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Make Money With Profit Trailer Settings For Any Budget

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Text Comments (226)
Ian Finn (4 months ago)
Whats your discord
Supreme Potential (4 months ago)
If I'm starting with ~10k worth of bitcoin is my all_max_buy about 0.165?
Leon van der Kolk (4 months ago)
Do you want to start with Profit Trailer but don't want to pay every year? I have a Profit Trailer LIFETIME PRO license for sale. All 'old' licenses were turned into lifetime licenses and you are now only able to pay per year (€450). The license is for Binance. If you are interested? Please send me a message or reply here. You can also add me on Discord: TheWalkingDoge#2498.
Nia Defner (4 months ago)
I'm using *FirstMillionRoad* for daily income
raoul rizwan (5 months ago)
Maybe a stupid question, but how many exchanges can u select? Its not only one right? I am interested to buy the profit trailer, but i would like to have the next exchanges: bittrex, binance, cryptopia, tradesatoshi, okex, bithumb, coinexchange, huobi, poloniex and upbit. Is that possible? And do u buy it only once and forever or do u have to buy it every year?
Gary B (5 months ago)
The first challenge is finding a trustworthy ICO broker; secondly, you need to find a ICO trading strategy, which you can use to make profits consistently. Two of my friends use this softwre with me. we love this software.? Still my favorite is *FIRST MILLION ROAD*
CJFilms1001 (5 months ago)
blue moon (5 months ago)
Hi , the download link of the settings does not work . Please give us a working one .
W.A. S.P. (6 months ago)
Can someone with limited computer skills use these products?
internet person (6 months ago)
Is Profit Trailer still profitable now that the market has corrected? Or in general, when the market goes down? Dec 2017 the market was still on its way to the moon, but now in Mar 2018 it's corrected
Marcus Leong (6 months ago)
what is the max amount in usd do you think you can invest in profit trailer
cloud life (6 months ago)
Hey what is VPS?
nokia sixteth (6 months ago)
Watched this thing again . He was asking for a subscribe. Help get over 1k. Next stop 100k.
Crypto G (6 months ago)
anyone know any good tutorials on how to use Discord. I am so green at all of this and could use some good info.
Hallam Hope (6 months ago)
How it would work.
季海峰 (6 months ago)
My friend saw me leave a reply me.
季海峰 (6 months ago)
Will the free Profit Trailer settings, where to download, did not seem to find.
MarkDoc (6 months ago)
These setting that are available for download, is it just a case of copy the whole files and past over the current settings, or does some stuff have to be edited/deleted? Thanks
Keith Martinez (6 months ago)
Hey just grabbed PT with your link! They are telling me feeder is advanced and I should start with profit trailer first. Any suggestions?
J Sarp (6 months ago)
please i need help i have 0.6 btc but i am making a profit of 0.8% per day which is a big loss. can you help me with settings pls
Michael Dela Cruz (6 months ago)
This video is not for beginners
2 Conscious (6 months ago)
Sometimes computers get hot because the program could secretly be mining at the same time and you would newer know it.
Gerald Nelms (6 months ago)
65000 subscribers in 2 months congratulations!
Will Slayter (6 months ago)
$100 ADA are you for real man
Isabelle Merckaert (7 months ago)
I bought PT last week and I doen the installation, but it’s doesn’t start to run. What am I doing wrong?
Shil crypto (7 months ago)
Hi Now that you been using PT for several months, what are your thoughts? do you still recommend and any changes to your settings? thanks
james le (7 months ago)
Is there a short selling bot ?
Joseph Edwards (7 months ago)
You rock Big Dawg...Just purchased PT and, set it up, been watching your videos, and super helpful man - Thank you.
Rabii Kessis (7 months ago)
All I got to say is, big respect to this video, those 37 minutes went like 5 minutes and I wish it was longer, I've been following Profit Trailer for a while, since then I always wanted to buy it. But never had the money for it. Maybe one day I will.. hopefully.
Sam Menn (7 months ago)
Crow, what is the url to your discord channel and Profit Feeder support discord?
pet rocks (7 months ago)
Hey I have the Binance license. I'm correctly entering "BTCXRP" etc (on binance theres no dash) for my desired pairs next to All_enabled_pairs and yet even the ones that I enabled go into "watchmode" in my pairs. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. The wiki does say that theres no dash but I even had the dash before I read that and it didn't work then either. So I don't think I'm entering it wrong.
