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My Top 5 "Dumpster Dive" Cryptocurrency - Hidden Gems Among The Low Cap Trash

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There is an endless supply of garbage cryptocurrency in the low market cap world. I spent a bunch of time sifting through the crap to find for you 5 potential gems among the trash. The beauty of these top 5 bargains is that their market caps are low. Each of them is under $50 million, giving us the potential for HUGE MOON SHOT LEVEL growth into the $1 billion + world. Even more important than simply looking at potential vertical space to grow are the projects themselves. Each of these coins have an interesting use case, giving them even more potential for adoption. This is a list of some of the best altcoins to buy. Each of these top 5 cryptocurrency are some of the most undervalued crypto around. These are simply among the best altcoins for 2018. Cryptocurrency Market Caps: https://coinmarketcap.com/ ICOAlert: https://www.icoalert.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/YourAltcoins Create an account at Binance and start trading for free: https://www.binance.com/?ref=15825150
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Text Comments (146)
Mark H (3 months ago)
Start making real money with *FirstMillionRoad*
mwkuijper (6 months ago)
Looks like some hidden gems there, don't know about Atlant though, i might need to do some more research on that one. I invested in the rest of them. I followed your advice and joined the community forums of DeepOnion and you were absolutely right! It is the best community i have experienced so far, i wish i had done that before. Besides that they are really working hard to be the most advanced anonymous crypto out there.
Jack (6 months ago)
Hey! Thanks for mentioning DeepOnion I didnt expect this one to be on your list! The community of this project is just really great and so are the devs. I think the special features that most other privacy coins dont have are what stand out in this project, hopefully well be able to continue to get more known and attract more people!
vhns222 (6 months ago)
Well done with video man and i am glad you have mentioned DeepOnion among this Altcoins ,i like it too very promising projects with hard working devs.
AGXIII (6 months ago)
wow you've mentioned 2 of my coin DeepOnion(ONION) and InvestFeed(IFT) I got some delay with my InvestFeed in exchange site cause they are not adding yet unlike DeepOnion always get listed and won 1st both round 1& 2 voting for new exchanges like in bitindia because of united and full supported community ;) I'm looking forward to make research for those 3 coins you've mentioned thanks sir for great advice!
Albert Lázaro (7 months ago)
Posw = Stakenet, great privacy coin with future staking service
vusal huseynli (7 months ago)
Please keep posting about quality small coins.
Pixel Schneider (7 months ago)
I don't know, Your Altcoins, that Atlant doesn't sit well with me. Somehow when I go through it's description it reminds me of the US housing bubble trouble :(... On the other hand I like what DeepOnion brings to the table, it has several interesting features that make me wanna invest a few bucks in it.
Aitor Plaza (7 months ago)
Hi there, nice video and nice channel, I have just subscribed and seems that you have quality content. On the other hand, thank you for talking about deeponion and its community. I fully agree with you, Deeponion is one the potential gems lost among tons of shitcoins. And I can say you that is one of the gems because, as you have said, its community. I used to post and read posts on BTC, but since I know deeponion, this is my favorite forum and it's my reference place when I want to know something related with cryptocurrencies. Apart from the community, you should look at the technology. This week, for example, new TOR protocol and OBFS4 protocol have been added. With these features the wallet can be used in countries where TOR is banned. Keep n eye on the technology too.
Kamal Sharma (7 months ago)
Your Altcoins, thank you for letting us know about these 5 coins. Prior to watching your video, I only heard about DeepOnion and actually already part of it. I love it for its community, the developers, among many other things. Among other fours: Atlant, Mywish, Publica, and InvestFeed, I like Mywish most and will definitely buy some, as it can be a solution to many problems we have right now.
KissmarX (7 months ago)
Great video! Thank you for your research about the hidden gems among cryptocurrencies. Your research about DeepOnion is true. Its DeepVault technology is very useful. And what other thing that can impress one about DeepOnion is by its being a top class privacy coin. The latest update of the DeepOnion wallet is now integrated with the latest TOR (version 0.3.3). The other coins in your list sounds very promising too. I will also look into them.
