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No SEC Meeting? Bitcoin Update and Strong Names Today

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It sounds like the rumored SEC meeting on May 7th is a non-event. Warren Buffet & Bill Gates continue to hate on Bitcoin. Quick technical analysis update and some strong names to watch here. LEARN HOW TO READ THE CRYPTO CHARTS! Check out my 4-Hour Technical Analysis video course. More info at: https://nodeinvestor.com/training/ Follow me on Twitter @nodeinvestor Bitcoin Price Analysis, Technical Analysis, BTC, EOS, ICX, VEN
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Derek P (1 month ago)
I guess you could call this, Buffetgate. A-ha.
Adam Rosszay (1 month ago)
This whole rally was manufactured. What's happening now in the market stinks to high heaven. Step 1) You notice your profits dropping drastically due to bear market because you are a crypto exchange Step 2) You manufacture a rally in the market by randomly injecting giant buy orders within minutes into the market over the course of a month to spark the rally (very cheap and easy to do with Tethers you can create for free) Step 3) You pick a price that will satisfy your profits for a little while - let's say $10k BTC Step 4) You wait until the price gets there and then you begin to dump everything you just bought with the free Tethers Step 5) Doesn't matter how low the market goes...you can always rinse and repeat whenever you feel it is time for another rally Like if you agree that we are totally and completely being manipulated through and through with these damn Tethers. Tether is a scam. THAT'S the scam that needs to be fucking taken out here by the SEC, not some ICOs that no one gives a shit about. Fucking fake money is used to buy coins and then causes these damn selloffs. I wanna see jail time for these Tether fuckers. Life sentences. Worse than BItconnect by 1000%
Sam B (1 month ago)
Ofc Buffet is against crypto. He's +1000 years old.
watcher on the wall (1 month ago)
its got nothing to do with warren buffet gates no one , its the fact that bitcoin is traded on wall street futures and like anything else they can make it go up or down to zero now if they want , its totally controlled by wall street , charts mean nothing anymore , its a manipulated market , buy and hold bitcoin cash and nothing else thats connected to bitcoin , when you control the head the rest of the body is also controlled
Vahid Ara (1 month ago)
Thanks for keeping us updated.
Marcus Arnodinedan (1 month ago)
And old man die and world spins .. nothing new
siQuang (1 month ago)
I respect both Buffet and Gates, however, they should not voice so harsh and negative on something they do not understand. Unless crypto is eating their lunch and needs to protect their interest. Just Bill comment on shorting bitcoin says a lot when it comes to knowing the crypto market.
Marcus Wilson (1 month ago)
you shouldn't respect them lol... but yeah
Hammy Powdered eggs (1 month ago)
nice clear concise - many thanks
Mert denim (1 month ago)
Buffet & Co will not like bitcoin, no wonder, otherwise they will not be able to sell their worthless stocks to public. These guys are really old fashioned.. so stupid. Buffet should get retired.
Jonathan (1 month ago)
From Reddit: “CryptopherWalken • May 7, 2018, 9:07 AM It isn't fake news. What the Wall Street Journal reported was that a working group was meeting on May 7th to discuss the issue. An internal working group meeting is purely internal. This isn't something that would appear on the public calendar for either agency nor is it something that should be expected to result in any sort of final decision or public announcement. Someone who doesn't know how these things work read too far into what was said in the WSJ article and started this whole thing. Source: I'm a regulatory attorney.”
Ryan Shaeffer (1 month ago)
Its all fake news, always has been always will be, until people realize this it will continue
steven lussier (1 month ago)
Seriously?... I give a rat's ass what this old fuck, shit's his pants dinosaur from Nebraska, of all shithole places thinks?! 🤣
Monkey Tron (1 month ago)
I think I just got Fake News’d
Mark D. (1 month ago)
buffett and gate 2 small penises
V Clark (1 month ago)
Just give up! Old FUD Farts!!!
Silly Panda (1 month ago)
Thanks for your vids always very insightful :) take care
J.T. Irby (1 month ago)
Insult to injury at Berkshire meeting they kicked out a Crytpo group from the hotel to make room for Buffets goons!!!
nicola Broadhurst (1 month ago)
J.T. SEC sec sec
Cliff Smith (1 month ago)
Warren Buffet & Bill Gates both have Billions of fiat dollars to protect
Greg McCauley (1 month ago)
I wonder though if it's just bitcoin hate. I also don't like bitcoin and I wish other cryptocurrencies weren't so heavily dependent on the price of bitcoin (i.e. bitcoin crash = all crash). Why use bitcoin when something like ETH or (1000 other) alternatives do the exact same thing as bitcoin AND more? Their argument against BTC is that it doesn't do anything.. well ETH does, and so do so many others. fyi not an ETH shill
TM3000 (1 month ago)
Cliff Smith Extremely desperate. "The king doth protest too much, methinks!"
Cliff Smith (1 month ago)
wow....buffets clearly got an anti crypto agenda to promote
Rum Taraf (1 month ago)
Ririan Bondan Prakoso (1 month ago)
DraftCoin (DFT)
Nomad Wizard (1 month ago)
...when did Gates change his mind about Bitcoin...few years back he praised it.
D Mitch (1 month ago)
Who cares about the USA anyway, it's not the big market player for crypto. Seems to be the only foolish country in this space.
watcher on the wall (1 month ago)
D Mitch whatever bottom line is I remember in Dec if 2015 watching the China market eating up bitcoin along with a lot of other countries so its not just the usa its every country
D Mitch (1 month ago)
city of london? do some research
watcher on the wall (1 month ago)
yea well its the usa that sets the price for every single commodity on the planet ....unfortunately
I Finn (1 month ago)
D Mitch I beg to differ. The US holds the highest number of crypto user, ATM's and at one time volume globally. It was outranked by volume (not by much) by Japan. So it would be a crushing blow to crypto without the US market.
Christo van Zyl (1 month ago)
Thanks Node. Love your updates! Thanks a lot lot lot!!
Cryptolight (1 month ago)
NODE, YOUR THE BEST!!!! Hey, are you from PHX because I left 43rd & Peoria, AZ to live in Spain.
Cody Pedersen (1 month ago)
Wall Street Journal reporting fake news? SHOCKING 🤣🤣🤣
ahmad alsheyab (1 month ago)
Good morning from Jordan
John Pen (1 month ago)
I saw 2k btc order pop up on bitfinex, that was probably Warren Buffet and Bill Gates buying the dip.
Mihai-Ciprian Ghilinta (1 month ago)
Lol, 2k btc is pocket change for them, they don't need to buy the dip, it doesn't make a damn difference for them. They can just buy if they want.
Casita Park (1 month ago)
Bitcoin Ben has reported from one of his banker insider sources that there is a plan to buy on the dips and remove the coins from the markets. The over the counter and private dealers are running short and so the price will be forced up. Without supply for the larger private deals, the whales are up the creek are far as getting into the market without blowing up the price. So expect even more ridiculous FUD in the media. The whales are ever more desperate to get in and the opportunities of doing so at the 'bottoms' are dwindling. Those damn HODLers are messing with the system. :-)
I Finn (1 month ago)
Better believe I went shopping yesterday. Thank you SEC.😉
Outta Sight (1 month ago)
Wax baby.....
WAX to the moon.

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