Angel Urena (7 months ago)
HI, Great video, my profit trailer bot it's set on watch mode...how can i change it
WhiteArtsMagic (7 months ago)
I have 0.1 BTC in my account. What is my best strategy for trying to maximize my gains?
Aleksandar Knežević (7 months ago)
For all going through this video and considering PT here's my situation. Bought it finally 3 days ago, did run it for 12h at first than Binance went down lol, and I resumed today at least. PT - 0.003 BTC Balance - 0.26392302 BTC Profit - 0.015 BTC roughly in bit over 24h... Consider that I didn't know that I need to copy settings to the laptop since desktop restarted and PT was not up running, neither I was able to access it via teamviewer...so VPS is next step. From my side, am positive about it. Can I still lose, sure, its possible? But then again when I make first 0.03 I will get another one for Poloniex so that I get more options there. Be smart people, always question stuff you read and when times get tough - HODL :)
Herbalife Nutrition (7 months ago)
does VPS run it still whilst the computer is off?
aloha 9dvr (7 months ago)
Great stuff, its like you buying a "worker" that will work for you 24/7!!! I really thinking about purchasing and get in to Bot!!!!! Is there a way to back test the strategy or paper trade it for a while and then go live?
AyeYoJ (7 months ago)
can the bot sell into USDT when theres a bloodbath and hold for you?
Ricky Boo (7 months ago)
Let me throw like .1 btc into your profit trailer, 70/30 split the profit at end of week.. if the results are somewhat decent, Ill buy under your referral link. LOL
Peter Stavrinides (7 months ago)
Crypto Crow your vids are cool, and I learned a lot from them, however I feel I need to mention that ProfitTrailer is a really buggy bit of software and quite poorly written with gaping security holes. There are lots of errors constantly in the logs, it hangs/freezes frequently. I had a situation where it randomly decided to sell off 3 of my biggest positions at a loss, and when I contacted support and showed them my config files they couldn't find the source of the problem, especially since I had specified the pairs to trade, which the software totally ignored. There answer was go get a refund since they couldn't find the cause of the problem. People who use ProfitTrailer should be aware its a massive risk, and the support is quite atrocious. I had some very bad experiences with bugs that cost me a lot of money, so to me its an Alpha product not even a Beta, and it would be great if you could at least inform people of this area of risk.
Peter Stavrinides (7 months ago)
I am still looking at other bots myself so I can't recommend any just yet
Walker Day (7 months ago)
Is there a better bot you would recommend?
Alexander Ashton (7 months ago)
does the pair syntax have to be different for different exchanges or is it generic.
Ibrahim Salau (7 months ago)
pls may i have your email address or telegram user name, i am having issues thank you
Russ (7 months ago)
Oh man....I'm on binance, so your settings for bitrrex pairs won't work, I'm going through....there are over 3000 lines, sure many are just there for pair details, but you sure did A LOT OF WORK!!!! Really appreciate what you've done. Now, I'm wondering when someone is gonna come up with a dca/pair/indicator file creator or converter lol for now I'm manually going through the settings changing the pairs to the binance set manually.....this is gonna be a while lol
Raziel Angel (7 months ago)
Be very careful everyone. Double down 'strategy' is a losing approach - period. Never place more funds than you can afford to loose in FULL. For a while it will look like it works, maybe dozens of times, eventually it WILL kill your bankroll entirely. Gamblers get fooled my the same approach, there it is called Martingale strategy.
Jared Chambers (7 months ago)
hello, I use brackets for my editing. do you suggest getting dreamweaver or will the settings be the same
Jared Chambers (7 months ago)
also, how do i know what kind of VPS I need?
James Johnson (7 months ago)
i could be mistaken but i believe in order for cardano to reach even $10 it needs to reach a market cap of 250 billion which is 100 billion more than bitcoin, and to reach $100 per coin it would need to get to over 2.5 trillion in just that one coin? but again i could be wrong
Apple Orchard (7 months ago)
i just relized why u get a bunch of bags, unles you have a reason why your spread is $7,000, usd i would be carefull though the maket dynamic has changed since the 20k mark. u could get stuck in a trade for years, especially btc. other alts like the other top 5 i beleive are safer and ready for a bull run :D
daniel shipp (7 months ago)
How can I send you some money for you to manage for me in profit trailer
idigit07 (7 months ago)
I read thru the comments, and have watch several videos, but I cannot find the answer to this one.    ..... so, how does each buy/sell transaction cost play into the overall profit of the robot activities?  Will the robot's activity possibly incur a high cost of transaction fees?
