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Cryptocurrency Calendar - Tool for Pump Predictions

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Website: http://coinmarketcal.com/ This is a website that tracks all of the upcoming events for cryptocurrencies. It is evidence based and community driven - people create and vote on the events so you know the information is correct. It is a good website to track any potential crypto price increases based on the hype surrounding the events. Follow me on social media: https://twitter.com/Crypto0Coins https://www.facebook.com/crypt0coins/ https://steemit.com/@dmae And keep in mind all of this is my personal opinion and is not a financial advice! :) Support my channel by subscribing or donating: ETH and ERC20: 0xFF8536eDDaD144A0005Cd6f34999A11a9A871DdF BTC: 13NH8wF6NwDsrXCJZo5XzXfE4zGAGsUgPF LTC: LawVWy6BPAiv8BC7QwqmzroLE5QTP3npzK ETC: 0x19f7359510b1ee73a4552b2b2652fe0b32e35a0a NEO: AHwKiZrUbdZX5pLkixqUHvpKE1js5t8mZ8 DASH: Xrya3sVGzhARZuY6g9zHg3FLB5rCtLMtEy ZEC: t1VG9gvMAhhVMHSQbwmARwUZCxYTBxWEP2a IOTA: GFTRIVHYSSJDSGHIQOWCVQNSRFFISNMLEOSFHFNKQTBDE9FSTSLAHXODAZNIXFOEHMF9PTIORAWZXXBWDSEJJRUYBLZ8
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Text Comments (25)
Hadder Mohammed (5 months ago)
thank you so much good man
HOT HIT (6 months ago)
this website coinmarketcal is a TOTAL SCAM , full of FAKE INFO, strange for a EVIDENCE-BASED  called, DO NOT TRUST its a SCAM
Fin O'Suilleabhain (7 months ago)
Surely product announcements also worth mentioning as a factor?
Лисичка Рыжих (10 months ago)
One more cryptocurrency calendar https://coindar.org
Crypto Satto (10 months ago)
Hi.. i just started a new channel about crypto passive income. will appreciate if you could subscribe/like my channel :D
Paddyslippers (10 months ago)
Your videos are awesome man. I follow other channels but yours is the number one! Thank you
ahoora mardani (10 months ago)
hello again please take a look at QASH project (ICO) thats another project from quoinex ceo kariya kayamori it seems very promising but why some people say QUOINEX is a scam ?!? thanks buddy
ahoora mardani (10 months ago)
you are my man thanks again buddy
crypto Poto (10 months ago)
By far the most genuine and useful channel about crypto. Good job carry on
Tomislav Džepina (10 months ago)
great video and great site. thank you for your effort.
leola kent (5 months ago)
Great video and info
TheOne AndOnly (10 months ago)
Man Red Pulse on KuCoin 28th of October will affect KuCoin right? As more volume will be coming in.
Crypto Coins (10 months ago)
Should do.
Nader Qarini (10 months ago)
❤❤❤❤ amazing 👌
Kapil Bajaj (10 months ago)
ibrahim kose (10 months ago)
Hello , thank you for your efforts :)
Ray K (10 months ago)
Yes, useful tool. 1HHaCy3X4zJgbtXTTgubfCtpvfgVspryca
Mr. C (10 months ago)
Great video! Thank You! :)
Bill Tippett (10 months ago)
One strategy I've seen is to sell enough coins to cover your initial investment (or maybe +XX%) on price spikes and then keep the remainder which are 100% profit no matter what happens to price later. Of course if we knew the future we would all sell everything at the absolute peaks! xD
marian dorin (10 months ago)
great information
Rishi Gangwani (10 months ago)
great resource. WTC looking good.
LittlePaws (10 months ago)
Hi crypto coins, great vids as always! sorry forgot your name. Can anyone clarify this?🤔 The segwit 2x fork is coming up in November, does that mean Bitcoin holders get free Bitcoin again, just like bitcoin cash and Bitcoin gold? Asking around cause no one can give a straight answer on this. I emailed coinbase to ask but they are as slow as snails to reply back🐌
LittlePaws (10 months ago)
Crypto Coins Thsnkyou☺ Also..... Is there a strong potential for the original Bitcoin price and bitcoin itself to collapse in price, literally, like to couple hundred dollars or be ripped apart (so to speak) because of the segwit 2x happening? When cash and gold came out i wasn't that phased but I feel like I wanna cash out b4 the fork if the potential is on the high side of Bitcoin being rocked at it's core. Can you please respond or include these details in your vid? Am I being a bit ott😕😓 I remember there were a few stockmarket crashes, so if there ate hints on bitcoin heading for a maybe crash or storm I wanna know😓
Crypto Coins (10 months ago)
Hey, I think the reason because noone can answer is because the details are all fuzzy. I will try to investigate and possibly make a video :)
Sadik Bittar (10 months ago)
Thanks for sharing man, really needed calendar in this domain 👍🏼 Why don’t you make a group for discussing certain upcoming hot events and capitalize on them ;)
Crypto Coins (10 months ago)
I love you all <3

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