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Top 5 Altcoins That Will Make You Rich In 2018 | Best Cryptocurrency Coins To Trade In May!

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Giles Taylor (24 days ago)
Not a single comment about Digibyte, that really surprises me.
Lemmy Bongo (26 days ago)
Hmmm, Wanchain at $2.16 at the moment - over 50% down since this video was made.
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Hans Müller (1 month ago)
X12 Coin for me. Great ecosystem, tradeable on several exchanges and an interesting whitepaper.
Neli Onex (1 month ago)
Top 5 altcoins that will make you poor in 2018
Gary B (2 months ago)
I recomend *First Million Road* and have nice profits
Graham Dolle (2 months ago)
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Willams Connel (2 months ago)
I have been into crypto and forex trading for over a decade now, I have researches and discovered that traders continue to lose money to brokers because of 1) Inexperience 2) Wrong Strategy for a particular Stock or Equity 3) Fake brokers and Account Managers 4) Greed 5) Wrong scope of trading. I have decided to give free out trading software, Strategy tips, lessons, and best brokers to use. Thank me for this later after earning unbelievable profits With MR ELI JOSEPH. for more info kindly send a mail via elijoseph1965 <@> g<mail<com> He typically reply within 1hour.
Ethan Antonio (2 months ago)
What a fantastic day to make another set of money on crypto trading with little as $4500 all in 1 week, I then made an oustanding profits of $26,800 through the help of Mr Eli Joseph trading system, I feel so happy Sir
Charles Charlotte (2 months ago)
They say in life it takes just one decision to change your entire life, i lost several amount of money to scam brokers bet when i met Mr Eli Joseph across some youtube channels indeed my life changed for good. i would love to introduce him to anyone investing in binary option to always look out to him, his strategy also helps in recovering lost funds. His email is [email protected] .com
Jordy Simons (2 months ago)
We in june, anybody rich yet?
gpu pool (2 months ago)
you should have a look at bulwark. They got the most solid team i've seen in a long time. One of very few legit masternode coins, recently they actually made hardware for keeping your node safe and easy to use!
GAMES - BITCON RiriCoin (2 months ago)
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Pretty Cool Cat (2 months ago)
Honestly one of the best investments I've found pays you 1% daily on your crypto investment. Sounds like a dream but is definitely legit and real. Ive been using it for months and I make roughly an extra 1,300 a month passively for doing nothing. https://westlandstorage.com/?p=34611&utm_source=mobile-en3&utm_medium=mobile
Jones Scott (2 months ago)
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Kateryna Ivanchenko (2 months ago)
I also trully believe AMB gonna fly very soon
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Amar Mujadzic (2 months ago)
Awesome video bro. I hold the same in my portfolio, nice review
SR KC (2 months ago)
Jewel University (3 months ago)
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Harry Scott (3 months ago)
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Harry Scott (3 months ago)
Reach him for this strategy via email: [email protected]
Rodrigrues carvalho (3 months ago)
Who could ever believe that there is more to Trading Cryptos than holding and selling when price increase. Thank you Mr. Lark Davis for providing a high level insight I couldn’t get elsewhere. You see things on another level to the vast majority of commentators out there and conveys the big picture behind the blockchain revolution and how it is unfolding giving me the opportunity to take maximum advantage of the Crypto Market. Although I have seen some of your videos but it’s not as informative as talking to you privately via your email: [email protected] The strategy you provided now earns me as much as $47,000 weekly and I just want to say Keep up the good work Lark! As I advice my fellow traders to talk to you for a greater insight in making more profits from Crypto Trading.
Máté Szikora (3 months ago)
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Paolo Giannone (3 months ago)
I really enjoyed your video, you did a great analysis. I already have some ONTOLOGY and I think it will go very well in the coming months. But you forgot to name DEEPONION! In my opinion it will be the real surprise of this year.
eshwar c (3 months ago)
BAT token to be listed on coin base https://medium.com/@PolarChain/why-basic-attention-token-bat-will-be-the-first-erc-20-token-listed-on-coinbase-9d82ce9c23ad
abdulwahab olatunji (3 months ago)
just incase you're thinking about what coins to invest in check out DGB. DYOR and reach a conclusion.
o0bliivii0n o0bliivii0n (3 months ago)
Hey , Im a member of a new server . They do pump and dumps and many other things. Their community its pretty active, they give free advice about trading and there are many experts into and whales. Take a look, you will like them! https://discord.gg/C6nNPgb
I Don't Care (3 months ago)
You should look into Dent coin !