Maestro Pc (7 months ago)
There are good projects with low market cap at the moment, you just have to read a lot to figure out which coin have a good future. One of those, and I agree with you, is DeepOnion. I got into this coin when I read how it works, a coin connected over the tor network is something that i want to be part of, there are a lot of "privacy coins" but this one make the difference. Also the community is really big and they help you in every question you have, so I think we will see DeepOnion in page one of coinmarketcap soon.
Sam Smith (7 months ago)
Nice list. I bought some Publica, it looks promising. I already have DeepOnion. it is one my my long term holds. It is a very promising privacy coin. Like you said in the video, it has a very active and vocal community. The reason behind this, the development team is also active and transparent, they give every single updates in the community forum. The whitepaper has been released and the roadmap is also impressive. I also own Investfeed, I like the idea of having twitter type platform for cryptocurrency.
Bin Peng0211 (7 months ago)
I have been looked into few low market cap cryptocurrency since end of last year. And then I joined into the Deeponion's airdrop, and self proofed that it was a so smart choise(low risk & high profit). Now the airdrop is keep increase my holding amount every weekend, and the price has also raised 600%.
Aliman00 (7 months ago)
Great video :) there are some hidden gems out there :) I'm glad you mentioned Deep Onion and it's community as it's getting a lot's of attention lately from different youtubers, and I wasn't surprised at all when a buddy of mine said that you were talking about it :) Keep up the good work and I hope you dive little deeper into deep onion as today they actually released new update on their wallet, new design, integration with tor 0.0.3 + more :) Subsribed to your channel hoping to see some more on deep onion down the line :)
Rishabh Garg (7 months ago)
My wish is a sleeping giant..!
Huu Toan Nguyen (7 months ago)
Great work! I can’t never thank you enough for mentioning DeepOnion. Along with Dash, PIVX, DeepOnion is my biggest investment since I have positive thoughts for privacy coins. As a result, your video and other comments here make me more confident: people do know about DeepOnion. Yes, I have to agree it’s kinda similar to many privacy coins: instant confirmations, untraceable payments, secured transactions, using Tor network. HOWEVER! YES! Its community was one of the reasons which I fell in love with. Members are passionate, friendly, and helpful. They are so enthusiastic that you get more than answers for your questions. In addition, the free airdrop is outstanding. DeepOnion is the most favorite coin in my portfolio.
enzo17 (7 months ago)
Doing dumpster dive is where I found my top favorite DeepOnion too. The day I found it, it's only .50 but I believe in its potential. Good thing I invested on it because its been growing positively over time, it has great community with new upcoming features like vote central where voices of the community will be heard by the dev team to develop more innovative moves. I like some of your picks like mywish and investedfeed, it also offers services that answers problems existing in the cryptoworld. I would definitely check those two, hope they would make great profit like DeepOnion. Thanks for your tips, hoping to find more hidden gems out there.
Isang Tsinelas (7 months ago)
Thank you so much for this awesome video. You just earned yourself a new subscriber. The 1st two coins you have mentioned sparked my interest and will be investing into them. The first one being ATLANT. I know that there is big money in the Real Estate space and was originally looking into Propy, but found it a little too steep for my blood. Could you message me here on the difference between the two? It would be much appreciated. The second coin you mentioned peeked my interest as well, as I have been in crypto now for the past 2 1/2 years. Never really dug deep into the other altcoins and thank you for finding these gems for me. I have always wondered what would happen to my crypto investments that I have accumulated these past couple of years? What about my family and their well being when I am gone? Will I be able to pass down my cryto to them if I die? I have asked these questions myself numerous times in the past, and now you just provided the answers for me based on this video...You are awesome! Keep it up man!
sT R (7 months ago)
Hey dude! Thanks for that vid, Stellar and Investfeed are good investments in my opinion yes! The hidden gem in your video for me is definitely DeepOnion. As you said very cool and strong community, nice features planned for the future and the most important thing for me is the pricacy aspect. I started to invest last year october and made really nice gains. I joined the airdrop and i get every week free Onions. Very cool! :-)
cryptobagarin (7 months ago)
I've been following you for weeks now, and you are so go good with that! I also want to Thank you mate for talked about one of my favourite altcoin: DeepOnion . They has just released the white paper. Its community is so enthusiastic about the new features that are coming...and you can actually use them to buy stuff online ! Isn't it amazing ?
pls review snovio . it has working product and low marketcap. it looks very undervalued to me
Prejith Alex (7 months ago)
Deeponion feels like a Scam coin
Cody Gibbs (7 months ago)
What do you think of AIX?
