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Why I'm buying more COSS Coins

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Text Comments (98)
DudeRevolution (8 months ago)
Looks like a great coin, but be aware this only sells on HitBTC and COSS. Don't buy on HitBTC!!!! Jump on the HitBTC forums and see how many people have been scammed by that website!
justin evanitsky (7 months ago)
daniel d bitgrail did me good. Stocked up on xrb and was able to withdraw fine. And no withdraw fee either.
Agreed, I will never ever use HitBTC ever again. Every time there is big market movement they experience issues(mostly with withdrawals). I have also experienced issues with canceling orders and orders not going through. They say that they are the most advanced exchange but this has to be a joke.
Piotr Kurczewski (8 months ago)
That's true. Their fees is robbery!
daniel d (8 months ago)
same with bitgrail stay away you will be robbed
CQ RTC (4 months ago)
Now 0.28$
T-Jin (5 months ago)
coss got upgraded massively, 10 cents a pop now also cuz of the dip get it
ctguitarguy (6 months ago)
How many coss coins did you snatch up in ICO?
David McCain (6 months ago)
Whats this new Coss update all about? do i need to set up an Eth wallet?
FidelHimself (7 months ago)
KuCoin Shares pays out too. Decent exchange on top of that.
FabooOnline (7 months ago)
just bought 100 COSS
cherry Inc (7 months ago)
they are much faster right now
Edwin Rios (7 months ago)
anyone know how to get all the eth conversions transfered to your eth wallet?
Jeff Bradley (7 months ago)
The site is improving, and you can hold the coins in MEW. They have a contract you can execute for receiving payouts to it. I'm holding some as well.
Kenneth Watson (7 months ago)
KuCoin Shares kick all asses in exchange coins. You earn the exchange fees BUT in the coins traded. They were up over $20 before the dip and are now around ten. And the exchange runs like a dream. When a new coin lists BAM! you will have a tiny fraction of that coin. Check it. If you sign up, please use my code of 13uhu which costs you nothing but enriches me a tiny bit. Also like COSS because of some of the listings but KuCoin is clearly superior AND also has some obscure coins. Get your TELCOIN there, DENT, NULS. Good BCH pairs.
epicboy69 (7 months ago)
COSS has a huge growth potential it should be a no brainer for 2018 as it will undoubtedly hit 10$ sometime this year
Marius Gherman (7 months ago)
cofounder/cto experience should be interesting with this. did my quick due-diligence on their total experience. finished studies in 2016, same year made 5k loss with a 2.5k year income on a company, etc etc. please have a follow up on this once the roadmap advances so we can see the progress from a roadmap and revenue side. I will be rooting from the side line for this one.
MirzaiFitness (8 months ago)
How many COSS coins did you buy if you don't mind me asking? I have a good feeling about this coin, I can feel it in my gut. I have the same feeling in my gut right now like when i did when i bought TRX and XVG both below a penny. Something tells me to buy a whole bunch of coss coins.
Carlos SAZO (8 months ago)
Crypto crow... can you plz do a video on the top 10 cheap cryptocurrency to buy now or in 3 weeks thanks
Sarah Walker (8 months ago)
Hey, what are you all using for a Cardano wallet? Thanks
Ra Ro (7 months ago)
Sarah Walker I recommend a Velcro. If you drop a leather one your stuff flies everywhere.
Lee Byrd (8 months ago)
What’s your opinion on nuls coin?
mark snyder (8 months ago)
Please take a look at Kucoin... I feel like this is very similar and could be better than coss....
MrJr01 (8 months ago)
mark snyder Take a look at market cap. I feel like coss has WAY much more room to grow. KCS is pretty much 3-4x away from ath ever. Coss can still grow 10-20x times even tho it's 'worse'.
Absolute Crypto (8 months ago)
As someone that invested in Kucoin Shares at $0.80, I recommend COSS. Huge gain potential. $20 each is very possible.
mtv pls (8 months ago)
this sounds like another Bitconnect
Vajinder Hira (3 months ago)
Its not, dyor
C V (8 months ago)
Hell yeah finally someone talks about COSS! Love u crow
Somaro Jamie (8 months ago)
Long term kucoin will work better as they give a % of revenue to token owners
Dimension 9 (7 months ago)
So do Coss....holders get a share of 50% of the revenue from the exchange every week. Longer term the payments could be quite impressive. Kucoin give a share daily and it is a nicer exchange to use, but the coin is a lot more expensive at the moment.
