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Top 5 Cryptocurrency July - $NEO $ADA (plus some surprises...)

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These are my opinion of the top cryptocurrencies to invest in July 2018. We have been in a bear market and seeing lots of red recently. What are the best cryptos to buy in a bear market and which altcoins will still gain when the crypto market recovers? Plus, compete against me in No Limit Fantasy Crypto to see who picks the best team. NoLimitCoin Fantasy Crypto Signup: https://www.cryptofantasysports.com/FantasyCrypto/PoolContest/Enter/1DB557FD7E620FFB NoLimitCoin Poker: https://www.nolimitcoinpoker.com #neo_blockchain #neonewstoday #cardanostiftung #cardano_ #iohk_charles #loopringorg #daniel_loopring #switcheonetwork #huobi_pro #huobinews #bancor #nolimitcoin #nlc2news Crypto Love T-shirts and Mugs: https://crypto-love.com/shop Daily Crypto Trading Signals: http://go.signalprofits.com/cryptolove Buy Bitcoin on Coinbase: https://www.crypto-love.com/coinbase Buy Cryptos on Kucoin: https://www.crypto-love.com/kucoin Buy Cryptos on Binance: https://www.crypto-love.com/binance Radiant Creators Interview: https://goo.gl/c8dqEV Meet Crypto Love at Infinite Man Summit in Portugal: https://tg180.isrefer.com/go/lisb/rt Meet Crypto Love at Coinvention in Philadelphia: https://coinvention.io Meet Crypto Love at World Crypto Con in Las Vegas: http://worldcryptocon.co/cryptolove (5% Discount: CLOVE) To appease money-hungry lawyers and irresponsible people, it should be known that I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR and THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE. I am merely educating and entertaining. What you do with your own money is your own responsibility. Seek the counsel of an intelligent financial advisor (good luck finding one) before investing yours or anyone else’s money.
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Jonathan Allen (2 months ago)
I go to tether with 10-25%. If I buy low and seem to hit a peak. When nobody is buying tether you'll get it for as low as .98-.97 and when prices drop below support it goes to 1.00-1.02 or worse. It's a sure way for me every time to short without shorting on some shady exchange with high fees.
John Smith (2 months ago)
i honestly believe you will not pick a loser right now. I've done a small sampling of knowledgeable youtubers and I consistently see NEO, ADA, and Ethos. What about QTM or ICON or OMG. All these projects are awesome. What a blessing to be in crypto at this time.
BIG Crypto (2 months ago)
What do you guys think about Credits and the mainnet launch?
Neis Salvilla (2 months ago)
Any insights abuout VEN(VeChain)?
Benard Maurice (2 months ago)
It has been an amazing trading for me for the past few months thanks to an expert trader Mr Jason Iked. Thanks for this information CL
Ben Bellman (2 months ago)
Plus Bitcoin coz BTC is back again and i believe we are getting 15k next weekend.
Loveth Simmer (2 months ago)
It has been an amazing trading for me for the past few months thanks to an expert trader Mr Jason Iked.
Kifano Bridgeman (2 months ago)
What about Karabars. first crypto backed by gold
Baby Whale Crypto (2 months ago)
My top 5: XLM, XRP, ADA, NEO, and I can't figure out the 5th one :*(
Baby Whale Crypto (2 months ago)
Jamaal Gill (2 months ago)
Look out for Digipulse (DGPT). Digital inheritance token with a low market cap, low token supply and also just released their final working platform on July 1st. Also got a write up in the Forbes not too long ago so definitely a sleeper!
Mister Pace (2 months ago)
Keep up the great work.
