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Looking at the crypto currency markets for trading BTC and LTC etc. This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Binance and Kucoin. The stream specifically focuses on if bitcoin is going up to 20k again in 2018 and if we will be seeing a crypto currency market recovery this year. Things like the lightning network have provided huge improvements for BTC and while it is true that others like Roger Ver with Bitcoin Cash (bcash) may disagree, I do see these blockchain technology innovations to be very bullish fundamental signs for the space. https://t.me/cryptomafiagold Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sami_loyal TradingView (where I chart BTC): https://tradingview.go2cloud.org/aff_c?offer_id=2&aff_id=11710 Bitmex (for a lifetime discount on fees): https://www.bitmex.com/register/sk75q7 Binance (where I trade altcoins): https://www.binance.com/?ref=10805181 NOTE: NOTHING YOU SEE/HEAR/CONSUME IN MY CONTENT IS INVESTMENT/FINANCIAL ADVICE NOR SHOULD IT BE CONSTRUED AS SUCH. ALWAYS ACT ON YOUR OWN DECISIONS AND DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.
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Text Comments (96)
Martins Clinton (8 days ago)
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chris claim (8 days ago)
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Banana Bandana (9 days ago)
Well the patterns really don't mean anything definitive. Just people who look at charts all day trying to find a trick or trade to predict the future. Really nobody knows And we all know bots are trading and manipulating the market like anything else. For all we know the trends are manipulated too.
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Health Wellness (10 days ago)
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Saeid rock (10 days ago)
u smoke wen you broadcast your video wtf every few minutes u take a hit can't u just hold it
karren vee (11 days ago)
are you starter in cryptocurrency ?? Mr BTCKYLE does the whole job for me,he is the best as for now
heline kap (11 days ago)
his dedication and patience for starters is incredible, GOOD man right there
mark kally (11 days ago)
can i invest in any other crypto except from bitcoin, i can start 12 ehteruem just in my wallet
tammy philips (11 days ago)
up to 9BTC in wallet now started with just 0.6BTC,his miner is definitely the fastest I have worked with so far
Broyka (11 days ago)
his miner is already installed in my wallet so I am starting tomorrow, excited to work with him
karren vee (11 days ago)
Han Sagan (11 days ago)
Reverse H&S forming to blast through cloud
FINAL FRAME (12 days ago)
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Adam Frederick (12 days ago)
@forflies Thanks so much for this video brother. Because of you I tethered my ada position when btc was at 6600. You saved me from losing a few grand. I was planning on re-entering the market if it broke above 6850 like you suggested. Will sign up to your signals. Cheers.
BitUnits Token (12 days ago)
check out this ASIC miner boys. https://news.bitcoin.com/japans-gmo-launches-upgraded-7nm-bitcoin-miner/
Kevin Kapitein (12 days ago)
Let# all invest 1000 USD and we’ll Rise to the moon
Isaac Kendall (11 days ago)
Kevin Kapitein do you know anything about 1% daily trading profit
Mozzus (12 days ago)
hi man , where do u do BTC margin trades ? what exchange ?
Mozzus (11 days ago)
Andreas Eggen (11 days ago)
Mozzus bitmex
Arthur de Vrome (12 days ago)
Looks like a bear flag I add some bitcoin at $3000
Dawud Shah (12 days ago)
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Paul Faulkner (12 days ago)
another insane video, mate. thanks
sof anand (13 days ago)
is this the bigining of moon?
