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Bitconnect vs Profit Trailer

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Text Comments (94)
Tracy Grace (7 months ago)
I'm basically pretty new to cryptocurrency and went straight into Bitconnect back in October. I've been considering PT, wondering if it could produce similar returns as BCC lending did. I really appreciate this video, and the fact that you made it (unintentionally), BEFORE their lending platform shut down. It shows that you had no ill motive, but were genuinely comparing the two. I'm somewhat intimidated because I still have so much to learn in the technical aspects, but am determined to do so. Watching this video was very timely, thank you! :)
robertmatthewking (7 months ago)
I don’t promote Bitconnect but here’s my key. Quit pushing the Ponzi schemes tough guy.
Anthony war (7 months ago)
Your 7 ft tall??
Anklesh Vishwakarma (7 months ago)
Totally Agreed with u.
Dwight (7 months ago)
I wished I seen this video before I invested in bitconnect
Donny Witt (7 months ago)
how to you get the config option on the bottom of the profit trailer web gui?
David woelk (7 months ago)
Love your vids bro, you really put me onto profit trailer.
Randy West (8 months ago)
This guy Schilling bitconnect shows how little he knows
D M (8 months ago)
Does PT cost $? If so, did you factor that in?
fleischwolf82 (8 months ago)
You have 2 BTC from 13 people in ProfitTrailer... Tells all about how succesful investor you are 😂😂😂
Jamaa L (8 months ago)
I was once 40. Now I'm 35
Beau Sterling (8 months ago)
it's becuase it's a ponse scheme aka pyramid scheme
03chrisv (8 months ago)
Bitconnect averages 1% profit a day whereas PT is averaging me 2 to 3% a day. My money isn't locked up and I don't have to lose sleep at night worrying if Bitconnect is going to shut down or run with my money.
Sarah Walker (8 months ago)
What hardware are you running all this on, and is it dedicated?
Rob Thomas (8 months ago)
I just bought PT off of your link, Thanks for the info.
Religion LOL (8 months ago)
I put in 6,120 bucks and I make about 40-100 dollars a day. Pretty good money extra 1800 a month usually. I'm not rich, but that's a damn good bit of help every month. Since I have made my initial investment back I think I will just keep reinvesting until I get to like 50k then I will be sitting good, if it's still alive by then.
Isaac Davison (8 months ago)
What is profit trailer? never really was explained
Kevin Henry (8 months ago)
I use Bitconnect....but i would love to try Profit Trailer. Can you post a video explaining how to get started?
Jane Alukonis (8 months ago)
Do you still recommend using Profit Trailer despite the new tax decisions in the US? Thanks for all your great videos!
Matt Kempf (8 months ago)
Hey man. Great video. Thanks for what you’re doing man. Quick question. So is each trade is taxable under this new tax plan? Maybe you have done this but maybe a tax strategy video? Thanks!
viiva89 (8 months ago)
URL is wrong? Profittrailer is a .com, not .io Missing out on those sweet sweet referrals!
ZimorOnline TechStore (8 months ago)
Can I get $1 worth of BTC? =) 1AV1BrWRi4iH43Ea4423djh1uEjfw5KY4s
ZimorOnline TechStore (8 months ago)
hehe :)
PuL9 (8 months ago)
Sending 1$ with 30$ commission yeah
politicalsheepdog (8 months ago)
I'm going to study up on this Profit Trailer Bot. Am I buying access to a website or buying a download?
Devina Gonzalez (8 months ago)
how long does it take to learn and run profit trailer?
Round (8 months ago)
Hi, the problem with bitconnect is its riskier compared to PT. However PT is risky because of possible losses and small margin profits based on user inaptitude. I had a lot of trouble with PT and the PT community is so secretive with their settings only a few like you are open about it which is what makes BCC so successful because it's guaranteed. Right now I lost a lot in PT using LowBB strategy and the damn alts it bought went down 10 perent, talk about bags, lost $200 on that took it as a loss as BTC was rising.
