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RaiBlocks Price Prediction, Analysis, Forecast (2018)

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The Right Trader (8 months ago)
Why RaiBlocks Is The Next BIG Cryptocurrency (VIDEO): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4-uBuU7kYw&t=2s
Pause AndListen (8 months ago)
Just curious, how long did it take? Is it there yet? Lol
ME10N (8 months ago)
The Right Trader I Deposited some ethereum from coinbase to binance right now. how long will it take to hit my account in binance?
2k 19 (8 months ago)
Raiblocks is now available on Kucoin hit the link https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=1bser Kucoin is a great exchange with nice reward program.
irgb77 (8 months ago)
I bought 2000€ of RaiBlocks in September, I have around a million of dollars
Ali Avci (8 months ago)
frig ripple it's a centralized banking system which defeats the purpose of anything blockchain oriented. Ripple will fall sooner or later https://www.coindesk.com/100-billion-controversy-xrps-surge-raises-hard-questions-ripple/
Holder of the Coin (8 months ago)
Jared Crypto Jackson has a new way to get XRB (Raiblocks) faster https://youtu.be/ZFYY9Gs4Mfg
Danger Close (8 months ago)
Even if Ripple and Raiblocks performed the same (Raiblocks is better) look at the supply of each. There is 750 times more Ripple than Raiblocks so if the market prices Ripple at $3.31 that puts Raiblocks at $2482!!!! Either Ripple should CRASH hard and fast or Raiblocks is going to have a 100x price increase!! Where am I wrong??
Ulises Calvo (8 months ago)
l am new to this, but isn't Ripple designed for banks? so how can it be comparrd to Raiblocks that seems to be more mass consumer oriented?
Shannon Barnum (8 months ago)
hold hold hold
Nvr Mind (8 months ago)
Shannon Barnum HODL**
ecch_1000 (8 months ago)
if this gets on binance with the latest voting round, i hope i can buy some time to accumulate before it moons to ethereum or ripple levels. excited for the coming months!
Andy Cao (8 months ago)
XRP is centralized. XRP is a shit coin.
Herakles (8 months ago)
This made so many people rich, its insane. Its embarassing RIPPLE. How
Herakles (8 months ago)
Dude, where were all the expert Crypto channels on this one! Im so dissapointed, not ONE of my channels really broadcaseted it.
Dan Larsen (8 months ago)
Herakles Sorry to say but there's no Messiahs out there. Do your own research. I was scrubbing cryptomktcap, found XRB at 10, studied WP, signed up to Bitgrail (just dealt with the hassles), bought 100 shares, now hovering about 30 - HODL! Dull but that's one way to roll - just sayin...
FearTheBeardIG (8 months ago)
Red Pill Rage (8 months ago)
Honestly, who saw this coin coming back in May/June, when it sold for only a few pennies? I sure didn't. Had I invested a mere $100 in this coin, I would have over 60k today. This is exactly why we need an index fund for cryptocurrencies, because you never know which coin is going to skyrocket (or fail). Picking winners and losers is a sucker's game. I'm a perfect example of that-- I picked 43 cryptocurrencies, but not one of them had nearly the growth that Raiblocks had.
Red Pill Rage (8 months ago)
*+ ivo* The Crypto20 fund is a start, but it's not exactly what I'm looking for. What I want to see is a low-cost, comprehensive crypto index fund that invests in _all_ the available tokens, right down to the micro-caps. With such a fund, we'd get the average return of the crypto market in aggregate, which has handily beat my portfolio (without the hassle of having to store coins, etc.).
ivo (8 months ago)
crypto20.. here is your fund
Nick Trierweiler (8 months ago)
Ripple is centralized, and thus I will never own it. If I wanted to transact with fiat, I would use a bank.
Crypto Mustache (8 months ago)
What people seems not to understand is that btc is not just stupid proof of work. You need work to make something that cannot be clone just with software. Like this Railblocks go up, then new Railblock come cheaper same software. and the cycle never stop. A coin with no work will never work. IT is worthless, but it might be good for speculation for the time being.
Magic11 (8 months ago)
Stellar and Ripple are superfast, scalable, as well so what't the point? Limited supply? I dont see that as a real advantage. That's the only reason why the price of XRB skyrocketed.
Platincoin Officiel (8 months ago)
Little of us do not know DIMECOIN..you know gradual gains and will become a currency in the mouths of bigg investors this year. take the profit DIMECOIN now in exchange ( Cryptopia/Livecoin/CoinExchange/YoBit...)
Douglas D. (8 months ago)
Red Pulse, NEO plataform is good investment?
