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CryptoCam Channel Cryptocurrency Investments Like Bitconnect & News

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Welcome to the latest news in Cryptocurrency and Investments like Bitconnect & Atlantic Global Asset Management. A great new channel where we do the research into Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain related Investments. Bitconnect referral link: https://bitconnect.co/?ref=Cryptocams Atlantic Global Asset Management Link: https://private.atlanticgam.es/#/sign-up/partner=P09201505628918 https://www.coinbase.com/join/592725e00b96070271e4ac5e Deposit wallets For Bitcoin & Ether ETH: 0xF25B1660294cAf41496633438950d604037BA99f Bitcoin BTC: 12bvfgxm1Pa6856kyJSwVv6qW11RWEgdSn https://www.coinbase.com/join/592725e00b96070271e4ac5e Cryp Trade Capital Referral link: https://cryp.trade/agent/4usrbt23pwhe Ledger Wallet link: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/8fa3 https://www.coinbase.com/join/592725e00b96070271e4ac5e Please note as always nothing in this video constitutes a recommendation to buy or sell anything please do contact your financial advisor for any advice pertaining to your own individual circumstance.
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Man Crypto (9 months ago)
Hi CryptoCam, nice job? How do you know this is not another Crypto Solutions and Control Finance ????
Man Crypto (9 months ago)
Hi CryptoCam, a lot more thanks for the detailed explanation however what they claim that they are good in the investment and so called volatility software has nothing being opened. CF also did pay nice $$$ daily but now seems disappear. Besides, the key concern is that you could rarely find any of their team information. Do you know where they locate? Who is the CEO, CTO, CMO, mining guys, marketing and sales? It will be great if you could also find out the fact behind. Why don't you also give them a call as you did on Control Finance? Or you have some friends in UK locked on their door. If they are willing to show their faces and company real project roadmap with timely update, they would likely gonna have a better future and soon or later hit a $1B company. Cheers!
CryptoCam Channel (9 months ago)
Thanks for the messageI think the fact that it pays you a nice daily interest rate but the really great thing is you can reinvest your daily interest when you reach $10 or more so you can compound for higher earnings. Plus there are videos that do show you get your capital release back..Also I have addressed the same questions before and have stated the following:- With investments we have to be realistic..there will be a time when the volatility will go away and the % will be a lot lower but I think there's still going to be some major volatility in the crypto world as I'm sure you realize if you own or watch it for a least 3 or 4 plus more years..Not like the boring stock market if that goes up 1 or 2 % that's a major rally and there's no way you'd get 1% daily interest in that old dinosaur lol. It'd be more like 0.02 to 0.2% on a fantastic day. So yes nothing lasts forever but I'm sure we have still got many years to come of major volatility..we are just beginning and with predictions of Bitcoin reaching $100K plus in years to come it'll def be a fun ride for sure..love for you to join us..whether you join us here or own Bitcoin or other cryptos I'm we will all enjoy the ride and reap the rewards whilst having fun! Now being in the investment field for over 20 yrs there is so much more I could go into on my Bitconnect could be around for a very long time but it'd take a while to explain..maybe I'll make a video on that soon!! Lol Cheers and take care!
Wajahat Ali (9 months ago)
Good one mate... Keep me posted that Bitconnect is going well, because I will be joining to soon. :D Peace
Wajahat Ali (9 months ago)
CryptoCam Channel Whoa, that's great... Good luck...
CryptoCam Channel (9 months ago)
Hi..I sure will and it's def going very well indeed plus in a few weeks I will be doing a $10k plus loan..take care and cheers mate!

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