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Pew Research XRP coin offers “on-demand liquidity” BIG savings, Top Cryptocurrency Websites

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Ripple Causes Waves Following Successful xRapid Trial The Ripple naysayers may be forced to eat their words following a successful trial of the company’s highly touted xRapid technology. After partnering with financial institutions such as Viamericas and Mercury FX, Ripple was able to prove that its XRP coin can facilitate faster and more cost effective cross-border payments in an efficient way. Using the xRapid platform, businesses were able to send money from country to country in less time than conventional methods. https://thebitcoinnews.com/ripple-causes-waves-following-successful-xrapid-trial/ Pew Global Remittance http://www.pewglobal.org/interactives/remittance-map/ Top Cryptocurrency Websites for June per Alexa https://dailyhodl.com/2018/07/10/bitcoin-ethereum-ripple-eos-tron-and-monero-have-the-most-popular-websites-in-crypto/ Good Japanese Site for Ripple XRP Videos http://ymca.xsrv.jp/?p=1659 Ouendan - Japanese male cheerleaders https://youtu.be/gwXmO-hlFug
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Sambhaji Zute (3 days ago)
Hi madam, I am Sambhaji from India, I get so much knowledge from your videos. As I am a visually challenged completely, sometime it becomes difficult to access real information, but since I started listening to you and dm phylosophy I think I have become little mature in the crypto and I also became xrp lover. I am a little unfortunet that I entered crypto in the last bullrun at the last stage with no knowledge and I lost one third amount of 1000 dollars, intraday trading also I tried and lost some more. Since I started listening some great people like you, I understood we should hold for better gains and not to consider fud in the market. Now I shifted everything to xrp since now I remained smaller investor with do not mind telling 850 xrps and now I strongly decided to hold up to minimum 120 dollars per xrp and fulfill dream of my own home. I know that in this no information for anyone and no use of this story, I am just conveying to share that you and people like dm phylosophy and digital asset investor and some more are doing great work of educating people. However I do not give anything to anyone of you just more than a like button. Would love to listen that you have red it, all the best, bye, thanks.
check joe (2 months ago)
this said jese lund ibm chef of blockchain on reddit : This means that banks who don't like XRP or XLM or other cryptos (and most do not) will have the opportunity to utilize digital tokens from issuers who they determine to trust. IBM is actively working with commercial banks and central banks around the world to issue these tokens now, and we are making tremendous progress. Stellar will be the place within the IBM Blockchain Platform where these assets live, because they must live on a publicly accessible network to be truly useful and universally transferable, which is further facilitated by the distributed asset exchange and order book that exists within the Stellar network, which means as more assets become available on the Stellar network (whether issued through IBM's token management system or otherwise), entirely new forms of primary and secondary markets will begin to emerge. This is the really exciting set of use cases that we'll tackle next for financial services, but for now, we had to start with cash and FX.
Mark James (2 months ago)
Hi Eri, thanks for another great insight from your part of the world. I thought you may find this video I came across quite interesting. Thanks 👍 https://youtu.be/_HgheuSDHm4
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
Yes! I watched it just after he uploaded. I follow! Thank you so much. eri-
Adrian Mann (2 months ago)
Hi, I asked the following on Reddit but didn't get a good response. Can you tell me specifically, is there any evidence "on the ground" in Japan for promotional material or evidence of a campaign to promote the launch of the SBI virtual currency exchange to the greater public in July? Are there any TV or radio advertisements, email campaigns, posters in ........ banks etc.? If you walk into an SBI bank is the opening of this exchange being promoted (Do SBI have banks)? Also, can you confirm that you are signed up or not and have received your "postcard"? Thanks.
Adrian Mann (2 months ago)
That would be fantastic if you could go out on the streets and photograph or record images of billboards or posters and show TV ads when they happen. Thanks very much.
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
As of right now, only the SBI FX trade site is being promoted (not VC Trade). I'm sure they have a campaign planned, but nothing on the web, TV, billboards or print yet. When I see it, I'll be sure to show everyone. Sorry Adiran, I don't know about a postcard. eri-
CAMBO W (2 months ago)
Similar Eri, the HAKA that the ALL BLACKS perform is a traditional way of challenging your opponent before battle, interesting fact, the New Zealand National rugby side the ALL BLACKS are the most winningest team in history, cheers for the valuable info you provide Eri, until next time, hei kona ra (goodbye)
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
I just love that Haka. Just love it.
Charles Michael (2 months ago)
DogeToshi BakaMoto (2 months ago)
DogeToshi BakaMoto (2 months ago)
crypto Eri :)
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
You make me laugh. eri-
Tim D (2 months ago)
That reminded me of the YMCA song/dance.
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
Adam Mortimer (2 months ago)
How do you make your webcam circle what software u use.and I love your information on crypto news.your my no 1 goto channel. Greetings from United kingdom
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
That is a recording software called LOOM. :)
ForeignDinero (2 months ago)
Keep it coming #Thanks
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
Will do my best. Thank you!
Paul K (2 months ago)
I love your voice.
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
I'm happy to hear that, because listening to myself is not so easy! ha ha ha.
Tony Sambucci (2 months ago)
Thanks Eri. Love your information, enthusiasm and upbeat attitude x
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
Thank you Tony. Take Care! eri-
kingblue_xrp (2 months ago)
Very informative thank you Eri
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
Kingblue! Thank you very much.
Colette McDonald (2 months ago)
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
Colette McDonald - yes. Just read from twitter. I’m very interested in this.
