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Setup Profit Trailer on a VPS Server

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Text Comments (129)
Sunday Nambea (4 months ago)
Can someone tell me his or her experience with the software. Does it work even if mylaptop is shut down?
gentlebehn (5 months ago)
Can u send me a link to team viewer
Dominus Sylvestris (5 months ago)
Angus Pontin (5 months ago)
yo I need some help with setting up PT on the Raspberry PI, I'm following the instructions on the wiki but stuck at the first step which is successfully installing RASPBIAN STRETCH WITH DESKTOP. Im using this program called Etcher which the wiki recommends and I've flashed the sd card with the zip file for RASPBIAN. Problem is my sd cards storage space goes from 31 gigabytes to 42 megabytes when the file is less than 5 gig, so theres no storage left for the other files. Anyone know the problem here? was thinking I might need to download the torrent file instead of the zip?
P B (6 months ago)
Excitement is not that profitable if you wanna go allin!
Thomas Stockton (6 months ago)
I did exactly as mentioned but the PT files would not copy over to my VPS when I drag them over. Any suggestions?
backpackcrpt (6 months ago)
hi! when i drag the folder doesnt happen anything
Tim Wilson (6 months ago)
Have been watching your YouTube channel for some time and downloaded and installed Virmach and have it running. Question, you say to just drag and drop folders to the server desktop, why can't I transfer PT file from my files to Virmach VPS, I tried copying and pasting and drag and drop, both don't work?? Any suggestions Jason?
kabutar lal (6 months ago)
Virmach sold out, any other better VPS feedback from any one ? please?
Craig Owens (7 months ago)
Thanks that was really easy, I just setup mine up through Virmach also. I used Dropbox to move files over just because I am used to it, it worked great.
Sassan Bahramirad (7 months ago)
Can I purchase the SSD512 512MB RAM one?
bagariddum (6 months ago)
i think the RAM needs to be 2Gb. See the profit trailer wiki doc for confirmation. cheers
GoodForBusiness (7 months ago)
Is Vermach VPS for Macs?
Little John (7 months ago)
Hello Crow, I accidentally got windows 2012 on my vps should I ask them to change this before installing my PT bot?
Rok Sivante (7 months ago)
so to clarify: one needs to either have their computer running 24/7 to keep the Profit Trailer bot active OR run it off a VPS?
Jürgen Niklaus (7 months ago)
Did you ever think about running PT from a raspberry PI3?
S E (7 months ago)
Hey Jason your videos are really helping me thanks a lot! I have one doubt about this If im from Argentina, would it mind that the VPS i hire is on the USA (virmach) for PT + Pfeeder Or i should find a vps near my location? I would prefer USA because its hell cheaper Thanks in advance Keep it up
kenny sharp (7 months ago)
Future Money Show (7 months ago)
VIRMACH is sold out for $7, $10 and $20 monthly options. Any other suggestions?
Eternal Being33 (7 months ago)
Jahmaal Benford (7 months ago)
what does team viewer do? do we need it?
bagariddum (6 months ago)
remote access to the (VPS) server you are renting.
Nate Harris (7 months ago)
Hey, Virmach is all sold out now. any suggestions on another VPS?
Birdy Coins (7 months ago)
Please Crypto Crow help!! Virmach VPS is compleet sold out! What to do now. I like follow your instruction video's.
Eien Rozen (7 months ago)
Are you using Windows server 2012 or 2016?
Jürgen Niklaus (7 months ago)
Hi, if you first install your PT on a notebook, cann you later switch it to a VPS or to a raspberry without losing any lisence or your acounts or ammounts? Does that make any problems?
thekirk (7 months ago)
Great videos thanks for the help! Question is Virmach is no longer recommended for ProfitTrailer. Any suggestions and which version of Windows would be best?
Joey O'Connor (7 months ago)
Can anyone recommend a vps for OSX? Have searched wikis and videos looking for Mac vps setup instructions...can’t find any...thank you!