Block Chain (8 months ago)
Ripple is centralized just like bank. XRB is decentralized.
ilabash Currency (8 months ago)
$50 is very goodby Feb, $200 by Dec, I got it at $1.60 and it went bto $21 already
Jake Wiechman (8 months ago)
Wasn't familiar either with the exchanges it's offered on but made a quick decision to use Mercatox and it works pretty well. Don't need to get verified which is fast/easy, for a quick buy in.
F M (8 months ago)
www.binance.com/vote.html pls enter and vote to promote xrb on the binance...
Eric (8 months ago)
If you really want to see RaiBlocks/XRB grow then vote in the Binance competition to get the coin listed on the Binance exchange @ https://support.binance.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003705851
Rafael Abramov (8 months ago)
50b market cap = $376 per XRB 25b market cap = $188 10b market cap = $75
OAIRFLAREO (8 months ago)
https://discord.gg/QPfekdk great group of people to join for any kind of help and signals including pumps. 30k members
Pause AndListen (8 months ago)
I believe XRB has more potential and way less danger than Ripple. It's already at it's max supply while XRP's circ supply is only at 38% leaving >60% in the hands of banksters who could and probably will release a massive amount if not all onto the market suddenly, reducing the value by >60%. IMO, people who invest in Ripple are either ignorant of the fact that really, it's a centralized currency for all intent and purposes or they're simply ambivalent to the true purpose of crypto's to take the power out of the hands of the elite and give it to the people so they're willing to sell out this ideal for personal gain and in the end.....they will lose their shirts. If you play in sh*t, you'll end up smelling like sh*t! I wish every "individual" investor would/could dump ALL of their XRP simultaneously and screw the man and say "we ain't buy yo sh*t.....but Thanks for the money. Lol
Pause AndListen (8 months ago)
Does it bother you that there's 60% of the supply yet to be released? XLM has all the same features..just as fast, nearly zero fees and is a token from the Stellar organization (non-profit) as opposed to banks and XRB I believe is even faster. IMO, XRP is the fox(bankers) in the hen house and the unreleased 60% of the max supply is a troubling red flag. Ripple will grow because of new money entering the market without understanding the purpose of Satoshi's vision. FTB's
Cosmonauteable (8 months ago)
XRP is fine, the great thing about ripple is how (just by a little) more efficient it is when compared to current messaging financial protocols. The token itself ain't really worth shit and will probably never see adoption by banks, the ripple network however will. This said, XRB is a proper useful token with great p2p applications and has everything we would require philosophically and technologically from a crypto.
Lakeshow (8 months ago)
It's Ray-Blocks not Rye-Blocks
DAVID TRAN (8 months ago)
DAVID TRAN (8 months ago)
He gives a shit we're here to get that bread this isn't a spelling bee competition
Kurt Rustle (8 months ago)
It sounds much better when pronounced "rye"
Caio Matheus (8 months ago)
Italian pronounce, HIblocks
Scott Norris (8 months ago)
Can anybody help me? I already bought Bitcoin through Coinbase. I am trying to fund my Binance account and it is very hard to figure out!
Phillip Moyte (8 months ago)
Marsha Page (8 months ago)
Make sure you transfer to GDAX first to avoid the fees. I made that mistake once. Coinbase 》GDAX 》Binance.
Corey Barnes (8 months ago)
Hey Scott, there is a youtube video for eveything. Thats how I learned. Search How to Binance. When doing a transaction do a very small one for the first time - until you are comfortable with it.
Koolbol (8 months ago)
Scott Norris your welcome Scott, I know how frustrating the process of starting out can be without any help. Good luck on your investments!
Felix Lopez (8 months ago)
Scott Norris I’m using Binance for 20 days and I loge it so far, :)
The Fruit Addict Ⓥ (8 months ago)
Very low fees are better than no fees because low fees discourage denial of service attacks. See stellar lumens.
Jakub Filipovský (8 months ago)
U have to do a small POW to send RaiBlocks, that is what prevents them, the POW is so simple even a smart fridge can do it in in a few seconds, but is still prevent them.
MesaY0o (8 months ago)
BitGrail has done some shady shit today.. I really feel like uncertain on how secure my 20 xpb are😥
Abdullah Aktaş (8 months ago)
I/OCoin/BTC Gelin birlikte fırsat yaratalım. https://twitter.com/CemalAga7/status/947063324793065472
Shloeb (8 months ago)
Can you please check dragon chain ?
Abas Bin Fernas (8 months ago)
x10 is sure, but x12~25 its also in why not! Thankx for the Video.
Daxit Patel (8 months ago)
what is target price to sell xrb?