Raquel Martin (3 months ago)
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mohamed amine grine (3 months ago)
Taylor Somerville (3 months ago)
Banyan Network to blow up pretty quick here too
Jamie Rolfe (3 months ago)
arthur braun (3 months ago)
Please look at Apollo curency
corsa .c (3 months ago)
Have you looked back at this clip! Very well played!
Crypto Collector (3 months ago)
For shits and gigs i clicked couse site 97bucks for it Lmao!
Crypto Collector (3 months ago)
Drink water
ImperioMagno (3 months ago)
John Oakley (3 months ago)
1. Ontology, 2. Wanchain, 3. Zilliqa, 4. Ethos, 5. Nucleus Vision
Marklockhart Bill (3 months ago)
Oh yeah, the God of trades. all thanks to Miles Scott, i made $20,000 in two weeks with just $3,500 with his recommended ico, very unique and simple. thank you sir, i believe you have to pay for quality, if you want good results. infact, i only trust it when it's not free because all the good things in life are not for free, Contact him on whats app messenger/ Telegram at *+1 518 355 9694* !!!!!!!!!
Teo Taneski (3 months ago)
My opinion is you should mention SciDex as well.
Alok Kumar Sharma (3 months ago)
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eric herpstu (3 months ago)
LOOM NETWORK will be huge at the end of the year!
Kenny Dimalna (3 months ago)
Since market is so bearish make sure to invest in top 10 altcoins
Oliver George (3 months ago)
sign up to Binance here: https://www.binance.com/?ref=20363319
tikezza (3 months ago)
Don't forget about Chill project. It will bring you fortune in 2018.
oscar Nether (3 months ago)
Isn't cryptocurrency fake?
Igor Palajsa (3 months ago)
Daniel Mckinnon (3 months ago)
Hi, all. I'm new to the game and looking for some advice. When I started I had about AUS$500 in about 18 coins and a month later it is now $1100. I sold off about $250 and bought 10 EOS coins...it then dropped $3 in an hour :'( but anyway I'm thinking of selling my Golem and OmiseGo, which will give me $100. I'm wanting to know if its worth spending that on more EOS (only because ive heard good things about its potential) or is it worth putting more fingers in more pies and picking up some other coins and if so what? any help would be great, sorry about the essay. Thanks
david rosa (3 months ago)
este video es muy informativo
michael guillaume (3 months ago)
danial christan (3 months ago)
nonso agulonu (3 months ago)
chris cash (3 months ago)
Wrong! These were Coins That Made You rich In April ! :-)
Valentin Karpov (3 months ago)
excellent video
Just Essentials (3 months ago)
What do you guys think of Hoqu (Hqx)?
Walter (3 months ago)
This will be worth it: Check out ECA (Electra) ,fork coming to reduce block timing and size, lightning fast, great TPS, atomic swaps incoming, focused devs that are timely, huge growth potential, also Electrapay is coming (50% done). The only coin right now that has this type of potential under 100 sats. https://electraproject.org/
Chris Thomas (3 months ago)
I'm telling you guys - ECA is going to the moon this year. It's got a great community, good, solid devs, roadmap that is on schedule and atomic swaps coming. It's only at 22 sats right now...could you talk about this one in an upcoming video, man?
Matta Papi (3 months ago)
Can you please look into ECA. Looks like a solid project with a big future
Mohammad Ftayeh (3 months ago)
nice project
Eli D (3 months ago)
I would add CIVITAS coin, master node...
Vlad Markov (3 months ago)
I will continue to promote your project, he already interested my friends and friends and he began to advise him to his friends and I feel the progress!
