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Cryptocurrency Arbitrage

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Hi guys, its always hard to describe something so complex in a few minutes, so Ive tried to explain the concept in beginners terms and give a few tips. Please make sure you like and subscribe and let your friends know about this channel.
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HseOChin (20 days ago)
Problem is how trustworthy are all these 'new' exchangers ? So overall i consider this arbitrage thing not as 'risk free' as what those people selling crypto arbitrage courses seem to claim it to be ?!?
bo reddude (2 months ago)
i need a bot for this. any suggestion?
Katrice Hovey (3 months ago)
*First Million Road* and invest in your future
Marek Lewandowski (3 months ago)
If you're looking for an arbitrage tool on cryptocurrencies you can try tool that I coded myself: arbitool (dot) eu. Use code YOUTUBEGUYS for a 20 percent dicsount :)
Freddie Annobil (4 months ago)
Check out ArbitrageCT: https://start.arbitragect.com/?start=arct-01 theiir software bot is currently in beta I've been using it with good results. Others are also using thier bot with success. Also have an active community on telegram
Incogni Two (4 months ago)
how about NEO
David Saw (4 months ago)
Are there any simple and fast tools for cryptocurrency arbitrage?
may be
may be!
Andy Candy (3 months ago)
bibitbot - is very cool bot
Iggi Popp (3 months ago)
Try bibitbot com This bot sends notifications about the difference between exchange rates on different exchanges. Your task is to sell currency on one exchange and buy on another. All ingenious is simple!
Jan Żórawski (4 months ago)
Hi Benny, for me arbitrage is one of the best way to earn money with minimum risk. tell me please what do you think about our scanner for arbitrage. could you test it? it's free yet. http://cryptoarbitragescanner.com
Valerija Kudrjashova (5 months ago)
Thank you for your video! You can all try automatic (one click) arbitrage trades at the new crypto currency trading platform Bitsgap. bitsgap.com/?p=news
Harshe Cod (5 months ago)
Arbitrage works best when the market is down...
Neptunecrypto (6 months ago)
good tips I know them all but good tips
Chasar (6 months ago)
Arbiswap is the best arbitrage system I've used so far but rare occurrence to get a good find.
Ronni Zag (7 months ago)
Awesome video. Have you any other video of how to do it in details etc?? I love crypto arbitrage!!
Roodlers (7 months ago)
Hey mate was wondering if I could get some private help, I'm struggling with finding those new exchanges. It would be of great help ! Thanks again
Matt Andersen Official (7 months ago)
Excellent video new subscriber
Luke Stewart (7 months ago)
Tried it, doesn't work really. The spread between the bid/ask negates the profits.
Inspector Gadget (7 months ago)
you should make a course in udemy!!!!! i ll be your first customer :)
anon omus (8 months ago)
Thanks for this. Every one else ive seen so far only mentions the strategy of having one of the same coin on both excahnges when realistically this isnt necessary if the margin is large enough and pay the extra trasnaction fees. The real reason im here is I cannot find a bot that only scans exchanges for margins. i can only find bots that scan for it but also trade for me. Is there one that ONLY scans?
Hans Welder (8 months ago)
This arbitrage thing is one of the most annoying thing I ever get into yet. It could be that your exchange at the other end has wallet maintenance or general problems and all of this shit.
BITCOIN MASTER (8 months ago)
Hello, i suggest you to try trading at https://www.arbitragecoins.com/signup/index/BITCOINMASTER as it is unique and i personally made profits by using this site.The withdrawals are fast and smooth.Never going to stop trading here.L
BITCOIN MASTER (8 months ago)
Hello, i suggest you to try trading at https://www.arbitragecoins.com/signup/index/BITCOINMASTER as it is unique and i personally made profits by using this site.The withdrawals are fast and smooth.Never going to stop trading here.
ami peter (8 months ago)
I always like your video. Thanks
SCHRODINGER’S CAT (8 months ago)
i dont understand. how do you arb? do you just send funds in ETH from exchange to exchange or do you just buy A/B and sell A/B and wait for it to clear at parity?
