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Top 10 CryptoCurrencies That Will Be In The Top 10!

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Text Comments (656)
A Stadler (3 days ago)
X12 transactions are confidential and untraceable.
Twistr (3 days ago)
I'm about to fire all the other crypto subs I got for this guy.
LJ-bln (9 days ago)
Zilliqa as the fastest one? I don´t think so. Check out Credits! Even with their alpha, they overtook Zilliqa´s TPS by far :)
jerome Williams (9 days ago)
Great insight. I have invested in some the one's you have listed. I also hold Nexus. What do you think about Nexus. It appears to be a more advanced, scalable and secure/quantum resistant Blockchain platform. My current holdings are: LTC, VEN, ONT, ICX, AION, WAN, MAN, DBC, SONM, STORJ, NXS, ZIL, ETHOS and DGB. I would like to hear YHO on these. Thanks Ready Set Crypto for all your time and research. Cheers! J.
About Time (9 days ago)
95% too long-winded. Wake me up when we get there.
Wardo Wafu (9 days ago)
considering the latest progress of particl.io I hope it will make it to top cryptocurrency.
XzodiaLord (10 days ago)
This is the fire channel I have been looking for, thanks! First two minutes were on point about 90% of shillers on youtube haha
John Thomas (10 days ago)
How do you feel about neo being decentralized? Do you think it affects future growth? Btw love the videos! Big fan!
Yves Nicollier (12 days ago)
hi. i think your videos are very professional and have useful information for investing and trading, thank you. question: would you mind to check out Sonm and give your personal opinion about it? that would be awesome.
T2 (15 days ago)
Look guys and alot of peoples still saying that BTC is gonna to hit $50k. BTC has almost no position in this crypto game
CrypTo Alertz (20 days ago)
Agreed with you. I'm also holding some of those. But wondering why DeepOnion is not listed there. My pick would definitely include DeepOnion.
77garga (24 days ago)
so you see all of them as better then bitcoin... interesting :)
Will Power (24 days ago)
GREAT vid . Again!! You rock RSC!!!
Hans Müller (25 days ago)
Thanks for an inspiring video! Nice explanation, very interesting list of currencies. There is one relatively unknown project called X12 Coin that could also have bright future. Lets see which will become top 10.
4444 1313 (25 days ago)
Everytime I research crypto I realize that these days are the last with any semblence of freedom. The coming wave of every faucet of life on centralized blockchains. Between cyrpto, AI and IOT this is the end. All you can do is enter that world with more money than others. Stay safe
P. L (25 days ago)
Would be interested in your views on Bitshares (BTS). Thanks.
Christopher Jackson (25 days ago)
What do you know about ONECOIN ONELIFE Crypto currency
If you invest all in that coins then we gonna make you loose, Use better no more then 20% of your depo for this coins. Believe the INSIDER 😉
Brian Reid (26 days ago)
I like ADA - Cardano
Stephen dela Cruz (27 days ago)
You maybe the coolest crypto creator out there on properly indoctrinating people in crypto with substance and style. 😏 Love the bangin' intro song! 👍
belle1113 (27 days ago)
Whats your thought about fuloos coin and ledu coin? Do you think they have the power to go to moon?
Ike Chidolue (28 days ago)
I love what you do for the community!
Andrew Pride (1 month ago)
No Golem?
Dallin Kerby (1 month ago)
NEO/BTC or NEO/ETH? Does it matter
Chris Bell (20 days ago)
Hi Dallin, no it shouldn't matter. Since it's so early in the cryptocurrency space, especially for NEO, it's wise to hold the coins and tokens that you believe in for the long term. There are a lot of day traders that fluctuate the price away from the core value that (NEO, for example) provides, or will soon provide. Exchanging coins back and forth will only create additional fees paid to trade them, stick with your gut and hold for at least a few months. At any given time, NEO can exchange into BTC or ETH based on the NEO price, so it shouldn't matter which format you choose. Hope that helps, Chris Bell
Henry Goh (1 month ago)
Thank u for your effort
robbb79 (1 month ago)
great video, keep it up!
Nick Browne (1 month ago)
Another great video man, love the music at the start!
KryptiCrooks (1 month ago)
Love the channel. How do you feel about Iota and the tangle in competition? Think it's userbase will take too long to capture a critical mass of users?
ROCK AUDITIONS (1 month ago)
Amazed you missed Theta !!!
ROCK AUDITIONS (1 month ago)
Photon, Swisscoin, Xinfin, Reddcoin + the top 4.
Kre8or333 (1 month ago)
TRON over ELA. ELA doesn't even have anything working atm. --- For people watching this. Just research most of the Unkowns listed here. Most don't have any good info to base any informed decision on. It's just hypothetical opinion at best. --- Neo, Ont, and Wtc, maybe Icx are the only ones worthy of mentioning. Man I hate videos like this.
Tom who (1 month ago)
fuck yes! elastos. It's allmost the first time I dont feel dumb.
Nurul Islam (1 month ago)
Walton better than vechain?