WALTERDIAZ89 WD89 (5 months ago)
did u find one? I'm looking too
Rodrigo Alves (7 months ago)
Does PT work well at Amazon EC2 server?
CoderGuy (7 months ago)
Nice Vid, thanks.
Yair Sagiv (7 months ago)
Hey Crow! I purchased both PT and PTF via your links and I'm about to choose a VPS. A few questions please: 1 - Wouldn't a Ubuntu VPS be faster and more reliable compares to Windows? These are weak machines and Windows probably wastes most of the resources. 2 - If you run both PT and PTF I think you might be better off with the 4GB option for 20$. maybe you chose that VPS before you started running PTF? 3 - Would you run both PT and PTF if you are just starting out with PT? or maybe I should run PT by itself for a few days to make sure I understand its inner working before adding PTF? Cheers!
Betty Harris (7 months ago)
I just got pt from your link too using Windows 10 I e been trying to get it working since last night of course first it said I couldn't read java so I installed java. It's going farther now but says I need to change something in properties so I go to property's and it says it can't read that type file so ok I try the other thing there as and it says I can't read5 .json files....So what am I still missing?
Maurice Visser (8 months ago)
Regarding a VPS, i have comcast unlimited plan, does that mean i do not need a VPS?
MrKreem09 (6 months ago)
I'd suggest looking into what "unlimited" means. If the bot is going to surpass the amount of bandwidth you're allotted you're better off using a VPS.
bagariddum (6 months ago)
VIctor Gomez (7 months ago)
It’s just to make sure your pt is running uninterrupted
brent horton (7 months ago)
I wish someone would answer this I have the same
Dana Wigdor (8 months ago)
Thanks for this! Any config changes in the text documents when changing to VPS?
Psyondrax1 (8 months ago)
Dammit. Sold out. That's what happens when you wait.
TA CMining (8 months ago)
Psyon vps and psion vps aren't coming up in searches for me. What's the URL? Thanks!
E Dogg (8 months ago)
Psyon, You can use the 10mbs option for the same price and those are available. Support was good to me. Also, don;t use the internet window for VPS, use Remote Access, much smoother.
TA CMining (8 months ago)
If you are referring to the VPS's. If they are sold out, there should be plenty available soon including mine. I wouldn't recommend them though. Had 3 unexpected downtimes in the past two days and terrible support. You can't reach them on the phone and their support doesn't read through the ticket before sending a flippant reply.
Psyondrax1 (8 months ago)
DId you set this up BEFORE PTF? If so I think we deserve an updated VPS with PTF and PT.
Ryan Kelley (8 months ago)
Crypto Crow I just used your affiliate link to buy the Virmach VPS. Now going to use your affiliate link to buy/download Profit Trailer. Do I go through VPS to buy PT or use my laptop and then transfer the folders over to VPS after?
E Dogg (8 months ago)
Use your laptop. It won't matter either way, just much faster and smoother using your laptop and then copy and pasting the PT folder into your remote Access window. If you need tips on how to set up Remote Access just reply here
Donald Wehmeyer (8 months ago)
I ordered Profit trailer for Binance but they are closed. Bittrex is not accepting applications. Poloniex says approval is out 4 to 5 weeks. What other exchange can be used?
M!sh (8 months ago)
Wouldn't a Linux VPS be cheaper and faster and more stable OS? Anyone tried it? suggestions before i purchase anything?
GoodForBusiness (7 months ago)
What other VPS options are good ones?
TA CMining (8 months ago)
I wouldn't suggest virmach. The server shuts down randomly and support points to a days old shutdown schedule as the reason every time and is very rude and unresponsive.
Jason Borges (8 months ago)
How do you access the Local Host site using this VPS?! Im getting Err_SSL_Protocol_Error / This site cant provide a secure connection
Jason Borges (8 months ago)
Don'tStopLearningLife (8 months ago)
Does this VPS works in New Zealand? Or do I need to find a NZ based VPS site?
Russell Lee (8 months ago)
@cryptocrow I bought VPS and PT License using your link, now having problem installing PT on VPS, please make a tutorial video on how to setup PT on VPS.
