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Bitcoin Is Dead! Cryptocurrency Market Update March 30th

269 ratings | 12845 views
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Text Comments (89)
Hoglund Hudkins (1 month ago)
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Carolyn Taggart (2 months ago)
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Josiah Wilmoth (2 months ago)
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Carolyn Taggart (2 months ago)
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Bobbie Curtis (2 months ago)
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Liang Luo (2 months ago)
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VAMPIRE IRON (3 months ago)
HODL to $1.
Jason Zyai (3 months ago)
Yes Bitcoin is dead and it will remain dead. Now go find a real job and do something useful in your life... There is no free money.
Shadow Gallery (3 months ago)
A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having.
rajpoot singh (3 months ago)
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Rafael Nascimento (3 months ago)
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Purity Page (3 months ago)
Make crypto great again
Craig Hurlstone (3 months ago)
Thanks Diggy, it's reassuring listening to your positive insights on the current state of the market, look forward to catching up in Sydney
Awesome, thanks Craig!
veti (3 months ago)
Good video. Terrible title. Should be "Bitcoin is not dead".
It is a bit clickbaity yes!
DividedShark (3 months ago)
Bitcoin is Dead? Time to buy more.
DividedShark (2 months ago)
José Hernandez BTC was at 7080 when this video was posted, now it's at 8500 lol
José Hernandez (2 months ago)
21 million and one. Cause I ain’t buying that crap
Agreed, if 21M people buy a bitcoin then we have a rally to the moon :)
Keimer Salunga (3 months ago)
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Luis Tulin (3 months ago)
#hodlersfurry this video has pissed off hodlers. Me I'm all cash and loving the opportunity that's coming around the corner.
Who is pissed off?
james le (3 months ago)
How can you compare stockmarket to crypto ?
A financial chart is a chart, doesn't matter if it's stocks, forex, gold or crypto. Investor psychology is similar throughout most financial instruments.
Majid Zyai (3 months ago)
Everyone report this video as the caption is inaccurate. The title is Bitcoin is Dead and the content is proving exactly the opposite. Absolutely deceptive and dishonest.
Kindly f*ck off
Majid Zyai (3 months ago)
I watched the first 3 minutes and I found at least 2 lies. 1. The title says Bitcoin is dead and then he tries to persuade you to buy Bitcoin... 2. He doesn't mention the fact that 1 year ago only a few people knew about bitcoin and the price was not fair, but now almost everyone knows about bitcoin and that makes the price quite fair... Guys don't let these people deceive you. Bitcoin is useless in practice. Given the high fluctuation in its price you can't even use it as a currency. I'd rather use my credit/debit card and buy things quickly and easily. Even Google and Facebook banned Bitcoin's ads. It's up to you to trust the videos from some jobless people like this guy or believe smart people from Silicon Valley and Quants from US largest bank, like JP Morgan. Your decision.
I don't get you to do anything and I don't give financial advice. If you don't like the video get off my channel and don't post bs comments like this. Thanks.
Peter D (3 months ago)
Mr. Lowery (3 months ago)
This was a really good explanation of market psychology! Thanks.
Thank you!
Alberto Baez (3 months ago)
Your video gave me anxiety and you should think that title through as well!
Luis Tulin (3 months ago)
Keys to Freedom Crypto Diggy you have over 5K subscribers and the views are over 10K. You did scare the shiz out of people, maybe a question mark instead of an exclamation mark was needed. Anyways you did get a shiz load of views, so if that was a strategy you deserve props.
I don't believe crypto is dead, or bitcoin.
David Gardner (3 months ago)
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less than a year ago i paid less than $1000 for my bitcoin...............dead? lol
Luis Tulin (3 months ago)
Rupert Blitherington-Smythe you might be able to buy some more soon for $1,000
not dead at all, sarcastic...
sigma six (3 months ago)
what charting software are you using?... nice layout...
Black Hole (3 months ago)
​​Bitcoin $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 2018
anand B (3 months ago)
Assholes will never stop click baiting by negative heading. DISGUSTING
peter pan (3 months ago)
the problem with Gold and silver is that we all get old and is not a good investment unless the stockmarket fucks up but is very protected by fund managers and then goverments will pump money in to buy stocks to not have a 1929 situation,bitcoin and altcoins before 2017 not many people new and didnt get the attention of goverments and wall st and dickheads,now with the futures market and constant fud and people buying on fomo and panic selling and now everyone expecially on utube calling for bitcoin to be 5 or 6 or 3 .Now that confuses people to get in and if utube ,facebook etc ban then that might be good to get crypto to be under the radar again as crypto should be not centralized at all which is what there trying to do
GAME SIGHT (3 months ago)
Bitcoin price raised because people bought to earn their income through lending platforms like bitconnect, when bitconnect shuts its operation bitcoin price falling... bitconnect should come back to increase bitcoin price....