Steve Mascari (1 month ago)
Outstanding video. Neo is the one.
V-deo-D-liTe (1 month ago)
These list are for mid-size investor right with more cash flow right?? Meaning not seed projects because i am looking at seed projects (Penny Stocks). Correct me if i am wrong here but applications with the similar functions will move up also the only difference because there literally hundreds and hundreds of copycats right?? And each would occupy their own space in the crypto-economy much like the many vendors of credit card processing paypal, stripe, amazon pay, google wallet, etc etc right?? So there is room for just about everycopy cat system that is just as secure as the higher priced performer. So in theory there is room for 100-500 of these crypto companies as there are manufacturers for every sector of the business spectrum. Just my thought feel free to discuss plz
Lulzim Selimi (1 month ago)
have you ever looked closer to Dinero? It is really impressive how the core team progresses and adheres to the roadmap. www.Dinerocoin.org the Amazing Discord Channel https://discord.gg/qBGfrVZ watchout and hopefully youll make a great Video about.. greets from switzerland
doruk canga (1 month ago)
Xrp will be king!!! Non of those have potential to take the throne from BTC in the next 3 years besides XRP due to its use case.....
Darrell Brown (1 month ago)
awesome info!!!
Gary Winehouse (1 month ago)
All in on ICON. Don’t care if it takes 2 years. It has me the most excited. The possibilities will be endless. Nice video.
Stijn De Coorde (1 month ago)
Thanks again Mav, I think this is one of your best (and most important) videos to date. I fully agree with your selection... maybe except Ark - def a good project but I don't think this one has as much potential as the others. ELA/ICX/WTC/TKY ... will be absolute game changers!
Crypto Unchained (1 month ago)
Nice video, very informative. Cheers
oCaVEMaNo87 (1 month ago)
What do you think about InsurePal displacing insurance? I Need peoples honest researched opinion. Thanks in advance!!!
oCaVEMaNo87 (1 month ago)
like cinematography and intro music almost like a part on interstellar, best movie of all time!
cryptowill101 (1 month ago)
Intro won another subscriber :)
Man Against The State (1 month ago)
Cool video. Which of the current top 10 do you think will drop out to make way for these ones?
Ross Brooks (1 month ago)
If these 10 coins will be in the top 10, what will happen to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.. All out of the top 10?
Grey Cooper (1 month ago)
James CD (1 month ago)
That intro though...lol like a boss
J Manuel Villarreal (1 month ago)
Nice pick of coins, I just dont share the same opinion with ZIL just because of TPS.
Elastos !!!!!!!!!!!!!! $ELA
Stephane Nestel (1 month ago)
Where is cardano and vechain?
Dom Rol (1 month ago)
look into PundiX (NPXS). will easily increase 20-30x in 2018. Asia is the future. mark my words.
Create Wealth (1 month ago)
you're biased towards Neo
anya coin (1 month ago)
I adore your intro! Perfect! Great job. I heard for Swiss project, named Contractvault, developing legal tech, smart contracts etc. etc. Sounds really good. Have you heard for them, and what is your opinon about their position on market? Take a look, if you can, i would like to hear other opinions.
Waqas Niaz (1 month ago)
u are missing lisk which is better than all
Dude-Got REKT (1 month ago)
By far the best channel I've ever come across..and I've watched thousands; only to have the same shill crap and uneducated kids that know nothing about economics and what the new economy really needs...your knowledge -specifically the one belt one road initiative shows me you study world wide economics and have the pulse of the new narrative to come...thanks for the great content brother....well done
Ben Dirk (1 month ago)
The content from this channel is really fucking good! That is all 🙏🏻
zero cool (1 month ago)
have a look at DECENTRALAND, the most interesting blockchain project. a decentralised metaverse where people can do anything.
zero cool (1 month ago)
china will and have accepted ethereum, so think again
Windows 10 (1 month ago)
Thor Ragnarok music.... Pumped up. Love ur channel. Keep making videos
devon boyce (1 month ago)
Your videos are great my dude. very helpful
Vince Cromwell (1 month ago)
What were the criteria according to which you decided that these CryptoCurrencies will be in top 10? In my opinion, BAT, HOT, ZEN, PKT are good contenders too
Peter Christianson (1 month ago)
Don't forget about Wanchain it is catching up fast!
Kateryna Ivanchenko (1 month ago)
i also trully believe AMB also gonna fly very soon
Sishir Pokhrel (1 month ago)
Just found your channels have tons of best videos on blockchain and crypto currency. Love your all videos, i am watching one by one
Blaž Remškar (1 month ago)
what is the music?