Daxit Patel (8 months ago)
okk thank you guys for amazing reply :)
Cosmonauteable (8 months ago)
50 / 100 / 200 / 1000 if things grow exponentially you can sell 5% or 10% at each step. I'm sure it has at least 100 value in it.
Lakeshow (8 months ago)
im not selling till 500
Tanweer Ahmed (8 months ago)
i am not against RaiBlocks but is there any product which actually exist or everything is on paper just like IOTA ?
Cosmonauteable (8 months ago)
The product is functional. The devs have issued bounties for code review for people to search for attacks so the code can be better and stronger (great dev team with great communication, nothing to hide). We now depend on two things: 1. Better exchanges (more accessibility for regular people) 2. Adoption from e-commerce and the sorts, it's a great p2p crypto, it is what BTC failed to become.
Josh Wright (8 months ago)
It's a fully working product. The downsides are that the current desktop wallet is very basic and a bit crappy (although the mobile wallet is coming) and the current exchanges it's on are quite bad (although more exchanges are starting to support it)
asdf (8 months ago)
Tanweer Ahmed No it is a working product already but the desktop wallet is very basic. Mobile wallets should come out in Jan
Sergio !! (8 months ago)
Maybe. Then is the right time to buy!!
Tanweer Ahmed (8 months ago)
wallet a working product ?
Mex ossai (8 months ago)
When using the desktop RAI wallet makesure you download the blocks on the wallet before sending your rai to the wallet. There is a simple tip on how to download the blocks on your computer it would save you time syncing the wallet to the blocks. I waited a long time to receive my blocks because the wallet takes forever to sync the entire rail block to your computer. You can sync for 10 mins or less and everything would be fine.
MLGReckz (8 months ago)
Sooooo ripple or raiblock
DeeP`-_PerspectivE (8 months ago)
rai ripple is shill jew coin, against the community
Joaquin H. (8 months ago)
Robert Sunderland (8 months ago)
I brought Raiblocks after seeing your first video. I used Bitgrail. The site sux. You can only buy Raiblocks with Bitcoin. So i brought at $10.00 , went to bed at $17.00 , i woke up in the morning it was plummeting. So i sold out at $12.00.... Not so easy, because Bitgrail wouldnt send me a confirmation withdrawal email. Hours later and 4th attempt i finally got it withdrawn... mean while bitcoin had dropped from $14'500. To $13,000.... I think Raiblocks like you said is good, but bitgrail sux. No USD option to put your money into a holding zone. My Prediction with or without tech analysis is Ripple. Bitcoin is far too slow and ridiculous exchange fees. Bitcoin is dead.
Steve Craine (8 months ago)
Never use your Bitcoin to transfer to somewhere though, it costs so much in fees! Send ETH to the exchange you want then exchange ETH for BTC (best method for Bitgrail).
Parker (8 months ago)
First rule of crypto: don't panic sell. When the price drops, that's when you buy more.
Corey Barnes (8 months ago)
Robert, I never trade with bitcoin. They do have a pairing with ETH
Bayern Munich (8 months ago)
You should of never Sold its already $22.
Pilek01 (8 months ago)
Robert Sunderland watch out with ripple. It has been pumped yesterday by market manipulation its all on reddit how the did it and its the coin of Banks and banksters. Today its 20 down. Who reads reddit knew This would happen, i expect ripple to be $1.5 soon, but in a year it might be $4 - $5. Stellar is good i want to buy on a dip and sell in 6 weeks. This is my opiniom, dont fomo because of me.
Timothy Hall (8 months ago)
Icx price prediction please????!!!!
Yodings (8 months ago)
I 3xd my money and kicked this shit to the gutter until it gets to poloniex... Everyone else shud too
Alex Yi (8 months ago)
Great analysis. RaiBlocks is definitely a rank #1 deserving coin. Decentralized, zero fees, near instant transaction confirmation and super high scalability (many times faster than Ripple) and more importantly open, decentralized, community driven unlike centralized Ripple.
Alex Yi (8 months ago)
Good things come in tough ways. :) If it was easy enough to get it, it would already be many-times over it's current value. That aside, I think the team is working with several exchanges and some launching in the coming few weeks. The RaiBlocks technology (DAG based block-lattice blockchain) is different than other cryptocurrencies so it takes a bit more effort for exchanges to add RaiBlocks compared to adding ERC20 tokens that simply use the ethereum blockchain.
Victor K (8 months ago)
it's on terribles exchanges.
Unbelievable Facts (8 months ago)
Can you do a video about your perspective on the crypto bubble, and your predictions for when it will happen? My own thought is that if we hit 800-900b market cap too quickly, the crash will be around then, but I want to hear an experts opinion!
