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TOP Cryptocurrencies for 2018 | Make HUGE Profits

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Updated Hashflare Strategy: "How to Turn $400 into $200,000 Mining Bitcoin" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iEcMn9M6qg --~-- TOP Cryptocurrencies for 2018 | Make HUGE Profits Want to know the Top Altcoins to invest in in 2018 to make huge profits? In this video, I offer my opinion on three more Altcoins to look out for in 2018. 💎⛏Sign Up With Hashflare Today!💎⛏ https://hashflare.io/r/99F887C3 🔥Join Bitconnect Here!🔥 https://bitconnect.co/?ref=jaybutz 🔥How To Get Started Cloud Mining:🔥 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ME9DqqJ7y3w 😎Follow My Instagram!😎 https://www.instagram.com/jay_crypto/ 😎Follow My Tumblr!😎 https://www.tumblr.com/blog/jaycrypto Tagged With: 0:01 Best Altcoins 0:33 Top Altcoins 0:55 Which Altcoins to Buy 1:12 Top Altcoins to Buy 1:54 Best Altcoins to Buy 2:16 Bitcoin Price 3:19 Litecoin Price 3:25 Ethereum Price 4:27 ADA 5:31 Buy Cardano 6:40 SALT Review 7:45 SALT Cryptocurrency 8:47 Buy SALT 9:49 Buy IOTA 10:00 IOTA Review 10:40 IOTA Price Prediction 2018 11:00 SALT Price Prediction 2018 12:00 Cardano Price 2018 12:34 Cardano Review 12:47 Salt Review 15:00 Altcoins 2018 16:00 Top Altcoins 2018 16:00 Best Altcoins 2018
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Text Comments (411)
Blockchain 777 (6 months ago)
Venus flytraps (6 months ago)
Jan, make Vertcoin video, please.
Jack Watson (6 months ago)
Stock up on your Digibyte whilst prices are good folks! I use shapeshift to convert litecoin into digibyte and from there to digibyte wallet or ledger nano s hard wallet. Lightning quick transaction speeds!!!!!! Absolutely love DigiByte!
flisnoo shaboo (7 months ago)
IOTA does NOT mean internet of things..... ffing retards everywhere
Message in a Bottle (7 months ago)
All i see with these new guys is taking the coin out of the peoples hands and riding on the backs of already proven coins trading my alt coins for coins you can mine haha not a chance all i see is hype and fail down the road once new adopters realise the big winners arnt these guys walking in looking to build value from other peoples work
emad ali (7 months ago)
Hi Jay you didn't mention any fees or charges by salt lending (I know we are on roadmap)but every thing should be transparent ...the idea behind SALT is great and clever , I've saw many videos about salt and it's really cheap
emad ali (7 months ago)
IOTA gonna hit 15 $ dollar by the end of June..it's my vision hunch
Ed Ca (7 months ago)
Yeah thats my other pick ! 2 out of 3 way to go !
Ed Ca (7 months ago)
that is one of my picks so far I have not buy any but I will soon and that is one of my picks in the meantime I am getting ready to get all my ducks in a row before I jump into this new tech !
p0ker n00b (8 months ago)
Everything he said reminds me of the end of the first Matrix movie.
Paul Miller (8 months ago)
IOTA = internet of things app? That sounds like a crypto the globalists would make. They want to use the internet of things to spy on us, and track everything we do in our homes, for control. I will stay away from it. I will stay away from Ripple too. It's too centralized, and it's supported by banks. I consider banks to be our enemy just like governments. Other cryptos are available for investing, and I hope most people will not screw themselves and everyone else by investing in cryptos like IOTA (if IOTA is a globalist crypto) and Ripple. Plus, 5G is apparently very dangerous to our health.
eli parker (8 months ago)
You hit all the important need to know points, great work
Unrelated Info (8 months ago)
Can someone post a list. I would rather not watch this lengthy video.
