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Crypto Discount Super Sale!

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Text Comments (192)
Crypto Conversations (7 months ago)
alesbc4 (7 months ago)
What do you think about the bytecoin??
taral - (8 months ago)
Never seen a Crow Sneeze! A Crow Crows! :) You need a good rest buddy!
taral - (8 months ago)
Hi Crow, it's annoying to repeat your disclaimer in every vid. You can instead scroll your disclaimer in the vid for a few seconds.
Jack My SWAGG (8 months ago)
what are you waiting for???? Get Steem already sheesh lol
Will Smith (8 months ago)
Yeah tron looks good
motocyclin3 (8 months ago)
ALL markets typically tank after christmas... fact..lol BTW get a portable oximeter and make sure your o2 is 90-95% sleeping even with your cpap;)
windspiritm (8 months ago)
does any one know here? I'm a new be, from what my learning journey i'm understanding the not ease of getting on exchanges on the us, So we can buy directly from our bank account to an exchange then we take our coins and put them in our wallet? do we withdraw our coins then put them on your wallet? is that the safe way to do things? thank you kindly
ShillBullshit007 (8 months ago)
Yeh the market is being manipulted and they pump and dump and take peoples money the only thing is to hold on to your coins in the hope the majority put their money in and watch out for the whales and bankers who incidently run china make no mistake....playing the market so you can sell when they do and eh it's shit for the rest....isn't anything in this world free of twisted money junkie control freaks...if not were screwed....yep I think that is unfortunaltley the case......
Sarah Walker (8 months ago)
I feel we're close to the bottom. It's looking like prices are at least beginning to stabilize.
shivercanada (8 months ago)
Finally someone says it's a CRASH and doesn't sugar coat it as a DIP
Skaanings (8 months ago)
How long due you believe that the market will be down??? 1 week? 2 weeks?
Robert Kinsey (8 months ago)
Asia has one of it's biggest festivals in 4 years, they are all just buying each other presents and mass travelling, fear may be compounding it, but this will go on for another week or so.
Stoney Vision (8 months ago)
Crypto’s down sell me your miner!!!
Terence P. Hill (8 months ago)
I really appreciate your perspective as I am new to crypto.
Marc Taylor (8 months ago)
You remember me of Negan from AMCs "The WalkingDead"
dewalt1799 (8 months ago)
Hey Crow, I only have a 1000.00 to invest as I am in the 90% group of folks with kids in college and a wife with a vey rare disease, trying to make ends meet. Can you suggest what i can invest in? I hope you can answer my question, as I know you are a busy guy. I am so glad I ran across your channel. Love your video! Thank you. God Bless!
Arthur de Vrome (7 months ago)
dewalt1799 Don't use money you can't miss
Marc Taylor (8 months ago)
How does one do research without articles?? Had no idea they were bought
Ryan Rene (8 months ago)
Those damn asians!
sumitri deva (8 months ago)
China..Korea... Blah blah blah.... Look closer to home and see what the United States, namely Wall Street are doing to the markets... You might find your answer there.....
Mark Hindle (8 months ago)
Thank the lord for forward thinking countries like Japan
Ian S (8 months ago)
haha you're gonna learn today:-) haha
John Blatner (8 months ago)
Thanks Ash
Ben Berbanke (8 months ago)
Ok, this is it !!!  Shhhh everybody stay calm, take a deep breath and start buying the most cannibilized ALTCOINS with low coin supply ( except for BCC ).  BTC will roar back up to....be continued!! There is no room for The meek in this market !!! 0x66232d8F3E766Db769C172A28747279c283716Ac
Sajida Khan (8 months ago)
should I sell all my etherium at this point and waite untill it go down more and buy it again is it a good idea?
Fleur Savez (8 months ago)
Sajida Khan could be, but maybe another coin is the next big thing by the time the fud is gone
Crypto Rock (8 months ago)
Over the last 3-4 years the lowest point in cryptocurrency values for each year has been in mid January - I've made a video on this topic in my channel. This is a standard annual pattern related to the cashing out pre-Chinese New Year, as well as cashing out before the end of some countries' tax years, and locking in of profits from the previous year. Based on the historic data, the market will likely fully recover and reach beyond its previous highs anywhere between late January and March. HODL on like a Rock!
cool breeze (1 month ago)
IntoTheFray (8 months ago)
Love the channel, Crowski. Get some rest duder.
ojalainen (8 months ago)
You don't have to introduce yourself twice while you started to use that "I'm not a financial advisor...". ;)
Andy Wilkinson (8 months ago)
Thanks mate! You have made me feel a LOT better about the 34000 Tron I have and HODLING!!!