Mr Crippy (7 months ago)
How do i get the bot to not buy a coin again after it has just sold said coinfor a gain
liono lee (7 months ago)
turn of your computer lol just kidding!!... hheheh :)
Stephen Mcdonagh (7 months ago)
Hey do you only enable DCA when you have bags? Or do you enable (true) at set up? I’m using Binance and Anderson strategy
Socrates (7 months ago)
Hello Crypto Crow. How many accounts can be traded by this bot?
ebyvids (7 months ago)
How do you export profit/loss statements for tax time?
ebyvids (7 months ago)
Its the main thing keeping me from buying it so if theres a video manual for that somewhere id buy through your affiliate link
Jonathan O'Donovan (7 months ago)
Great explanation of PT! Thanks Crow!
Nick Kühl (7 months ago)
The bot alone costs 0.3 BTC !! That is pretty ruff.
Jonathan O'Donovan (7 months ago)
No, 0.03 BTC
Daniel Yeboah (7 months ago)
Hello Jason, I have downloaded your setting for the PT Feeder and using it but i'm encountering an issue that I can't seems to figure out. Using Binance and they require a Max_cost to be 0.0022. In your settings for the feeder application.json, the max_cost is not defined. But when I make changes in the pairs files on the trailer (which is set as 0), the feeder will override it back to zero. This is giving me a message on my trailer log: Cannot buy APPCBTC. Please increase max_cost to approximately 0.002!
Johnny (7 months ago)
Thanks a lot i really appreciate the explanation
Moritz Munzinger (7 months ago)
If anybody wants a profit trailer license for binance I will gladly register their api for them, I still have 3 spots on my license. Pm me. I will sell for 0,01btc
greg west (7 months ago)
Great info subscribed
Daniel Berry (7 months ago)
CC: Very interesting, thinking of trying this, but have one big question. With all of this little trades going on throughout the day, HOW do you keep track of all the buys / sells for TAX [IRS] purposes. * subscribed *
Thomas Graham (7 months ago)
is there any feature where you can designate a percentage of your gains to a "savings" account? TY for your stuff!
Bryan Rahn (7 months ago)
just want to know the main pump and dump coins right now, is there a way for you to post your disabled pairs?
codeo3er (8 months ago)
Can i use this with Kucoin?
Double E (8 months ago)
Subscribed. Based on $300 budget, BUT, The profit trailer download costs 400 Along with the feeder, another 300. So you're really basing it on a 1000 budget + however much bitcoin you buy to trade with, maybe 1500+ total, correct?
S K (8 months ago)
Thank you buddy, your so right. You have to understand PF and the market or you can lose some serious cash flow. I am grateful for your help.Hopefully some day I can pay back the help. I am new to this whole crypto market, but eager to learn.
Khoi Huynh (8 months ago)
its been a month since this video has been uploaded, is the trading bot still working good? what are other people's experiences with it?
denn1smo (8 months ago)
Jep nice stuff dude ... i had take a look in your configs .. u have set in the PAIRS config 3334 lines great work .. du u think it will work also for poloniex ?
Ewan Argo (8 months ago)
Completed all the install and settings but it's done nothing for days. The first moment it went live it sold 2 alt coins i had in my exchange wallet. since then it has done zero trades. it has looked at 63 possible buys but not acted on these and also has not looked at any possible buys since then either. Anyone else have a similar issue? Thanks guys
ohtebowah (7 months ago)
glad to hear that. How much money have you been making on average a day? Or ROI %? if you don't mind me asking
Ewan Argo (7 months ago)
Egidijus Ciparis HI, I had a few issues which have all been sorted out and the bot seems to be working ok now. I did add more money but I can't say for sure that that was the main problem. The times have to be in sync as well.
Egidijus Ciparis (7 months ago)
So when you added more money is it working properly now?
sessy33 (7 months ago)
but yeah i had same issue, i was watching the dashboard and it was looking at all these possible buys, and it wasn't actually buying anything, but then i found that out, and it made sense.
sessy33 (7 months ago)
how much capital do you have in the exchange? There is a minimum trade value that is different for each exchange, im on binance which appears to be the highest :( so after i bought the bot, and set it up with crow's settings, i found out that I can't even trade until i put more money in. It's like 0.022 btc minimum for binance and like 0.011 for bittrex. I have less than that and the USD value i have in my binance account is like $180 or less. So yeah $300 is most likely scraping the bottom of the barrel, at least in terms of starting capital. Id shoot for no less than $500. I just gotta add more money every paycheck, which I was already planning on doing anyways so it's all good. I own the bot for life, so im in no rush.