James cuntylocks (8 months ago)
https://www.binance.com/?ref=18369678 is the best
Hisham Abdul Razaq (8 months ago)
hey jay! is IOTA Connect a genuine platform to buy iota coins??
The Great One (8 months ago)
Bread, Quantstamp, Kyber Network, Simple Token - those are better with greater potential. Super teams, unique ideas.
Manuel Hernandez (8 months ago)
Good as usual i just watch it , im betting on iota and Cardano on the side im also buying verge and Tron i think tron will pull in people who havent try the cryto world thanks for the video jay keep them coming
Crypto Tuto (8 months ago)
You can buy esay with this exchange https://www.binance.com/?ref=10782697
Self MEDIK8ED (8 months ago)
Anyone looking to buy Tron, Verge, Cardano, Ripple, Reddcoin, FunFair & many other Alt Coins you can buy & sell them all on CoinSpot. Its a great exchange and has worked very well for me thus far. Anyone looking to sign up and build your crypto portfolio please use this referral link below. https://www.coinspot.com.au?affiliate=4W9RQ Many thanks & best of luck with your investments.
Maxime Legros (8 months ago)
Dear Jay, You must follow SNOV, and could you please analyse it for them please? It is a gem promess!! Thanks in advance BR
Bertram Senkel (8 months ago)
Salt is a good idea, because there is a thing like that since long ago.... called Bank. I thought we didn't want a middleman for our transactions? In this case we make salt to our new Bank becoming richer and powerful. Or am I totally wrong?
kev control (8 months ago)
Salt me .. in at 11.50 because Cliff High say's so. people will use Salt
jason esmail (8 months ago)
if you are educated enough to know that pump and dumps exist within altcoins, why cant you see that bit connect is clearly a ponzi scheme , and you should stop promoting it, you may indirectly get someone to commit suicide once they lose all their money.
cline74000 (8 months ago)
What about STELLAR ? It is an alternative to ripple created by Ripple's own founder !
MacGregs (8 months ago)
Nice picks! I have a similar video on my channel. Check it out!
Joe Quinn (8 months ago)
KCS dividends are unreal, still time to get in before the volume pushes price to high for a meaningful return, huge incentive to hold KCS and they are adding coins quickly. https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=1Jcdg
The Crypto Climb (8 months ago)
Just curious, what is stopping me from using this money from the loans on SALT to buy more bitcoin and do another loan..? It wouldn't make sense for us to be able to do this but I am just curious.
atoy arief (8 months ago)
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KRYPTOPHILIAC (8 months ago)
QSP 1st Solution to Smart Contract hacks. The Mcafee/Norton/Kasperski of Blockchain! 1st crypto to address Smart contract vulnerabilities and supports all smart contract alt coins... AUDITS THEM for irreversible errors! Does NOT compete with them! Vital to smart contract adoption. WIN/WIN!
Andy Roddick (8 months ago)
Help a brother out spare a bitcoin 1Lber1a6NQwmFGani2WjaXR7fQfYeiX8sN
Kenn Allenn (8 months ago)
Tino (8 months ago)
Join our discord pump group over 50k members now. Last pump was 140% profit and before that 100% join now !! https://discord.gg/YnDdh7C Next pump will be tommorow
viktor isakov (8 months ago)
smartcash will be huge in 2018
Ethan R (8 months ago)
If I had a Bitcoin for every time he said "guys" I'd be rich.
Market Cap Whale (8 months ago)
I think Funfair FUN could be a real money maker. Also look into Enjin Coin EJN. They have some big things coming for the gaming world! Both are available on Binance so I forked my handsome verge profits into them hoping to find gold!
Chloie (8 months ago)
Which of these three is most private/anonymous, please?