You Are Not Ready (7 months ago)
SCHRODINGER’S CAT, You are essentially exiting one coin by purchasing another and then transfer the coin you just purchase to a different exchange and sell for more than you paid for it. All the videos only talks about simple arbitrage trading. But it doesn't talk about complex arbitrage trading where the real profits are made. I compose an example of simple arbitrage trading techniques Example 1 Exchange 1 currency pairs for sell Coin A/USD $100 Coin B/Coin A $130 Coin D/Coin B $250 Exchange 2 currency pairs for sale Coin B/C $450 Coin A/B $95 Coin F/A $200 1.)Coin A purchase W/USD for $100 on Exchange 1 2.)Coin A transfer To Exchange 2 3.) Coin A purchases Coin B for $95 (-$5 loss) 4.) Coin B transfer to Exchange 1 and sold for $130 Profit $25
SouljYAH (8 months ago)
thank you for this i was thinking about this while watching a coin a few days aga...it was 2.48 on binance and like 1.68 on the other and i thought about doing it but knew how long it took to transfer coins...ether is the way or litecoin....dude i hopee i make a good roi ill send u a lil tip ;)
Chew Chew Train (8 months ago)
Enjoyed your presentation. Thanks for being generous with your knowledge and experience! Doug in Silicon Valley
Cryptonian (8 months ago)
stop the shit editing
Thought Frankly (8 months ago)
If it's reversed u can just sell on same exchange and profit lol
Thought Frankly (8 months ago)
Etherium is not quicker or cheaper than litecoin anymore it's also overloaded
Arthur Heidt (8 months ago)
the problem with arbitrage is first the high withdrawal fee from exchanges and secondly the unclear market price that other arbitrage bots create all the time, with micro biddings.
sunny dhillon (8 months ago)
I'm in Canada 🇨🇦 I'm trying to find out how to cash out my profits into cad thru alt coins
Blake Johnson (9 months ago)
What do you mean by send ETH instead of bitcoin? Doesn't that mean that you will be limited to only arbing ETH? What if I see an opportunity on another alt coin? Or do you just mean use a coin that uses the ethereum blockchain like an ERC20 token etc.
Stoffendous (9 months ago)
Hahaha "BitcoinBenny"
Daniel Carr (9 months ago)
Litecoin is quickest
iDaNiob (7 months ago)
NAYDZ (9 months ago)
I like your content. Great vid
Daniel (9 months ago)
I have made 100% from arbitrage the last 2 days, but its recommended just to buy/sell coins with fast transactions, like IOTA/ETH/LTC
Dallas Rushing (8 months ago)
are you still currently doing this? can we connect and chat about this email me: [email protected]
Matt & Mel Scott (9 months ago)
Mate can we talk about how you did this? Was it really similar to this vid? or could you do a vid on exactly how you do it? Do you use ETH to move currency around? Happy to email about it too :D
troshmoney (9 months ago)
Great presentation, thank you!
Brackston Mayhall (9 months ago)
Great content but the cutscenes need to be removed. Also you should put the tips in the description.
Thought Frankly (8 months ago)
Brackston Mayhall she they're funny
Nadim 191 (9 months ago)
Great in go Benny please do a live session mate this will be cracker helpful
Ramesh Nagappan (9 months ago)
Hi Benny,Thanks for sharing and I find it very useful :-),can you recommend any 2 exchange to watch it for.?,thanks
Sheila Bailey (9 months ago)
Depending on your region some exchanges don't work but these two might, www.coinbase.com and www.localbitcoin.com
Richard Colucci (9 months ago)
What does frozen out mean? also, this isnt a walkthough. ex you buy BTC on Poloniex low and want to get it to Kraken higher. You must buy and send in BTC! If not then how do you plan on buying BTC on Kraken? that defeats the purpose.
Ale & Luis (9 months ago)
Richard Colucci I was thinking about this before I learned it was actually a thing. I do not know about kraken but I was thinking of moving it as usdt between exchanges.
Bene88 (10 months ago)
Benny do you have a tip how to find opportunities? I bought Btg and gained somr but there aren't so much coins to trade arbitrage last days any pro tip how to find them?
Emily Sloan (2 months ago)
hi Shelia i tried to mail you on this address but its not going through... please advise if you have another address perhaps?
Sheila Bailey (9 months ago)
What you asking you not going to find by merely watching youtube videos. mail me let's talk more [email protected]
Hi Benny, Simple & powerful presentation & Bennyficial also.Keep posting new topics in prediction markets.
Ashraff Vallee (10 months ago)
Excellent presentation. I guess a demonstration of real time arbitrage will be the icing on the cake.
dan (10 months ago)
Can you do a live video of the arbitrage it will be real helping I'm still new in this I'm studying every single day the bitcoin It would be really helping
Bitcoin Benny (10 months ago)
Hi Mate. Yes soon I will do one for you as we will do one with the community
Eric De La Cruz Lugo (11 months ago)
Hi Bitcoin Benny, could you elaborate a little more about steem? and the SMTs? (Smart Media Tokens?)
Bitcoin Benny (11 months ago)
Hi Mate, I know Steem is very popular but I'm still not sold on it. Watching from a distance. I prefer LUNYR from the social projects. Will PM you with more details
CongoSystems (11 months ago)
More Bennyficial info :)
Wade (11 months ago)
Wish you wouldn't tell people about this! More for me
Razeoo (7 months ago)
Is it actually profitable? After the trade and withdrawal fees? Also what exchanges do you use?
Jörmungandr (11 months ago)
So true .

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