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Why I bought 15,000 Cryptocurrency Cardano ADA

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Text Comments (537)
pagescroller (28 days ago)
Can you buy a huge sum on Bittrex?
pagescroller (28 days ago)
How do you buy that many coins at once
The Lion's Den (1 month ago)
check out Nexty coin.. its gonna be huge!
jk0f1 (2 months ago)
I have 120 dollars to invest will it grow more in Cardano or in Tron?
Jason Everett (2 months ago)
Are you still buying Cardano? How do you feel about it going forward?
Sylvia Gandy (2 months ago)
How do I get a day list wallet? Is this what protects my money?
Ashghabaidyani Baidzawi (2 months ago)
hahaha confirm you at loss 90% now .. stay away from crypto advisor . if true they making lots of money from crypto. for sure not time to make a video like tis .. this i a low class advisor. becouse track back all. video from all utuber almost what they advise is loss to rubbish. will make otner rich like exchanger and coin maker. .. my advise is dont trus any u tubes advise it a . no accurated
DANS LATiPov (2 months ago)
Shrappnells (3 months ago)
ROGER BANNERMAN (3 months ago)
nice vid. new to crypto. very interesting and informative. ill be considering your course as well. thank you very much
Elizabeth Cartner (3 months ago)
Cryptocro, I like your program, but would you please lighten your screen so that it is easier to follow you.
Sy 420 (3 months ago)
Great video. Been all in on xrp but after some research I sold a few xrp from my stack and picked up 5000 ada. Just waiting for the damn wallet to load the blocks. Will be buying some more in the next couple of weeks when I get paid. On the subject of ripple, Google have been investing in the company since 2014.
G B (3 months ago)
Crow....Take the total current market cap of Cryptocurrency /Cardono supply = less than $2? how do you figure?
pub (4 months ago)
Cardano SUCKS - another scam Alt coin that was a waste of my BTC. Verge is looking like another Shit Coin too.
Road to 23 Bitcoin (4 months ago)
You inspired me to dig deeper into ADA and I currently have 6500 now. I'm VERY excited about ouroboros, and I'm praying that I can earn at least like $50/day off of the "gas" in the future. Much thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
Nez R (4 months ago)
You bought it because you want to PUMP and FCKING DUMP! Fcking cocksucker!
Trace Freeman (4 months ago)
Haha only in crypto can you say, "Don't be one of these goons that buys at a penny and sells at .06 cents. Why even bother?" Fucking classic!
Ginger Williams (4 months ago)
Those email notifications had me all over my laptop looking for incoming lol
The Punisher (4 months ago)
I'm all in Cardano
Ian Green (4 months ago)
Sounds good. I'm downloading the Daedalus wallet right now, but I bought ADA on an exchange that does not have a deal with Cardano, and where ADA transactions are not yet possible! So they are stuck on the exchange, unless I sell them there. :( I need to get some on another exchange, but the only spendable Bitcoin I have is on that exchange. I guess I could change it to Ripple or LiteCoin just to move them and then buy the ADA where I can actually put them into my wallet.
Mr Shaw (4 months ago)
Shot to the moon! I'm very BULLISH on... look at those market caps! Fuckin larpers living out some Wolf of Walstreet fantasy
YachtRock5000 (4 months ago)
This video is being reposted with different titles by 'Remitano VN' and 'Binance Trading Pro'...what gives?
Lance L (4 months ago)
Great video (y)
Joe Buzzo (5 months ago)
thanks. great have the same idea. today at 0.68 even after the slump!
socomsfinest 1 (5 months ago)
Thank you for making this video. Because of you and the web site I am convinced now that this coin is crap. I mean it says nothing about what they are doing,what they are going to do, and how are they getting there. What a pos! Why are people throwing money at this and tron is dumb founding. Please somebody tell me something this coin/company is doing and what it does. Because I read their crap and it's basically garbage.
Ixxgxx (5 months ago)
Can't wait until decentralized internet comes out. Steemit, dtube, just the start, viewers paying dtubers directly! No middle man YouTube taking a cut!