CraveThatCoin (8 months ago)
Damn you're a MMA fighter, that adds a new element to your videos :) I train in kickboxing, 6'5
FrostyyProductions (8 months ago)
Whats your take on the bitconnectX ico? i know you dont like bitconnect but at the same time you already know the real money comes from buying the right ico, bitconnect has a decent amount of supporters
kip6978 (8 months ago)
Great video, and thank you for all your tips on crypoto currency trading. I am recently new to your channel and I just enrolled to "Learn Cryptocurrency AltCoin Trading and ICO Investing" I am really excited to the new frontier of altcoin trading!!  My current port are 46% Cardano, 34% Tron, and 20% Verge.
whip010 (8 months ago)
Your 7ft tall?
Joe Green (8 months ago)
He has one? A 7ft tall question mark!
M Kennedy (8 months ago)
Is the new minimum trade size on Bittrex effecting the bot?
bcrypto (8 months ago)
tried to open crypto crow telegram and it wouldn't open
Sangye Ngawang (8 months ago)
Shilling Ponzi Bitconnect ... shows how much of a noob you are dude ... omg. Sure, you say you aren't promoting it but it is a classic ponzi and you should know that.
Sangye Ngawang (7 months ago)
iamOAKland Still need that info fool
Ch az (7 months ago)
haha.... sorry what did you say again? fucking tard.
iamOAKland (8 months ago)
Sangye Ngawang if your such a genius on ponzi why don’t you make content and explain with facts why it is a ponzi... quit moving your mouth explain to the people
rob andone (8 months ago)
Can't take anyone seriously that uses these fucking Ponzi schemes. Bitconnect and this other thing are fucking shit scam services.
CeeloCustodio (8 months ago)
Love the content! Can you please use a (better) mic?
bcrypto (8 months ago)
does it have any losses, if so what %
delvis11 (8 months ago)
This video doesn't make any sense. You have 2 BTC in your trading wallet. If you put that into bitconnect today you would be making approx $300 a day with no bull crap starting and stopping the bot. Maybe you meant to say something else but the argument you made isn't that good.
Adam Sheehan (7 months ago)
Tell me more about your amazing BCC investment
Diane Montoya (7 months ago)
Hah. Look what happened now. Don't trust others with your money, ever.
D M (8 months ago)
Your $ is only safe if you own gold/silver buried.
Luke Hero (8 months ago)
The bot was not using all 2 BTC, if you look at the 'Available Balance' this is what the bot is not even trading with.
Crypto G (8 months ago)
Bitconnect... cool. Boring!!! I like to be involved with what makes profit. I actually earn my money through hard work and research. I can accept loss if it's my loss. I will accept gain when it's mine. Bitconnect is shit! False gains is reflected on Coinmarketcap
Jamen Armendariz (8 months ago)
Crypto Crow, what are your "suggestions", or "opinions" on the recent tax regulations that effect trading of cryptocurrencies? Seems like every trade is going to be considered a "taxable event" that is gonna be an absolute nightmare when using a trading bot I would imagine. I just invested in PT last week but haven't set it up yet cause of this tax madness. Please what are your thoughts? Maybe a future video idea for you?
iamOAKland (8 months ago)
Jamen Armendariz fuck DT and the Republicon Artist Congress because they don’t want new millionaires.
N. R (8 months ago)
Thnx for being so honest. Looking forward to eth settings and the autobot add for PT.
Jim Stors (8 months ago)
Hello Crypto Crow. I really like your honest and detailed videos. Could you please update the settings on your website so that there is 0.035BTC, 0.35BTC and 2BTC in the updated settings file. So far you just added the 2BTC settings in the downloadable file. This would be a great help for most of the people here I think. Keep up the good work. Thank You and Happy New Year!
Ben Dolgoff (8 months ago)
Hey Jason. Have you ever tried trading in te BNB market on Binance? Any thoughts on that or Etherium rather than btc? Thanks for the great videos!
