere (2 months ago)
bnb will moon untill the 10th with bnb coinburn coming on april 15th
xPowerdriverx (2 months ago)
Mount Gox trustee selling going on?
Stuart H (2 months ago)
Two words: Coinbase Custody
Andy Raman (2 months ago)
Erc23 ???
Fraz Kader (2 months ago)
Solid content!!! Adex Wax lets go!!!
Vahid Ara (2 months ago)
It's always good to see you coming up with new videos and updates :-)
Paul Park (2 months ago)
It’s going to be XLM
Tim Chaffin (2 months ago)
If some of the ERC20 Ethereum tokens are addedd to Coinbase, as in your suggestion about 2 months, June 1st, that's also the date for the Mainet release of EOS. Go Dan, the race is on ! EOS Headquartered in the Cayman Islands.
Schmonkee Shomky (2 months ago)
Wow. Coinbase going full throttle into shit coins. SEC regulation will be coming quickly. This is nothing more than coinbase losing massive quarterly profits and they want to get their profits up. Expect coinbase to add the tokens slowly and steadily. That will ensure more transactions as it doesn’t allow for “picks” so people will quickly buy into every single one they add.
The One To Invest (2 months ago)
Knowledge. Thank you Node Investor
ICX (2 months ago)
Sold qtum got more ICX
Meredith Rose (2 months ago)
Great vid, thanks!
Purge (2 months ago)
$LINK would be huge...MN releasing soon.
1greenMitsi (2 months ago)
add tron lol
Jason Gibson (2 months ago)
Omg is a no brainer. Coinbase is in love with eth. Omg is a huge developer of eth. Omg would replace banks if it got major support. They will also ease the transition of money into the new system.
Jermain Van De Riet (2 months ago)
SingularityNet, ZRX, and BAT have potential
Jermain Van De Riet (2 months ago)
Also AML and KYC tokens in my opinion, regulations are coming and AML + KYC are could be the first layer
gino11ish (2 months ago)
robbycast (2 months ago)
Will we be able to sell the ERC-20 tokens for Fiat?
Node Investor (2 months ago)
Yes, I expect that they would implement USD trading pairs for those tokens.
Matt Stringer (2 months ago)
Any thoughts on CMPCO after thier announcement today? Check it out: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@smithlite/campus-coin-brings-crypto-to-all-us-vendors https://youtu.be/KXq_g0Vrn7o
Cryptolight (2 months ago)
Hainezy (2 months ago)
Golem and Augur are 100% at this point after being cited as prime examples of the erc-20 tokens coinbase was interested in
Hainezy (2 months ago)
Brugllione article was “a beginners guide to erc-20 tokens” written by the same woman who wrote “a beginners guide” to eth and ltc before both were added to cbase
Brugllione (2 months ago)
You are the only person I have seen claiming this, source?
Kevin D (2 months ago)
If coinbase doesn't add Omisego, they need to go!
blockchang (2 months ago)
Hey node, ill be disappointed if you don't go on that date with amanda johnson.
indigo_blue (2 months ago)
Z R X R X 0x 0x 0x
Bob Jenkins (2 months ago)
1greenMitsi (2 months ago)
werent omg supposed to be operating their own blockchain by now? lol
Ahmad Ali (2 months ago)
Wanchain plz
J.T. Irby (2 months ago)
Node you the man.....so many buys on the low end of the curve.....
Jordan Palmer (2 months ago)
zrx for sure
Andy (2 months ago)
ZRX. 🚀🚀🚀
Tim Payne (2 months ago)
This could be big! Let's hope so.
Walery B (2 months ago)
tolikfox007 (2 months ago)
Walery B agreed, i had my suspiscions months ago, this anouncement confirms it
Josiah Fam (2 months ago)
Really interesting
Josh William (2 months ago)

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