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Cryptocurrency Market Is Down $300 Billion - Why I'd Buy In

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The news is out: the Cryptocurrency market is down more than $300 billion. The altcoin market is crashed, bitcoin has dropped below $10k, and altcoins all around are down. So why, when you hear all this terrible news, would you buy into more Crypto? Early in 2018 the cryptocurrency market climbed to new heights, only to drop more than $300 Billion. Is the bubble popping, or are we simply in a correction? What is the news? Cryptocurrency Market Caps: https://coinmarketcap.com/ ICOAlert: https://www.icoalert.com/ New To Crypto? Have Questions? https://youtu.be/ijdLxX7jiLg Want Some Top 5 Altcoins?: https://youtu.be/-dKXJEwgrc8 Want brand new Altcoins? https://youtu.be/CFng6J_MLF8 How about some Community Picks? https://youtu.be/qXgm6Rj2BGs Create an account at Binance and start trading for free: https://www.binance.com/?ref=15825150
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Text Comments (182)
Just finished watching your earlier video when this video notification showed up. This is a crazy fall. I haven't started investing in cryptocurrency and altcoins yet. This is not very encouraging.
ZoneTwelve (5 months ago)
Great Ben I guess you are unaware of fintech services with existing successful businesses that are moving their already functioning business model to blockchain because it is simply a far superior technology. Watch and learn buddy.
Dice enzO (5 months ago)
Darshi Organo Gold Coffee good luck 🍀 on your decision
Great Ben (5 months ago)
Don’t buy anything! The prices are inflated for no actual reason apart from some fools buying it.
Jake M (4 months ago)
You guys realize these Youtube channels are Bias as fuck. Ever since the crash they have been telling you to invest so they don't continue to loss tons of money from their own crypto investments.
Jake M (4 months ago)
Well, Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine on the internet. And there are hundreds of Youtubers making the same types of video. So I'd aspect the millions of people who watch these videos have some impact on the market. It might not be a lot but they still do have an impact.
Your Altcoins (4 months ago)
So you’re saying the thousands of people that watch have the income to move the crypto market $300 billion dollars?
Brandon Stark (5 months ago)
there are always going to be the doom and gloom nay sayers who only see the negative side of everything. I say, be positive and be ready to try new things, get in there and be informed. History favors the bold for we are the trail blazers of civilizations :-). Read up and learn about what you are getting into, don't risk more than you are willing to lose and enjoy the ride.
Mr. Anderson (5 months ago)
Shаre your little happiness to me, please 1Bdxn2fVxHvgabR1xeATYVERQsydMNKere
Jojon Karto (5 months ago)
Abncoin Circulating Supply only 67.700 hold buy in 2018 price will 11$ . now price 0.03$
Nicolas Bryant (5 months ago)
Now that everything is almost back on track, I'm pretty happy I holded and even bought a little low. My first crash was the december black friday and I must say I lost quite a lot because of emotion, I was ready this time. But still I did sweat a bit, and I just wanted to say that it really helped to come here and have your very sound and positive advice, so many thanks for that and keep up the great work :)
jerusalem palestine/ ali (5 months ago)
love ur work partner .i cashed most of my coins ...it looks very fishy and very risky this time we in . i think every body should cash out most of their coins . play with very small money .lets start moving some of that money to gold mining stocks and copper its at lowest time since years .lets split out eggs .what you think ? looking forward to hear from you
Joona Havisalmi (5 months ago)
Man I love hockey.
Stev A (5 months ago)
I disagree with the Bitcoin Army. I think as soon as all these cryptos dip like this, it is the biggest opportunity you could wish for. Buy low and sell high!!! Well, how can you do that IF there isn't ever a dip?????????? I have been actually waiting for this kind of drop. This is when you buy into the market, not when it's going up. This is beautiful if you have any backbone at all...
Cj James (5 months ago)
crypto is no place for the weak
uopuaɹq aʞsıld (5 months ago)
More like year 3 of the WEB, the Internet is very very old.
uopuaɹq aʞsıld (5 months ago)
"Internet" and "Web" are not interchangeable, at least technically.
Your Altcoins (5 months ago)
FreeSky 542 (5 months ago)
Your right, all we really need to do is have faith and it has value. Big government and corporations want to put fear in us so we never have that faith in an alternative currency other then theirs!
Ravi Sharma (5 months ago)
i go to the gym too sir,, haha just laugh it out,, it will be back up in few weeks may be days..
