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Could the Stock Market Crash Lead to Bitcoin / Crypto Bull Market!? | Bloomberg News

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JakoSaurus (15 hours ago)
2008 Bank Bailout birthed 2009 Bitcoin. The next crash in the stock market wont get bailout, the money will flow into Cryptocurrency for ROI from stock losses and feared investors! Decentralised wins in that cenario. That time will come. Peace
Sam Jay (2 days ago)
Regragui Lachhab (24 days ago)
The calm before the storm!
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Adrian Burton (1 month ago)
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adrianv425 (1 month ago)
*long term* "2 or 3 years". Yeah... you're definitely missing the point of crypto. It's not all about getting rich
drake spark (1 month ago)
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casinowiz007 (1 month ago)
There's no correlation between crypto and stock market ! Crypto holders want to believe there is, so when stocks go down, cryptos up (since most are in the red). Yes, there are some stocks that partake in crypto (Square, IBM, Overstock, etc.), these stocks are minute compared to overall stocks. Crypto is still foreign to general population in U.S.
Chris Rock (1 month ago)
I just watched Bloomberg Tech and everyone they had on was excited for the future of cryto and blockchain. The one guy even went as far to say that when cell phones came out he couldn't imagine anyone using them.
Chris Rock (1 month ago)
casinowiz007 for now.
steve daniel (1 month ago)
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Igor Sic (1 month ago)
Bull run every day since january..chinese new year,usa tax season,consensys banana bull ...but market still going down.Noone knows,everyone predicts,we have on every corner new Nostradamus..forget about for a year ...
Chris Rock (1 month ago)
Igor Sic what goes down will go up. Patients is the key. Just because some guru said it would be soon and it wasn't dosen't mean a thing.
Cryptopiece com (1 month ago)
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Chris Rock (1 month ago)
Pm are a must as well.
Darrell Mervin (1 month ago)
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Anderson Cooper (1 month ago)
I will be moving my Bitcoins into Ripple XRP
Regragui Lachhab (24 days ago)
good for you .
Anderson Cooper (24 days ago)
i will be richer....i am already wealthy
Regragui Lachhab (24 days ago)
cool , you will be rich
John Harrison (1 month ago)
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мари ивлева (1 month ago)
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belle1113 (1 month ago)
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Novelties 4u (1 month ago)
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HE W (1 month ago)
Can you say more about what you take to be the appeal of crypto to investors in the event of economic downturn? In some basic way, it seems that what people want during recesssion is stability (read: safety), and at least given its current reputation stability is not a feature of cryptocurrencies. And any thoughts on this: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ccn.com/todays-stock-markets-crash-will-affect-cryptocurrency-markets/amp/.
Salomon Markovich (1 month ago)
No the stock market crashing can go either way, we dont know. People losing money already wont have money to put into crypto
Sam Finance Concepts (1 month ago)
Salomon Markovich , quite true as well...
Muzzammil Vora (1 month ago)
i think crypto will dive down aswell in general.
Allen Allen (1 month ago)
The economy should have crashed by now. It being sustained by High Frequency Trading and the Federal Reserve pumping up the fang stocks and others
kurgon1976 (1 month ago)
David Bermudez (1 month ago)
1.The Stock Market collapses every 10 years and it's old, updated and fake pumped up by the FED with worthless USD 2.The Crypto Market collapses each time its ATH but after sometime it rises higher it's young vurnerable to manipulation 3.When the Stock Market crashes later this year institutional investors will flee and search for a safe haven 4.Precious Stones and the Crypto Market are a safe haven because once again people will lose their life savings like in the Recession 5.The Crypto Market will be over $1 Trillion by EOY and every HODLer will get HUGE GAINS all for being patient
David (1 month ago)
David Bermudez Davids are incredible
I didn't trust in schwag, till participated in airdrop Zilliqa freetokens.online/zilplus yet
Trump is an idiot! He'll F up the economy!
Franco yeye (1 month ago)
What are the general perspectives for Zilliqa? Yesterday I received tokens from their airdrop www.freetokens.site/airdrop-zil yesterday Now I think about the time of their disposal. Is it better to do it now or to wait till the end of a year?
M F (1 month ago)
So ........ lol
Jamerica Merit (1 month ago)
There is still room for the stock market to run for a year. At the meantime, it is more likely that bitcoin recovers this year. Fundamentals are just getting stronger.
malski826 (1 month ago)
Jamerica i like you.You have conviction! Holla.
David (1 month ago)
Jamerica Merit nano is gonna blow i see a $126 nano as the result of the aftermath
Tanner Gray (1 month ago)
Jamerica Merit No one can predict the future. Don't be a fool. People will be saying it's good for another year up until it crashes. At some point it has to crash. If you are Mr. Fortune teller, I assume you cashed out on a massive short in '08 right?
Jamerica Merit (1 month ago)
Tanner Gray one key leading indicator is the bond yield rate. It has not turn negative yet. And psychologically, bull market grows on pessimism and bear appears when everyone is euphoric. We have not reached that point yet.
Tanner Gray (1 month ago)
Jamerica Merit People always say "stock market is overvalued, but safe for another year"... At some point it does have to crash.
BitInvest (1 month ago)
If the stock market crash and people lose billions of USD in wealth how the fuck are they going to put invest in criptocurrencies over put food in the table?
Yahonus Crypto (1 month ago)
XRP, XLM, OMG, ONT , EOS and ETC will be Huge!
Jamaal Brown (18 days ago)
im not talking about u sir
Manjot Singh (1 month ago)
Young blood xrp 4 lyfe
Chris Rock (1 month ago)
Jamaal Brown I didn't say anyone was wrong. Just added my opinion. I also like the ones he did mention
Jamaal Brown (1 month ago)
so hes wrong because he didnt mention the coins that you are invested in ???
Chris Rock (1 month ago)
Vechain imo
M Simas (1 month ago)
Look reddcoin, navcoin, cardano, bankera, b2bx and burst
M Simas (1 month ago)
Be small do not mean shift
Muzzammil Vora (1 month ago)
except cardano all are shit coin. sorry
M Simas (1 month ago)
No is a great project, if will work i do not known, but worth the bet
AIR LEBRON (1 month ago)
cardano garbage..high tier shitcoin
M Simas (1 month ago)
Bitcoin and altcoins works as a hedge against teh debt governement and stock markets
Tyrone Catkiller Kang (1 month ago)
M Simas how in the hell do you even buy bitcoin? and where do you store it? I heard some bitcoin site called coinbase will hold it for you but I want it in my hand even though it s invisible.
drake spark (1 month ago)
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M Simas (1 month ago)
I could not understading the first question, about second because one thing value is determinate what peoople are dispose to pay for, not only the costs of production
Jay M (1 month ago)
Why are all bitcoins worth the last one sold/bought? Why isn't each bitcoin worth that amount put in minus the amount taken out divided by number of coins?
Виолетта (1 month ago)
Odyssey!!!! Will make 10 X-es for this year! Make the screenshots! Huzza, huzza, huzza www.airdropnews.ru/odyssey-ocn
kev Waltham (1 month ago)
Виолетта don't think so
NaturalHI (1 month ago)
Yes! I think the stock market crash could push the tides high for crypto’s (bull market).
dang0088 da (1 month ago)
what make u think stock crash will make btc go up? the reason is when stock market crash people will need money to live and pay their bill, there for they have to cash out their btc.
mesowinss (1 month ago)
What makes you think us stock market crash will make crypto boom?
NaturalHI (1 month ago)
dang0088 da - We will see in time.
dang0088 da (1 month ago)
I don't think so, both will be down.

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