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Open discussion with Charlie Lee, Litecoin creator, on Bitcoin core, scaling, scam coins

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Chief engineer at Coinbase and Litecoin creator Charlie Lee comes on Teamspeak to discuss a variety of topics in crypto. Teamspeak: ts.whalepool.io Telegram: telegram.me/whalepoolbtc Twitter: twitter.com/whalepool 22:30UTC Charlie Lee (LTC Founder) talking about LTC with Bagholders Stream Downtime/Restart: 12:30 GMT+1 and 00:30 GMT+1 for ~1-3mins
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MJ ENERGY (8 months ago)
I'm trying my hardest here, but a lot of this is going over my head. I want to understand the technology. Back to coursera ...
D MAN (1 year ago)
Thanks, what ya think about the Golem project ? for being the new digital thing / internet
Roger Diogo (1 year ago)
Create a "Kredit" coin... And run it as a virtual bank, where credit can be used based on the kredits you own... That would be new, issue credit based on amount of credits own!!!
Jeremy Bennett (1 year ago)
Yay litecoin 👍
jbibm81 (1 year ago)
If you didn't sell at $1200 and buy at $200, but are holding then you are playing dumb. You could have 6x the amount of BTC. That's what it cost you to hold. #math EDIT: You do not have a miner, Tone. 1hash = 1vote.
Jeffrey Butts (1 year ago)
Nice talk. I really learned a lot about litecoin. It's a good time to buy it, imo.
jbibm81 (1 year ago)
It would be great to SegWit on LiteCoin. No worries about larger block sizes with price of Bitcoin; it's bringing down the mempool because people don't want to buy Tshirts.
woodygar (1 year ago)
Humble guy i really like what when he said 'I'm the master of copy and paste'
John Smith (1 year ago)
oooh shit, segwit passed, absolutely baSed!!!
Den Иванович (1 year ago)
Litecoin waiting for the great rise! remember this
P Brunet (1 year ago)
Nice to see a variety of opinions. I think SegWit will generate positive PR for Litecoin. I did not really care who Charlie Lee was until a few days ago, but I've noticed he's an excellent communicator with a pragmatic mind, able to condense the tech babble into straight talk, working code, real results, which is exceptionally rare in this space.
backtolbc (1 year ago)
wow, the views on this video is stuck on 666 views
The Mom (1 year ago)
I Don't Know Why Charlie Wastes His Time Conversing with UNEMPLOYED Shit Lords...
John Smith (1 year ago)
yep lol
FermiGBM1 (1 year ago)
22:50 good point
FermiGBM1 (1 year ago)
really good interview thanks
TheBitcoinArmy (1 year ago)
guess im a special guest
TheBitcoinArmy (1 year ago)
Jay Tea (1 year ago)
E (1 year ago)
Jay Tea yes, no more Litcon bagholders lol
Zero Hoots (1 year ago)
Blank Steve (1 year ago)
Who says it aint great now mate.
Arnold Kressnig (1 year ago)
good chat. nice filler intel throughout.

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