Mattias Jaya d'Ambrosio (5 months ago)
Amazing buy opportunity !!! What hockey game are you going to look?
Louloe De'Palma (5 months ago)
Like a kid in a candy store! Buy Buy Buy. Sorry for those who just got in, but they'll be joyous again by spring. Unless they sell and eat the loss.
VinylLondon (5 months ago)
100% agree. Just hodl
zivot92 (5 months ago)
Well i am hybernating right now xD Mr. Bean feeling again same like before ripple went sky high
Dice enzO (5 months ago)
You are a very nice guy for referring to a potential competitor in a cryptocurrency wave. Salute to that. And I knew altcoinbuzz I just wanted to highlight that
ZoneTwelve (5 months ago)
Not competitors, we are all part of the most exciting movement and largest wealth transfer the world has ever seen. We are all on the same side, welcome to the movement.
Your Altcoins (5 months ago)
Not a competitor. They are awesome.
Chris Pallé (5 months ago)
Thanks for the info. Started buying early last year and built ETH miners. Question - I'm asking other channels as well, I had everything in XRP, ETH, LTC and diversified all my ETH and LTC (kept XRP as is, still a fantastic return on it) into other Alts, both bigger ones (ADA, BAT, NEO, XEM, XVG, etc) and some smaller ones (ETN, DNT, etc) over the last three weeks (figured I'd diversify all my profits). Thinking about moving everything back to ETH or BTC during the dips. Or doing some more research and moving into other, smaller, faster, but promising-based-on-the-fundamentals, Alts. Thoughts?
Andrewm3 (5 months ago)
I don't think we've seen the worse yet. For some reason, we might see a total market cap drop down to around 300 billion, before it steadily increases again. Hope I am wrong though. Stay strong people!
Kryptonite (5 months ago)
MY FIAT JUST CAME THROUGH! i'm thinking about grabbing a lot of appc if it goes under $1, xrp at $.50, ada at $.30, iota at $2.... etn at $.05 for the wildcard??? what other coins should i consider? ast? vibe? bnb?
Kryptonite (5 months ago)
sub is a great pick. in my portfolio, it's still holding a lot of its gains in the face of this dip. if it dips a little more, i'll definitely strengthen my position on sub. thanks!
AltijdGamerVids (5 months ago)
Kryptonite sub
THAT RANDOM CHANNEL (5 months ago)
People love the upside of volatility this is the other side. Most people on YouTube that made money on cryptos have no idea how markets work. A lot of people will get burned when the smoke settles.
Your Altcoins (5 months ago)
Crypto is a little different from standard markets. Stock market drops 20-50 percent during crisis, but those drop over 2 years. Crypto? 1 week to do that. Will it recover faster too? Probably.
Joni Koskimaa (5 months ago)
Something good came from this dip, Bitconnect Ponzi scam finally went down. It's sad that it got so big before they made their exit scam... A lot of naive and uneducated people got badly hurt and Bitconnect founders surely disappeared with their funds. They might actually be partly a reason for this dip, selling their stolen BTC for fiat as fast as they can...
Kirye Bruce (5 months ago)
Me too...Buy Buy Buy
Crypto Tweedy (5 months ago)
I ain't worried yea I lost money but I'm not worried.
5o5kY (5 months ago)
the only thing annoys me is every time is such a drop, it never catches me with fiat to spend...
MrDark Tas (5 months ago)
BITCOIN back to 2-3k
gebz gebba (5 months ago)
If you already invested why not sell now and buy even lower=you get more bitcoins.
Pailox (5 months ago)
what do you think about verge or tron? they went down pretty much and if they just recover, it would be a 3-4x return
TheRebelPhilosopher (5 months ago)
Go and relax so they can buy all the coins well your being a dumby lol hodl buy buy buy the dimp
Farred Muflahi (5 months ago)
I agree with you 100% my friend
Matt Harmony (5 months ago)
we seen a similair market crash back in december, now again in january. I feel like this is going to be a monthly thing the whales do
Jonathan Alcala (5 months ago)
"As long as you have faith in this blockchain" man fuck the blockchain. Can we all stop pretending we give as hit about the block chain. We all just wanted to 10x our investment, can someone just have the balls to admit it and stop trying to pretend like we're all enlighten by "block chain mechanics". GTFOH
Savage kid (5 months ago)
u have 1000 invested u ain't got shit in the market i bought 1 million in tron at 3 cents watch it went to 28c then down to 15c then to 12 u guys say hold i sold everything at 12c and took my profit.
