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Get Bitcoin Cash out of Electrum in 60 Seconds

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The bitcoin blockchain officially forked on August 1, 2017. If you owned Legacy Bitcoin at that time, you picked up some Bitcoin Cash tokens as well! Here's a quick and easy tutorial on how to get access to your Bitcoin Cash. Use this walkthrough to access your Bitcoin Cash that is associated with an Electrum wallet on Windows, Mac, or Linux. From here, you can send it to an exchange for trading, or transfer it to another address, at your convenience. --- About the show: One Minute Crypto is among the fastest-paced bitcoin shows in the universe. We cover everything on blockchain technology: walkthroughs, tutorials, news, and more. Music: http://bensound.com
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Text Comments (328)
TheJaseku (1 year ago)
Thanks, your my Crypto-YT-man now :)
Mr Fender bender (1 year ago)
roman kula can you please elaborate.
mylosol (1 year ago)
Yes, I share your frustration, many of these wallets were not ready for the fork, which they knew was coming and as a result many people have lost money! I had some BTC in an Electrum wallet and they decided not to support BCH at all... have to download some third party binary and hope it isn't laden with Trojans or gonna steal my currency. All in all the implementation of this new currency has been piss poor across the board!
Mr Fender bender (1 year ago)
mylosol but in the meantime all my bitcoin is locked up so i can't make any trades while bth are making huge margins this is very frustrating because i could have bought bth at 200.00 and sold at 800.00 to 900.00 jaxx needs to light a fire under there ass and make it happen not happy with JAXX
mylosol (1 year ago)
Jaxx has issued a public statement on this "The process of downloading and indexing the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain is lengthy. We are currently downloading the blockchain and expect indexing to start shortly. The indexing of a blockchain as big as Bitcoin’s has an unknown duration and could take anywhere from a few days to 1 to 2 weeks. You will be then able to claim them once Jaxx fully integrates Bitcoin Cash (BCH) into the wallet."
Warren Mudamaa (1 year ago)
great question
Charlie Lee (7 days ago)
MrB1923 (1 month ago)
Straight to the point!!! Excellent!
George Ryan (3 months ago)
How do I get money from electrum to my bank account? In send do I put in routing number then acct number?
Chronos Crypto (3 months ago)
Electrum lets you store bitcoin, but bitcoins are not dollars. You would need to find a person or company who would buy or sell bitcoin with you. One option is a company called Coinbase, but there are many others. Good luck!
Nancy Lane (5 months ago)
Electrum wallet is not secure, had 2 deposit that were stolen, had the updated version, will never use again
Nancy Lane (5 months ago)
I do not know what MD5 hash is looked at mine on blockchain
Nancy Lane (5 months ago)
thanks but it did
Chronos Crypto (5 months ago)
Make sure you got it from the right source and that the MD5 hash of the download matches what the website provides.
Nancy Lane (5 months ago)
Comp tech thinks it might be Malware, have updated security running all the time
Chronos Crypto (5 months ago)
Could your computer have had a virus that stole the funds?
dulan mahamithawa (6 months ago)
so if we have bitcoin in our electrum wallet, can we sell bitcoin for cash with this app? btw awesome video. this is how youtubers should do it ;)
dulan mahamithawa (6 months ago)
oh thanks
Chronos Crypto (6 months ago)
Electrum doesn't currently have any services that let you trade for cash. The term "Bitcoin Cash" is another blockchain, not actual cash. Sorry for the confusion! :)
Michael Raphael (6 months ago)
i never split my bitcoin cash from bitcoin when it was created. i have bitcoin in my electrum wallet. did i loose my bitcoin cash after the may 15th fork? can i still get bitcoin cash out of electrum? thank you very much
Michael Raphael (6 months ago)
thank you so much. you have been so helpful in the past and now this. i am just going to hold bch for very long term anyway. thx again
Chronos Crypto (6 months ago)
Your BCH is still in the addresses that the BTC was in during the August 1, 2017 fork date. You can follow the steps in this video to access it. The May 15 upgrade fork didn't have any impact on that, so it sounds like you've got yourself some Bitcoin Cash! :)
Ricardas Iluvataru (7 months ago)
Can you tell me how to get out BCH with Electron cash from Denarium coin? Is it posible and if so how. Thanks a lot.