Martin Sanders (5 months ago)
Just bought 2k at .70c and .88c, wish I'd found it earlier but still consider myself lucky. It's now .94c after an hour :) Hope tomorrow stabilises and doesn't full back. I'm looking to HODL. I also HODL Ripple but it's been way too emotional, it also makes me feel dirty as it's a bankers coin.
Martin Sanders (4 months ago)
chrisybanks its been stable for a few days at 62c. I hoping to see a pump in the near future
chrisybanks (4 months ago)
Martin Sanders stick with it, just bought 1100 today at 62 cents
Wayne West (5 months ago)
Where to buy this?
Dang Baso (5 months ago)
A PHD Math IT guy who has a lot of btc ALOT told me that he invested all he's cash to ada and poe for long term... Im so glad that I was in poe in early but I think I'm going to buy at least 5k of ada and hold
X stinkypoop X (5 months ago)
The Cardano project will result with a new standard that will have an impact upon the world similar to the impact of TCP/IP (internet protocol).
Mr Crypt0_0 (5 months ago)
You have made a good choice with Cardano.Been following XRP for a while yet never invested ... something fishy about it.
Made2last (5 months ago)
Still a good time to get ADA?
coltx64 (5 months ago)
I think I will get 15k ADA tomorrow at around 1USD, long term investment. And I just invested pretty big in a new ICO named Envion, I believe in there vision, and the way of thinking to solve problems etc with like the crypto mining power usage etc etc. Ofc they will have some issues on the way, but I think the company will have a bright future. Please check it out and tell us what you think.
dannywest13 (5 months ago)
Crypto Crow Linda Coin is blowing Upp, Invest In linda Coin Asap to get hugeee profitsss. Linda coin is the next Bitcoin . CryptoCrow is investing heavily in this as well
Kyle Race (5 months ago)
I'm tempted now at a dollar
Miguel G (5 months ago)
Just bought 1k Coins, CARDANO 2018!
Chris Palmer (5 months ago)
Is there a way to transfer Cardano to MyEtherWallet?
Crypto First Timer (5 months ago)
Cardano has been a great Investment
savage3investor (5 months ago)
congrats on your cardano run today bud, u must be like a proud father today!
Occy (5 months ago)
Still worth buying at 1.24? Or should I look to cheaper ones?
The Graffiti Hub (5 months ago)
Congrats man you now have over $30.k
The Graffiti Hub (5 months ago)
Not a bad profit for less than a months work.. I bought due to this video, not as much as I should have but I don't have a huge amount of money to play with but it's nice to start seeing profits from small investments.
Poul Riazancev (5 months ago)
ADA IS NOW $1.09 WOW!!
Gareth Cork (5 months ago)
It’s at over $1 have I missed the boat?
Alicia Aba (5 months ago)
congrats @cryptocrow cardano is now a $1
Jorge Contreras (5 months ago)
too bad i just saw this video cause i see now cardanos potential. keep up the good work. hugs from LIMA-PERU
Master Mindset (5 months ago)
Good looks for Cardano
JustKidding (5 months ago)
Someone made some money here :-) Congratz!
java2042 (5 months ago)
Your investment went pretty well already! Cardano is worth 77 cents now, so you almost quintupled your money. Good job and congrats!
Bet you're happy with ADA now! ;)
John Vo (5 months ago)
I tried so hard to go through the whole video but your mouth/lips smacking is just so distracting.
BitCanics (5 months ago)
electroneum is shit, you are technology clueless, manero fork makes it worth while but the team sucks at electroneum
Dondante (5 months ago)
It blasted off last night. Good call.
Mentes Livres (5 months ago)
You must be very happy so far, ADA is trading for $.85 cents over at Binance.
Jon Wayne (5 months ago)
I own 368 coins fingers crossed
Jon Wayne (5 months ago)
Poul Riazancev regretting not buying more but I will take what I can get lol
Poul Riazancev (5 months ago)
Jonathan Adams congrats haha it's $1.09
Folk of The Elder Path (5 months ago)
XRP.. $2.04 right now.. 12/27/17
Panda Family (5 months ago)
Stop those notifications *_*
Owen kelly (5 months ago)
Crow you do an excellent job Thanks
Njihia Mwangi (5 months ago)
Daedalus wallet has connection issues on Mac's. I'd suggest installing one on your Windows computer . . .