Marvin Stute (8 months ago)
And I am just sitting here, hoping the market wont rise till february so i can invest again. man fomo is hell
Uriah Lambird (8 months ago)
You gon learn today!
Skankwave (8 months ago)
Yo crow eat less meat, especially red meat so u wont get sick as often. Get well soon, great video!
KJ93 (8 months ago)
This is like the Black Friday of Crypto.
Ludmil Lazarov (8 months ago)
What changes to the Profit Trailer settings did you do after you saw what is happening with the market? My guess is you were full with DCA bags and you put it in "sell only" mode. But what would you do if the market doesn't bounce back for a week or two - or even more?
LorenzoDeldro (8 months ago)
Cody Robertson (8 months ago)
The Chinese lunar New year.
Christine R (8 months ago)
Bitconnect took everything I have. I cant believe I fell for this scheme. If anyone can spare at least $10 in Bitcoin, bless your heart. 1BYpJNypfcgKEY3h9PBwQbNM8LzBjW9Tvr
Linda Assed (8 months ago)
Theyre paying everyone all their money back in bcc. They did not steal your money! Scammer!!!
Frank Antonio Vig (8 months ago)
I’ve seen some young teeenage clowns in the crypto space, but this crow is an irresponsible D bag.
Benjamin Knotts (8 months ago)
I think that CNBC and their masters knew about the tax bill, the China crackdown, South Korea, it’s definitely deliberate. There are no coincidences. I wish I had $2.5 to drop right now. It’s such a good time to get in.
Srbislav83 (8 months ago)
january 2018 - crash 40% january 2017 - crash 37% january 2016 - crash 20% january 2015 - crash 45% january 2014 - crash 44%
Ross Larkin (8 months ago)
A Tron Dude is related to a Alibaba Dude.... . Research baby research )))))
Chris Kwon (8 months ago)
I bought more ltc at 210 then 198 then 173! I missed out when it hit 150 though. Hope it works out!
Nigel Uno (8 months ago)
Hey we're both sick :D
ReaperMMXIV (8 months ago)
I don't know why, but you remind me of Negan from the Walking Dead.
Ahmad Elsayed (8 months ago)
Thanks bro
runako clothing (8 months ago)
bro we love you
DoinLifeProductions (8 months ago)
I really want so street just signed up at steemit
CryptoInfo (8 months ago)
You need a good ENT! Also check your house for allergens and other things in the air like mold spores. Your getting more congested every video
Paul Leidsman (8 months ago)
What??? Hedge fund? Ow ow ow people, you are going to be sorry. THIS GUY IS BAD NEWS!
Arturo Gómez Tagle (8 months ago)
COSS is going to pull an exit scam. Look at the sketchy founders. No thanks.
Commando Master (8 months ago)
Now is a good time to buy these ALT coins.
HarrisonLive05 (8 months ago)
Are you always sick? It sounds like your full of snot every video.
KC Consciousness (8 months ago)
What do you mean by double down? Are you saying sell your coin that you paid .80 cents for at .55 cents and rebuy?
AnythingWithWheels (8 months ago)
Buy LTC and VTC and HODL, this is financial advice.
evrywhre mgmt (8 months ago)
Thoughts on DENT????? 3 cents!!!
Randy West (8 months ago)
Wasn't this guy saying we should buy bitconnect?
Minarchist 412 (8 months ago)
The opposite
paul lindsay (8 months ago)
You blocked them?
Fit Etc! (8 months ago)
5 hours isn't enough. At least 6!
John Blatner (8 months ago)
Where can i buy cardano?
Ash Jan (8 months ago)
Binance .57
Dana Wigdor (8 months ago)
Awesome video as usual. Hey, has anybody written or made a video with a basic description of the PT Monitoring screen? I'm trying to figure out the difference between the Total Current Value and the Total Pending Value, etc. What calculates these numbers? The PT wiki doesn't have it. I promise, I've read the WHOLE thing and didn't see it there.... :-)
karindi110 (8 months ago)
good he will get down
J Stewart Proulx (8 months ago)
Like any market, futures control the asset's price,crypto is no different. The big players make enormous bets there,sized such that driving prices up or down in the actual (tiny) asset market barely scratches their margins in the futures market. The tail is gonna wag the dog as usual.