Aaron Monroe (7 months ago)
Thumbs down, too much rambling and repetition
aziz ahamad chaudhary (7 months ago)
Telcoin is huge
Jhon Deltour (7 months ago)
Thanks for mentioning DeepOnion. I do believe that the anonymous coins are the future, especially the underrated ones. Nice review my friend. It's hard to make a top 5 with thousands of coins out there, but I guess it's pretty decent :) Keep up the good work !
Ademar Liz (7 months ago)
There are gems in crypto and actually plenty of them but I have my ways of doing the witch analysis that is actually an addition to procedure used in the video. In my analysis I have Monkey project, DeepOnion project,Pundi X and Sub1x. I like asian coins as well because they always pump hard when they enters market. And also I prefer the likes of DeepOnion as mentioned above because privacy coins hold the future.
Jessica C. (7 months ago)
Thanks for taking the time to share these low cap coins. I'm currently holding publica and deeponion. Will definently look into the other coins as well. Thumbs up :D
t3ChNo (7 months ago)
Great video. ATL & WISH looks interesting so I'll be digging more info before I jump in. I think I'll pass PBL and IFT though. For DeepOnion, already hodling some as it has the best potential on the privacy coins out there.
Ali Hassan (7 months ago)
Never heard of Mywish. But i have heard of Atlant. supply of these both is good.. may be they will be good in future.i will have to do more research on them. One another my favourite DeepOnion is on top of my list. its only six months old project and just look at their incredible development. A true anonymous crypto currency.. connected with TOR network.
Marshall Williams (7 months ago)
what about cybSec? pretty low marketcap and low supply.
ikilledcobain (7 months ago)
Great picks - I haven't seen the others (although I'll check them out) - but I'm a big fan of DeepOnion. You hit the nail on the head about the community it's got. Look out for the products it's going to release in 2018 as well; It's a great buy right now.
JesusMySavior (7 months ago)
Thoughts on RDD?
Jizzle S (7 months ago)
TNT with Microsoft and Philips p-ships??!!... sounds interesting ! anyone heard of it?...
Joanita van Wyk (7 months ago)
Love this!!!!! Thank you for sharing. I like the idea behind MyWish ❤️ Your time in research is much appreciated. 😁
Dhul Qarnayn (7 months ago)
Sick video broPlease make more like this one.
Alexandro Andrade (7 months ago)
Hello everyone, do you think Blocktix (TIX) is yet another shit-coin out there ?
g s (7 months ago)
Very nice informative video Sir. I love dumpster diving and I made some great profits doing so. To bad I currently can't find the time to do a lot of research on low marketcap coins. So thanks for the Pre-work. Some of the coins you mention I didn't know and I will definately check them out. I'm already investing in DeepOnion so thanks for mentioning this one and great that you see the huge potential this coin has. Keep up the good work. kind regards from a new subscriber.
John Dodge (7 months ago)
Will be checking out MyWish. I like DeepOnion.
USBitcoinServices.Com (7 months ago)
Hi Your Altcoins! Thank you for mentioning DeepOnion in your video!! which is a real hidden gem ready to be discovered by the masses & mainstream media! Soon the devs will release VoteCentral (coordinated democracy on the blockchain), DeepSend among other great features!
Penkills75 (7 months ago)
Electra will be huge ladies and gentlemen. You wait on it ;)
Raymond Lee (7 months ago)
GATCOIN just got on the exchanges not long ago. i think it will go up to the billion.
Eclipsz (7 months ago)
Does anyone understand the new tax law regarding crypto?
delatroy (7 months ago)
Factom is legit as fuck
Ashu Rana (7 months ago)
Loved the MyWish recommendation. I went out and bought some for the long haul. This is a very real world problem. If your phone breaks, you no longer have access to Google Authenticator's 2FA (unless you wrote down the code). So, you are no longer able to get into any of your exchanges (I just started using 1Password for this reason). Plus, if you die, NOBODY in your family can get to your money unless you have precautions in place.