Nandila assalam (8 months ago)
Can I use the Bot for my budget balance BTC 0.008 I have in Bittrex, can I get max profit...?
sessy33 (7 months ago)
you need at least 0.011 on bittrex i believe or the bot won't make any trades. it is 0.022 for binance.
Matt Donaldson (8 months ago)
Thanks for taking the time to do this video. Very useful.
Matt Donaldson (8 months ago)
Thanks for taking the time to do this video. Very useful.
Michael Goldberg (8 months ago)
Great video minus the yawn... Most people will cringe when hearing somebody's yawn 2cm from their ear drum.
Tyler Damiano (8 months ago)
Thank you so much for all of your informational videos. Question, if using the Profit Trailer for an exchange such as Binance, do you still use that same Binance account to purchase your hodl coins? Do you keep those HODL coins in the exchange or do you export them onto a cryptowallet?
AFIL (8 months ago)
If you HODL a coin you bought on the exchange while the bot is running, does it trade/"touch" the coin?
robert mccormick (8 months ago)
can you suggest some reading for how to learn this stuff a little deeper?
sessy33 (7 months ago)
profit trailer wiki
xirt us (8 months ago)
I would like to see some setting adjustments to trade on the ETH market, any ideas about the main changes you would do?
sessy33 (7 months ago)
set the market = ETH for starters
Carol Burton (8 months ago)
Just watched this video and I am wondering how it is working for those who have bought it. I have been watching my own stuff and would love some automation, are there any additional fees or charges after purchase that are necessary to utilize the bot?
Chris Cozmo (8 months ago)
Bro did u get the glue u have been sick for two weeks
Joost Boonsma (8 months ago)
You are posting great videos!! Ill share your channel with all my friends and let them order through your affiliates! Thanks again.
Tac Robinson (8 months ago)
How well does this track transactions for tax purposes? Is it seamless or will i manually have to track this? (the new laws are terrible) Thanks Crow.... Keep up the good work man.
Rob LeMay (6 months ago)
Taxes are based on the USD value of the trade. Exchanges don't keep track of this, it still needs to be estimated on your own.
x7xHawkx7x (7 months ago)
This doesn't track for taxes, it trades through your exchange account so however you track your trades through your exchange, that's how you keep track for taxes
Cryptopedia (8 months ago)
does stuff really work? i dont bot trade but im making around 20-30% a day in my ALTfolio. Is this worth is for me? I know how to select good coins and when to buy and sell...
Cryptopedia (6 months ago)
follow my channel, i post everything im doing on there, i dont invest in all the reviews i do though, only a few.
Thy Nguyen (6 months ago)
can i have a lesson from you? smart man dankrupt and cryptopedia
ifordefouw (7 months ago)
What is your strategy? basic TA? which methods are you using?
Cryptopedia (8 months ago)
LOL i was making that before 2 days ago before the BLOODBATH!!!! but yes i am commited to this, hardcore. its all i do.
Dankrupt (8 months ago)
this is a side hustle for me, atleast for now. though i do trade almost the whole time im awake, even while at my real job. i only started a few weeks ago but im still averaging 15%-30%, some days more some days less. im still figuring out if this can be consistent (which is why i was looking into bots) or if im on a lucky streak.
Brad Bingham (8 months ago)
No one has said this yet so it needs to be said: Profit trailer support team sucks. Despite raking in millions on subscriptions, they have no dedicated support team. You have to have a fair understanding of programming speak as well as trading strategy. Yes there's a support channel on telegram but there's 10 questions per minute. This is not something an amateur trader should invest in. It sounds like basic assumption but a fair amount of people interested in PT are new traders looking for automated, passive income. This is not for you.
David Gavin (8 months ago)
Newb question..... what is DCA?
Crypto Jew (8 months ago)
Does PROFITTRAILER trade all ALT coins Binance Bitrex ?
sessy33 (7 months ago)
yes if you set it to trade all pairs, you can also set all trades to false and then manually write out specific pairs you only want the bot to look for trades in.