E Dogg (8 months ago)
Russell have you fixed this yet? What I did was signed into the VPS using my Remote Access with windows. Then I just copy and pasted the entire PT folder onto the desktop in my Remote Access
Vincent Stahl (8 months ago)
So you can shut your pc down now and the bot keeps running?
E Dogg (8 months ago)
From what I understand, yes
The Wheelman (8 months ago)
Dumb question but what exactly does the VPS do for the bot?
razorseal (8 months ago)
How do I set up port forwarding so that I can view the stuff?
E Dogg (8 months ago)
Go to firewall settings, set new inbound and new outbound ports, enter 8081, and you should be good to go.
KWS (8 months ago)
Any recs for VPS setup from a Mac?
Pitster73 (8 months ago)
You people purchase Profit Trailer from his link then ask him a question and not only does he not thank you, but he doesn't even acknowledge your questions on how to set it up or offer any help. I was going to order from his link, but i will find someone that gives a shit about his subscribers and referrals questions
Troy Faulder (7 months ago)
Pitster you're a moron. Enough said.
Pitster73 (8 months ago)
Crypto Crow no I wasn't kidding lol. I see a lot of unanswered questions here from people that made you a commission, but you took the time to reply to me instead lol. Come on man. Whether you help people out elsewhere there are still unanswered questions here right now. PS - you get nowhere in life being a nice guy!
Hyabusa (8 months ago)
can anyone help with the time in the config...properties? time seems to be different from my actual location time. Any help is appreciated
E Dogg (8 months ago)
I emailed support, but other than that you can switch it manually. I just emailed them like 5 mins ago so I'm waiting for reply now
Cryptocurrbit (8 months ago)
Can Profit Trailer work on Raspberry Pi 3 ?
E Dogg (8 months ago)
go to the wiki, from what I've read it can. I'm thinking about using it myself, I just haven't dug mine out yet
Canadian Bitcoin (8 months ago)
hey just purchased from your link....having troubles how do i set it up. i didnt see how to pair the 2
bryan greene (8 months ago)
I was told to change server.port = 8081 to server.port = "(my new IP Address)"
Jason Borges (8 months ago)
Have you figured it out?
bryan greene (8 months ago)
I purchased the VPS server you reffered and downloaded TeamViewer. i don't know how to access the profit trailer dashboard. I reset my API key when i adjusted my application properties. I dont know how to access 8081 monitoring or how to access my new IP through Virmach
bryan greene (8 months ago)
How do I access the Profit Trailer Dashboard?
Pascal Hagl (8 months ago)
Hi There! Since i installed it on the VPS (virmac) same options as yours, the bot does not trail any possible buy logs.... What could this be?
Matheus Diniz (8 months ago)
can you access pt dashboard using vps ip:8081/monitoring?
bryan greene (8 months ago)
I'mou can't. I'm stuck. Did you discover a solve?
Stu Shapiro (8 months ago)
Would it matter if I purchase this VPS and Im in south africa?
Will Smith (8 months ago)
Ok I set this vps server up I never used team viewer I just. Sent the file to my drop box and. Connected to remote client though window no prob Question I have I have. 1 in dust I don’t understand dust. I read the wiki. Is dust the fees ?
Timo van Vliet (8 months ago)
No, it's the amount of coin that's too low. The price doesn't have anything to do with it.
Hyabusa (8 months ago)
Thanks for clearing that up. So if the price of the coin in DUST goes up, will it ever be tradable again?
Charlie James (8 months ago)
hi @crypto crow . ive got an issue, ive signed up with your affiliate link. everything went as planned and the bot is up and running, my issue is that it doesn't seem to be retrieving any current BB data or BB trigger data in the possible buy log so the bot isn't placing any buy trades. do you know how i can fix this? i am using the exact same files which i was using before on my mac. thanks
Wol Nielsen (8 months ago)
Check the date on your server, mine was a full day ahead, once i rolled this back it all worked correctly!
