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Binance Coin Burn Soon

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Binance coin burn soon! Binance will be doing their quarterly coin burn soon, and it will likely lead in an increased price for the bnb coin overall. Check out this video and let me know what you think in the comments below - My site with more information and resources: http://blocksmarty.com/ - Buy Cryptocurrency: $10 btc free for the first $100 you purchase https://www.coinbase.com/join/55f70dbeb68725008300002e - Binance: https://www.binance.com/?ref=12606222 - Mine cryptocurrency: 3% discount with my code: 6e3UWz https://www.genesis-mining.com/ - Use Bitcoin to shop on Amazon: https://purse.io/?_r=7poeaj Coin Tracking Tool: https://cointracking.info?ref=B334910 Convert Crypto: https://changelly.com/?ref_id=4fd642ed5bbc My twitter: https://twitter.com/BlockSmarty Subscribe to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM0imHR5C689j9qifbs-zIg?sub_confirmation=1 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlockSmarty
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BlockSmarty (5 months ago)
Let me know your thoughts on the upcoming Binance coin burn! Also I wanted to let you all know that WanChain just got listed on Binance!!
BlockSmarty (5 months ago)
I sure hope you're right Defiance Now! Good info here.
DEFIANCE NOW (5 months ago)
the thing is that during the last burn binance wasnt even at the top 10 of exchanges. although crypto took a huge hit. Binance has been making strides where it has become mainstream. in the crypto community. #1 actually. The last Burn of you got in at 12-15-17 at $2.70 and sold Just before it topped over $25. completed by jan 15th. that was huge. this time many times bigger.
musa ünal (4 months ago)
Alejandro Rodriguez (5 months ago)
Hi. wasn't the second quarter burn announced on the January 15 and took place on January 18, 2018? it looks like the price actually dropped after the burn.
David Bermudez (5 months ago)
BNB COIN BURN 1.Coin burn 1 $10 Q1 2.Coin burn 2 $24 Q2 3.Coin burn 3 $?? Q3
devine class (5 months ago)
David Bermudez before the first burn what was the price ? How much increased after burn ? I know that will burn end of april again does it affect the price
Will Beecher (5 months ago)
By far this is riskiest Coin on Market with most upside! Where else can you be investing in something that is actually real! Something like Tron is fictitious in comparison. Binance should pay out small dividend in the form of BINANCE CASH. I think their float will be so small someday it will prestigious to own it.
Crypto Naeem (5 months ago)
Yes!!! I hold 10000 bnb tokens and this token will one day be worth four figures each!
Nadish Obeyesekere (5 months ago)
are you still holding bnb ?
Richard Haenisch (5 months ago)
Ok, Tom ! You convinced me. I am "in" with BNB for a swing trade at $11.12. #nopressure :)
Richard Haenisch (5 months ago)
I sold my BNB at $13.03 after the coin burn. Apparently earnings came in lighter than expected. Still made a few hundred bucks. My investment on DBC (Deep Brain Chain) is already starting to pay dividends. Look at it this week alone. I bought in on 3/31. :) Chico Crypto believes a BNB listing announcement is imminent for DBC. We will see ! Hope you are well, Tom !
Richard Haenisch (5 months ago)
At least you're in it ! Ya, I have a total of 235 BNB. So far up $442. I certainly am NOT complaining. Thanks again for the insightful piece. I hope it makes up some for the ridiculous amount of money I am down with NEO. Yiiikes ! And what happened to WTC yesterday ? :O
BlockSmarty (5 months ago)
I got in at like $9.96-$9.98 the same day I made this video :) - I wish I got more though haha
Richard Haenisch (5 months ago)
Did you get in yet ?
BlockSmarty (5 months ago)
Good luck man!! I'm at work now so I hope it doesn't run up too fast lol
Richard Haenisch (5 months ago)
BOOM ! Great call, Tom ! $13.50 today already. $20 is only likely, IF the overall market complies, but $16 looks definitely doable come Tuesday. I rode it the first time around. Haven't been back. Excellent breakdown ! :)
BlockSmarty (5 months ago)
I'll admit I got a little lucky with their Malta news and the possible US dollar pairing option here in the future too. We'll see what happens :)
Edd209 (5 months ago)
I think they are doing the burn right now. I'm up 20% in a couple hours.
Edd209 (5 months ago)
BlockSmarty Liked and subbed.
Edd209 (5 months ago)
BlockSmarty Hey man thanks for the advice. I've noticed that also.
BlockSmarty (5 months ago)
I'd wait til Sunday and maybe you can get back in..every weekend the market seems to dip lately. I've been noticing this trend for the last month or so. LOL 20% profit isn't bad at all man ;-)
Edd209 (5 months ago)
BlockSmarty Wow. I just sold for a 20% profit. So I screwed up then. Now Ima miss the burn. Damn. Maybe I can get in during the burn hopefully.
BlockSmarty (5 months ago)
I think it's from their news of possibly getting a trading pair with dollars and Malta welcoming them - see here: https://youtu.be/5uKWV82S1Ag
Cat Kitten (5 months ago)
I enjoy listening to your opinion , i think it will go to $40 by the end of the year . They do have loads of coins , good video
BlockSmarty (5 months ago)
That's right around the range that I expect it to be in around the end of the year too.

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