uros sagadin (3 months ago)
Anybody, who has 5 minutes of free time is a crypto expert. Guys, you should start LISTEN a previous videos from those guys. They are bluffing like crazy. They don't even understand what is difference between the currency and money. This is total wasting of time.
uros sagadin (3 months ago)
Give me a break man! And you are mister perfect! Check the grammar by others,if you are so smart. The most important things are numbers on your account, you stupid ass!
total wasting of time? Nice english man!
swaroopnama (3 months ago)
very very good analysis.simply superb
NinjaPcMaster (3 months ago)
i hope cryto get killed.
Anonymous User (3 months ago)
You should go back to school.
I hope you learn grammar
Jed Jed (3 months ago)
Change the freaking negative title. Most people don't bother to watch the video. Dislike!
José Hernandez (2 months ago)
Keys to Freedom Crypto Diggy true hw can put what he want subscribing for this response
I can put whatever title I want and if people are too lazy to do their own research they deserve what they get
timmy O toolbag (3 months ago)
Haha, wow what a bunch of suckers in these comments. If you got in a year ago or more and sold by January 2018 or sooner you could have made a ton. unfortunately it's over. You can point out anything you want, you missed the boat. Take your profit or losses and move on to something productive. Quit holding onto the dream, it's over. Period. ...oh yea one more thing, why don't all you losers go join a pump club or something.... pump Club.... can you fucking believe that shit? If you pumped and dumped in securities you fucking go to jail fucking thieves. The funny thing is people think that pumping and dumping is ok. Your stealing from other people you loser. they sit there and talk about it live streaming on the exchange and they think they're smart when they're actually bottom feeding criminal losers that should be locked up. also, did you ever wonder why there so many coins? I'll give you the short reason it's because people at the top want to make a ton of money and weather you win or lose makes no difference. There is almost zero regulation. why do you need over a thousand different coins that all do the same thing?...duh it's not rocket science. good luck with your shitty Investments
thanks nice video ...its buying time bought me some neo
peter pan (3 months ago)
im staking my 1000 coins
stuie998 (3 months ago)
you think neo will bounce soon?
I love NEO :)
Initiate Conflict (3 months ago)
MrFourkinghell (3 months ago)
what a shocking analysis. It doesn't matter that ether was 25 bill and is now 250 bill. What matters is WHERE will it be in a month, 2 months , a year etc. eg KODAK was the market leader for decades. When circumstances changed it crashed to worthless- get the point???? I doubt it.
MrFourkinghell (3 months ago)
as I stated- you would not get the point.
you make no sense
TheBigdee0209 (3 months ago)
Don't let these rich folks scare you into selling out lol. Don't keep holding
TheBigdee0209 (3 months ago)
Keys to Freedom Crypto Diggy hahaha I meant to say keep holding 😂😂
Vision 20/20 (3 months ago)
Bitcoin will roar... I am very confident!
José Hernandez (2 months ago)
Hahaha u fool no not when whales control it all now
Vision 20/20 (3 months ago)
You know who wants to kill Bitcoin! They feel very threatened by it and try to drive it down so that buyers will give up.
Chris Rock (3 months ago)
We're in a downward trend. Not saying it won't bounce back but it could be a bit.
Bitcoin is the original crypto and what most people get into first when they get into crypto. Institutional money is likely to get into Bitcoin over alts
litoshi lite (3 months ago)
Bitcoin is a live
litoshi lite (3 months ago)
Do not be a dummy
Says the one who can't spell alive. But yes I agree it's far from dead.
MrRecklessryan (3 months ago)
A bunch of friends had so much advice for me in december, turns out they knew nothing and you just couldnt lose in december lol have not heard from them since and my holding are worth half lol fail.
MrRecklessryan (3 months ago)
Keys to Freedom Crypto Diggy Holding strong and averaging in. Peace!
Yep, eveyone is an expert in the bull market
J Dabrowska (3 months ago)
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Patrick Ricard (3 months ago)
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mikle65 (3 months ago)
Bad examples. Man who will hold stuff for 10-30 years....
Crypto markets are incredibly accelerated versions of other markets. There is nothing new in terms of market movements, that was the point I was illustrating. Go find me a better example then instead of just being lazy and criticizing.
NightStrike (3 months ago)
Bitcoin is dead? really? CHANGE THE TITLE. FUD MONGER
Luis Tulin (3 months ago)
If anyone watches the whole video, like they should it was not FUD. This video would actually help people understand the market.