L2design (8 months ago)
Internet of Things will be HUGE!!! I have stocks in VNTH. That will be HUGE at around 2025
wired (8 months ago)
Join for very accurate calls and trading signals. We have veterans who do TA as well. Happy trading everyone! :) https://discord.gg/WAcTsUh
Hogarths Pug (8 months ago)
I believe far more in IOTA than Ethereum. OmiseGo is my 2nd favourite.
dmitRY CH-N (8 months ago)
win a prize 100 VTC Of $ 27.7 http://payfly.me/Y4qSMowF
L2design (8 months ago)
GET PAC COIN UP 400%!!!!!
I kind of like salt myself but one point you either overlooked or just didn't say is that what if your crypto holdings go down in value? yeah it's pretty sweet if you loan salt 1 bitcoin at 15k then a year later it's worth 30k but what happens if it goes down to 5k? i highly doubt anybody is going to pay back a 15k loan to get a asset back that's only worth 5k. I'm not sure how salt works but they would be idiots to do this. My guess would be that you would be required to send in more btc to cover the loss or they would sell your position
Nazmul Miah (8 months ago)
bitconect ponzi fuck
M Simas (8 months ago)
Lisk, B2bx and Verge?
cater anytink (8 months ago)
Technology is gonna be the death of us (terminater judgment day) but let's make money on the way there!!!
ImPaulsive (8 months ago)
OmiseGo, Salt, Golem, Verge and FunFair are my top picks that I heavily invested in and bought early. They have a good potential in 2018 and I'm confident that these projects and/or coins will do well.
Marcos Medina (8 months ago)
New here... loving the channel
Alex Obed (8 months ago)
Have you done a video on ENG? I really enjoyed this video. You seem quite balanced in your approach, and I appreciate your perspective that you should believe in the application/technology/intention behind what you're buying/investing in. I think that message is getting lost, and that's a shame, since what we're talking about is revolutionizing so many industries for the better. Thanks again!
Batman Robin (8 months ago)
Easiest way to get into cryptocurrencies and trading - copy someone who knows what they are doing - sit back and enjoy the profit - http://partners.etoro.com/A70297_TClick.aspx
Turan Muslim (8 months ago)
You can get salt from binance: https://www.binance.com/?ref=11677190
demdoni (8 months ago)
If you wanna play with bicoin and alt coins, you need to start trading at this site https://goo.gl/bpPKh4 - super low fees, secure and safe, and super fast transactions! stop wasting time, get onboard!
Artjoms Gudanovs (8 months ago)
Hi, I am new investor, ind i can not buy verge on binance, btc transactions are so long, my be some of you can help new investor, just some XVG DH1qr4CZHNCdmBb1sLK53Mcn4FSsSDjZWt
CfomodzGaming (8 months ago)
“Ripple was .006 cents”?... ummm... no haha I mean.. being off by a factor of ten or two isn’t a big deal in crypto, right?
Derrick McLean (8 months ago)
SALT is going to crash crypto! It's a great idea but everyone is going to take out loans just to reinvest in the market which will crash market. This is bad..
Derrick McLean (8 months ago)
yep good point
Your Boy Rob (8 months ago)
Steve Lee (8 months ago)
Do a giveaway
Don't overlook EOS and OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
PassionFilms (8 months ago)
what's is a good platform to buy IOTA and EOS ?
Murat Kekec (8 months ago)
if you want to invest in Crypterium please use my referral link .Thanks. https://tokensale.crypterium.io/?ref=d82031e5619607ff510cb4c5
Daniel Barker (8 months ago)
So what happens with salt if you give them your btc and it dumps bad. If you had your btc most people would sell off with minor losses???
