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Terabyte Blocks, Faster-Than-Light Transactions, and Tokens on Bitcoin Cash with Joannes Vermorel

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Joannes Vermorel is CEO of Lokad: * Main website: http://www.lokad.com/ * LokadTV: https://www.youtube.com/user/LokadTV * Lokad LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/lokad/ Some of Joannes' papers we discussed on the call: * Autonomics: http://blog.vermorel.com/journal/2018/5/29/autonomics.html * Taxonomy of Bitcoin applicative landscape: http://blog.vermorel.com/journal/2018/5/7/a-taxonomy-of-the-bitcoin-applicative-landscape.html * A weirder definition of Bitcoin: http://blog.vermorel.com/journal/2018/4/10/a-weirder-definition-of-bitcoin.html * Addressing a few loose angles in Bitcoin: http://blog.vermorel.com/journal/2018/4/6/addressing-a-few-loose-angles-of-bitcoin.html ** Ansible, practical faster-than-light secure 0-conf transactions for Bitcoin http://media.lokad.com/bitcoin/ansible-2018-05-05.pdf ** Midas, united non-colluding transaction fees for Bitcoin http://media.lokad.com/bitcoin/midas-2018-05-06.pdf ** Tokeda, Viable token-driven metadata within Bitcoin http://media.lokad.com/bitcoin/tokeda-2018-04-30.pdf ** Sakura, long term UTXO recycling mechanism for Bitcoin http://media.lokad.com/bitcoin/sakura-2018-05-02.pdf * 4-byte prefix for OP_RETURN: http://blog.vermorel.com/journal/2018/5/23/4-byte-prefix-guideline-for-op_return-on-bitcoin.html
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Text Comments (22)
Ian Cassie (17 days ago)
J J (1 month ago)
Excellent! Need this guy on again. And please get van der Wansem on. Also Wright and your own guy, Ley.
Lokad (1 month ago)
If the above is of interest check out the video we did on Blockchain and Bitcoins. You can find it on our channel or via the link here: https://youtu.be/0RezY9PiQ4c
ShareTheDark (1 month ago)
somebody should make a website of businesses (not merchants) supporting BCH. With companies such as Lokad. XRP lives basically only on news (or mostly rumors) such as "big bank ABC will use XRP"
Kiwi AustEcon (1 month ago)
God I loved this. I have a lot of reading to do. Thanks Ryan. Amazing interview. Love team BCH so much
Andreas Olivas (1 month ago)
Yayyyyy!!!!! Great work Ryan!
909sickle (1 month ago)
I wish he had better audio. The parts I could hear sounded interesting.
Zombo Joe (1 month ago)
I really like Joannes, he really seems to get what he's talking about. He has the pragmatic forward thinking attitude that is needed to scale Bitcoin to the world.
bornnemisis (1 month ago)
VINDICATION IS AWESOME... been battling btc losers for months.
Roman Puhek (1 month ago)
Very good discussion. Thank you
Renaissance Novice (1 month ago)
Been a while. Glad to see a new video.
Ash Vecchio (1 month ago)
Just need to make sure the sound is good for Joannes next time. Please have him on again. If you had someone high level (like Vermorel) to accompany Ver when he goes on various shows and debates against Chairman Mow and others, they'll never be able to get away with the crap they do when Ver's alone. Excellent interview.
Ash Vecchio (1 month ago)
That's my theory. He would have completely annihilated Mow in that last interaction they had. Ver did well but Mow threw out some technical shit Ver wasn't sure how to counter. That will never happen again if he has someone like Vermorel by his side. Similarly to how Craig has Jimmy with him but that's for different reasons lol. Jimmy needs to keep Craig in check. Imagine if he wasn't there during that bitcoin gold incident. Thank god for Jimmy.
yebudds (1 month ago)
Great point. Vers reputation is so smeared that people who could possibly be swayed by the principles behind Bitcoin Cash are just not gonna hear his arguments one way or another. All they hear and or see is a "fraud, scammer, convict" etc. Throw in some level headed technical guru like Vermorel to assist Ver in his campaigns and you'll have a tsunami of defectors come support the real Bitcoin.
Sydwell Williams (1 month ago)
Wow, living a time of real life giants and heroes!
Steve Patterson (1 month ago)
Great interview. Vermorel is a valuable resource to our community. Great background knowledge and systems-thinking.
Frederik Harmer (1 month ago)
timestamp for discussion about token on BCH?
Ryan X. Charles (1 month ago)
Dunno. We talked about Tokeda - see his paper on it: http://media.lokad.com/bitcoin/tokeda-2018-04-30.pdf
AllGood (1 month ago)
Great interview, took a step back when he said LN replaces Bitcoin, wow. BTC supporters are not going to like that.
AllGood (1 month ago)
Can you provide equal or better credentials to Joannes Vermorel (CEO of Lokad) - If not you know what to do.
Decebal825 (1 month ago)
hangon WTF did he say? i dont have time to waste listening to 1Hour of Bcash nonsense but if he said that its obvious he does not understand LN IS bitcoin hehe.and sh*t if developers are dumb as F to think Terabyte blocks are viable i need to get back to do programming because the world is F. 1T blocks could be i can do daily backup of my porn on it for free because i need my porn backed up on thousands of computers world wide :) soo cant wait
Uejji (1 month ago)
Time will tell. Remain vigilant.

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