28kb (5 months ago)
Maybe add some reasons to your theme other than your gut feeling
April Sunshine (5 months ago)
Anyone getting in now is super lucky! I'm jealous!!
Will Halliday (5 months ago)
Made my first crypto investment a week ago... Uh oh! Luckily I have faith in the system!
1DaTJo (5 months ago)
I’m down $30k but still buying more. It will be a relief when it comes up though. No more buying at all time highs, that’s for sure.
Brandy Wasay (5 months ago)
i dont understand why ppl keep on saying we cant read the future? We can . If only I have more money, i would buy all in now. if u get in now, u can at least quadruple by year end
Hey bro . Greats info . What if I sell all my 25% dip coins and buy all the good 35% dip coins ? Buying and selling in the same market is ok isn’t it ?
Alex (5 months ago)
just for timepass (5 months ago)
hai altcoin buzz is *postcoin* is good investment?
Jared Talbot (5 months ago)
Dude your voice is the BEST! Very calming when you said.... "just hold" Thanks MAN :) I'm getting away from crypto's for a while. Spend some more time with my family, UFC is coming up, also going to go running :) The last few months I've been 100% involved. I'll join the Chinese in celebrating the NY again hahahaha
Asterisk A (5 months ago)
You and AltBuzz are amazing...
Asterisk A (5 months ago)
João Bento (5 months ago)
You sound like a priest.
karan verma (5 months ago)
i just bought in on 14 jan .. my entire savings !! :(
Benjamin Knotts (5 months ago)
You’ll be fine
Pailox (5 months ago)
bad timing^^
russel16 oscar (5 months ago)
I think this is a sign of something really bad gonna happen to cryptomarket. No matter what you cant fight against the Government. BITCONNECT is done . For me , I couldnt take a chance , suffered loss of 200k, I am out with rest of the money for now. Hopefully market recovers faster as predicted. Until then I am out but good luck to those who are in.
Kirk (5 months ago)
Now that I really think about this I hope this remains this way until the beginning of March. That gives me three full pay checks to secure positions. I know it will explode sooner or later, but it's crazy to think about the kind of gains we will see. I want to see everyone succeed. And if this pushes crypto back 1 year I don't care at least we all get a chance to invest at the lows and make gains...
Emojigold (5 months ago)
Coinsquare Gets you verified immediately with 1000/day Interac with 3 day hold. I'm waiting on quadriga too but was shocked to find Coinsquare. You sound Canadian :p
Emojigold (5 months ago)
I'm not sure if they accept americans but if you get a 13 digit code you can use visa.
Neo Klyptic (5 months ago)
Emojigold do they accept Americans? Credit card?
Jim Lynch (5 months ago)
BUYING OPPORTUNITY!!! I just wish I had more fiat to take full advantage of it!!!!
shizza82 (5 months ago)
lol when you say patience it sounds like you're saying Haitians.
pacomovi (5 months ago)
I like your channel...love your vibe!!!
Australian Reality TV (5 months ago)
that can't be your real voice....
Mark Oliver Badelles (5 months ago)
we will do shopping, I love shopping during the reddish
KO.s Oo (5 months ago)
9 yeahrs in cryptoland 900yeahrs early adopter ^^ no
Doc Holiday203 (5 months ago)
Going in no lube!
Doc Holiday203 (5 months ago)
Raw dog baby.
stephandoan (5 months ago)
Doc Holiday203 condom?
Doc Holiday203 (5 months ago)
Some said the bankster got together bought a bunch of bitcoin and holding on to it so they can control the crypto market. It is the best reason i heard so far.
stephandoan (5 months ago)
Doc Holiday203 LMAO
MrBojanglles88 (5 months ago)
my money doesnt clear til the 19th, hoping this crash stays a few more days so i can get in at this level...
Youngster543210 (5 months ago)
You get in at whatever level you purchased at. You bought x amount of coins so if the value of a coin doubles before you get your coins credited your balance will still be twice what it was when you bought in.
Rick Moore (5 months ago)
Jonathan Alcala the Money is out of my account but still pending. It’s been over a week.
EazyPickupMindset (5 months ago)
Jonathan Alcala I found that if I just pay with my credit card on my phone not my computer it takes the payment right away.