Hanif (8 months ago)
Can you do the review of Bullcoin Gold? I've read that the website is launching the ICO today. I need to know about your opinion before investing, thanks.
I love the title
shuff1111 (8 months ago)
The United States has slave owners who are not quite as mean as Chinese slave owners!!!
javierfernandezjr (8 months ago)
Lay off the coke
Michael T (8 months ago)
Down 40% why fuck why
Orlando Alessandrini (8 months ago)
The optimism surrounding crypto currencies sometimes borders on naivete.
reinaldo aponte (8 months ago)
Bro I'm a respiratory therapist I can help you with the CPAP, advise my portfolio lol
Xylo Rola (8 months ago)
You are a idiot
Mike White (8 months ago)
I'm half down right now and I'm buying and holding 1 life to live and I'm in
FoodHome DotCom (8 months ago)
I've got a bag down over 70%. I think it's Ripple or maybe Tron
MrWizax (8 months ago)
Every year around the same time the same thing happens, don't forget Chinese New year which could be one cause. Around the same time each year there's been a dip
Silver Fox9 (8 months ago)
They can only pull the shenanigans for so long, how long before the boy that cried wolf effect kicks in for Asia? Every week they put out some b.s. asia news then come the weekend/monday they make grand announcements about how the news was not official or they "changed their mind" on regulation and decided to leave it alone? They did this somany times..... they want to cause crashes to buy the dips..... over and over, they can only pull that off somany times before the market adapts.
prodigy1605 (8 months ago)
Silver Fox9 completely agree they release these unofficial official declarations and then hear how the country responds then reacts accordingly
Green Power (8 months ago)
Support at 3 cents.
Cee Em (8 months ago)
I was so stressed all day today losing my shit but after watching this video, I'm now at ease. Thanks crypto crow
J Sims (8 months ago)
Because I agree with you 100% as far as media articles are concerned
J Sims (8 months ago)
Crypto Crow...where else would you suggest to research? Most of us use the internet and of course we only see what is available. Maybe a video on how and where to research more in depth?
Son Vo (8 months ago)
who the fuck kills a anime bird for an intro?
Onenationoverdrawn (8 months ago)
Have none of you guys Googled "Jason Appleton"??? I'm not talking shit, just do your due diligence. Some of you are giving A LOT of money to someone you don't know. Proceed with caution guys.
Paul Leidsman (8 months ago)
Wow, i didn't know that. But I commented on of his vids the other day that I believed he was a confidence man. I see the sleazy way of presenting and sharing his private vids to gain trust. Just like with The Bitconnect thing...people who get fucked will keep defending the person who fucks them until it starts to hurt.
Onenationoverdrawn (8 months ago)
And now Bitconnect is done. R.I.P. People are panicking. Cryptos are dropping like a stone. Damn. What's gonna happen to all those investors that got in with Crow at "the top" in late December/early January. Again, I don't doubt his intentions, but it seems like everything he touches is doomed for failure. Good luck everyone.
Onenationoverdrawn (8 months ago)
He did? I guess I didn't see that part... What I saw was that he offered to give everyone who lost their money "free" crypto coins from a coin he was starting, which also never happened. Far from "paying people back". Sure, people deserve a second chance, but it looks like the crow might be on his 5th or 6th. Again, do some Googling. It's all right there. I'm not doubting his intentions might be well, but he seems to be a serial "get rich quick" guy (real estate agent, MMA Company Owner, Mortgage Lender, Video Game Developer, etc.....) and they seem to never work out.
prodigy1605 (8 months ago)
Onenationoverdrawn he paid that money back. Don't you think everyone deserves a second chance?
tacodar (8 months ago)
In your previous video you showed finder article about Cardano becoming third currency. How do you know its not paid?
Darren Selby (8 months ago)
As some of the top crypto guys are saying ..bitcoin shined bright in 2017 the heard is coming (Mums /Dads) following them ...yep the governments IRS etc. My guess is unless they find a a way to shut down the dark web crypto will survive. Also a shout out to your channel brother your honesty in your work is your biggest strength keep going brother where all on this ride with you. ;)
Darren Selby (8 months ago)
Also want to add ...Stratis coin looks like they have a really solid team thoughts?
