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Get In On Icon Now! - Moon Opportunity In 2018 As Mainnet Set To Launch

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Icon (icx) is set to launch their mainnet at the end of January, around the 24th. Will the price continue to climb? Could it moon? We take a look into the altcoin world of Icon coin, a cryptocurrency using the blockchain to become a massive decentralized network. This is one of the best altcoins of 2018, and is definately a crypto to watch this year. Icon Altcoin Website: https://icon.foundation/en/ Cryptocurrency Market Caps: https://coinmarketcap.com/ Top 5 Altcoins Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Top 5 Altcoins to hold in 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Les42... Top 5 Altcoins under $1 in 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLthj... Create an account at Binance and start trading for free: https://www.binance.com/?ref=15825150
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Text Comments (182)
Iseki Solari (6 months ago)
Invest now (1.99$) thx me later lol
Ali Pinar (7 months ago)
Omarus The One (7 months ago)
stfu about moons ffs.. how i hate those morons
Joe Black (7 months ago)
Didn't moon. They announced Forbes and Bloomberg as their official partners, but these were fake news.. Now it falls down to 2$
Dio G (7 months ago)
Just bought 53 of em on the drip
Joe Black (7 months ago)
okk, i wait until bitcoin shows that it reached the bottom.. burned already my fingers by buying the dip at 6$
Dio G (7 months ago)
Joe Black yep gonan buy some more tonight
Joe Black (7 months ago)
and now? still buying the "dips"?
Tun T (7 months ago)
Fucking bullshit
Mr. V (7 months ago)
Minted? Care to explain?
Satoshii (7 months ago)
hi, noob question. what does it mean when coins get minted. the coins in circulation will be minted or the un-released ones be minted?
Richard Keelin (7 months ago)
Once they release the other 400,000,000 coins, won’t this cut the current price i half?
Eclipsz (7 months ago)
Is it a good idea to get in on icon rn while it is down?? Is around 7.50, what would anyone recommend? Thanks !
Crypto Nova (7 months ago)
Get some. I know I am. I only own 22. I wanted at least 100 so when it 10x I will make a nice return!
Best CryptoWallets (7 months ago)
Maybe the most annoying voice on youtube..
Bart Tulicki (8 months ago)
It’s not a 800 mil circulation dude. It’s 400 total !
Alan Damen (8 months ago)
The plan of icon is big, that's clear. But there's a possibility that the main net will be a huge success, and the coin not that much right? Two different things.
Lee Andrew (8 months ago)
Hype already started in S.korea. This will moon end of Jan.
Joe Black (7 months ago)
nice moon...
Crypto Nova (7 months ago)
Right, plus S Korea makes up the largest population in the cryptospace.
Syed Raza (8 months ago)
HUGE project indeed. should be next to Etherium level
Crypto Nova (7 months ago)
Yes the ETH of S Korea...and S Korea makes up the largest population in the overall market
Owe No One (8 months ago)
I already have some and now I'm going to get some more with this tidbit. Great buying opportunity at the moment. Thanks!
Crypto Nova (7 months ago)
I wish I had more to put into it too. I have about $1500 worth of bitcoin in my coinbase and I am strongly considering taking a portion of that to put into ICX. Do you think that would be foolish? I know you cannot give financial advice but I was just wondering if you were in my shoes would u take a portion out to increase my ICX position or jusy hodl. I only have 53
Owe No One (7 months ago)
Eclipsz personally, if I had me more money to throw at it, I would. Even if it continues to go down, it wouldn't bother me. I've done my research on the project and they have a working product that will continue to get better. For me, this is a long term HODL. This is not financial advice.
Crypto Nova (7 months ago)
Hell yea. I am getting more right now!
Eclipsz (7 months ago)
Is it a good idea to get in on icon rn while it is down?? Is around 7.50, what would anyone recommend? Thanks
Crypto Nova (7 months ago)
I agree. I would like at least 100 shares as I am a small time investor just getting started.
sanchezfr442 (8 months ago)
EOS, XVG, NEBL, TRX, ICX, XRP, Linda, snovio?