Ranger4R fg (7 months ago)
I've been riding with Ift several times, bought some when it was like 1800, sold 2200 - small profit, but cause was repeated that several times all seems legit, but then it fell, hard. you can see it in video on graphs, bought it on the very low like 170-200 sat just and it started to rise, sell it all at 1100-1300 price, it a pity did not HODL till 1800 again and missed 10X profit))) but with DeepOnion same story, bout @20k, sell 30K-35k, then all I bought @20K goes on HODL, cause price goes to 7500! But now, it about 75k so we are back to business!! I'm quite positive on it, that one BTC will regain it growth, DeepOnion and several other currencies will continue to make 2x-3x from the current prices..
Jason Gilmore (7 months ago)
Hey can u check out TNT/Tierion???
vincent gaw (7 months ago)
Thank you for good sharing !
Crypto Twentix (7 months ago)
Do you see potential in FidentiaX?
digitalcap (7 months ago)
One of my favorite channels for crypto man I appreciate the coins you research into and talk about. Thanks for mentioning DeepOnion it’s a great project that’s super undervalued and as soon as we bounce back it’s going to make serious moves upward.
Who Knows (7 months ago)
I see many mentions of DeepOnion in your comments glad to have finally see it in one of your videos. Just as your video was release I checked their GitHub and there Devs are hard at work implementing the newest TOR patch
Sumpfkraut ballert rein (7 months ago)
I used the dip to buy some more Btc, Ltc and Eth.
Randall Berry (7 months ago)
Your videos are great! The reason is they move fast and feature altcoins only. Since you invest in altcoins like many of us, have you solved the problem of having many altcoins in your trade exchange portfolio which isn't as secure as a personal wallet? I have a growing portfolio on Binance which contains a few exotic coins/tokens and want to make them more secure.
Mr Ebenezar (7 months ago)
Of the five gems DeepOnion is the only one I, personally, have looked at so far. Have you joined the Airdrop for DeepOnion?! I agree that there exist so many privacy coins out there that it is hard to find the ones that will stand the test of time (especially in a "Dumpster dive") but DeepOnion migth ahve what it takes. The community certainly is vocal and seem to help support the coin which obviously is a plus. Do plan to do a deeper review where you look through the whitepaper as well?
Mr Ebenezar (7 months ago)
That sounds pretty cool, thanks for the info on the upcoming releases. Had to check out the roadmap in the whitepaper for that and you are right that Votecentral and Android wallet seems to be planned for Q1 so guess it could come at any time. I wonder how much effect it will have on the price? It should give it a boost up unless it is already baked in todays price. But with ATH at $20 it seems it could go higher than the $9 it is today. Am I thinking correctly?
Rocket Rocket (7 months ago)
I think the biggest asset to DeepOnion is that it goes beyond a standard privacy coin. DeepOnion is set to implement a user friendly web version of DeepVault, which allows someone to register a file's hash on the block chain. If the file is every changed in any way, it will no longer be authenticated. It really has a huge use-case. So it has me pretty hyped up. Beyond that, they are upgrading to the latest TOR protocol, will soon implement additional privacy features, and roll out votecentral for the community to have a voice in the direction of the project.
Diox Helper (7 months ago)
Holding Invest Feed so long, waiting on pump for months now.. getting harder and harder.. I'll try to reallocate my funds to deeponion to join the airdrops, hope to keep me alive during this dip. Thank you for your tip!
Crypto Revolution (7 months ago)
Love this channel man! Keep it up :D
Bene Zim (7 months ago)
Nice picks, super low caps. I am on board DeepOnion, excited to see where this is heading to. Interestingly enough, just yesterday I thought about how to make my crypto assets available to my loved ones - I will definitely check out MYWISH. INVESTFEED is another one I will look into. Keep on digging.
Shaeman111 (7 months ago)
yeh i got into publica a few days ago, excited to see what it can do!
My1usernamewastaken (7 months ago)
"Dumpster Dive" is an interesting phrase to use, most people use "undervalued" or "unknown". I agree that there is a lot of "trash" on Coinmarketcap, especially after you pass page 2 and it can be quite time-consuming identify the trash from treasure. I have taken note of some of your mentions, many I have not heard of before. As mentioned previously in the comments here, I am a big fan of DeepOnion (currently outside top 200 on CMC), yet it is probably within the top 10 discussed coins within the Crypto industry which in future I believe will transalte into some serious gains.
andre 2112 (7 months ago)
I will take a look at these coins, thanks. Atlant and Publica seems good projects. What about DeepOnion: it is huge! It has the potential to reach the top 100 market caps coin!