Chronos Crypto (7 months ago)
During setup, choose "Use public or private keys" and enter the private key from behind the tamper evident hologram. Here's a pic of the menu item you want. https://graspingtech.com/claim-bitcoin-cash-bitcoin-core-wallet/electron-cash-use-public-private-keys.png. Good luck!
wade Seymour (9 months ago)
I downloaded Electron Cash 3.1.2 as per your instructions. then transferred a small amount of bitcoin from my Electrum wallet to my electron cash wallet. how long should it take to show up. its been two days now and has not appeared in the electron cash wallet. I'm a real novice at this so any help appreciated.
wade Seymour (9 months ago)
thanks for the info, makes sense.
Chronos Crypto (9 months ago)
Bitcoin is not Bitcoin Cash. They are separate blockchains, so you can't send from one to the other. Instead, you'd need to use a exchange like https://www.gdax.com. To recover your bitcoin again, I think you can choose "Restore a Wallet" in Electrum, and enter the seed words that your Electron Cash wallet uses. That could reveal the address where you sent your bitcoins. Good luck!
Cavidan Mirzali (10 months ago)
gamingSlasher (10 months ago)
Damn it this guy talks slow.
Chronos Crypto (10 months ago)
It took me 10 minutes just to read your comment.
First Last (11 months ago)
Stupid question, what if I have my BTC on coinbase? (I know it's dumb to keep crypto on an exchange but I have a Trezor on back-order) If I setup an *Electrum* wallet and then use that seed on an *Electron* wallet, would I be able to still get BCH? I wouldn't have any BTC in the *Electrum* wallet. Also, how do I claim Super Bitcoin as well? That was my original intention.
Al Ros (11 months ago)
you must mention that electron cash is not official and may plan to steal bitcoins that were in the original electrum wallet. to mitigate this risk move bitcoins from original wallet and off the machine.
Al Ros (11 months ago)
oh my god thank you. every other video makes this so so complicated. the world needs more things like this :')
Chronos Crypto (11 months ago)
Glad you found it useful!
Troy Jensen (11 months ago)
Make a 1 min video for getting bitcoin gold fork! Thanks for helping me!
Jim Hardman (11 months ago)
Sorry, this video confused me. It said it would explain it in 60 seconds and did so brilliantly. Where was the bit where the guy mumbles to himself about the camera mounting, and then goes into a 5 minute description of the issue with the camera mounting? And then taking a mobile phone call from a bloke called Jeff, before his mum comes in asking what he wants for tea? I've not tried this yet, so will come back and complain if it doesn't work, but in terms of concise informative video production this is the best I've seen. Great work!
Chronos Crypto (11 months ago)
Thanks for the feedback! Next time I'll make sure to call Jeff during the video.
YoungYodaCZ (11 months ago)
best how to ever thanks!
Hey16042 (11 months ago)
Please help, I mistakenly transferred my bitcoin cash to electrum but to gain access to them I ended up making a watch only electron cash account and when i try to import private keys it gives me the P2SH error and when I try to put in the seeds it gives the P2SH error!
Hey16042 (11 months ago)
can you tell me on how to access my master private key
Chronos Crypto (11 months ago)
If you have the seed words that generate the address where you saw your BCH on the block explorer, then you definitely still have your coin.
Hey16042 (11 months ago)
If you can, please help me, I am scared if my bitcoin cash is lost, what are the chances of me recovering it given that i have access to my electrum account and the seeds
Hey16042 (11 months ago)
Hahaha thanks, yes it does contain the balance.
Chronos Crypto (11 months ago)
Yes, the seeds are the same. You can use a block explorer (more internet searching, haha) to see if your destination address still contains the BCH.
Jim Sandwick (11 months ago)
Thanks for the video! For anyone that used two-factor authentication, I had to download the earliest version of Electron Cash 2.9.2 as 2.9.3 would not run without crashing and the version 3.0 did not seem to support two-factor authentication from what I could see. https://electroncash.org/downloads/2.9.2/ Thanks
Chris Barry (11 months ago)
Thatnks for this tip, had considered I should try an earlier version, exact same problem. Went for 2.9.2 and transferred easily out.
Chronos Crypto (11 months ago)
Thanks for the advice! Glad this video was useful to you.