Plexus (1 month ago)
Agree with most of your picks, the ones I know something about anyway. I hope for great things from ZIL and NEO, but wIll have to do more research on TKY and REQ. I would of found room in there for EOS though. I take from your comments you are not a big fan, but hey each to their own.
bitcoin bro (1 month ago)
icon $icx
Steve McDowall (1 month ago)
Great video. I have always liked your content. Pure analysis without all the nonsense hype. Thanks for your time and research. Like like like. You have the best intro music too.
toon paulussen (1 month ago)
damn , hypnotizing to listen to :-p Almost an intro to "sunscreen by bazz lurman'
Michele Zucca (1 month ago)
Great content!!! Hodling Neo, TKY and Zilliqa, Ontology and Icon on the wish list. No Wanchain :)?
turbanless (1 month ago)
Lol no $BTC? Something wrong here ain’t it?
DevilMayCrypto (1 month ago)
I love your video bro. I just did one in the past few days and we share common sentiment in a lot of areas. Keep doing what youre doing, im a huge fan
Jooshi McKenski (1 month ago)
REQ is the only one that belongs there.
Great explanation. Thanks !
Cryptogod (1 month ago)
Vladimir Stankovic (1 month ago)
Don't forget about tomochain which has really strong team and strategic partnership with NEO foundation.
wardy mann (1 month ago)
great a+ up voted. but what about us miners
Michael Burney (1 month ago)
Your uneven pie is driving me insane...
siliyemoodislam (1 month ago)
Islam is the best coin. Convert to Islam and Allah will give you ultimate pleasures
Bayette Brown (1 month ago)
ZIL all day!
NEO, ONT, ICX, WAN and ACT = thank me later! Add some Bluzelle as well...
Crypto News Online Hub (1 month ago)
Wonderful video to watch! learnt lot more things after watching this video. Thank you by cryptonewsonlinehub.com
Death Disco (1 month ago)
love that intro, seriously I respect your approach. I'm sick of how many high profile crypto youtubers just lazily read off sentences from the website with no real opinions.
Crypto Brother (1 month ago)
Hi, enjoyed the video. very informative, slightly misleading though. Do you believe the 10 coins you have named, will be the top 10 cryptos on coin marketcap? 4 you have mentioned, yes possibly (NEO, ICON, WALTON?, ZILLIQA?), the other 6 are very good projects/products but i highly doubt it. Even if they did enter the top 10 it would be temporary due to temporary hype. The only reason im commenting is because your title states "will be in the top 10!" - this is your opinion and anyone who takes this as financial advise, should not. You think ethereum, bitcoin, litecoin, ripple and eos are leaving the top 10 any time soon. Not to mention cardano and stellar. Sorry for the rant, i'm a big fan of the channel.
Zen Doggie (1 month ago)
No VeChain in the top 10. I'd say VeChain is way past WTC. VeChain just got bright food as customer providing blockchain for their supply chain from crop to shelf. 2nd largest food company in china. That's just one of many
Blake (1 month ago)
Dude. Vechain sqaushes Waltonchain. They use NChip Tech which is way better than any patented technology Waltonchain uses.
alex roberts (1 month ago)
Easily number 1 crypto intro . Love it 😍
madhu ale (1 month ago)
Great Video, keep it up.
David R. (1 month ago)
Man.. check FuzeX please, it's new, I would think is better than PundiX
paul neville (1 month ago)
Best Crypto videos on the net. Absolute Legend. keep up the good work. Love your videos.
Mr Ebenezar (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing and I think you are right, 95% of all cryptos now are "doomed" to fail. So doing research is important. You brought up some interesting projects and some i already invested in: Ark and Neo. Also been looking at WanChain and think it is going to be big, I am holding off from putting money in right now but will probably invest in the future. I was a little bit chocked to see that you didn't have a single privacy coin up there in your list. I know privacy might not be the topic of choice when we talk "regular mortals" but I think it is a very important topic in relation to keeping digital money secure. Hacks are getting more and more common and a good way to protect your assets is to have them hidden. Also personal data is something that people have started to care about (Facebook) and the step to personal transactions isn't far behind. Wouldn't people want a private way to do e-commerce?! I don't think we are going to have a number of privacy cryptos but maybe 2-3 main ones that might have different usecases. Monero is a safe bet but there might also be (currently) smaller projects that end up having better security that ends up on top. So i am keeping my eye out for promising projects in this area since I still think it is undecided, so far CloakCoin, DeepOnion, PivX and ZCoin are a few projects that stand out to me. Have you "given up" on the privacy space or are there projects there that you find interesting?
RA6162 (1 month ago)
Thank you for the awesome information brother ! A big fan !
idek why (1 month ago)
main thing I've took from this is; fu*k ethereum
比特彭 Crypto Peng (1 month ago)
KenshiroDark (1 month ago)
I dont buy chinese knockoffs
William Modiba (1 month ago)
Another great video, thanks man. I am a big fan of Ready set crypto. Keep em coming
nganmini dimitri (1 month ago)
Where is wanchain
JuicyVeganDwarf (1 month ago)
They are some seriously good options. I am invested in many of them already and have been pondering on most of the others. Deffo going to go and do some more research and give heavy consideration to adding them. Thanks mate :)
willsgotbeer (1 month ago)
Why do you use the Vaulknut as your youtube avatar? are you a heathen? If so you just earned a sub..

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