TeamDM24 (7 months ago)
Please look into SNC!!! Amazing potential and project. It will be big in 2018. Take a look for yourself :)
Amol Kasat (7 months ago)
Amazing video.. Thanks much!:)
Stellar Mapping (7 months ago)
What’s your opinion on Bulwark (BWK)? It’s a no-ICO masternode coin, $6.10 right now with 2,700,000 coins in circulation and a mcap of $13-$15 mil
Jayjay Ocean (7 months ago)
Great list, I must say I appreciate the videos that you've been posting for three weeks now, since your first video about top 5 long term holds. Ive also recently jumped on the DeepOnion onion, great community with such a low market cap, its definitely a gold mine. Ps, I hear DeepSend is almost released :)
Bulma Boy (7 months ago)
Telcoin to the moon in the next 3 months. Get in while its only a penny
Ansul Singh (7 months ago)
Bought 25k yesterday.
Ashu Rana (7 months ago)
I think it will hit $1 by mid year. Once it gets the first few deals rolling, people will adopt. This is like the crytpo version of M Pesa, which is hugely successful in most countries outside the first world. Not sure how much more. Also, they will try to keep it stable, else it ruins the vision of remittence.
Gourishankar Bawade (7 months ago)
what about eBitcoin and Qlink? What do u think about them
Nick Slingerland (7 months ago)
Hee B how do you think about vericoin? A binair blockchain with a new marketing team.
PJ Fry (7 months ago)
Micro-Caps have the greatest chance of making these 10-15x increases. I like DeepOnion too. Not only does it have the chance for multiple X gains - but you get rewards for holding the coin via the air drop. I have been getting around 5% more onions each Friday from the air drop. The community and developers are fantastic - both very enthusiastic - and vocal as you said. The developers and mods are actively engaged on the website - updating on weekly basis on new improvements to the platform. I will be a long -term HOLD'er
JORKONER15 (7 months ago)
could you please just list the coins you talk about in the description ?
680daytrader (7 months ago)
What happened to BLUE??
1DaTJo (7 months ago)
I am so glad you're doing these videos. Thanks!
David G (7 months ago)
Great call on Telcoin, cindercation, and Selfkey!
Jd Dayanghirang (7 months ago)
1DaTJo (7 months ago)
Jd Dayanghirang I've been using Investfeed since yesterday and it's really really fun!
jacko W (7 months ago)
Can anyone tell me the difference between rentberry (which is an ico at the moment) and atlant??? To me they are very similar however rentberry looks as though they are very much ahead of atlant already????? Thanks
Peeter Pakiraam (7 months ago)
New coin TELCOIN go to the mooon werry soon
weixou xi (7 months ago)
Thoughts on AIX? New coin with a $20 million market cap with a focus on decentralized insurance protocols using data from crowd-sourced insurance pool discovery. They have a white paper + beta version of their mobile app which has a pre-loaded example of insuring your smart phone battery charge capacity.
floydjared3 (7 months ago)
You are the man. I have commented on multiple youtubers videos to review ATL but only CCN has and he is worthless and couldn't see the value. Nice job man.
Vince Sing (7 months ago)
Good job on the finds and the video.... keep it up my friend.
Patiomcl (7 months ago)
Crypto Kiddie (7 months ago)
I am a veteran dumpster diver from way back - used to look for antiques and the like. Some real gems here in your video. Never heard of ATLANT until today - who doesn't love real estate investments? DeepOnion is on my list too, like you said bargain price right now and a killer whitepaper. A genuine anonymous privacy coin. The others are just fakers. Also Publica i will look into it, many people talking about it!
Lumining (7 months ago)
Looking forward to the price at the end of the airdrop, everybody who's in since the beginning when it was below 1$ can be really happy! Thanks for mentioning this great coin in your video!
VokAin (7 months ago)
Yeah DeepOnion is not really a shit coin but is pretty cheap and its only because its still going thru airdrops - I hold few thousands of these babies ;), I'm also looking at some other coins that have huge volumes but have just been listed on CMC like IOST, but yeah I'm pretty bullish on privacy coins...
