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Voxels Cryptocurrency Overview - The VR Coin

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Voxels is the Virtual Reality Cryptocurrency that allows users to create worlds and games without needing to code or have coding knowledge
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Francis S (7 months ago)
This definetly paid off for you, at 5000 sat today
wes lee (8 months ago)
Nice job Connor! Voxels exploding :) I saw your movie when I started trading in June, I didn't buy any and I kinda regret now haha :) anyway, good luck trading!
Valery (8 months ago)
I think now is the best time to get this coin. Voxels has been trampling on the spot for a long time after a strong fall. Huge potential for growth.
Coins Ph (10 months ago)
Looking for a "BIG PROFIT"?There's a new coin was lunched. This coin called DCN or DentaCoin. As of now DCN or Dentacoin price is 3 satoshi only. DCN is already in a coinmarket . Buy Dentacoin now and thaks me later. https://mercatox.com/?referrer=34202
Allan Bond (11 months ago)
VR Games are going to be huge once they hit mainstream so it makes sense to think Voxels will one day skyrocket if voxelus hits the mainstream too no?
iamafeman (7 months ago)
you sir are correct!
TheCherry1994 (10 months ago)
I mean, if they can establish themselves before VR hits mainstream there is a pretty good chance this will be a good investment. We have absolutely no clue what VR could become.
Fredzer (1 year ago)
how is this now a $13Million market cap but still only be worth 6 cent?
Connor Kenny (1 year ago)
+fredzer1 not sure. Looks like they released more coins. The max supply of 210 million is now all in circulation
Love & Peace (1 year ago)
Where do I find a Voxels wallet?
Connor Kenny (1 year ago)
+Michael Blu should be on their website. Or you can hold it on an exchange like bittrex
Henry Gregory (1 year ago)
Vox on the move
Darnell Rogers (1 year ago)
Where can I purchase voxel crypto at?
iOSGaming (1 year ago)
Follow up on them via tinyurl.com/voxelslack for the slack channel.
Derek Lee (1 year ago)
I really people understand even theres a buy or sell order the exchange has to be able to have lots of capital plus its capital plus profit to be able to run its business.I guess thats why some exchanges delisted some coins
Derek Lee (1 year ago)
Until I see someone caught out their profits then I would say people made profit.Other than that meaning u getting back your capital here or there doesn't count as profit as how people would say
Derek Lee (1 year ago)
I honesty think that even it shows on the digital screen it went up x percent like do we really believe all these exchanges have x amount to pay out those people if people decide to wanna cash out.In the back on my mind theres a limited amount of money that is flowing in the economy each quantitive easing.I dont mean old money is new money
Matrix Dweller (1 year ago)
When cryptoheads complain about the premine i just say. All stocks are 100% pre-mined.
M Noorist (1 year ago)
as long as they can't mine extra coins
Harrison Hunt (1 year ago)
FYI. The April "sell off" was due to Poloniex delisting Voxels.
Harrison Hunt (1 year ago)
Yeah - that was the case for a few of the 17 coins that they delisted. I bought right before they delisted. Figured Poloniex delisting it didn't change any fundamentals behind the price increase, so I just held and doubled-down. Sure enough, all trading volume went to Bittrex, and the price rebounded 2x.
Connor Kenny (1 year ago)
Harrison Hunt no sure why they would when it was going up.
Gold Lenz Pictures (1 year ago)
Hey Connor, what wallet do your use/ recommend using for bitcoin/litecoin/ether ??
Connor Kenny (1 year ago)
Gold Lenz Pictures when bull markets like these are flying I tend to keep most of my coins on Kraken and Bittrex since the BTC blocks have been full and the network slow. I like to be able to move quickly into and out of positions. I know there is a risk, but missing the boat on a move because of confirmations can be frustrating
Gold Lenz Pictures (1 year ago)
I have both downloaded. Exodus UX is nice but the fact that your using Multibit has me leaning towards using MB
Connor Kenny (1 year ago)
Gold Lenz Pictures Exodus can hold multiple Cryptocurrencies in a single wallet Exodus.io
Gold Lenz Pictures (1 year ago)
Cheers - ill check them all out.
Connor Kenny (1 year ago)
Gold Lenz Pictures bitcoin I've used multibit. Litecoin I just used qt. Exodus seems to be the wallet that everyone is talking about

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