Aimee Jection (3 months ago)
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EZgaming (3 months ago)
Blitzcash for the win
Cryptodemia (3 months ago)
Wanchain is probably the project with most potential this year! thank god I got in the ICO!
john smith (3 months ago)
Lisk, Navcoin, Vertcoin, Nano, Vechain
Abdul Motaleb (3 months ago)
i liked the video
Damannis (3 months ago)
ACC Accelerator Network 10x in 2018
Erico Bonilha (3 months ago)
NPXS is the best potential coin to 2018
Ray Tang (3 months ago)
Great video! Ontology is one I have been eyeing and great to see that you are high on it as well. Another low market alt coin I have been accumulating is Digipulse. $DGPT is a decentralized smart contract based digital inheritance utility token. The team has already released a working beta and has announced a platform launch in July 2018. There even is a huge (>60%) token burn at the end of this month. Would love to hear your thoughts on this one. Thanks!
Cryptozcoin (3 months ago)
Digipulse is a sleeper, the crypto verse needs a reliable inheritance option and I believe DGPT is the answer. I recommend everyone take a look at it. ridiculously low supply, potential for 3 figures by the end of the year.
Smugglers (3 months ago)
I just missed the cut off to subscribe for the first round of ONT air drops back in Jan or something. When i followed up about ICO details with the team, i didn't get any response and then they decided to forego ICO entirely. I was bummed because I thought it was under the radar and my due diligence would pay off. ended up getting some ONT from holding NEO and bought some recently so all good. DGPT def good sleeper pick. It's starting to pick up steam now as I see liquidity has increased! I saw that they're beta is going well.
jrheeeee (3 months ago)
yah, been hearing about digipulse. please do one on it! volume has been up and down, still very very low cap. im curious to see what that burn will do to the value of each token..
Ngọc Thanh Đỗ (3 months ago)
a good video, at once the professionals worked.
Shaun Johnson (3 months ago)
How did you miss SDChain (SDA) ?
Fallen SF (3 months ago)
Cool idea!
Michael Corey Snr (3 months ago)
Its been few weeks since I started trading with Smith after loosing alot of money and I have recovered my losses , now am $40,000 in profit and getting atleast $3900 weekly payout, you should contact him , he can help you too. contact him
Michael Corey Snr (3 months ago)
well that's why he is an expert
Michael Corey Snr (3 months ago)
I understand, as beginners everyone at some point lose money
Michael Corey Snr (3 months ago)
Next week would be another pay day for me, the buzz on my account got me smiling
Michael Corey Snr (3 months ago)
Congrats Shirley, am sure you are going to earn more with time
Jake Carthy (3 months ago)
the payment for the previous week has hit my account already
Low 8low (3 months ago)
Garlicoin. Not too serious coin that pretends it's going to take over the world. Cheap, 5 pennies, easier to double than most cryto coins. Proven technology, same as bitcoin and litecoin, so blockchain will be around centuries. Don't miss the boat again, and if the boat sinks, you won't end up losing an arm and a leg.
Habibur Rahman (3 months ago)
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iRabotyga (3 months ago)
Great project! You have a great future! Good luck
lezna 125 (3 months ago)
good idea
Matheus Andrade (3 months ago)
I depositied 1800 on coinbase. In 8 days im buying bitcoin and investing it all in ncash
Matheus Andrade (3 months ago)
I might buy zilliqa when i get paid lol
Sam Adams (3 months ago)
Have you mentioned CAT tokens by BitClave?
crypto karagaye (3 months ago)
Wow! Great video! I am a newbie here, anyone with any information on iBit?
Евгений 92 (3 months ago)
SUPER PROJECT https://monopolist.biz/index/20740
great impact...
gökhan atalay (3 months ago)
good project
KirkRyan McFarland (3 months ago)
Great reviews. I agree with your assessment.
Олег Сава (3 months ago)
thanh binh (3 months ago)
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Caterina CKing (3 months ago)
A promising project!
Chris Del (3 months ago)
Title should be top 5 altcoins to make you rich or very broke by the end of the year
corsa .c (3 months ago)
Hope you looked back at prices now! He would've made you some bucks!