Chris Jameson (8 months ago)
They have some decent coins but I prefer Cobinhood as my 2nd to Binance
Ap K (8 months ago)
dont store Coss on exchange. I bought coss at .70 cents and i left them on exchange. Somebody stolen my coins and reported to Coss a week ago and have not heard yet.
Fabricio (8 months ago)
You shouldn't store your coins in any exchange. Also, you should always enable 2FA security. COSS distributes it's fee split if you store your COSS on MyEtherWallet too. You just have to follow a tutorial to identify your MEW wallet to your COSS account.
Only Mobile (8 months ago)
kucoin does the same thing.  Kucoin's exchange is basically a carbon copy of Binance.  But, their coin offers a portion of all transaction fees.
Steven Opolis (8 months ago)
Coss is slow but I really like it. It is in beta though.
Bojan Buhin (8 months ago)
first they should do a working exchange, can`t even upload documents for verification
Joe Bro (8 months ago)
SLOW SITE & STILL WAITING... submitted verification docs 5 days ago and still waiting far a reply plus no e-mail response to my follow-up! Sloooow is an understatement 😠
Nathan Williams (8 months ago)
It took almost a week to get SMS security working for me. Last night, I finally got the SMS security and then authenticator running.
Maximus K (8 months ago)
Hi, aren't US citizens prohibited from buying in on ICOs ? How are u getting in on them bypassing that SEC law?
Li Alex (7 months ago)
Maximus K (8 months ago)
Understood. Thank u for answering and so quickly, much appreciated!
Paul Bowden (8 months ago)
I love the Crow and have profited from his insights, but does this sound like a pump to anyone else?! Jason are you gonna dump this thing after a bounce? You're saying that their website is junk, (which is the best reflection of all they do and every process that they have), yet you're buying more because it's cheaper. I respect you man and I think you can do better than this... Crow your coins bro!
Sau Wong (8 months ago)
Yeah... he’s right about how shoddy the website is - that’s why Am going to keep buying Kucoin shares (KCS) to keep getting paid dividends
rollin mondon (8 months ago)
Vegas Flatout (8 months ago)
the new trading info is great on coss. The web site just need to get faster.
C V (8 months ago)
Vegas Flatout new engine coming soon
lgsoftwares (8 months ago)
Dude things can get messy !!
ColoSon (8 months ago)
You better buy KuCoin Shares not Coss.
Stormspirit (4 months ago)
why not bro coss is cheap i bought kucoin and coss who knows maybe coss have good future :D
G Man (8 months ago)
C V (8 months ago)
ColoSon kucoin almost at a 2 billion market cap, COSS is at 100 million and has a new engine coming soon
M Frusciante (8 months ago)
Excellent investment. Coss is no joke, i'm about certain it will reach top tier levels of trade volume one day. They are dotting thier i's and crossing their t's. It's currently in beta, new UI was just implemented today and it's massively improved. Still a bit slow but looks great. Engine upgrade's in the near future will improve speed/function. New engine, new listings, API and fiat pairs are all upcoming. The payouts may seem small now, but when the exchange hits even moderate levels of trade volume, which it will, they will be a massive source of passive income depending on how many coss coins you hold. And the coin generated compound over time.. Like Crow said, he earned Coss just by holding coss, well the new coss will earn even more and so on. Not to mention the increase in the coins value. Do yourselves a favor and find a Coss calculator, play with the numbers, you'll quickly see the potential is worth the risk.
Todd (8 months ago)
Have had nothing but problems trying to use the Coss exchange. It absolutely does run like shit, as you say Jason. Lol.
Go Yourownway (8 months ago)
I have two friends that bought this weeks ago @.10 cent. 1 bought $10,000 worth. The other bought $100,000 worth. First one cashed out around $2.50 for a $240,000 gain. The other is up $1,800,000 @the time of this video. Crazy!!!!! Every exchange coin does this btw. Just buy as soon as you see one.
Bohr (8 months ago)
Any ones coming up that you know of?
Rafal Delano (8 months ago)
I sent BTC to COSS early last week and it took nearly 3 days to get there. IMaybe it was coincidence but after I emailed their support with the transaction info showing it arrived days before, my BTC arrived...) Needless to say, I didnt buy any COSS, I took the hit, and got my shit out of there lol.