Aron Barnett (2 months ago)
Ada neo ocn xlm xvg
Ne Shay (2 months ago)
dont have 100k but fsn..wan..icx..credits..hpb!! donate to me once you win
Patty Man (2 months ago)
Er Han (2 months ago)
Andrew Bailey (2 months ago)
Er Han 🤣
cdbaz (2 months ago)
Zebi and Neo for sure
hotlantabravefan1 (2 months ago)
FunFair - only crypto that'll actually be used for something in 2018
James Ramone (2 months ago)
James Ramone (2 months ago)
James Ramone (2 months ago)
James Ramone (2 months ago)
James Ramone (2 months ago)
James Ramone (2 months ago)
James Ramone (2 months ago)
NEO-RACING (2 months ago)
Neo releasing a white paper 3.0 👍
Si Anjeng (2 months ago)
Huobi token marketcap is fake
Chip Rines (2 months ago)
Really like your videos man... good straightforward style and interesting. I looked at Bancor earlier, but not with intent to buy more as seen an Enjin wallet and linked from there - they have many of the same coins/tokens. Also Cardano, $ADA) due to the genius of Charles Hoskinson, and I admit I've put off buying it for too long. Def agree about decentralized exchanges... and Huobi in the US too? hmm. Thanks for the review.
Florian Krietsch (2 months ago)
@cryptolove why is Neo daps DBC (deepbrainchain) is never listed ??
Cryptomoneymaker (2 months ago)
thx for the Video and for the shirt that i hopefully win lol
Martin Plascencia (2 months ago)
Show some LOVE .. and comment back to some of those legit comments
Giovany Sanchez (2 months ago)
I want to win
james le (2 months ago)
Oh man lost so much on crypto I think the stock market would have been better
Sandeep Kumar (2 months ago)
boom shakalakaaaaa
Troy D (2 months ago)
If you are going to talk about decentralized exchanges, you might want to include Local Coin Swap (LCS). They just finished their ICO on Jun 15, raised $12 million plus, and are on track to have their platform up and running by the end of August...with at least 18-20 coins. Kicked is that LCS holders are owners of the exchange/platform and will receive 80% of the revenue (1% escrow fee on each trade) quarterly as a dividend. Very interesting.
David (2 months ago)
go grab some NEO and ONT... but DEFINITELY... go grab NANO... bye now!
dang0088 da (2 months ago)
can u sit still and not more your arms?
Marc Miser (2 months ago)
If BTC goes to 5k Alts will loose another 30/40%. ADA will then go to around 7ct. If you buy then ADA for ~11k and ADA reaches the half of the ATH again you will get ~100k
Abraham Shaheen (2 months ago)
ICX price prediction?
Ruzeed Baartman (2 months ago)
djpaulywood (2 months ago)
TOP 5 Huobi - Binance - Odyssey - Ethereum Classic - Ceek - I've been all in with Huobi for a very long time!
Cloud xjr (2 months ago)
Boom Shakalaka!
Stefano Dozzo (2 months ago)
Neo ontology elastos.....
Crypto Stefan (2 months ago)
awesome man
Crypto Lemonade (2 months ago)
Why so many dislikes
a bashir (2 months ago)
great info
Hokukeo (2 months ago)
boom shaka tshirt
mit p (2 months ago)
Neo, ont, vechain, qtum
Miroslav Klika (2 months ago)
Shawn Hunter (2 months ago)
Top Five: 1. T 2. R 3. O 4. N 5. TRON
Jose Sanchez (2 months ago)
Shawn Hunter Hahaha... Hope you're not serious.😧
Nikolas X (2 months ago)
Tether shouldn’t even count
Alex P (2 months ago)
ADA all the way.
jaice john j (2 months ago)
Nice picks
Piotr Penar (2 months ago)
ADA NEO - definitely bullish
jordan passey (2 months ago)
Btc beard challenge
jay miller (2 months ago)
like your shirt!!!
Eduardo Hernandez (2 months ago)
Bibox's BIX is a better option, more of an underdog. And NEO, for sure, is my favorite coin.