Bullshit Detector (13 days ago)
Amazing TA, very much appreciated . Keep up the good work and please just ignore the negativities and ignorant people. God Bless you Brother <3
Tony Regalado (13 days ago)
Small bounce before we go lower.. Save your fiat for sub 5k.
esther obileye (13 days ago)
Great video,I like the emphasis given, I.had so many bad experiences trying to increase my Bitcoin while the market was at 13k USD in January, i was getting tired of holding and and selling, one day I watched a video and *BITCOIN* *BEN* made recommendations of trading with *ROBERT* *WELLS* STRATEGY *, so I reached out to him and he gave me the best tips to excel in the world of Crypto. Now I don’t just Hodl, I make more Gains, after 5months I can Boast of increasing my Portfolio from *7Btc* to *39Btc*, all Thanks to Robert’s Almighty Formular for Trading, Y'all can reach out to him through His *TELEGRAM* *+1(631)620-6929*, *HANGOUTS* and *Skype/Mail * *([email protected])*
Qhute Teo III (13 days ago)
He turned my crumbs to loaves
Timothy Jay Tee (13 days ago)
Robb is like Bitcoin Jesus, came to save so many..
TyPe SyNerGy (13 days ago)
FIFA game lmao 19:37
Ken Semotiuk (13 days ago)
Bitcoin sideways and down!
Dylan Bilson (13 days ago)
Made great money with ZRX this weekend!!! I think "ADA" Cardano will be a big winner this week if bitcoin continues the rise! Im thinking Cardano will get near .30 cents by Friday!!! Love your videos tho man! I took a chance on your reversal prediction and it paid off. so far your 1-0 in my book!
Shines Heavens (13 days ago)
New Russian military research lab started Next stop 50k.. This gonna cross ATH
50 Satoshi (13 days ago)
Following you for a few days now. Great content. In my opinion one of the best out there. Thanks for your effort!!
Anton Emil (13 days ago)
As 16 years old, I think you are the youngest and the most professional crypto analyst I've ever discovered. I'm learning so much from your videos. Keep up the good job young man, cheers from 21 years old man :D
Boom Shakalala (13 days ago)
There's still 1 more massive dump incomming maybe 3-4k . When you set up everything just do the opposite and you will win . If not who will lose ? And who you take money from ? . Whale always 1 step ahead people , when you think it safe to get in , that will be the last time you feel safe .
P P (13 days ago)
Lol grow a pair its self is a signal
P P (13 days ago)
How much is vip
P P (13 days ago)
Grow a pair
big Zulu (13 days ago)
i just feel we havent reached the capitulation phase just gut instinct ,now bitcoin going to 3 to 4k thats a good capitulation then from there moonshot
TRILLIONAIRE (13 days ago)
Wait so your doing this YouTube channel as solely an informational piece and not trying to possibly gain members to your VIP group? So if someone comments feeling that your flip flopping back and forth which does yoyo sentiment in an industry not quite familiar by nearly all the folks who tune in to listen to your informational videos they are negative because of that? I've been in this industry since November 2017 and I can't tell you the countless YouTubers who are really to blame for folks entering this market (not the mainstream media) as they like to blame no YouTubers. They do flip flop back and forth because they don't really know but they are trying either to get members for their private groups or add more value to their sponsored ico's, or get referral credit from things they are promoting. I think it's totally disingenuous for you to say someone can't make up their mind so that's why they come to your channel, if I'm not mistaken you want people to come to your channel because hopefully you can influence them to me some kind of decision. Accept constructive criticism too many YouTubers don't and then they get upset when subscribers have something to say. You may say your not an expert but almost all YouTubers in this space give a sense they know what is going on and they know what they are talking about so the distinction is very minimal, only the fact of telling folks"I'm not a financial advisor" is the grey area response . If your honest with why you started this YouTube channel and what your ultimate goal is then you'll see it warrants people occasionally questioning what your saying, it goes with the territory.
Brian E. (13 days ago)
It’s amazing how many people are panic buying right now...... we have no confirmation of a trend reversal on the higher time frames... when the general public and retail traders think the bottom is in , it usually means it’s not ....... when this rising wedge breaks it’s gonna waterfall the same way it did from 7500 to 6500
Brian E. (12 days ago)
Grass Hopper lol
Grass Hopper (13 days ago)
Brian E. Why not buy now. All these you tubers are saying $50k Bitcoin EOY so you can't lose😀😀😀
Jp Highbaugh (13 days ago)
real deal Holyfield
Sweta Shrestha (13 days ago)
I need your VIP link please. Thanks for your hard work.