Bobby A (11 months ago)
Norton anti-virus keeps blocking it as a threat. It says a "reputation threat". What should I do? I keep trying to download this version because I guess it's the right one: Electron-Cash-3.0.exe
Chronos Crypto (11 months ago)
If you're sure you have the right executable, tell Norton to stick it where the sun don't shine.
Gerald Davis (11 months ago)
Thanks very much. Much easier than expected blood..
Gerald Davis (11 months ago)
You hate expected? You have been useful anyway.
Chronos Crypto (11 months ago)
I hate expected blood.
Raphael Anstey (11 months ago)
Great Video! But i'm having an issue: when i put my 12-word electrum seed into the "enter seed" page, i'm unable to click "next". it's still greyed out. I then tried clicking "options" and using "BIPS39" setting, which did allow me to click "next". but that opened a wallet with 0 balance. Any idea what i need to do to import the bcc from electrum? Much appreciated
Chronos Crypto (11 months ago)
Nice job, Keith, for reading through the comments instead of posting the same question again. Glad you’re enjoying the videos!
Keith Lawrence (11 months ago)
This helped me as well, was having the exact same issue and v2.9.3 did the trick. Thanks very much! Great vid too.
Chronos Crypto (11 months ago)
Glad this worked for you! Always happy to help a random stranger who I will never meet.
Raphael Anstey (11 months ago)
Thanks! I was able to create an electron wallet from seed in v2.9.3! unfortunately, instead of a balance and transaction history showing in "history" tab, it says at bottom, "Server is lagging (31924 blocks)". the block count is coming down slowly so i'll let it run for a couple days. Let me know if you think i need to do anything else. thanks again!
Chronos Crypto (11 months ago)
Might as well delete the v3.0 since it isn't solving the problem. :)
Pep Pepp (11 months ago)
great vid, well done sir, had my bcc in less than 30 seconds after following a bunch of other shittier videos.
Chronos Crypto (11 months ago)
Maybe I should put a badge on my channel banner: "Not Too Shitty Videos."
peter skinner (1 year ago)
New to Linux. How do I install Electron Cash.. thx
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Apparently it's not easy. See also: https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/7ajsia/help_how_do_i_install_electron_cash_on_ubuntu/
Aldave, W. A. (1 year ago)
I have 1.6 BTC after the fork. I spent some of it after the fork. Now it is less than 1.6 BTC and haven't redeem the BCH. How much BCH should I get at this time?
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
You can expect the full 1.6 BCH to still be in the addresses that the BTC was in at the time of the fork. Moving your BTC after the fork wouldn't affect it. Nice!
Lilly Ireland (1 year ago)
Much easier with coinomi. Available for desktop - https://www.coinomiwallet.org/
Dougie W. (1 year ago)
Hi being a noob I had my BTC in coinbase & GDAX at the time of the fork what is my best option now for recovering my BTC Cash/Gold? thanks
Charles Massey (1 year ago)
BTC Cash support will be added after the 1st of the year and you should be able to withdraw it from Coinbase
shilohwillcome (1 year ago)
What do we do for paper wallets??
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Paper wallets have a private key on them. On step 3, choose "Use Public or Private Keys." Then enter the private key from the paper wallet. Alternatively, paste your private key as a comment here, and I'll steal your bitcoin.
DarkFeatherz (1 year ago)
Here my question? I sign up for coinbase, i buy 200$ of coins, i transfer that to electrum. I wait a few days i get lucky i make a mini profit. My coins in Electrum are now worth double( just a senario), how do i A: withdraw that profit or B: send that profit back to coinbase to buy more coins?
DarkFeatherz (1 year ago)
Chronos Crypto oh hahahhah yeh thanks. But just wanted to know if I can send the coins back to coin based to sell them was really my question. Cause when I click send in electrum what do I type in address bar to let electrum know I want to send it to coinbase?
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
You're a little confused. If you doubled your money, the $200 of coins would then be worth $400, but it would be the same amount of bitcoin, just worth more dollars. To withdraw that profit, you could send them back to Coinbase and trade them back for $400. You wouldn't be able to "buy more coins" because the coins would be worth twice as much, so they would be twice as expensive. You can think of it this way: "I bought a marble for $200. Now it's worth $400. I could sell it for that, or keep it, but that doesn't get me more marbles." Hope this helps!