Kayjaybaby (5 months ago)
Hey man, whats your opinion on IOTA?
Jacques Swart (5 months ago)
I bought 4000 at 0.05$ but im regretting not buying more... sitting at more than x7 increase atm
9pt9 (5 months ago)
What about the fact that hashgraph is looming on the horizon? Doesn’t this threaten every coin using blockchain?
Kite Surfing (5 months ago)
great video but please turn off your sound alerts
Zac Crow (5 months ago)
I think ADA will win generation 3. I got super early in ether...got in fairly early in bitcoin. I'm trying to amass close to 100k ADA before PoS... wish me luck
AFURE BATY (5 months ago)
Life is all about risk...good luck
Ahsan Lakhany (5 months ago)
I have said this before and I will repeat it again. We should NEVER put our investment on just one option, it is absolutely vital that we divide it. I do it across top Cryptos while I also look at the upcoming ICOs, its great chance for us to gain well. Check out Duecoin, it is absolutely sensational and makes one get plenty of benefit with it’s getting on the exchanges! http://www.duecoin.io/
m h (5 months ago)
Justvstarted with altcoins. At .37 cents should I still start dumping money in?
Timothy DeWitt (5 months ago)
Cardano is up to .45 cents, would you still recommend getting into Cardano at that price?
ChurchofCryptos (5 months ago)
Are you kidding, just reading the FAQs for the Daedelus wallet made me vomit. Clearly, the wallet is plagued with problems and will probably NEVER be functional, just like Electroneum. I will not even download it.
Cake Gaming (6 months ago)
I agree w/ you. The CEO reminds me of Steve Jobs right before Apple took over the tech space on planet Earth.
canarsiemarsie (6 months ago)
im very interested investing.....but i really do not understand cryto. how can there be so many. how do i buy it? How do you check on the coin. if it goes up or down. not computer savvy ....i get confused with my television remote. although i rarely watch television..
James Johnson (6 months ago)
gomenaros (6 months ago)
A week later, looking good
junaid ahmad (6 months ago)
Feel Sorry for your Family .... I am investing in ADA it will Blow up
MALOVABAY (6 months ago)
I bought some coins from a site... do i now put in my wallet now? Seems like I have to make multiple accounts to buy more coins is that true. It's been a week and I'm stuck. Can you help?
gkar13 (6 months ago)
i bought 4500ada coins a few days before this video came out for 500$ and I'm VERY happy and optimistic about my investment :)
sang purnama (6 months ago)
20 K of ADA here..will add some more soon..thx bro for the advice..
TONY WILLIAMS (6 months ago)
Can you store ADA on a Trezor?
J (6 months ago)
I bought in at 14 cents each, bought 500 then bought another 350 when it was 39 cents... I'm dumping all profits on this because I feel the same way as you about cardano.
Andrew Lackey (6 months ago)
What did you buy your ADA in?
Blake Johnson (6 months ago)
I like your attitude and approach to cryptos. You earned my sub.
Castorp Z. (6 months ago)
ADA between 4$ and 6$ by the end of 2018
john smith (6 months ago)
A man with tattoos is a man who makes bad decisions.
George Verghese (6 months ago)
Where to buy cardano
Thomas Red (6 months ago)
Give me your opinions. I just moved about 25% of my btc to ada today. Do you think that’s enough? Should I go 50/50? I have 1 lite coin as well. What would you guys do?
K J (6 months ago)
Beware do not deposit any funds on bittrex. My account was randomly downgraded to 'unverified' status and locked. All my ADA has disappeared overnight. ADA: DdzFFzCqrhsfYpnYDQzbgsDEd4UKdqxihRpiG9qLuMStUftqP3p37KoXcXpVfAmaY3CZoGaP8KoosEizs5a1roybbukWxnELSjK7Whzm
Kryogh (6 months ago)
Is it still worth buying at 50 cents ?