NightStrike (3 months ago)
I watched the whole video and I know you aren't. But how many people will watch the whole video? definitely not everyone. I may have been a little hard on you, but it's like the 10th title like that I have seen today, and it may contribute to the sell-off. Let me rephrase: please don't use click-bait and / or fear inducing titles like that. Thank you.
I don't think it's dead and I'm spreading anything but FUD. How old are you dude,like 7?
Love the title lol That’s why I’m watching
Obedience to flow (3 months ago)
When you hear Crypto is dead, buy Bitcoin!
Kariem Madani (3 months ago)
Obedience to flow be greedy when others are fearfull
RigoRocks23 (3 months ago)
Im loving the rsi support line on your ethereum chart.it looks like we will see a bounce very soon for a good short term trade on ethereum.that rsi support goes way back and super unlikely to break through that.i will be buying at that level :) good luck guys may God give you all the wisdom to buy at the right time
MrFourkinghell (3 months ago)
@rigo- HEY! where is your prediction of the bitcoin price using your rsi etc???? Are you fake news? Are your indicators fake? Typical of utube heros. Big claims and ZERO delivery.
MrFourkinghell (3 months ago)
@Rigo ok fair enough. But a textbook statement from chartists. If it is so "beautiful" what price will bitcoin be a week from now?Please advise. Current price 7407.
RigoRocks23 (3 months ago)
MrFourkinghell i actually use rsi,macd,moving averages,fibonacci retracement and extensions on several different time frames to paint a beautiful picture of where the market is heading. I also set my stop losses very tight but they are rarely triggered.my techniques work for me while day trading.i consider it a form of art :) peace
MrFourkinghell (3 months ago)
listen dude, I am growing some tomatoes in my backyard currently. They seem to be flourishing. Can you come over and put an RSI on their progress for me please? Don't you realize that is RSI, MACD or any other indicators are useless? They were invented to promote/increase trading so the trading house could churn and create commissions. If they were any good it would just be a matter of following them and making a million a week. But that doesn't happen does it? This concept folds into the utter stupidity of trying to make sense of cryptos. As soon as they became mainstream- hey presto they are now chartable. come on, open your eyes. ps- "It bounced right after your comment" wow ! Chart the same scenario 100 times and let me know if it behaved the same way all 100 times. Don't bother doing all that work because I can tell you the answer- no correlation. Chartists are very fond of pointing out all the "wins" and ignoring the losses.
Swymco (3 months ago)
Dead on Good Friday. hmmmm
Total coincidence right? :)
Shan Hanner (3 months ago)
The outro is the best diggy (that’s my dogs name by the way)
Ralph Raymond (3 months ago)
Hi-thanks for the excellent video. Maybe we can change the title slightly the next time. The media and naysayers are playing on the fact that many you-tubers are now themselves predicting the end of Bitcoin. Many newbies/weak hands do not have the patience to watch videos to clarify matters either. Just my two cents:-)
Thanks, it's sarcastic. I don't think Bitcoin is dead. And people not having patience to do their own research is exactly why they end up losing money. I'm not going to encourage laziness :)
Jim Kelly (3 months ago)
Wow! You are overlooking too many facts on why the bitcoin move is over. 1 New money (suckers) drove the price to near $20,000. They will never return to lose again. No more suckers will come in. 2 Bitcoin is not a market and is based on nothing but a line of code. When the average holder realizes bitcoin is nothing, they will lose interest. The process has begun. It is a Ponzi Scheme that someone convinced you to buy. 3 There remain too many perma-bulls thinking bitcoin is still going higher. The sentiment is overwhelmingly bullish. That is bad news. 4 Whales have not sold their positions. Once the large holders of 10k-1 million bitcoins sell their positions, they will not recover. They will sell every rally until they have liquidated and someone else will hold their bag. The facts of bubbles. 5 Bitcoin has made mainstream coverage that help create its bubble. The bubble has burst. That was the bubble top. This top does not compare to prior low volume tops. 6 Bitcoin has broken through its up trend line and through its death cross at the same time. While this fact alone does not make it gospel, it confirms the other observation that the rally is over permanently. 7 No central bank or country is accepting bitcoin. It will not be a currency. 8 Regulation will force crypto into a dark corner and it will fade away. Its coming. 9 Futures have wreaked havoc on bitcoin and it can be moved all the way down. 10 Those not reporting profits on their tax form will be subject to auditing. The IRS has been granted approval to track large sales similar to bank transactions. 11 The technical analysis for bitcoin is bleak. 12 The rule of bubbles: they never recreate themselves in the same market eg. tulips, dot.com, bitcoin It will go lower and not recover this time. When a commodity is based on nothing, it will eventually return to its true intrinsic value. No force on this earth will bring it back. When you study the history of bubbles, it will become clear to the average person.