Zack123 (1 year ago)
Mate, we are able to make something along these lines for Electrum to sweep your BTG from BTC please? Something that shows a step by step for the paranoid people would also be useful. There is also a recommendation to Move your BTC to a new Electrum wallet before you import your private keys anywhere!! To prevent replay attacks.
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Good suggestion. Bitcoin Gold doesn't has replay protection, but many of the wallet options have turned out to be scams. I think the people who are paranoid about that blockchain have the right idea.
Dave T (1 year ago)
I put nearly every YTer on speed 1.25 or 1.5 some slow talkers on 2.0 speed because they talk to slow it wastes time. You I leave on normal speed.
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
That sounds like a fantastic compliment! :)
Frances Watthanaya (1 year ago)
Sorry if this question has already posted but what if I want to sell my BitCoin for cash, like USD.  How do I get real money?
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Great question. You'll need to use an exchange that offers trading between Bitcoin and your local currency. There are many options, but one I could recommend is Coinbase.
Marc Boss (1 year ago)
I have 2 factor authenticator so what can i do?
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
I haven't used 2-factor authentication with Electrum before. Perhaps a Google search will turn something up for you. Good luck!
Andrew Miles (1 year ago)
This is awesome, thank you!
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Glad it was useful to you!
Alexandr Nevedrov (1 year ago)
Thanks, but what is NEXT button not clickable after entering seed? what to do?
Milfdad, LLC (1 year ago)
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
I might suggest asking in that Github issue page for any Mac OS binaries.
Milfdad, LLC (1 year ago)
Thanks for the help. I'm working on a Mac and have Electrum 2.9.0 wallet with 2 factor authentification right now. In th elink you sent, the 2.9.3 electron cash download file was for PC... Can anyone help me out?
Alexandr Nevedrov (1 year ago)
hi Man. you can find Link here, https://github.com/fyookball/electrum/issues/41#issuecomment-325228017 ---but it's up to you to trust it or not. remember - it's open-source software. I used it, however immediately transferred all funds to new wallet on 2.9.4
Milfdad, LLC (1 year ago)
I'm having the same problem. Where were you able to download the 2.9.3 dmg file for electron cash?
Saadain Syed (1 year ago)
Hi, same steps to claim bitcoin gold from Electrum wallet?
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
I would be very careful with that.
Dflyguy420 (1 year ago)
Damn just got half a coin i didnt even know was there
Rex Marinus (1 year ago)
I did everything and electron cash shows 0 BCH. My BTC were in the old electrum since April. I moved them to another electrum on another computer but I got 0 BCH.
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
One thing you can do is check your old Electrum wallet, and a bitcoin block explorer, to see what addresses your bitcoin were in at the time of the fork (1 AUG 2017). Then, make sure your new BCH wallet contains those addresses. Good luck!
Robby Stelly (1 year ago)
Can you post a video on how to retrieve bitcoin gold using electrum wallet?
Chronos Crypto (11 months ago)
It's really hard. Using an Android device with Coinomi wallet helps. See https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/beginners-guide-claiming-your-bitcoin-gold-and-selling-it/
chephren chua (1 year ago)
Thanks man!! even now that the storm is over, your video helped got me my BCC at the right time! glad I didn't sell early.
Chevas Balloun (1 year ago)
This guy understands that there are pause / play controls and doesn't waste any time getting to the real content. No wadsworth constant necessary. A+
marie meerpassie (1 year ago)
this only works if you have BTC before august 1st?
marie meerpassie (1 year ago)
pity for me, thanx for your fast answer!
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
That's correct. The Bitcoin Cash was created at the addresses that the Bitcoin was in at that time.
Georgia Aitken (1 year ago)
I decided to claim my BCH, but as i am trying to send it from the Electon cash wallet, it wouldnt let me. some sort of error. any ideas?