James Cho (8 months ago)
Does anyone have an input on CanYa coin? it's on Kucoin exchange and it released yesterday. They have a working product. Coins in circulation is very low and market cap is not too high atm.
adrenaline (8 months ago)
Im so mad i missed this one
Sam Dobie (4 months ago)
Even if it reaches $20, you're a madman for not investing
Joe Black (7 months ago)
now you get a 2nd chance ;)
NatyDready (8 months ago)
adrenaline not 2 late. Invest now before it reaches a 100
Flying Dutchman (8 months ago)
Pac already down half
*9$/2$C.e?nt#3. (8 months ago)
can u not sound like a prima donna faggot queen ? its really really annoying!
Ryan Rene (8 months ago)
I don think ICON will have mass adoption
Crypto Nova (7 months ago)
Precisely Frank
James (8 months ago)
@ryan rene it literally has South Korea's Government's backing, the number one country in crypto......
Michelle Tung (8 months ago)
PACoin is totally a crap pump and dump coin!
Ta Da (8 months ago)
it just mooned like fucken crzy.
cottenbuds (8 months ago)
Savage gains this is a serious company with real world use and adoption..no vapour ware here. Invest now or cry later .
Crypto Nova (7 months ago)
I concur!
Mikey Maz (8 months ago)
@your altcoins, how do you get (%1h, %24h and %7d) to appear in coin market cap? I only have %7d cheers
Mikey Maz (8 months ago)
Thanks buddy cheers!
Yusuf Bey (8 months ago)
Mikey Maz click view all
ITL (8 months ago)
ICON coin/network are already being used by some of the top universities/large hospitals in Korea. Can't remember exact number but I think it was around 30~50 institutions already.
Crypto Nova (7 months ago)
Big difference between investing in solid companies and taking advantage of pump and dump profits. Keep your portfolios separate! One for day trading profits and one for long-term HODL.
magnus4g63 (8 months ago)
Same with Electroneum... Right now ETN is a BARGAIN, those who bother to register to cryptopia and buy ETN will have a crazy year when it hits the other exchanges.
Kyle Aldrich (8 months ago)
ICON!!! ICX will 3x by the end of the month when Mainnet (main net) is released, and after Mainnet it will likely go on Bithumb and go up from there. South Korean based company and they are going to pump this to the moon! Long HODL for me!
NatyDready (8 months ago)
Joe Black it is backed by it's own government
Joe Black (8 months ago)
no idea, I just know that icon has an alliance with wanchain and aion. And we have the opportunity to invest very early in this project.. Oh and check up vechain, one of my favorites, has partnerships with companies like pwc and other big ones:)
Kyle Aldrich (8 months ago)
Thought you were messing with me for a sec, as in "won"chain, lol. They got a huge team. Any idea how much the ICO raised? Looks like a huge accomplished team. Can you only get it on Github?
Joe Black (8 months ago)
Btw, wanchain will hit exchanges end of january.. Its already hyped and not even traded! I put 30% of my portfolion into this one
Kyle Aldrich (8 months ago)
They're not going to ban it. Was blown way out of proportion in part due to CNBC and alike putting out FUD without doing any research. However, I anticipate them putting in regulations to protect against scams, money laundering, and tax evasion. I expect news of crypto regulations around the world to be a headline throughout 2018. I personally think its inevitable and most likely a good thing for market stability long term.
Dirk Diggler (8 months ago)
Check out mooncoin great project
Eddie Malyovany (8 months ago)
Whats the next PacCoin?
Brett Denaro (8 months ago)
The founder of ICON is also the founder of Korea's largest exchange. Given that ICON is a popular Korean blockchain company (within Korea), most expect ICX to increase 10x early this year (mainnet is Jan 24th, so the Korean exchange listing should occur around that same time). ICX is a no brainer. If the crypto market maintains its strength, ICX and Everex are the two top picks. And the other 400 million coins than are being released after the mainnet launch, have restrictions on them (I believe it's limited to 20% annually).
Joe Black (8 months ago)
hopefully trading will not be banned in korea :D
Michael Mcilvery (8 months ago)
Good video. Thanks for the info.
Harry van der Veen (8 months ago)
For sure the price will continue to climb. I expect 15 USD by 18 January and probably 20 USD if not more by end of January. This coin is insane.
Человек (6 months ago)
2.90 07.03.2018
Joe Black (7 months ago)
the smma is the smoothed moving average, many investors buy when an assets price falls to this level
Joe Black (7 months ago)
damn, icx at 3.50$.. lets see when it hits the bottom. Most investors see bitcoin at 6100 at the lowest, since this is the price of the 200SMMA, that would mean that ICON would go down to ~2$
C. Desani (8 months ago)
Monaco (MCO) is about to moon.. check it out!
