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Cryptocurrency Is Recovering - Bitcoin Breaks $10k! - Altcoins Swinging Up!

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Bitcoin has risen to $10k! Litecoin going into a hardfork called Litecoin Cash, not to mention Litepay? What do we do about that? We also talk about how the Cryptocurrency market "seems" to be recovering. Cryptocurrency Market Caps: https://coinmarketcap.com/ ICOAlert: https://www.icoalert.com/ Crypto Charting: https://www.tradingview.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/YourAltcoins Start Buying Cryptocurrency (We both get $10 FREE): https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a39452edb858807a07cdc63 Create an account at Binance and start trading for free: https://www.binance.com/?ref=15825150
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Gloria Ory (7 months ago)
Hello, do you have any email or form of contact? We would love if you could review our coin CXS - Crestonium - The World's First 0% Fees Cryptocurrency Cryptobank! Let us know, thank you.
Siege Perilous (7 months ago)
Thumbs up for the content dude,learning the tech analysis myself since mid jan,use day trades to fund eth/btc/neo stores for mid/long term and ico purchases(titanium,rentberry,gilgamesh,te-food,assetereum) for quick initial investment return to spin funds back into other ico`s,and then hold mid/long remainding stock.Tend to invest in token/coins that have real world business attached(modum,powerledger,omisego) or that aim to resolve the big issues in current/future crypto ecosystem(raiden,aelf,trinity,revain,zilliqa) and constantly remind myself of the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy motto... DON`T PANIC!
sp0rtbilly77 (7 months ago)
This is what Atari needs to get it's shiznitz together
Nintendo coins super Mario would be rich!
Northgrow (7 months ago)
Sandy Sandstrom (7 months ago)
Philakone parrot
Your Altcoins (7 months ago)
I consider myself a baby whale, part of his pod. :)
Imran (7 months ago)
Good Video hope market crashes to 4k so that i can purchase
Naeem Ravat (7 months ago)
Can you please help me to choose the best Masternode. So my target is to get start a master node that would give me a continuous coinage distribution (income) of US$10,000 per month. I want to get the best ROI, but I see a lot of scammers offering insane ROI over 1000% even upto 18,197% (NihiloCoin).. - I wouldn't run the masternode locally but rather from a VPS in the cloud for $10 to $20/month. And I could run multiple masternodes from the same VPS if I have multiple IP addresses and configure it properly.
Fabio Blanco (7 months ago)
Atlant looks like a promising coin for a masternode, it hasn't released its platform yet. But you should be able to have a masternode around april-may. Very cheap rn.
Daniel Movtady (7 months ago)
I watch this channel for entertainment but he’s said himself he is new to TA and is mostly learning from twitter day traders.. pantera capital and datadash gave the green light at 8k for anyone interested in that info
Pille Palle (7 months ago)
toooday! 😂👍👍
Bitcoin Success (7 months ago)
Awesome video! Thanks for teach us.
qasim ali (7 months ago)
U should make 2-3 videos a day. Love ur technical analysis. Always waiting for ur new video 😊
malik aamir (7 months ago)
Sir I have buy neo on 0.001366 now what I do sell or hold?
Tin Filipović (7 months ago)
Does it pay off to mine Ltc?
Raj singh (7 months ago)
hi Mr Bean or Mr Beam ! .. sorry cant really make out how to spell your name ... my "audio comprehension" seems slack. ok... reg ur postings....Can u start putting a date along with the header so one can identify which is the latest published ... Thankyou keep up the great sharing and teaching Bro ! :)
JuicyVeganDwarf (7 months ago)
Good as always mate. Over past few days I have made a few trades for very slight profit or just about breaking even and transferred that into litecoin and bitcoin. I have also put in a little more fiat with my hard earned British pounds and purchased a little more ETH and BTC. I too believe the light at the end of the tunnel is coming 🙌🏼🔥 I have done “all those things you do to YouTube videos” lol liked commented and shared (already subbed haha). Really enjoy ur content and the enthusiasm mate.
Ginger Ware (7 months ago)
I love your consideration truly from your heart! Thank you for being so kind😊
Robin G (7 months ago)
Any reason to think Ethereum could get a pump?
Mike Rios (7 months ago)
Need to get a Steemit dude
Mike Rios (7 months ago)
I read a few months back that Atari creating a game system looks like atari is trying repump there business now with this news
Alvin Koh (7 months ago)
All my altcoins bought during crash, are flying for no apparent reasons, so it could be either a well engineering bull trap and buyers are starting to see confidence in undervalued coins. So i won‘t say its bull run yet. You guys might need to take some profis soon.