Kyle Kashuv (8 months ago)
Yo boys trying to help out here. I finally found an actual good crypto discord server. No joke ive gained 75% profit the past 3 days because of it. Check it out if you want good luck! https://discord.gg/87nFsbA
Broyka (8 months ago)
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Shawn Gedeon (8 months ago)
had to chill till i withdraw and now i can say this is real...real success. Am happy to be part of this
Terrance Cox (8 months ago)
my wife was skeptical about me doing this but i am glad i did give his software a try though without her knowledge, with just $2000 and in a week i made $5600. guys this is the future
Fredrick Prisca (8 months ago)
he is the man for the job
Sara Loren (8 months ago)
I am really impressed with the out come after investing in his software....its perfect
Arsalan Jan (8 months ago)
This is by far the best Cryptocurrencies investment Awesome!
cristian leonte (8 months ago)
NEW Lending Program 2% PROFIT DAYS https://davor.io/Account/Registration?r=285F72
TheKb07 (8 months ago)
Tron and verge
Cryptoid Droid (8 months ago)
Come and trade here, why? Lower fee, fast withdraw, fast growing community, i spend more than 2 month here without any problem. https://www.binance.com/?ref=10995181
Inkognito __ (8 months ago)
Why you not add Spectrecoin (XSPEC) ? I think you dont know about this great project and this is not good, because Spectrecoin it is most promising coin from your list
honey bees (8 months ago)
If people are investing in Bitcoin at $15.000-$20.000 they should invest in Ripple at $2-$5, so buy more before it goes up to $50.00!
Dodgery (8 months ago)
Got to say I'm leaning more towards ETHLend than SALT, but both are great. Check out Enigma Catalyst as well. Nice channel, presentation could be a bit more graphic :P.
gemixnew gmail com (8 months ago)
That feeling of watching your money grow is the best thing about cloud mining. Last month I met this man who introduced me to cloud mining. He's name is chris Dunn and you can reach him on [email protected],com . My mistake then was not starting huge. I had planned to startup home mining with $15000 to get the miners, PSU, Controller. But I used half of it to buy a contract from Mr Chris. Currently, I've reinvested all because the last investment had a huge turn over... Home mining is a pain with all the fees.
IQ Profit (8 months ago)
Wish i had this opportunity when i had a lot of Bitcoins
Project Life Mastery (8 months ago)
hello sir im new to all this ..does he mine lit coins
Marc (8 months ago)
Haha pyramid boy.
laken marion (8 months ago)
i havent made any money from his software but i have made my capital back,i am very excited
Rishi B (8 months ago)
Shoutout to Rebekah butler
Ken Russo (8 months ago)
I remain firm in my belief that your purchase of some Electroneum (ETN) tokens will prove to be one of the best moves in the crypto space right now. I own 300,000 ETN which I bought at $0.01 ($3000) and could have sold for a 10X return ($30000) but I have not sold a single one. I would not be surprised to see this coin hit $1 to $2 in the near future (1 to 3 months) and continue to grow much stronger ($20 to $30) in 6 to 12 months and beyond. Stay informed by doing an "Electroneum" YouTube search. If you have already purchased some ETN I hope you will sign the petition to list Electroneum on the Bittrex exchange. Here is the link... https://www.change.org/p/bittrex-inc-list-electroneum-on-bittrex
phynox noxson (8 months ago)
IOTA, RaibloKs and Litecoin  is the futures
jubahawful (8 months ago)
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William Heckman (8 months ago)
He says don't throw money at random coins, yet its throwing money at random coins that makes you millions.
Tomás Nierenberger (8 months ago)
18:57 freudian illuminati slip¿? ("implementing a system of government")
Time Killer (8 months ago)
shut the hell up
hj (8 months ago)
hj (8 months ago)
Freya Violet (8 months ago)
Cryptocurrency Guide for Beginners! https://www.docdroid.net/wQWZYIa/cryptopdf-guide.pdf
Richmond29 (8 months ago)
Look at po.et - blockchain technology for music and literature etc copyright. very new but a great idea.
Georgi K (8 months ago)
if you got bitcoins you can double here : www.usicryptomining.com
Patricia K (8 months ago)
SALT, ADA, Great video Thanks.
Cryptos Brasil (8 months ago)
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Annmarier1 (8 months ago)
Rakly3 (8 months ago)
Too bad IOTA is so slow, takes 15+ hours each time I do a transaction. 1 time a transaction didn't even go through. But I didn't lose any coin luckily.