Alvera (8 months ago)
Binance temporarily disable new user registrations, can you please advise where to safely buy and store ICX before launch (HitBtc is not the option because there is too many issues with withdrawal) What about https://www.okex.com ? Or is there some other trustful exchange? Thank you
smarks killed wrestling (8 months ago)
okex is ok
Andy (8 months ago)
Is it possible that ICX can dip 50% once mainnet launches since 400m more coins will be minted?
cottenbuds (8 months ago)
No they can release more coins but they don't have to if there is no need .
Harry van der Veen (8 months ago)
400 m coins minted doesn't mean they will get distributed, of the 400 m, only up to max 20% will be released in 12 months. 20% of the 50% supply, that is only 10% (MAX), so I wouldn't worry.
Andy (8 months ago)
Thx. A better response.
Ta Da (8 months ago)
Andy (8 months ago)
Can you elaborate on your answer? A magic 8-ball would've given me the same response.
newfreedom21 (8 months ago)
there is a $1 million ETH sell wall creeping on ICON, whales are buying up, .0078, then .0077, then .0075. Something is going on!
Batosupi Max (8 months ago)
Hi, can you give your comment on Matchpool (GUP)? It has a decent roadmap, and also it got the partnership with Tron (TRX). There really is no video about this currency on youtube........
Crypto Kay (8 months ago)
Edwin Lin (8 months ago)
what is your opinion of Aion and Wanchain?
BlockSmarty (8 months ago)
I think Aion is totally undervalued.
Love It Love It . We Live simply so that others may simply live Huawei & Howie Buildin a better Connected World yours D.C.H. out
Sly Gaming (8 months ago)
Possible paccoin pump from JR Business. He's a very big business youtuber that mainly focuses on cars but decided to jump into the crypto game. Check him out.
NeilAC78 (8 months ago)
Sounds a bit dodgy holding back half of the supply. Anyone figured out what's going on there?
Harry van der Veen (7 months ago)
I'm going to tell my wife that somebody on the interwebs told me that, she'll never believe me haha.
Crypto Nova (7 months ago)
Right for their strategic Partners. Thank you Harry for being educated and sensible.
Harry van der Veen (8 months ago)
It is common practise, its used to pay advisors, people in the company, external developers etc.
Ravi (8 months ago)
Can you review dentacoin pls? It has solid team and background
vincent salas (8 months ago)
Thoughts on WaBi?
ScorpionChina (8 months ago)
The problem I see with WaBi is that it is relying on adoption in China. China is not friendly to outside business interests. I believe the founders are Aussies. China's MO is to allow the technology into the country only to have a home grown company steal the tech. Once that is done they kick the foreign company out.
adam 2018 (8 months ago)
10x potential. Great concept. Great Team. Great service to mankind ! (cleaning up baby milk and making sure products are legit is something that majority of developing countries need not just china, the scalability of Wabi is HUGE. Wabi, Icon are both great coins in different ways/markets.
MyMrChow (8 months ago)
Watch your BTA coin video man. You are literally a god at guessing
Had iboo (8 months ago)
Quick tip for you buddy: Tether coin is based on USD value, it will never go up or down compared to USD, by definition.
Osama Almansoor (8 months ago)
The way you presented the video and content is AWESOME , keep it up
Your Altcoins (8 months ago)
Glad you enjoyed it :D
Keeping up with Crypto (8 months ago)
Icon its on my radar now
Harry van der Veen (8 months ago)
Hope you got in, coz it will go to over 100 USD I feel in 2018. 10X from todays price point. It had a massive price jump today from at least 8 USD till 10.48 USD.
Kevin Lindekens (8 months ago)
What do you think of DBC? Worth investing?
Rhue (8 months ago)
Icon video is basically explaining what every blockchain and crypto does, wtf? What does icon do differently then everyone else?
Crypto Nova (7 months ago)
Crypto Nova (7 months ago)
Precisely Michael! Ha, some people need to do their own research.
Rhue (8 months ago)
Michael Scott Did a deeper research. It’s already connected by several institutions in South Korea. They are also in the process of being listed in the stock exchange. Finally the new trading law might add value as well. Seems like a broad platform with good potential. I still need to assess how their interoperability, and scalability will stand the test of time. TLDR - you made a decent call. This has potential.