Jonathan Alcala (5 months ago)
Has coinbase withdrawn the money from you bank account yet? or is it in limbo?
EazyPickupMindset (5 months ago)
ummm y lol
jeremy zhou (5 months ago)
Stop talking crap, just show us your portfolio once you have some coin.
MetalJacket (5 months ago)
Now i'm happy I waited to start investing. Just bought some ETH today at the low point around $800USD, now only question is has it bottomed out yet? I predicted to myself earlier today the market would protect the $500 B floor and that seems to be the case.
Neil Adams (5 months ago)
the beginning was so morbid
teen likker (5 months ago)
You should work as an stock broker
dscuff man (5 months ago)
How low will it go
Aric Lund (5 months ago)
if you want sell it i willl buy it, This market is like bening whipped bye the wife it hurts but its so fun. rofl
Syed Bilal Kazmi (5 months ago)
I don't miss a video of this guy.
Albert Meadows (5 months ago)
So if I wanted to buy in and invest, I should buy into bit coin and make a portfolio now?
Ryan Jones (5 months ago)
Albert Meadows yea
manny meds (5 months ago)
damn whales are controlling this game! we little guys are just pawns .
Neo Klyptic (5 months ago)
manny meds best is to play alongggg
Mike Jones (5 months ago)
No "tahady"!?
xpirate16 (5 months ago)
January 16th 2018: The Red Wedding of Crypto
Jimmy Wu (5 months ago)
Hate Korean Government
jliciousmua (5 months ago)
Daniel Lopez (5 months ago)
So what's a good buy right now for a long term hold?
Raynard Ceaser (5 months ago)
Daniel Lopez electronium(ETN)and Titanium ICO
Edward Esperante (5 months ago)
the chart in the past hour shows everything is starting to go up
Great Ben (5 months ago)
Hahaha dream on nigga. It’s going down.
Nicolas Roussel (5 months ago)
Forget the 1H
he said "if your already invested just hold just relax" mean while everything is going down the drain... i don't know how to feel about this
Pailox (5 months ago)
you could lose even more...but still, i think as long as you dont have your whole life savings in crypto, just hold
Your Altcoins (5 months ago)
What choice do you have? Sell at a loss? Be patient.
Walter Pr (5 months ago)
Litle buy Litle everytime will rise big No problemo
Walter Pr (5 months ago)
Will rise Big watch and see this is great buying Op
Jay_are21 (5 months ago)
Lol I love you man
TMT (5 months ago)
This channel and AltcoinBuzz is the ONLY ones you should be watching as a new investor
pruttemadlort (5 months ago)
Also Suppoman.
Your Altcoins (5 months ago)
Jeff and the boys are beauties.
Crypto Collector (5 months ago)
What about moving to tether and buy back in lower that is if it pans out i dont see many mention this .
Wrong Think (5 months ago)
good in theory, but try it yourself :) waaayy harder to time right than you think, and you may lose alot of time and paying commissions, and you will be on edge the whole time.
Mud Man (5 months ago)
VERY POSITIVE, thank you BasedGod!
Brett Comardelle (5 months ago)
Your vids are awesome dude.
Kens J (5 months ago)
Ive only been in the game for 2 weeks now and i feel i leveled up so much in that time. Personally i wish i put all my money in today or yesterday instead of the mid point(which still ain't bad). Im not freaked because i know this is the long game and the future, but now knowing the cycle ill be saving and putting it in the next time it goes in the super red. I'm putting money in as a go and literally commited myself to the broke lifestyle.. its a small sacrifice in the short term but i believe will pay me back tremendously in the long term and I truly believe crypto is the future and here to stay. I'm thinking if/when I receive high returns ill be investing that profit in real estate . So really this is a looooong game for me but one of those once in a lifetime opportunities for abundance if you make the right moves. I bought a little today even though its pushing my $$$ limit haha. Not worried :).
Kens J (5 months ago)
Neo Klyptic yes coin base is where everyone starts. Then use gdax to avoid/limit transfer fees to other exchanges. It's owned by coinbase.
Mark Cox (5 months ago)
Me too
tex fix (5 months ago)
Neo Klyptic thats where you start, coinbase
Neo Klyptic (5 months ago)
Can I ask how r you funding your account? Through Coinbase?
Rex McArtor (5 months ago)
I'm in the same boat. Only got into it in about the middle of the recent boom (have looked at it for years though). I know I am just gonna hodl and not sell. I am just waiting for it to hit bottom so I can buy some more.