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
If you get some sort of error, it sounds like you need some sort of solution. Sorry I wasn't specific, but then, neither were you.
celebrityserb (1 year ago)
Hello..Great Video ..but why the rush???..I have question.I have 2.25 bitcoin With 3 Electrum wallets .I understand that by default i have 2.25 Bitcoin Cash. I have download Electron Cash Wallet..But how do i know get those BCH on those wallets ( mind you i dont have seeds,although of course i have address and private keys. I was checking YouTube videos for help and nothing really helps..Also i use MAC > Can one of the guys do kind of step by step guide how to get Bitcoin Cash if you already have Bitcoin.(preferably video That would be much appreciated. All the best Blagoje
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
This video is the video you desire. On the third screen, choose "Use public or private keys," instead of, "I already have a seed." Good luck!
Andy Jerez (1 year ago)
u the f#$%^&* best.. I just found $2k worth n my btc wasn't even on my old electrum wallet anymore.. u the maaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnn..
rinnin (1 year ago)
Does anyone know if this will also work using the 12 world of seed from a Bread wallet for iOS? Thanks!
GrafZah1 (1 year ago)
Good video but its https://electroncash.org/ not http://electroncash.org/ !!! :-)
Philipp Drescher (1 year ago)
Tried all my seeds from different wallets (MultibitHD, Electrum) and all showed a balance of 0 BCC. I bought my BTC way before August 1st and transferred them after that date from MultibitHD to Electrum. Where are my BCC? Can someone explain that to me? Thanks!
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
On August 1, 2017, your BCC was created at the addresses where the BTC was at that moment. So it sounds like your BCC would be in the Multibit addresses. You might want to reach out to Multibit support on this one, or ask for help at https://reddit.com/r/btc. Good luck!
Internet Marketing (1 year ago)
Chronos, can you do a video on how to move Bitcoin Cash out of the Blockchain with Armory? I cannot find a clear tutorial on how to do this safely. Thanks!
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Maybe. *shifty eyes*
Shantanu Lonkar (1 year ago)
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
You're so welcome! I aim to be that one YouTube guy who doesn't need his videos on 2x speed in order to be tolerable. :)
StayWoke (1 year ago)
how to send to my bank account anybody?
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
You would need to send your coins to an exchange, to trade them for your local currency. Here's a list of exchanges that support Bitcoin Cash: https://www.bitcoincash.org/#exchanges
Brian Hale (1 year ago)
Wow a very big thank you! I didn't think I would be able to receive my bitcoin cash But NOW I HAVE IT THANKS VERY MUCH !!!
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Glad this video was helpful!
Nathan Hook (1 year ago)
Thanks, trying to withdraw my Electron-cash into Bittrex and the following message is coming up." error: the transaction was rejected by network rules: (16 mandatory-script-verify-flag-failed (Script evaluated without error but finished with a false/empty top stack element))
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
That's a weird one! I'd recommend posting your problem to the community at https://reddit.com/r/btc. Good luck!
Debargha Som (1 year ago)
Really helpful. Thnx bro
camelio10 (1 year ago)
llol llano (1 year ago)
Are you kidding? Writing or typing electronically your seed is crazy.  This is nuts.
Tomáš Petrlík (1 year ago)
You are just stupid and can´t use copy/paste on keyboard right :) Don´t worry about it.
Isa Judeh (1 year ago)
Dear I try many times to transfer my Bitcoin Cash from the electron cash wallet but i couldn't it still partially signed how can I send them to bittrex ???? I really tired i can't solve with me ???
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Partially signed? That sounds strange. Try posting a screenshot of your problem at https://reddit.com/r/btc. Good luck!
murat can (1 year ago)
why does electrum change my wallet address and is my old address still available how can I get back to my old address
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
All your old addresses stay inside the wallet, too.
Erwache (1 year ago)
it always generate a new send adress for more security.
murat can (1 year ago)
can you please tell what the fee is from taking money out from electrum to electron cash?_??
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
There's no fee. At the time of the fork, the Bitcoin Cash was created automatically.
sebkolley (1 year ago)
Are the bitcoin Cash supposed to be in the electron wallet immediately? or will it take some time?
sebkolley (1 year ago)
Thanks! i forgot i had an extended seed the first time i tried, i got it right the second time :)
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Immediately after the wallet syncs with the network. You only get Bitcoin Cash if you held the original bitcoin in that same Electrum wallet prior to the fork date of August 1.
Leandro Iamele (1 year ago)
Thanks! Awesome video!