Hemsley (3 months ago)
EOS (3 months ago)
Id *REALLY* watch out with titles like this, you're liable to be sued as you offer a promise in your title that people will indeed become rich from these coins. If people were to lose money they would be able to use your video as a reference as to why they lost money. Click bait titles only last for so long. Its only a matter of time before people retaliate against false information or hype that you're giving out. Refer to the Youtubers who promoted Bitconnect and *promised* returns or that it would "make you rich" they're all in court now.
Michael Horton (3 months ago)
He's not selling anything & is not binding anyone to a contractual agreement. Also, when viewing the video it's obvious the information is opinionated. Any Noob out of law school could shut down the lawsuit during pretrial.
William McKenzie (3 months ago)
kenny wood 😂😂
Metal Piece (3 months ago)
Karim An (3 months ago)
I invested heavy in Ncash, love the project, saw great video's on the working project. This could be big... Why didn't you talked about HPB, This is also a sleeping giant......
Ont Ology (3 months ago)
Ont Ology (3 months ago)
Q2 going to be huge for ONT. Check the ontology roadmap out. Also check out coinliker's forecast here: http://www.coinliker.com/forecast/ontology-zkuq-prediction $200+ forecast a year out.
Jorge Lopez (3 months ago)
Ont Ology what is your forecast to july
Tony Hemp (3 months ago)
Going strong in all this red!
Zabadeano (3 months ago)
Crypto Suisse (3 months ago)
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akshit sabharwal (3 months ago)
dude when did you make this video?? marketcap says 322 bil.. today is 422 bil.. in 1 day the market hasn't even gone up by 100 bil..
Ontrepreneur (3 months ago)
I was traveling over the last few days, made the video last week in advance:/
Mr Mo (3 months ago)
i spent many many hours the last months to analyse high potential altcoins with innovational characters.found some: sociall. io (scl) - closed beta decentralised secure and privacy social netword - the better facebook. campuscoin (cmpco) - extrem interesting concept for students and a paymentsystem - partner and debitcard already exists - real use character. this are 2 of 8. check them out.
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Rupanshu jha (3 months ago)
Вадим Сергеев tell him to donate some btc 1HT3xVptxndJvHYv1eoLPq4tuu7SmFKhsy :D crypto noob here
Crypto Collector (3 months ago)
Fucking scam troll trash !Actually continue on anyone who follows this kid im sure is smarr enough to figure it out !
Imran Khan (3 months ago)
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Mr Ebenezar (3 months ago)
I like the Ethos project, followed it since it was named BitQuence and I like finding projects that are "pre-breakout". Often that means projects that have yet a working platform since most working platforms are already in the top 100. Will check out Nucleus Vision if that might eb something to invest in, I always do my own resaerch before commiting to anything I find on Youtube or elsewhere. I am sort of missing privacy coins in you list, since I think this is kind of the topic of the month/year. Again I am looking for projects that are still in early stages and the ones I have found that shows promise are: DeepOnion and CloakCoin. CloakCoin might have to do a bit of a retracement but DeepOnion is looking good. Just finished the AirDrops and I have seen other coins (like Ontology) that have really taken off after end of AirDrops. Any thoughts?
Mr Ebenezar (3 months ago)
Since you tried to do the bounty i guess you chcked out the project (NV). So what were your thougths? Is it going to be as big as they say? Yeah, DeepOnion dropped a bit because it was the last AirDrop and some people sold off. But it was less than a lot where anticipating so I think even that shows strength. Looking at it now a few days after the BTC graph has started to turn around again with steady growth. I like the sign of steady growth much more than sudden pumps since those often have big retracements. Steady growth also often leads to sudden jumps in price but in a much more stable manner. Still hard to say what will happen, much depends on BCT behavior but things are looking a lot better in the crypto market right now then 3-4 weeks ago.
M Freelancer76 (3 months ago)
People say ncash (Nucleus Vision) will be huge, I joined their bounty but never received reward for it. As for Deep Onion part, my opinion is that it follows standard post-airdrop coin route - first a mild decline due to increased supply and than recovery and growth.

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