Olajide Tobun (8 months ago)
is it possible to do 4 percent a day with a budget of about 900 usd on PT?
sessy33 (7 months ago)
the size of the capital does not affect the percent you get. Some people are averaging like 9% daily
sessy33 (7 months ago)
Dmitriy Pyasetskiy (8 months ago)
I don’t mean to sound like a noob, can I use a laptop or what is a recommended computer for PT?
Franklin Freitas (8 months ago)
Thanks for the video, man! I have a question. What would you change in your settings if you have 0,5 BTC, 1 BTC, 2 BTC avaiable for the bot to trade??
sessy33 (7 months ago)
he literally just talked about that in this vid
The Wheelman (8 months ago)
Super thorough, widely broadened my understanding of the bot. Your vids are fantastic
BenSeawalker (8 months ago)
I find the best way to weed out crap coins is to set "ALL_min_buy_volume" to at least 1000 or higher. That ensures you only pick up coins that have established price action. Pump and dump coins don't usually see that kind of volume even at their peaks.
Tuan Tran (8 months ago)
With all the transactions going on, would it be more profitable to use Binance vs Bittrex for their lower fees. From what i gathered, on Bittrex it is .25% per transaction where as on Binance with their BNB, you can trade for .05%. I'm about to get started and I use currently both platforms and was gonna go with the Profit Trailer Binance version. Any thoughts?
sessy33 (7 months ago)
binance is most likely the safer choice just for that reason, but you can configure your sell settings to not sell for less than 0.6% on any full trade (buy and sell) So you each trade would pay for the 0.5% (0.25% for buy + 0.25% for sell) and you would still make minimum of 0.1% profit.
Timo van Vliet (8 months ago)
What is the chance of the exchange banning you for using a bot? I personally believe they won't ban you just because they make money of you making money. Hope someone can confirm this...
Chris Brantuo (8 months ago)
How do i do these settings without dreamweaver
Rtom Pan (8 months ago)
Nice work! Is this still working with latest version and for binance too?
Tom McKeown (8 months ago)
Why not trade with USDT? Or does this bot not allow that? I'm just thinking that it might be some benefits to trading with something more stable.
Andy B (8 months ago)
Would these settings work with Mac OS as well?
J AH (8 months ago)
Just quick one. Frustratingly, my PT bought BNB, but I have now set it to sell only and not buy again. But, even although it has turned a profit, it still doesn't sell. Why do you think that is?
TSG PH (8 months ago)
I just want to say a big thank you. I was just about to buy Gunbot and saw this video. Even at the holiday price of 0.05 BTC for Gunbot, Profit Trailer definitely seems the way to go. Don't worry when I buy ProfitTrailer, I'll use your link!
Accem Scott (8 months ago)
Truly sorry about the death in the family. Your honest expression is a gift to us all. Thanks again for all you give to the community. Have a wonderful Xmas. By the way I met Ian Balina at a meet up last and mentioned that I found out about him through you. He wanted to connect with at some point so this may be a time to get back with him about MoonRunner if you so desire. Take care and happy holidays! Accem Scott
Phillip Capiral (8 months ago)
Is there a simulation mode to play around with settings without using real money?
Phillip Capiral (8 months ago)
Crypto Crow cool, but that can be mitigated by not trading all pairs, just select manual ones yes?
Tom McKeown (8 months ago)
So, if I wanted to test the bot with $114 or 0.0079 BTC, why can't my be settings set to the same as if I had $10k or 0.665714 BTC? My reason for testing is to see how the bots works and what percentage I get in return. Not for profit, but education.
Apple Orchard (7 months ago)
if you had 10k would you sell $10 at a time? or would you sell $200-$300 at a time?
Tom McKeown (8 months ago)
Sorry to keep bothering you, but have you seen this message "Cannot buy QSPBTC. you are trying to buy DUST!"
Tom McKeown (8 months ago)
Right, so why not set the max trading pairs to a high number no matter what the budget (Instead of 3)? That way you're getting more trades and thus more success. Or are we limited to a minimum trade amount? (I'm using Binance)
Philshag (8 months ago)
I want to buy this bot, however, I am unable to create a Bittrex account. Any idea on how to go on that?
ecch_1000 (8 months ago)
theres a binance version..im planning to buy it with my next paycheck :)
sergej (8 months ago)
Big Profits Free Signals Sign up: https://www.cryptohopper.com/?atid=75

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