JA NE (1 year ago)
Pls speak faster
Markus Horn (1 year ago)
nie video. very quick. perfect. no time wasted :))))))))))))))))
shauny (1 year ago)
I think there is a security flaw in this. By installing Electron cash on the same computer as your Electrum Wallet the new install opens your Electrum wallet without a password.
Artur Harper (1 year ago)
Please, please make that video about getting your bitcoin cash from Bitcoin Core wallet (using Bitcoin ABC I guess)
Bob Sander (1 year ago)
Hello thanks for the video but if we will put our Electrum's keys into the Electron cash software, is it safe? as developers/program will be able to download the Electrum and can put our keys anytime and can steal our BTC any time? please suggest? has anybody transfrred it surcessfully?
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Yes, that would work.
Bob Sander (1 year ago)
Thanks for your reply Chronos. If i transfer all my BTC first from Electrum and then try to get BCH will that work? WIll I still get the same amount of BCH? as some people are suggesting you should not transfer yourBTC unless you get BCH so I am little confused? what do you suggest? please reply.
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Hi Bob, I can't guarantee that Electron Cash safe. It looks like a lot of people have used it without issue so far, but that doesn't tell us anything for sure. If in doubt, it's always better to be cautious when it comes to crypto.
daved PrimeDice (1 year ago)
what if you have BTC on bitcoincore wallet
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
You can use the BitcoinABC wallet in that case. Perhaps I should produce a video on that. :) You can also ask further questions on Reddit at http://reddit.com/r/btc.
noodlesdoctor (1 year ago)
Totally brilliant video. Straight to the point. Thanks!
Landon Garza (1 year ago)
is it possible to send BTC to another wallet say exodus, from the electrum wallet, then follow the rest of the instructions? so rather than creating a new electrum wallet just use an existing exodus wallet and sending the seed (from electrum original) to electron.
AmerikanTube (1 year ago)
Tks for the video. I believe that it does affect your bitcoin. Yoou have to first send whatever btc you have in your electrum wallet to a new wallet (with a different seed), leaving the original btc wallet EMPTY. Then and only then can you do what you explain. Otherwise you would be exposing the seed of a btc wallet to Electron Cash which is totally unsafe if that btc wallet still contains btc.
Joe Pegler (1 year ago)
This is how every youtube tutorial should be. Didn't even need to 2x it.
Sean Lee (1 year ago)
I did as you instructed, but it shows" mandatory-script-verify-flag-failed,(signature must use SIGHASH_FORKID." can you please help me with this?
Sean Lee (1 year ago)
Thank you, I'll try that.
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
It may be that your computer is connecting to the wrong network. Could this link help?https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/6qyn18/electroncash_notice_how_to_select_bitcoincash/?st=j5v2ptdy&sh=74815e85
pedro pipi (1 year ago)
what an effective video :D
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
I know, right? I've never seen another tutorial with so much information in so little time. LOL
Pretty Crafts (1 year ago)
My bitcoin is in a Core Wallet. The Bitcoin ABC is too complicated for me. Is there anyway I can use the Electrum Cash to get access to my bitcoin cash coins
Pretty Crafts (1 year ago)
Could I transfer my bitcoin to my Trezor hard wallet, then export my private keys to Electrum Cash.
Pretty Crafts (1 year ago)
Thank you
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
It sounds like Bitcoin ABC should be pretty straightforward as a replacement for Bitcoin Core, but I haven't tried that personally. You could export your private keys from Bitcoin Core to put them in Electrum Cash, but that may be tedious. I might recommend to ask on Reddit at https://reddit.com/r/btc if see if they have any other suggestions. Good luck!
SiMP koz (1 year ago)
how to backup in this wallet ?
SiMP koz (1 year ago)
Ok Thanks..
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Same is backup up with Electrum: just keep your seed words. For more info on Electrum in general, you might enjoy my Getting Started with Electrum video. https://youtu.be/WdVlH9N2oKU
Paul Wood (1 year ago)
It worked! Thanks. I used my mycelium seed, is this wallet still safe now? For other MYcelium ppl - I had to check a box that had BIP xx (cantremember the number!?) For it to work, and When trying to send I had to go to preferences and uncheck 'dynamic fee' option. Do you have a Dash donation add?