Jim Kelly (3 months ago)
A ponzi is a false promise or hope that a no value investment will offer a high return to new money coming in for the benefit of the initial holders. The promise perpetuates itself until a frenzy or bubble forms. The original holders exit and go into hiding to receive their reward. Market forces take over, inevitable selling pressure takes over, and the ponzi is exposed. Bitcoin will go down as the largest bubble and ponzi in history and the whales won again. Another history lesson.
Jim Kelly (3 months ago)
Bitcoin does not even fit a form of fiat, as fiat is backed by their corresponding government. The dollar is the world reserve currency, giving it as much strength as any currency there is. The next alternative is gold. With coin as no intrinsic value and is controlled by whales. Now, the whales are selling out to preserve their gains and a diminishing population of new buyers are coming in to lose their money. Bitcoin continues to spiral down as is the case with all bubbles.
gt0703 (3 months ago)
Real wea;th, the type that lasts generations is not in a computer token. It's in tangible assets like income producing land. Remember Bitcoin is just another form of fiat. It is good the governments can't print it but its also bad that Satoshi kept 1/21 of it for himself. It's a zero sum game where late adopters make early adopters rich.
gt0703 (3 months ago)
Jim you speak a lot of truth, but it's not a ponzi, it's a greater fool scheme. I think your right this bad news is making it hard to recruit more money into the scheme - existing owners are the main form of marketing and they are being drowned out by bad press. Lots of crypto enthusiasts can't seem to see we can create an unlimited amount of cryptos and the word blockchain is no longer flashy and hype building. I'm not sure why they are not creating more Tether to prop up the market. I think we are in the denial phase, this has bubbled before so it may not be the last time it bubbles. Remember the willy bot was responsible for the last bubble.
Jim Kelly (3 months ago)
I hope that it is money they can afford to lose. The capitalization of crypto has declined from $850m to $250m. It is wise to invest in your own infrastructure and expand your business. ITW sounds awesome.
Warren Wu (3 months ago)
Below USD100 no sooner.
$100 bitcoin? I wish...
Devis Tonella (3 months ago)
Great info and content, thank you!!! keep holding and buy more ;)
Thanks Devis!
Peter Corbet (3 months ago)
Great video Diggy !!! Just what many people need !!! Just a small comment : when you compare figures over a long term, don't forget inflation ;)
Thanks Peter, a few of those charts are inflation-adjusted already :)
88Zero (3 months ago)
Great video, crypto is very time sensitive, getting into a solid crypto early on and holding is the way to go.
Matthew Ellul (3 months ago)
The most realistic overview ive come across. Theres a couple that have valid points but not as much general market psychology put in as well.
Thanks Matthew
blkcrypto (3 months ago)
Great video as always, Diggy.
Thank you!
Joey Barrelwilde (3 months ago)
Bitcoin Cash, & Bitcoin Gold are emerging, & are about too break out it seems?
KingMali (3 months ago)
Bitcoin Cold will be born
Matthew Williams (3 months ago)
Loved the title. Great work
Thanks Matthew, gotta thow some click bait in from time to time
jajajaja (3 months ago)
Easily one of the best crypto channels on youtube! Love your work, Diggy!
Thanks jajajaja :)
CHOJEK (3 months ago)
metamask or mew as a wallet?
JAwuku (3 months ago)
Get a hardware wallet such as the Ledger Nano S or Trezor. These are the most secure.
littlegee (3 months ago)
Depends what coins you are storing. Try Eidoo, have more than one account.
CHOJEK (3 months ago)
so what is a good wallet to store crypto on?
Both are just an interface to access your crypto, don't think there is one that is better than the other.
KingFred (3 months ago)
Thanks for being the voice of reason Diggy. I'm not selling anything #hodl
Thanks Fred! Always happy to make content videos
Paul Snell (3 months ago)
See you next week mate
Looking forward to it Paul
Mladen Mladenović (3 months ago)
Great video as always Diggy #hodl
Luis Tulin (3 months ago)
Mladen Mladenović makes sense, HODL all the way down, instead of going cash and rebuying at lower prices and increasing BTC coin count 🤔
Thanks Mladen! #hodl #notfinancialadvice
Miami 2017 (3 months ago)
Though I appreciate your overall videos and messages, I don't think having titles like this one....."Bitcoin is Dead!" is helping matters. Thanks
Majid Zyai (3 months ago)
He needs to change the title rather than saying thanks. Stop deceiving people!!
Thanks miami2017
darrell levy (3 months ago)
Incredible video once again. Love the cycle chart. Thanks Diggy!
Thanks Darrel, appreciate it!

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