Michael Scott (8 months ago)
Rhue Interoperability next generation platform with built-in decentralized exchange. Plus it's got a product ready to launch not just a project still being built likr Cardano, Kyber etc it's 2 years ahead of the game.
impatient potato (8 months ago)
icon predicted plz?
Joe Black (7 months ago)
3.50 at beginning of february, 2$ mid february, 5$ end of march
Crypto Nova (7 months ago)
I agree around 100USD plus. A definite long-term HODL in my opinion.
NatyDready (8 months ago)
impatient potato 160
impatient potato (8 months ago)
Harry van der Veen (8 months ago)
30+ USD end of Q1, 100+ during the year.
Issa Chikhou (8 months ago)
just invested all my savings in icon trusting your word i really hope to make some profit at the end of jenuary to pay out the rent, thanks for the advice, good bless you.
win. icon (6 months ago)
Did u sell? It's sitting at 2.70 now
MrMouse (6 months ago)
lol you bought at yesterday's ath
Joel V (6 months ago)
just bought some at $2.38 today =)
Frank Stroehmer (7 months ago)
Fail. But HODL. It may be a while but it will be huge in the future. To have expected it to moon at end of Jan was just stupid.
adventure09 (7 months ago)
How do you feel about your decision?
Crypto J (8 months ago)
Jurgen Schneiger (8 months ago)
Paccoin just proves how insane this market is...my 20 dollar investment could be 1,5k now and what the hell is paccoin even :(
Mike t (8 months ago)
bought 40 bucks on a whim a week ago - cashed out at 6k ... stupid gains on stupid coins aren't going to last forever.
NeilAC78 (8 months ago)
Apparently an old abandoned coin that's now being resurrected. A few zeros are planned to be removed off the circulating supply at some point.
Your Altcoins (8 months ago)
Absolutely. I was totally shocked by paccoin that I just decided to leave it in the video.
UrTwiN (8 months ago)
I'm not a fan of the coin supply doubling - not one little tiny bit. This increases the marketcap without increasing the price, and will require twice the increase in marketcap for the coin to go up in value as it does now.
Irko (7 months ago)
I have been doing the same my man, I amazed myself how much I had learnt the past 1 month when I finally started dealing with cryptos, I was just reading, listening and absorbing as much as possible.
NatyDready (7 months ago)
Nova Dynasty I honestly don't know a thing about crypto. I watch videos a d read comments to learn. I have to start some where LoL
Crypto Nova (7 months ago)
Yes I agree NatyDready. We should be here to help each other and uplift one another. There is a huge opportunity for all of us to accumulate wealth. Some people are more advanced in this space than others and we should definitely take heed to what they are saying. For instance one should never evaluate the value of a coin in USD value!! That is rule #1!!!!! We have to analyze based on the satoshi value.
Crypto Nova (7 months ago)
Don't argue with this troll UrTwiN. He is still analyzing charts in USD value. He is not worthy of your attention or energy!
Crypto Nova (7 months ago)
Precisely UrTwiN. I feel some people are not too educated in the crypto space, and not taking the time to do their research like you are. Thank you for your analysis and logic! Some kids are still evaluating coin value based on USD and not Satoshi. SMH. I feel some people are having a tough time moving outside of the box. The future is here, it's time we all begin acting in such a manner, rather than coming up with these ridiculous conclusions based on hearsay.
Tu Hoang (8 months ago)
Are you sure about this coin will moon?
Crypto Nova (7 months ago)
No one can ever be 100% sure. This is why you should never invest that which you aren't willing to lose. There are some golden rules one should adhere to when investing. And that is a big one. Also Do your OWN research, analysis and evaluation. Never invest in a project without taking the time to learn about the product yourself.
Tu Hoang (8 months ago)
What are your prediction the price will go these months?
Your Altcoins (8 months ago)
When it comes to crypto, it's nearly impossible to guess when big Whales will move in and invest in a project. All we can do is look for good projects with big announcements and guess.
Charles (8 months ago)
What are your thoughts on EMB? Kind of a long shot but after what happened with PAC I made a small investment
Your Altcoins (8 months ago)
I don't know what to make of Embercoin to be honest. There has been so much FUD thrown around... May have been a pump and dump.

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