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
The Electron Cash software now has your Mycelium seed, so the coin is at a little more risk. Just to be safe, you may wish to move your "old bitcoin" to a new Mycelium wallet seed. Oh, and I don't have a Dash donation address. If you love me, just tell your friends. :-)
redarrow7216 (1 year ago)
You should have mentioned that people should first move their BTC to a newly created wallet on a separate machine. Electroncash grabs all the information from the electrum wallets stored on your PC and thus compromising your security. See also below clarification from Electrum. https://electrum.org/bcc2.txt
Nitin Agarwal (1 year ago)
how long does it take for the bitcoincash show in electoncash wallet ?
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
The coins should show up immediately after the software syncs with the network.
masqito (1 year ago)
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This wallet is NOT made by the Electum team. This is made by someone else who has infringed the copyright of Electum's logo. Use this wallet at your own risk and just be aware it has nothing to do with Electum. Google for more info.
Harryo Transport (1 year ago)
My new electron cash wallet shows the the transaction i done post fork (when I moved my BTC to a new wallet as advised) should that happen? So it shows my balance as: xxxx mBCC [-xxxx. unconfirmed], so do i have BCC or not?
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Your BTC won't automatically move when you move your BCC. You can trust me, a totally random guy on the internet who says things.
Harryo Transport (1 year ago)
After a while the unconfirmed [post-fork] transactions disapPeared and my BCC balance was restored. Not brave enough to send BCC to a new wallet in case BTC moves also.
GadgetGang (1 year ago)
So could I move my bitcoin back to coinbase first then move the BCH after?
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Yes, you could do that.
trompacoable1 (1 year ago)
stupid question: legacy botcoin is the btc we all had?
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Yes it is. Sorry, I guess that's a bad name for it. LOL
trompacoable1 (1 year ago)
Thank you. My btc's are on the blockchain. So that would be different?
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Everything is on the blockchain. Do you mean the website, blockchain.info, which is a private company? That would be a bit different, yes.
Shredder (1 year ago)
I didn't get the 2nd or 3rd window.  I just got a logon screen.
Shredder (1 year ago)
Yup.  Turns out it worked though, and kept my BCC separate from my BTC, even though for a while I was afraid it wasn't going to (although I don't have that much).  It automatically used the same logon as my Electrum wallet.  For a while, both wallets showed my pending BTC withdrawal, but now only my BTC wallet does and I still have my BCC.
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
That sounds bogus. Are you sure you got the right software, and picked the same options?
Jorge Contreras (1 year ago)
If I have multiple wallets is possible for me to make a new electrum wallet then send all my btc to this newly generated wallet, and use that seed for the bitcoin cash wallet? Thank you in advance for the response
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Yes it is! That's a great idea.
Butt Coin (1 year ago)
I like your video. Quick, Clear & Efficient!
Cocimarciano (1 year ago)
I have a question is Electrum the same as Electroncash? cuz electroncash ask me password when i have never created it
Cocimarciano (1 year ago)
no i already got my bcc but it was weird when that happened what i did was eliminate Electrum wallet (i had no money on there, so i had no problems) Then i made a new wallet for Electroncash and then everything was normal Really weird because both are different xD
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
They are separate programs, so you shouldn't have a problem with that. In the worst case, you can just recreate your wallet again by using your seed phrase. Good luck!
Raul Benitez (1 year ago)
Hi Nice video but... Slow down. You speak tooooo fasssstttt Thank you
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Click the gear in the lower right, then click Speed, then click 0.5. I'll sound like a drunken sailor at the proper speed. LOL
Great video...reminds me of client I had on the stand recently. Fast. Sharp. Witty. Not Guilty. Anyway, thanks and comments helpful too. Btw, any thoughts on any (or all) of these: XLM, PAY, ARK, SALT or PPT?