Wol Nielsen (8 months ago)
Hello, I am having the same issue :/
david beutin (8 months ago)
Hello @Crypto Crow I have the Same issue and the Afterservie of Virmarch told me there were nothing they could do.
Daddy investiert Mr.D (8 months ago)
Hey man i cant drag my folders over in the desktop dont know why :/
E Dogg (8 months ago)
I had the same issue, I fixed it by using remote access from windows and I did it through remote access as opposed to using the web based window for the VPS. I was then able to copy and paste
Daddy investiert Mr.D (8 months ago)
I can give you a tip make a zip from your profit bot folder Make a new email on gmail or other provider and send the zip document to this email oben the email account on your vps download it and instal it on the server i did it this way bcs support cannot help me there ! have a great day
Tomaso Latham (8 months ago)
Yeah I have the same problem - I cant even copy paste my folders!
J jude (8 months ago)
Hey I'm from the Buffalo NY area. Nice to know someone close by that's into this.
TooLegit ToQuit (8 months ago)
So would you recommend this over something from AWS ? I'm assuming this is much cheaper than a VM from them ...
M!sh (8 months ago)
Did u try Azure and Google Cloud? The big 3.
hr reddy (8 months ago)
I have $650 to invest in trading, Out of it I will buy Profit Trailer with .03 BTC and the remaining money is for trading. With your PT settings, can I make it? Please tell if this is a good Idea.
Andreas (8 months ago)
There is much better hosts out there than virmach. I had a couple of VPS with them, and the VPS was just slow. I suggest ramnode pumpcloud shockhosting
Jaypee Wong (8 months ago)
Do u have the same setting for ninance and bittrex?
Gokhan Guvenc (8 months ago)
I think picking one closer to your exchange location rather than your own would be smarter for lower latency between the bot and the exchange.
Phyllis Jackson (8 months ago)
Bargain!: easy submit same day 22 orders quickly https://goo.gl/BqRJLq
Jaypee Wong (8 months ago)
Jaypee Wong: Hello another question if I run PT with VPS do I have to turn on my computer 24/7 or can i just turn it off? VPS roles and function are not yet clear to me. Sorry for the noob question
Melhor Moeda (7 months ago)
My friend, I already bought PROFIT TRAILER and I'm working with Binance, Bittrex and Poloniex. I use another strategy but I want to use Jason's settings. Do I need to buy this other PT FEEDER? If yes, how do I configure it? tks
211bigboy (7 months ago)
thanks... I brought a pc last night just to run profit trailor its going back
David Cawley DoP (8 months ago)
thanks for taking one for the team asking this 'noob' question, it really helped me out! :D
Justin O'Neill (8 months ago)
Jaypee Wong no problemo
Jaypee Wong (8 months ago)
Justin O'Neill thanks man
Jaypee Wong (8 months ago)
Hello sir mind asking I only have 150gb monthly data allocationcan if run PT 24/7 would my internet data be enough? What can VPS do can it help with my limited data?
Jaypee Wong (8 months ago)
Crypto Crow there are pleny of plans do u mean the SSD512 1tb data
Jaypee Wong (8 months ago)
Crypto Crow so if I use the VPS it i dont have to worry anymore with my limited data plan? thanks for your reply very informative Godbless you
Thomas Bihn (8 months ago)
If you don't like using Team Viewer, you can use Chrome Remote Desktop too.
Thomas Bihn (8 months ago)
I know this is probably a dumb question, but is the VPS being used because of the bandwidth for the bot? What are some good reasons for using a VPS rather than just the home network?
David Doten (8 months ago)
love your overview. looking forward to the usdt btc swing trade updates
Dimakool (8 months ago)
you have been more helpful then others on youtube. highly appreciate it thanks
Terry Vogelaar (8 months ago)
I just purchased PT using your affiliate link. I'm so excited to set it up.
Cryptopher (7 months ago)
Congrats! If your first day with it is a slow day, don't take it the wrong way. :) Some days are better than others. :)

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