Daniel Diaz (7 months ago)
Love the videos! Keep them coming!
Garrett Sullivan (7 months ago)
What was the potential price that litecoin could dip down to?
Charlie D (7 months ago)
All YouTube videos are funny cause no one really knows wtf is going to happen but we keep watching and hoping that our dreams will come true! At any rate, great video B!
Jack-LoveIsland (7 months ago)
Charlie D coinmarketcal
Badboybrains (7 months ago)
Mike L (7 months ago)
Great information i appreciate your attention to detail. I wanted to know if you could suggest a platform other then coinbase or gdax to purchase bitcoin and litecoin and then send it to binance iam in the u.s thank you.
Xclio (7 months ago)
Amantur Sultanov (7 months ago)
Ay2DaKaY (7 months ago)
Vinícius Petrolli (7 months ago)
HTMLCOIN will get listed at kucoin and release the iOS wallet next weeks. Also they will release the POMA project in Q2. The HTMLCOIN platform is really amazing. Great team, great community.
Justin Melendez (7 months ago)
I like your balance of TA and market sentiment. I love how people criticize you for being unable to predict the future. Good job, keep them coming.
Bretto Surfer (7 months ago)
What book is B using there? Anyone know?
Fred G. (7 months ago)
Have you reviewed the Budbo ICO?
Handsome Jack (7 months ago)
ghost650rwc (7 months ago)
This guy doesnt know shit.
Your Altcoins (7 months ago)
Explain. I'll listen.
COURTNEY HAMMONDS (7 months ago)
Thank u for this video, I changed my mind. I'm not you g to play with the litecoin fork ;)) Great education, my teacher
Martin Shaun (7 months ago)
your videos dont make any sense. each time you say it could go up or go down. lol anyone can say that.
h l (7 months ago)
Gtfo Martin Shaun, who’s channel can give you 100% guaranteed? Tell me. Crypto was/is/will never be 100% predicted. In fact, let me tell you something you already know, nothing in LIFE is guaranteed! Surprised?
Dan Riefstahl (7 months ago)
It makes total sense. You make no sense. I like B because he is real. It's like having a convo with a friend. Not someone telling you for sure what's going to happen.
Peter Fuentes (7 months ago)
Your comment makes no sense.
Your Altcoins (7 months ago)
If you're looking for 100% guaranteed set in stone never gonna fail predictions, get out of Crypto.
Twin Truckers (7 months ago)
Any thoughts on ICOs?
SXXXLT (7 months ago)
follow mcafee
Štefan Korba (7 months ago)
Love your energy and your "today" 😀 hello from Slovakia :)
Mike swell (7 months ago)
Štefan Korba shout out to the beautiful people of Slovakia
Altcoin Daily News (7 months ago)
Awesome video man! Love the energy and how quickly you learn about technical analysis :)
jmartir384 (7 months ago)
When? TUUUUDAY!!!!!!!
Zenji (7 months ago)
When bitcoin hits 15k you’ll make a video saying “guys don’t get exicited bitcoin could drop to 6k very soon”
Your Altcoins (7 months ago)
This, THIS right here, is funny. "B You always say coins are going to Moon." "B, you always say to be careful about mooning coins". Guys, Crypto can go up OR down 30% IN AN HOUR. I can't predict the future, all I can do is warn you about the possibilities.
Emanuel Collado (7 months ago)
Excellent video
Crypto Revolution (7 months ago)
Markets Strong and Dow Jones is in the 'Return to normal' phase before a big crash. Looking up!
Tony Ji (7 months ago)
love your channel man keep up the good altcoins notifications
Dogeus Hodler (7 months ago)
youve been saying 6k all the way up in the opposite direction lol
DoM (7 months ago)
lost soul (7 months ago)
Any recommendations where to invest 3k? Bought $500 appcoin & $500 cardano? Anymore good investments? 🍻
lost soul (7 months ago)
I'm thinking about kucoin. 🙄
Steven Douglas (7 months ago)
What do you think about ''MYWISH''? (smart contracts only 19 milions coins)
luis ruscio (7 months ago)
could you do a video of your favourite icos at the moment?
John Dodge (7 months ago)
1st what?
Ansul Singh (7 months ago)

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