Chris Rust (8 months ago)
Sorry I missed it.... what is the price prediction ?
Chris Rust (8 months ago)
Thank you.
cb0011 (8 months ago)
Chris Rust The price would be around $370 with $50B market cap.
Bob's Garage (8 months ago)
What wallet would you use for RAI?
Rickrulezzz (8 months ago)
Don't use the desktop wallet, its actually complete shit. Use raiwallet instead! Easy and fast:)
Javier Cruz (8 months ago)
Mex ossai could you link me to downloading the database for faster syncing?
Mex ossai (8 months ago)
When using the desktop RAI wallet makesure you download the blocks on the wallet before sending your rai to the wallet. There is a simple tip on how to download the blocks on your computer it would save you time syncing the wallet to the blocks
Justin Murphy (8 months ago)
You can down load the wallet from the Raiblock website for windows and other operating systems.
MrKurtn (8 months ago)
Killer Camaro have to use raiwallet.
Chris Rust (8 months ago)
Why has NXT been totaly crushed...is it good to get in now ?
asdf (8 months ago)
Chris Rust Because it's getting replaced by ignis. People who held nxt got the new coins. So now is not a good time to get in
Chris Rust (8 months ago)
I got 40 times as much BTC as Rablock...am I a fool?
Bri I (8 months ago)
Coinmarketcap shows Raiblocks at $20 already.
noynac527 (8 months ago)
Good question. You have to wonder how high will BTC really grow with it's only claim being first to market and a "store of value". I believe the blockchain will force you to bring useable value or the people just won't us it. Right now we need BTC and ETH to buy ALts. When does that chnage? The math tells me I am way better off holding a good share of the coins on this forum. In my guestimation the upside is much higher outside of BTC. But just my opinion.
SHAWN LAKHANI (8 months ago)
Sorry, BitGrail has it so i will try. Thanks.
SHAWN LAKHANI (8 months ago)
#XRB, only Huobi has it and they r not letting me register in the US ? How did u get the account ?
asdf (8 months ago)
SHAWN LAKHANI Get it at Bitgrail
Raghu Gollapudi (8 months ago)
Can you add this video in daily crypto currency analysis
adam adam (8 months ago)
could you please check whale coin and send thanks
Ricky Tershak (8 months ago)
Sorry but I would love to believe what raiblocks has to offer but I cannot. After reading its short white paper I am not convinced it can provide a scalable solution to payments. There is no evidence to show how raiblocks can deliver thousands of tax/s for free. What am I missing and where can I find this info. Can anyone link me somewhere that explicitly explains how they are doing this not what their goals are or what it should do. Thanks for the video though. Love watching!
Rodrigo Brandão (8 months ago)
I'm in in XRB but I have the same doubt
gavinwizard (8 months ago)
it does it using masternodes, currently there is no incentive to setup a masternode which is the main issue with raiblocks, but most people are setting them up for them good of the community and to avail of free transactions as opposed to constantly paying fees for coins such as BTC or LTC, in the long run setting up a node will save u a lot of money in comparison to fees
Cryptical Details (8 months ago)
Embercoin trading is live! Going up fast
Justin Murphy (8 months ago)
I think your analysis it TOTALLY on the mark!!! Amazing tech. It will blow straight past Litecoin & Bitcoin Cash. Keep up the fantastic analysis.
sonnyWEIYE (8 months ago)
150$ end of 2018
DAVID TRAN (8 months ago)
vCoSx nah bro that waaaaay too low.. 500 thousand one trillion hundred dollars for each each raiblock
DAVID TRAN (8 months ago)
Nesimi Kilic bro you only said $3000 because another YouTube said the same shit. How lame
Nesimi Kilic (8 months ago)
2018 february 100$ september 1000$ december 3000$
DAVID TRAN (8 months ago)
That's for one raiblock not just MC
DAVID TRAN (8 months ago)
mrzack888 one hundred billion dollars
Navraj Singh (8 months ago)
Nice.. what about digibyte... ??
Navraj Singh (8 months ago)
Chuck Adams .... no pump man.. this is not a new project.. he has been working on it for years now.. anyways you got your opinon i got mine.. lets wait and hodl....
Navraj Singh (8 months ago)
Chuck Adams .. check this out.. https://youtu.be/dPJF8dl4xYk Doesnt seems garbage .. better than most ..
Please do ICX review;)
Nvr Mind (8 months ago)
Yessss I would like to hear your opinion here
Felix Lopez (8 months ago)
me too!
SBash loco (8 months ago)
Me 2
Chris Smith (8 months ago)
would also like to see ICX

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