Diego Linde (1 year ago)
July 31st, 2017. Electrum is a Bitcoin wallet created by Thomas Voegtlin in 2011. Electrum is distributed by Electrum Technologies GmbH, a company registered in Germany, using the website https://electrum.org Electrum users who are not interested in Bitcoin Cash do not need to worry nor to take any particular action. The following note is only for users who want to access their Bitcoin Cash (BCC). "Electron Cash" is a fork of Electrum for Bitcoin Cash. Electron Cash is not endorsed by Electrum. It is open source, and binaries (executables files) are available for Windows, OSX and Android. However, when you run binaries instead of source code, you have no guarantee that they match the source code. This is why wallet binaries are usually signed by developers. A digital signature engages the responsability of the person who signs. The person who distributes the Electron Cash binaries has decided to remain anonymous, and uses the fake name "Jonald Fyookball" in order to sign Electron Cash binaries. Thus, if these binaries contain code that is designed to steal your bitcoins, the author of the theft will be anonymous and walk away safely with your funds. This danger is exacerbated by the fact that the default behaviour of Electron Cash is to silently copy all your Electrum wallets into its own directory. Thus, if you run Electron Cash on a machine where you previously used Electrum, all your pre-existing wallets will be available in Electron Cash, and you will only need to enter your password in order to expose your bitcoins to potential theft. Therefore, users who want to run the Electron Cash binaries should do it on a separate machine, that does not have their Bitcoin wallet. We recommend to proceed as follows: 1. Install Electron Cash on a machine that does not have your Electrum wallets. 2. Wait until the BCC hard fork has taken place, and a few BCC blocks have been mined. 3. Move all your Electrum funds to a new Electrum wallet. This will move only your BTC, and not your BCC, because the BCC blockchain has replay protection. Wait until the transaction is confirmed. 4. Enter the seed of your (now empty) old wallet or private keys in Electron Cash. Since the BTC have been moved to a new wallet, entering your old seed in Electron Cash will not put your BTC funds at risk. Following these 4 easy steps you will be able to access your BCC without compromising your BTC.
darkasian755 (1 year ago)
I have a question... I want to move all my BTC from the electrum first, then enter the electrum seed in the electroncash wallet to recover BCH. Is that possible? Or do I need to leave my BTC in the electrum wallet while I try to recover BCH? Thanks
sizwe nduduzow (1 year ago)
OK Thanks Guys.
darkasian755 (1 year ago)
Yes, it worked! Got my BCC out.. did exactly as Chronos said in the video. I advise you move your BTC first and never use the seed again after you use it to recover BCC
sizwe nduduzow (1 year ago)
serious will that work "Moving my BTC to a diffrerent wallet then enter my keys on Electron Cash wallet"
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
You can move the bitcoin first. The BCH will stay wherever it was on fork day, until it's moved specifically. Good question!
Salva D1 (1 year ago)
Hi there can i do this with one pc ?? . i mean get all my btc on a electrum wallet , then get all btc out to a paper wallet. delete electrum and install electrum cash, then get my bcc from the old seed ? thanks
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
That's a really good question. Yes, you can do it all with one PC, just like you described.
itsShowtime007 (1 year ago)
I have no clue what I'm doing wrong, but this is not working for me.
Negan (1 year ago)
im stuck on synchronizing........................
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
I have no clue what you're doing wrong either. "My car won't go" simply isn't enough information.
The Coin Alley (1 year ago)
Great video. Thanks for sharing.
Nam Bui (1 year ago)
Thank you, so much! I was able to get the BCH off electrum and move it straight to my hardware wallet. My electrum wallet didn't have any btc, so i didn't have anything to risk
TL C Favro (1 year ago)
This site is trying to scam your bitcoin - don't go there! Make sure you go to the true Electrum site to access your original BTC.
werdwerdus (1 year ago)
omg my ears the music was way too loud or the voice part was way too quiet
werdwerdus (1 year ago)
Chronos Crypto ♥️
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
I've decided to stop deafening people with the music in future videos. I'll turn it down a little. Thanks for the feedback, haha.
Shaun Rosenberg (1 year ago)
How long do we have to access it? The warning from electrum seems scary. Any other wallets that we can use?
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
You can wait as long as you want before picking a safe way to access your Bitcoin Cash. The coins aren't going anywhere unless someone gets their private keys from you.
Berjua Calvin (1 year ago)
I didn't knew before about this electrum, I put most of my bitcoins in exodus. how do i get it? now I'm regretting of not having put my bitcoins in my Bitconnect Wallet. Now they have the BCH wallet and automatically split my bitcoin. And can use my BCH for reinvesting
Jönni Heinistö (1 year ago)
This the most useful video ive come across in a long time. I like it how you explain things so clearly. Also your chess is awesome!
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Thanks, man. You can expect exponentially-increasing usefulness from this channel in the future!

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