9to5Gamer (8 months ago)
There is a fast and calculated way to make money with cryptocurrency without having to wait for your investment to grow over time. There are groups which pump a specific coin's price and sell at a 30-50% profit on specified days. This is completely legal in crypto (not in the stock market). If you're interested you can join one of the most popular discord groups here https://discord.gg/CpEmskE. It's invite only and has limited spots, so you can't join without this link.
Evolution (8 months ago)
ETHLend will bi huge and better than SALT!
Dragon Red (8 months ago)
Luis Becerra (8 months ago)
Get your Cardano (ADA) here https://www.binance.com/?ref=15782205
Eagle i Trader (8 months ago)
Why isn't the MOTH coin not on the list?😀
Eagle i Trader (8 months ago)
Can't we just get wealth and stop the m.o.t.b. foolishness? The poor fellow wouldn't know the m.o.t.b. if God personally told him. What's funny is, He already did and these knuckle heads are still getting it wrong. The mark is simply what you believe. Read again how is not tattooed, cut, stamped, inserted, implanted, etc. (Nothing physically done, but spiritually) this mark is sealed in the forehead (the heart of a man; where all things are received spiritually) btw, real believers of God doesn't really care about apocalyptic events anyway; will not be on earth to experience all that foolishness people are talking about.
Andrew Devonport (8 months ago)
My portfolio heading into 2018- XRP, BTC, SALT, SUB, NEO, ICX, IOTA, TRX, LEND, WABI, OMG :)
MrJgolds13 (8 months ago)
Im sorry but if you actually believe SALT can happen without some system to verify payback your looking at the 2008 crisis to happen all over again. what happens if the collateral fluctuates or crashes/becomes lower than the initial loan amount? Default Default Default...Crash. This concept is one of the very reasons the crypto market would crash. I agree the whole credit background check is messed up and should be changed because it can ruin someone's life but removing some sort of security check like this will cause an epidemic like 2008 all over again. History is your evidence. Look into why the 2008 economy crashed and why all the banks became bankrupt and the Gov. had to bail them out. Then apply what you learned to this concept and you will see. If you had a Finance, Accounting, or Legal background it might make it easier to understand
Encrypted Times (8 months ago)
Zoin has got to be on this list. $ZOI on cryptopia. Privacy coin based on zerocoin protocol. Insane wallet, cpu mineable and masternodes under development. We will be at $100M mcap before the market even realizes what's going on ...
Kelly Khan (8 months ago)
IOTA might solve problems associated with crypto, but so does Paypal. The Question is, what does make IOTA better than paypal? Sounds like a stupid Question, but solving bitcoins problems is nothing special. Its only special if IOTA also maintains the advantages of Bitcoin. Right now IOTA depends on "coordinators" who can basically reverse transactions, the promise is that they will go away at some point in the future. So instead of immutable and trustless, reversable and promise are the words that fit IOTA right now.
Shen CH (8 months ago)
Regarding no middleman transaction lost with cardano. I had sent 0,5 Ethereum from bitstamp.net to huobi.com and my balance there still shows 0. In etherscan i can See the transaction, Block and Hashes. Does anybody have a clue where this Ether might could be? Bitstamp hasn't reply to me and huobi Support ..ah well they try somehow....but i dont understand them that good
Anish Jha (8 months ago)
XRP, XVG, TRX, DOGE... Thoughts?
Jan Rudolf (8 months ago)
IOTA will be big.
TheGonzaPoker (8 months ago)
ICON is going to go parabolic when listed on korean exchange (first korean ico project) being called koreas ether and jan 21st main net launch 400m supply $5 get in while cheap will reach $20+ by march imo
bossin n flossin (8 months ago)
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G Man (8 months ago)
If you like SALT check out ETHLend (LEND) which is doing something very similar but has a much smaller market cap
Callum Macroni (8 months ago)
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Graphics Kings (8 months ago)
The best time to invest in cryptocurrency https://youtu.be/zG1bqZK_pxs

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