Zmaku (7 months ago)
I have stumbled into DeepOnion by chance and receiving free airdrops for three months now. My first thoughts was that as it was free I will dump them at first convenient moment but right now DeepOnion is best part of my portfolio. I won't be selling a single coin yet as I think that it is highly undervalued and it has a great potential to be at least a 100$ coin very soon.
Hunter D (7 months ago)
Onion will be huge this year. I also hold some investfeed since it was compared to steem on Altcoin buzz. Nice finds!
Get2dabag Bayboi (7 months ago)
Love your videos aha
Jaime Enrique Cruz (7 months ago)
Smart Cash!!!
Martick Parial (7 months ago)
OPC! Super low market cap at 4mil and is currently trending upwards for the week
BigMad Starr (7 months ago)
Relatively new to this, but I was evaluating cc's today and feel good that Publica was on my list also. Two others that I am reviewing are Patientory & Incent.
I am Root (7 months ago)
Beware of Atlant, check out the thread on bitcointalk, many members are complaining about the dev team leaving the project in limbo.
Ice Raven (7 months ago)
dude i love the way u say today
TheDutch LowRoller (7 months ago)
People who miss out on publica will regret big time.
Journey Trader (7 months ago)
Im going to put $20 on all of them...
Doug Stilwell (7 months ago)
Another one with a solid project is Internxt. Super low market cap and they have a product release coming next month.
Chris (7 months ago)
what is your thoughts on Siacoin? Good video!
Lihatiski (7 months ago)
Bee, when you going on live? There isn't many youtubers doing live stream about cryptocoins. Most of the uploaded videos are already "old news" when they show up. Btw i love your videos, keep up good work Bro!
Daniel Morales (7 months ago)
Bareq N (7 months ago)
Daniel Morales lame exchange
Harvey Specter (7 months ago)
Dude factom is 44x, maidsafe coin is 40x, same for doge, emercoin is 200x since 2016,done nothing? 😁
Harvey Specter (7 months ago)
Your Altcoins in this video you said "look at 2016mrkt cap to find coins that disappeared" and also you were saying"these coins done nothing". Not even 1 coin mentioned by you disappeared , plus a 200x gain is nothing for you? lol Just wrong examples,get over it. Prolly you are new in the market,that's ok 😉
Byambaa2010 (7 months ago)
I wish you learn from "in it for money". You gotta improve your research ability instead of doing quick low quality videos.
Byambaa2010 (7 months ago)
Factom is not a shit coin. Actually it is a really solid project which always goes under the radar cause not many people understand it.
Your Altcoins (7 months ago)
So Factom climbed in two years to a whopping 400m market cap. Doge EXPLODED TO A 763m market cap, and emercoin webt OUT OF THIS WORLD to a 283m market cap. (Can you read the sarcasm? No? Ok, how about some examples now.) Meanwhile in that time Stellar (which was right beside Factom in value in 2016) hit an 8 BILLION market cap, Monero (half the value of doge at the time) hit 5 BILLION market cap, and NEM (Which was right beside emercoin in value at the time) hit 9 BILLION market cap. So, my friend, according to a little logic, those coins you mentioned HAVE DONE NOTHING SINCE 2016. Any other questions?
Bart Claessens (7 months ago)
Woooow  sell used cars .best market in 2018
DeMario Howard (7 months ago)
Bart Claessens What you mean??
I am Root (7 months ago)
Do u recommend short term hold, or long term hold for these coins?
Eclipsz (7 months ago)
baby christopher That sucks. Do you just have to keep track of everything you make?
crypto Investor (7 months ago)
Illuminated Eyes if you are a u s citizen and you do short term trades, they are all taxable and taxed at close to 40%, almost half of what you made. Long term of 12 months and more only draw capital gains close to 20%.
Maccasstuff (7 months ago)
Why are these coins on such random exchanges ? makes it a punish to buy them and I assume effects others buying too , which in turn effects the price
amir amir (7 months ago)
I love the dumpster!!! Keep it up my friend:))
Eddie Marlowe (7 months ago)
Take a look at ADC Audiocoin.....it has a small cap as well with a great team, big announcements coming, and already a working product (used on Bjork's last album release) and active Devs and community.... lots of upside!
1DaTJo (7 months ago)
Eddie Marlowe Yes, Audiocoin!!!!!! Getting involved with Bollywood which is a big deal.

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