P Tom (8 months ago)
Picked up some COSS coins today thanks 👍👍
Avinash Rao (8 months ago)
Another ponzi pyramid scheme !
fredarzani1 (8 months ago)
The problem is central exchanges in general are a dying breed. They're big right now and will probably continue to be so for a while longer, but I think within the next few years decentralized exchanges are going to take over. And once you get a decentralized exchange which can figure out how to also share some of its profits with the traders, then FORGET about it. It's going to be over then. In fact, EtherDelta is pricking that balloon even now, although they still don't have anywhere the same level of volume right now.
Todd (8 months ago)
Etherdelta getting hacked in December is going to keep their numbers down for quite a while, if not indefinitely. I do agree though that decentralized exchanges will take over at some point, there are already projects in existence aiming to accomplish exactly that. It's just a matter of time until they are able to bring those services into fruition.
The Tech (8 months ago)
What happened to the sound bro? It was much better in earlier videos :)
Esteban Arcila (8 months ago)
Esteban Arcila (8 months ago)
Or me from the past?
Esteban Arcila (8 months ago)
So, it’s me from the future commenting?
superturbo2 (8 months ago)
this could be great, compare how the price of similar coins like binance coin and KCS have developed.
TheAkyles23 (8 months ago)
espero que baje un poco mas para poder comprar
Damian Joorst (8 months ago)
Been great watching you grow in this short period, people might have their own opinions, but I bought the Udemy course and I feel it was golden, it’s been a pleasure watching and listening to you so far, keep it up sir 👌👍
Henry Gregory (8 months ago)
Have you seen the QASH exchange token? It powers three different platforms and solves global crypto liquidity problem using World Order book! It will be bigger than ripple and heading for top three coin on CMC, already in top 50. Please research it and make a video if you see the vision as it's already regulatory compliant!
M1capital (8 months ago)
What you think about Kin Coin by kik? Looks promising and still under a fraction of penny
OORAH78 (8 months ago)
I’m so new at this! Wallets this and wallets that! I have so much to learn.
MrJr01 (8 months ago)
Dec Williams Sorry to disappoint you, but sooner than we expect we might see a MASSIVE correction, where I can see the whole cryptomarket cown 60% and hundreds of crypto's bite the dust. This'll happen 2018/2019 IMO. All the obscure altcoins which do not serve a real purpose in the future will eventually die. Just think about it a couple of days and you'll understand what I mean.
john junior (8 months ago)
the issue is how to buy bitcoins so u can trade
Musa (8 months ago)
For me its Lambo Huracan Performante *Dream Car* All the best crypto fam!
Dec Williams (8 months ago)
OORAH78 I was in your position 2 weeks ago. Didn’t have a clue what a crypto currency. Now I’m determined to make a Mil by 2020!!
Psyondrax1 (8 months ago)
I got a bit of Coss when it was $1.79 :> satisfied.
justin evanitsky (7 months ago)
Psyondrax1 just got in a at 98 cents
Matt Smith (8 months ago)
Talk about appc more
Kid Red (7 months ago)
Crse (8 months ago)
These types of coins are doing pretty well it seems. Didn't know of this one. Seems like a no brainer. :)
Adam Oriti (8 months ago)
If a website runs like shit...we avoid. Simple. They are lazy.
Xuei (8 months ago)
Heyy man. I saw your video on tron, what's your opinion on the current situation? Him selling all his tron, on top of all the other FUD?
Blazo B. (8 months ago)
You are talking about Litecoin and Charlie Lee sold all his LTC, and not TRX.
Roy Sietmann (8 months ago)
Rumors, he has denied, coins are locked to 2020 for development team.
Xuei (8 months ago)
RUwatching well he's sold all his own coins, which has alot of people confused and questioning if he's just dumping
RUwatching (8 months ago)
Its all FUD
pat mclaughlin (8 months ago)
how many different wallets do you use??
Nick (8 months ago)
Are you a financial advisor?
Nick (8 months ago)
RUwatching Are you also a financial advisor?
RUwatching (8 months ago)
He states that at the beginning of each video , pay attention
pat mclaughlin (8 months ago)
ElitGamesHD (8 months ago)

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