Tay James (8 months ago)
You have a really strong point its better just to buy your own bot
Purely Passive Profits 2 (8 months ago)
Any opinions on USI tech and the fact they are now appearing on the etherchain miner chart?
User Name Missing (8 months ago)
Please, run profit trailer 5 hours and take the profits to buy a good mic. The sound of your voice is destroying my ears and hope in humanity.
neogryph (8 months ago)
I made a $30 profit on one sales last night when I was sleeping. Lol... And I only have .3 invested in PT.
CryptoAndGaming (8 months ago)
Ben Dolgoff (8 months ago)
Another awesome video. Thanks!
Chris Redd Turner (8 months ago)
Great Video Bro!!!Happy New Year!!!!!
Generation Recon (8 months ago)
thanks jason appreciate your time and videos
Thomas Bihn (8 months ago)
So about $400 right now. What would be the minimum for it to be able to work with after that investment? What you said about it makes me actually less suspicious of BitConnect too. If this can legitimately beat the mythical bc trading bot, maybe it's not so far fetched it can return 0.04 to 1.4% on a given day.
iamOAKland (8 months ago)
Thomas Bihn why can’t it if it trades on volatility from BTC
David Doten (8 months ago)
with profit trailer, is there a way to totally avoid bags? - like zero loss? if it goes against you auto close the trade?
Les Tidwell (8 months ago)
How much would you need to start trading with in your opinion?
Dane Myburgh (8 months ago)
Live example of the Bot at work? Before and after in say a 12-24hr period?
Dane Myburgh (8 months ago)
You remind me of myself bro. I never knew you were 7ft tall.. Birthday in December too? Love your channel by the way. Keep these awesome videos rolling!
Electron Resonator (8 months ago)
yes, pump and hold the bitcoin, it get forked a lot, one of them which appear in the middle of 2017 already worth $2500, that is pure profit, just because you have bitcoin
G (8 months ago)
How many dcas are you running right now? I was thinking of switching to eth as well. It’s so damn stable in comparison,..
Sergio Velandia (8 months ago)
Great vids
Daljeet Singh (8 months ago)
Thank you for making this! You tell the straight truth!!
joe smith (8 months ago)
Bitcoins volatility lets u get rid of the bags.
Douglas Weaver (8 months ago)
Hi good video and I am a forex trader and want to get more into cyrpto's so would love to see a Live video of you trading. thx
Deniz Altindas (8 months ago)
What is the Add-on doing you talk about?
David Robertson (8 months ago)
What do you think of Coincube?? Seems like it might be up your alley??
Steven De Los Santos (8 months ago)
Love your videos and do not want to spread FUD; but, how are the new crypto tax laws going to effect the profits on Profit Trailer, a daily trading robot, which will be taxed heavier than a daily reinvest in a lending platform like Bitconnect. I am confused about the new laws but understand it is going to be a nightmare for daily crypto trading. Your thoughts? Maybe you can do a video about this subject? Thanks for the great videos.
Cezar Returns (8 months ago)
You really foresaw the ADA rise! Is 0.75 cents a good price to buy, or wait for a (possible) dip?
Purely Passive Profits 2 (8 months ago)
CryptoCrow is pretty much the reason I got in to ADA at $0.36
Cezar Returns (8 months ago)
Thanks I'll wait a bit more :)
Christian (8 months ago)
Thanks for the video, wish you also a Happy New Year
Charlie Norman (8 months ago)
I remember when I was 40. I was still having a good time. 23 years ago. Great and informative video.
Willem Van Der Maden (8 months ago)
bitconnect not zo good invest 1230 for 3mon profit 780
arnon saksri (8 months ago)
haha love your vids, you're a funny dude, so i started trading ETH with PT on Binance as well as BTC on Bittrex, i'm still tweaking the settings, i find that ETH is much less Volatile and DCA needs to be rather aggressive! Looking forward to your video on Binance! :)
Willem Van Der Maden (8 months ago)
ada bod lo 0.05 longterm best coin 2018
Cryptocurrbit (8 months ago)
40 is not old

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