Live Techs (2 months ago)
ETHOS!! 20$ end of year
Crypto Blockhead (2 months ago)
Lion TV & More (2 months ago)
Sean Tunley (2 months ago)
Awesome Video!! Top Five ADA NEO BAX HOT ONT
Thti Thet (2 months ago)
This is the CryptoMeth Head
Ilma Ayuk (2 months ago)
Babar rafique (2 months ago)
can any one give me a link of looping airdop thanks guys
Eddie3074 (2 months ago)
"I'm not one to invest in Tether..." lol
christophe coat (2 months ago)
There is another DEX coin that is interesting. Coinbridge. If you stake your coins for a year, you double your position at the end of the contract, plus, like Kucoin shares and Coss, you got dividends on the trades made on the exchange.
Memo Sonmez (2 months ago)
Elastos, Nano, Wanchain, Neblio, Nebulas, Ethos, Bax!!!!!
Marc Nieuwhof (2 months ago)
BAX here too!!!
Memo Sonmez (2 months ago)
Stefano Dozzo good luck🙏👍
Stefano Dozzo (2 months ago)
Memo Sonmez I think the same
Kevin bastianelli (2 months ago)
What's up! good video
Graham Laureys (2 months ago)
Qasir aziz (2 months ago)
Yash Trivedi (2 months ago)
Sentinel chain and Morphy network for huge return
Gavin Mearns (2 months ago)
Etn baby, please let me win a crypto love t shirt too! Haha ;)
Rohan Mayekar (2 months ago)
Huobi is shit. . I lost eth sent from bitstamp. . Be careful. . U cant send crypto from coinbase. .
Ryan Gray (2 months ago)
Love the ADA!
wakeupusers (2 months ago)
love that fancy uni tshirt!
Angelo Lauri (2 months ago)
neo N1
Greg B (2 months ago)
Ethos is announcing something, stand by!
kinghimself187 (2 months ago)
If you are talking about exchanges. -> Check Cobinhood Zero Fee Exchange. Margin trading, FIAT gateway, DEX(ON) and many things coming. The future is bright!
bilal khamis (2 months ago)
let there be moon
Anurag Shaurya Rajput (2 months ago)
NEBLIO will win
Jandri Venter (2 months ago)
Love the new disclaimer!
Abd Rh. (2 months ago)
Glenn Johnson (2 months ago)
Ont and Neo
BIG Crypto (2 months ago)
Agree with you. Great projects and awesome team
Ricky Rompal (2 months ago)
Top 5 Top 5
Paulius Bartaska (2 months ago)
Neo is very promising.
BootsOfLeather (2 months ago)
Lol shill brother shill! These coins gonna disappear with your money.
Joe Murphy (2 months ago)
ADA VEN UTK TKY ETHOS!!!! No brainers!
CRYPTO GARAGE (2 months ago)
Tron Tron Tron Neo ADA
CRYPTO GARAGE (2 months ago)
& ONT and and and....
Wade Woytal (2 months ago)
Turn around
Neo Ont Nkn Swth Hkn are my 5
Danny Hung (2 months ago)
Love your channel thanks for the update
scotty19581 (2 months ago)
Larimer with Bitshares, steemit, now EOS. There is nothing that can rival EOS
Sleepy Puppy (2 months ago)
Your beard has some cheese in it. (troll comment)
Jo Fisherman (2 months ago)
CME now controls BTC price. Just look what happens when they expire.
Michael Gambino (2 months ago)
You crack me up dude
sasanka wijeratne (2 months ago)
ONT will be the number 1. BTW what do you think of KCS as a exchange coin
Bryan Mcadam (2 months ago)
sasanka wijeratne I like it...gives tons of coins!
Sean T (2 months ago)
Dude.... icx too. Neo and icx!!!!
BuyCryptoPig (2 months ago)
Etc NEO iota xlm trx
BuyCryptoPig (2 months ago)
Pete Cam (2 months ago)
Switcheo , NEO , ICX ,ONT ...
John Fassetta (2 months ago)
Interesting mention on Switcheo. I haven’t bought but I was surprised a few days ago when I saw the market cap is so low.

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