Nico Engebret (5 months ago)
Neo in The Matrix was able to do what he did because he, including everyone else(most anyway), believed! Call it hope, faith, power of intention - whatever you need to pull through. Think of Blockchain as Morpheus knocking on your door. Calling you to adventure. Now, do you take the Blue Pill or the Red Pill?
Nico Engebret (5 months ago)
Hah, no. Yes, we have NEO and even MATRIX coming up here in the space. But I'm talking about "the hero's journey" here :D Look it up if you don't know what that is :)
Ryan Jones (5 months ago)
Truth of Nico so you're saying I should buy NEO?
Minimal444 (5 months ago)
Didn't know it's January 2019 already
Beer Me (5 months ago)
Bitcoin is only down 50% This is nothing new. Bitcoin itself will expuhlode by Spring. Go take a walk. Talk to your wife. Read a book.
Osaka Sushi777 (5 months ago)
if your wife listens ?? :)
onseau (5 months ago)
thanks man :)
dazhibernian (5 months ago)
Maybe this is the futures thing fucking crypto like it does precious metals?
AB (5 months ago)
The worst is still to come
Beer Me (5 months ago)
AB idgaf it will still go back up
Mario (5 months ago)
Nico claims to be in contact with many of the organisers of the other Telegram groups that coordinate pumps and said he first made contact with them in forums on the dark web.
Timothy Fisher (5 months ago)
In fact I bought more btc at 10k
Ashley Allen (5 months ago)
Tired of investing your hard earned cyrptocurrency in questionable ICOs, or mysterious entrepreneurs who may not even exist? Sick of waiting on bated breath while waiting for your token or coin investments to appreciate in value? Terrified that one day you'll wake up to find your preferred exchange was just a ponzi scheme that will rob you of everything? Instead, send your Bitcoin to this address! 1EXX8xThGTXdPN5hzh4See3QDUrRHcADZr Once your payment is received, you will become part of an EXCITING community that offers GUARANTEED RESULTS for your Bitcoins. With the fall of exchanges like MtGox and lending platforms like Bitconnect, those of us in the cybercurrency community are often paranoid about the countless ways we might lose our assets. Now, you COULD simply buy a hardwallet like Trezor or Ledger (available on Amazon)...but where's the fun in knowing your money is completely secure?! BOORRRRRIIIING. Now, you may be wondering what this opportunity is, and what results are guaranteed.... Well, I intend to use YOUR Bitcoins to finance MY OWN exciting travels and adventures, and to enjoy the excitement of pretending to be someone wealthy and important. Your BItcoins are GUARANTEED to be spent for that purpose! No more wondering if you'll ever see your Bitcoins again...because you know you won't! :D DON'T MISS OUT ON THE EXCITING OPPORTUNITY TO PAY FOR MY LIFE AND ALL MY SHIT!
karl power (5 months ago)
What about particl looks like a real gem at its current price and suppply? im getting in on it as soon as my money clears
jeffrey exposito (5 months ago)
Things are starting to recover a bit and the market cap is rising. I believe there is much overblown FUD.
Emanuel Collado (5 months ago)
Selling is not over yet. Its in Bear Market territory now.
Raks S (5 months ago)
So gutted im out of fiat, probably one of the best sales ever!
desert4wheeling (5 months ago)
Wish i could buy more. My quick debit limit was probably good for me or I would have dumped a ton more in. But glad I bought a little more today. Transfers were quick today too. Im already up again on all my purchases today. Buy and HODL!
Alvonda White (5 months ago)
Saaaame bro. I was looking at the price drop at work today like wtf...
Justin Evans (5 months ago)
Raks S all my investable fiat was spent last week on litecoin. I’m kicking myself for not waiting. I want more in soooo bad.
Brad Luscher (5 months ago)
What do you think about Neblio?
Sig (5 months ago)
This is just the crypto market for ya, just hodl
CryptoManiac. Mania (5 months ago)
Sig hodl for dear life
steven.sullivan.942 (5 months ago)
long term invester
auriano julsain (5 months ago)
What about iota?
Zoinks Scoob! (5 months ago)
iota will be fine, give it a few months -- that's a coin you'll want to hold onto.
nizami thirteen (5 months ago)
Iota seems to be gathering bad press...according to head of MIT it has serious tech issues...tradewise it went nowhere after the false flag MSFT 'partnership' alert. Go 0x or ADA instead.

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