Forflies (9 days ago)
Sweta Shrestha Email me on [email protected]
Jackal 007 (13 days ago)
What we can gather is that technical analysis is out the door we in the Wild Wild West and will be some time before a chart can predict the future price. But all charts tell the past...
funeralpyre88 (13 days ago)
it looks like butt action, sure i'll buy lots of prostitutes when btc goes up xD
Forflies (13 days ago)
funeralpyre88 lmao typo makes it perfect
kev Waltham (13 days ago)
Please could you look into zip v big in China. Also ETC and BCD. Please
Jay Copper (13 days ago)
Didn't hear you mention anything about the opening of Coinbase custody for institutional investors. This is pretty big news and could see billions of dollars that have been sitting on the sidelines enter the market.
Forflies (13 days ago)
Jay Copper ah haven't hheard of the new news
Jay Copper (13 days ago)
umm no, it opened today. the news of it from 7 months ago doesn't really apply here.
Forflies (13 days ago)
This news is 7 months old.
Andrew Jones (13 days ago)
Altcoins have been exploding the last 2 days
Jeff Harbaugh (13 days ago)
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kev Waltham (13 days ago)
Jeff Harbaugh get some olive trees
jonathan mccoy (13 days ago)
You telling people to grow a pair is the best advice on this channel so far
Tip Top (13 days ago)
since you know he is spamming the comment section seems like you don't have much of a life either. :\
Robin Vossen (13 days ago)
Maybe you can get a fucking life and stop spamming his comment section?
Forflies (13 days ago)
jonathan mccoy lol it had to be said
jay N (13 days ago)
I heard somewhere that exchanges cannot pay out short interest if this thing goes down so they had to discourage the shorts . I mean I I longed 100k contracts and this thing doubles I make like 20 bitcoins or so not sure the math . But shorting 100k contracts and this things goes to like 1k then they owe me 100 bitcoins or so I believe
jay N (13 days ago)
If I longed *
Rabie Alkamouchi (13 days ago)
I lost 280 doller men I have sel bitcoin on 6400 go back in 6600 it whil moon coinbase news million s of dollars to com onle hold and buy more if I have fiat no treding anny more onle lost mony
James Scott (12 days ago)
Rabie Alkamouchi I'm so sorry for your loss but if you are willing to recovered all your loss I would advice you to contact Mrs Melissa who alone can help you to recover your loss.... [email protected]
Tip Top (13 days ago)
hopefully santa brings gifts.. god knows I could use some haha
Tip Top (13 days ago)
sucks to suck
Robin Vossen (13 days ago)
It's called wrecked you mean? ;)
Dave * (13 days ago)
HODL till santa returns
Craig Neeve (13 days ago)
we will go to 7700 USD and most likely crash again, but this market for next two weeks should be good
YouOnly LiveOnce (13 days ago)
What do you think? Is 50000usd still possible by the end of year?
Han Sagan (11 days ago)
This is crypto. It will always go higher and lower than anybody thinks. Remember the 9k bullbottom? Remember how crazy 10k sounded last year at 3600 or even 6k?
Anucha SeoDml (12 days ago)
Nope. No volume. Last December we had people all over the world went crazy on crypto. And this year, those people are gone. It doesn't make sense to go as high, and higher? Impossible.
Jason Graham (12 days ago)
These predictions are just repeating.....
Mozzus (13 days ago)
u can predict the direction u cant predict the magnitude , + markets can go beyond what can u imagine and vice versa
Andre v d ende (13 days ago)
1000usd is also possible,nobody knows.
Hum Shak (13 days ago)
Can your charts explain how Japan lost?
P P (13 days ago)
Swollen ball ⚽️ bags

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