MervinSkidmore (8 months ago)
WOW What an education - went to sleep last night with 4 bags @ -11% (no biggie) - Internet went down at 4-30am.... back on at 2PM - now im shitting cocktail sticks & frying pans !!! 2hrs (and 20 dunhill) later im hearing the "Crow spirit guide" .... "Crow your coins, never sell a coin at a loss" the only downside is im using coinbase as my on ramp (yeah, yeah - i know) - cant get any more BTC to take advantage of the blow-out.... do i sell & get back in or sit it out ? got plenty of coffee & a toberlorone the size of an apartment building..... Wanna learn about DCA - just relive the last 24 hrs!! Coin your Crows
Todd (8 months ago)
If you're going to on-ramp through Coinbase you should be buying Ethereum, not BTC. You're just throwing money in the garbage with the ridiculously high network fees.
G. A. (8 months ago)
Tron is a very good investment. I'm in TRX for long hold.
Gilian (8 months ago)
Why? Not everyone invests all their savings in something without research. Even after this I still have nice profits...
MikaelNiemelae (8 months ago)
Hahah fail. You gotta be stressed out of your minds.
Gilian (8 months ago)
Same here. I'm holding Tron and Cardano for long term.
Jason Dixon (8 months ago)
Love the videos, top man. What a day for crypto shopping, lots of bargains!!
edoardo barzano (8 months ago)
In reality they re working on their own crypto...
Jesse Andetson (8 months ago)
I bought $500 BTC and got ADA at 50 cents!
D: (8 months ago)
Jesse Andetson niiiice
Rickey Henderson (8 months ago)
I'm only "losing my mind," because I don't have any money to buy some cryptos. Ripple @ $1.23, Cardano @ .64, TRON for a nickel. Dent for damn near a penny. This shit is a straight come up. Buy low and to quote Jason, "Crow your coins." I just hope that there's a "sale," when I get my tax refund, but with my luck the market will be at record highs.
Gilian (8 months ago)
I wish I had more money to invest. I'm already all in basically. Not the *I sold my house and took a loan* all in :). Already bought some more ADA because I have real faith in them. Just listen to one interview with Charles Hoskinson and you can see the passion and how serious they are taking this project. It's the next generation, improved Ethereum.
june june (8 months ago)
Hooefully it stay lows for the 3 weeks like most ppl say. Pattern shows it usually goes back to normal in mis feb. Never kno but if it does we shud b good. GOODLUCK IM IN DA SAME BOAT
K H (8 months ago)
Yeah, guess the best plan is to always have some sitting in tether until the crash begins
D: (8 months ago)
Whiskey Tango (8 months ago)
it's cyclical look at the history of what bitcoin does at this time each year
Donnie Blair (8 months ago)
Thanks for the vid. What do you think about Bitconnect shutting its doors down? You called!
Steven Klein (8 months ago)
Thx for the informations! Just my 2 cents: Chinese X-Mas / New Year is in the time of 12,14,16 Jan. you can research and will find out that every year the same huge dip happend! Keep cool and buy with a smile!
You Are What You Eat (8 months ago)
Bitcoin just jumped off the top floor.
Frank Vaughan (8 months ago)
Never trust a guy who shills ponzi schemes. This guy is not your friend.
barshcools (8 months ago)
my coins have stopped crowing
ecch_1000 (8 months ago)
barshcools all our coins took a shit😭 good time to buy more though!
Junga (8 months ago)
Get some sleep man, your eyes are darkkk
Alpha Macho (8 months ago)
xHades sleep is for the weak. Crypto Crow is working 16 hours a day and building an empire. He is not your typical average joe working 9-5
ZCM Trading (8 months ago)
today is a very scary day. total chaos.
steve thomas (8 months ago)
Cable Guy (8 months ago)
Your an enjoyment to watch mate, thanks for the vid!
ctguitarguy (8 months ago)
Don't you worry about buying "exchange" coins like coss? The critique I hear being is that those exchanges could shut down anytime then you are SOL, unlike a none exchange coin.
juninho (8 months ago)
Between Quantum and Cardano which would you rather go for rn?
The Crypto Vaper (8 months ago)
This is completely normal. It happens every year this time of year. Chinese New Year.. 3 weeks we'll be back to normal.

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