Jeroen schut (2 months ago)
love cryptopanic! use it everyday. love your video too! keepitup!
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
Jeroen schut - glad you already found it!
Ryan Robinson (2 months ago)
I pray every one here understands how huge Pew Researchers are. Their facts are held up in a court of law !
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
Ryan Robinson - valuable comment. Thank you.
Hey crypto Eri, I have something important to ask you, it's a great opportunity surrounding xrpcommunity. Can you please DM me @shawnschaeffe10. Thank you. I promise it's not a scam
Daniel Alexandre (2 months ago)
Arigatou gozaimasu!
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
Daniel Alexandre - you’re so welcome. どういたました。
Santiago Velez (2 months ago)
The cost savings amount to around 5% of volume, which may not sound like much but could be a companies entire yearly growth/profit. Let's not forget that the real gem is in unlocking the NOSTRO/VOSTRO capital for investment and crediting the stress tests required by regulators.
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
Santiago Velez - you are so right.
Billy Cooper (2 months ago)
U are just awesome
Billy Cooper (2 months ago)
crypto Eri u Susie,digital investor,ckj,jungle inc,coob, all should be working for ripple xrp
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
Billy Cooper - just love Crypto. As much or maybe a bit more than when I was in the early days of the Internet in 1997. That’s when I jumped into the world of IT.
Alpha 65 (2 months ago)
Thanks a lot for such good information. How do you find the time to make all these videos ? Is this your job ?
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
Alpha 65 - I have many obligations here. Clients which requires travel, a small business and 4cats! Ha! I have no idea how long I can keep this up. There is a strong support from very kind people, so it keeps me going.
Free American Spirit (2 months ago)
"Ripple causes waves" that's funny. Pew research is big that is a great testimonial for XRP. The may sayers need to get some of that XRP pie!!!!
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
You made me laugh.
Free American Spirit (2 months ago)
crypto Eri I'm humble, after all I'm willing to share my pie with them :)
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
Free American Spirit - yes. XRPers should remember however to be humble. Not every coin will have the same success.
Dave Stegen (2 months ago)
Thanks for showing the pew website, verry interesting! Good info as always! 👍
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
Dave Stegen - I love playing with those pulldown menu’s a seeing how much and where money moves in the world!
DrCrazyAzz (2 months ago)
Love Japan, if XRP is ever a part of the global financial future we know who to thank
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
DrCrazyAzz - the future is now. XRP will continue to grow.
Ezequiel Berlanga (2 months ago)
Great video.... going to check out those new websites; have a Fabulous afternoon Eddy
Ezequiel Berlanga (2 months ago)
crypto Eri so true but the a tempt was a good one, at least we know which works best for now. I wonder if voice recorders ie note buddy, mixnote or voice recorder can do transactions? Have a great day 🖖🤓✌
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
Ezequiel Berlanga - wish I had found a good voice translation app, but alas, technology still needs to improve.
sumreal guy (2 months ago)
Awesome updates appreciate your work Thank you for your time
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
sumreal guy - happy you feel it’s valuable for you.
Rob_Cash (2 months ago)
Thanks as usual Eri..! I always look forward to hearing some essential XRP news from your channel😎
Rob_Cash (2 months ago)
crypto Eri Thanks for the positive energy as always but, I've made XRP the primary digital asset in my portfolio now!(still bullish on LTC)😎
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
moor1075 thank you. May litecoin rise up into the clouds as well. There is room on the moon!
WorldPeaceMaker2000 (2 months ago)
Very soon you will have 100,000 subscribers..👍
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
WorldPeaceMaker2000 - I’ll send you a bottle of sparkle! Thank you for your support.
John Smith (2 months ago)
Thanks again Eri , I love your posts because not only are they extremely informative , but I always leave with a smile. So thank you so much again , and may the blue bird of happiness always ride on your shoulder. Cheers John
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
John Smith - I thank you very much. Eri-
David Henderson (2 months ago)
The Hakka is actually showing respect to the opponent
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
David Henderson - absolutely.
Paul Jones (2 months ago)
🇬🇧 Thank you Eri 🇬🇧
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
Paul Jones - you are welcome!
Ka Magloire (2 months ago)
Linda Mccloskey (2 months ago)
As always terrific info Thankyou
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
Thank you! eri-
Rich (2 months ago)
There is NO similarity with the Haka - the Haka is a traditional challenge, centuries old - in no way the same movements at all (from a kiwi)
Rich (2 months ago)
I respect your respect :)
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
I hear you Rich, and I totally see your point. For me, the strong gestures in Oendan sometimes remind me of Haka. That's all. Respect. (Osu). eri-
TechnoBeehive (2 months ago)
Hey Eri, just curious, do you have an investment strategy for XRP? Like do you dollar cost average for example?
TechnoBeehive (2 months ago)
No worries, wasn't looking for advice, was just curious as to what you do.
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
Sorry, I'm not the one to ask for investment advice. Maybe someone in the group of subscribers will give you some feedback on that question. Thank you very much however for asking. eri-
Sanford Watanabe (2 months ago)
Hey! Hey! Hey! Eri =)
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
yo yo yo!
Craig Smith (2 months ago)
Wow! You have the best sources! Hands down. Americans will follow your lead.
Middle Way (2 months ago)
Great episode!!! Hanging in... More like, I don't want to leave so soon!! Keep up the great work!
are_u_inspired_yet? (2 months ago)
XRP went up 5cents. AAAAAAAAND its gone!
crypto Eri (2 months ago)
Pepe Ciccia (2 months ago)
Hi C/Eri👏👏

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