Eddie Schoolfield (6 months ago)
Is there a better exchange for ADA than Binance? Here is my referral if anyone wants to buy ADA and other crypto. Enjoy! https://www.binance.com/?ref=12606386
Daedalus (6 months ago)
Man... I saw ALOT of videos about this world of Crypto Coins as of recently, and this was one of the best advices I've ever heard so far, and you spoke so deep from your heart man! There is no doubt that profits matter, but we are supposed to see all of this beyond a cash grab vision. We have the opportunity as a COMMUNITY, to directly invest not only with MONEY but also BELIEF in Alt Coins that could reach new places in technology and also serve the people in a good way! As you said in the video, to invest in RIPPLE... would just seem like taking a step back into the past once again. You really touched me and opened my vision man, I thank you for that! It's time to put my energy and money where there is genuine passion for a better place...
Maplestone Solutions (6 months ago)
What app do you guys use to invest?
Ada Nzeribe (6 months ago)
It’s got my name all over it. I think it’s a sign...
sessy33 (6 months ago)
id like to hear you thoughts on IOTA please. I got home from work today around 3:45am. I looked at both iota and cardano. and chose cardano. Around 4 to 4:45am iota went from $3.85 to $5. #WhenYouChooseWrong XD Yesterday i made $47 off iota then bought some cardano and sold before i left for work, for another $81 profit. All with $380 starting account.
Yasir Saeed (6 months ago)
do you buy all on cash or using leverage too? How can i invest using leverage?
Marvin Stute (6 months ago)
is it too late for cardano now?
Atlason (6 months ago)
nah, i just bought in, for 0.52, which is alot. i wanted to buy a week ago. But my btc buys delayed, cuz i didn t know where to buy , still hoping for the long term
Chudy Robert (6 months ago)
use binance to get his since biterex is not accepting new people. use https://www.binance.com/?ref=12225156 to help both of us
Muh Shekels (6 months ago)
If anyone has a doubt about Cardano, just go to their site and look at the team. That won't tell you all, but will surely stimulate your trust.
JCeePoker (6 months ago)
Cryptos are not about letting the people decide. They are about not letting the people decide. If you build up a society and put a democracy in place, that is the form of government. What is the difference between that and setting up one with a democracy for ADA? There is none. I understand what you are saying, but setting up cryptos is about individual rights, not the right to set up a governing body to control something else.
Jack Jones (6 months ago)
Is Bittrex accepting new users now? I guess they had closed to new users. Not sure where else to buy ADA. Thanks.
Jules (6 months ago)
This is how I did it, but there are probably a bunch of different ways to do it. So I first signed up at Coinbase: https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a2fdce9221d3500ff51112b after signing up I set up my account and bought some ETH (With Credit Card). After buying my ETH I set up an account at Binance: https://www.binance.com/?ref=13166128 You can also use Bittrex, but the vertification is taking forever :D So after i got my account at Binance, I sent my ETH over from Coinbase to Binance and with the ETh I bought my ADA and I am currently holding it at Binance. I have not downloaded a Wallet yet. I hope this helps you :)
Chudy Robert (6 months ago)
https://www.binance.com/?ref=12225156 gives us both binance cash!
Chudy Robert (6 months ago)
Skyflowers.Tv (6 months ago)
Great analysis. My story is the same as yours, "missed the boat and found Cardano". My other hot pick is Stellar Lumens. Look that one up. Created by the guy who created Ripple and has similar vision to Cardano. Am backing both horses. #Subbed
Skyflowers.Tv (6 months ago)
BTW Lose the thumbnail. It looks cheesy when you have solid content.
Skyflowers.Tv (6 months ago)
BTW Lose the thumbnail. It looks cheesy when you have solid content.
Reshma Naaz's Kitchen (6 months ago)
buy the cardano by this link https://www.binance.com/?ref=12307507
Elias Turk (6 months ago)
If you want to buy some altcoins use this link for Binance: https://www.binance.com/?ref=12539915

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